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    Default Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    I know in 3.5 they used to trance for 4 hours - but I can't seem to find in pathfinder where it says the same. So do elves sleep like everyone else now ?
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    Default Re: Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    That seems to be the case. They are also taller, which is more Tolkienesque to be sure. But check the Notable Threads sticky for links to the rules questions threads.
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    Default Re: Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    They sleep all 8 hours, are taller than humans, an no longer detect doors.

    However their stats finally show a decent wizard elf, without diving into the monster manual.
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    Default Re: Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    We've just been using the old 'trance for 4 hours' rule, since the rulebook doesn't specify one way or the other and everyone's used to it from 3.5.
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    Default Re: Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    Since it wasn't carried over, pf elves do sleep normally.

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    Default Re: Do Pathfinder Elves sleep ?

    It varies by setting. Elves of Golarion will detail their habits for Pathfinder's Official Setting.
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