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    Default Maztica and Lopango

    In the Yahoo Group Maztica Alive!, there is currently an accessory (95% completed) that details an Inca-like setting found to the south of Maztica known as Lopango. Here is the historical timelime of the region, and there are monsters, deities, races, etc to be found within the file itself.

    Please feel free to critique it, I am not sensitive in the slightest

    The full file can be located here:

    Timeline of Lopango

    (All years are given in Dalereckoning. Events listed in the prehistory do not have recorded dates but are known to have occurred before the Golden Clad Giant Kings arrived in Lopango)

    Prehistory: The god Virachoa (Kukul) and his wife Mama Carocha (Maztica) emigrate from other worlds to Toril. Mama Carocha is murdered by her son Zaltec and her body becomes the great continent itself.

    The scorpionfolk mortal hero Vulkoon assists the obyrith demon lord Obox-Ob in imprisoning Rr'ikin'aka in the Wells of Darkness in the Abyss. Obox-Ob shows no appreciation for the deed and continues to devour the scorpionfolk at whim. Vulkoonís legend grows when he splits from his kin, now known as Tlincalli, and leads his followers to southern lands where he is crowned king, worshipped as a god, and eventually ascends to demigodhood.

    One of Jergalís assistants known as Supai disappears from his duties and seeks out worshippers of his own, far from the eyes of his former master.

    -25500: A clan of stone giants suffers many defeats at the claws of the avatar of the dragon god Garyx and they flee west to hide within the mountains of Lopango. They find much wealth and food in their new home, but carry the shame of their defeat and flight with them. The giants abandon their former deities and are welcomed with open arms by the local god Virachoa.

    -5000: The first humans of Lopango leave their caves and form the beginnings of a civilization under the guidance of a young sun god known as Intiri. They found the holy temple of Pichu Umu, and soon after the great city of Mount Cuzalac. As their population grows over the years, many new settlements are formed within the mountains and jungles, including the city of Apu Roca.

    -4500: Arcane arrive from the Sea of Night but have no desire to interact with the barbaric peoples of Lopango. At the time of their arrival, the humans seemed to have little knowledge of the worth of gold and the greedy giants met the Arcane with only violence. In response, the Arcane decided to protect their settlement with powerful misdirection magic. The only way to avoid the magic would be to follow cryptic direction given in massive symbols and designs that the Arcane created on land. The Arcane eventually ease their restrictions a bit and are willing to trade with people who reach them atop Mount Xochipas, but under no circumstances will they allow others to reach their primary settlement on Mount Mixhuacan.

    -1000: The Great Flood of Lopango - Frustrated with the greed of his giant worshippers, the god Virachoa, father of Intiri and husband to the dead goddess Mama Carocha, petitions the northern god of rain Azul to wipe out the race. The great flood Azul brings about nearly does so, but Virachoa has a change of heart and attempts to spare the giants. The act of mercy angers Azul who briefly battles Virachoa before fleeing to the north. A fragment of Azulís evil is left behind in the form of Koni, the god of water, thunder, and disaster. Koni forever seeks the destruction of the giants.

    The Giant Kings are not the only race affected by the flood as thousands of Natican and scorpionfolk are drowned as well. Despite the obvious evidence to the contrary, the scorpionfolk blame the Natican for the disaster and wage war. The war lasts ten years before the Sun Priests of Intiri convince the Scorpion King that it was not their doing. A tentative peace lasts to this day.

    -550: Priestesses of a goddess known as Mama Tranquilla appear among the Natican, who revere the power of the moon in place of that of the sun. The priestesses claim that their goddess has always watched over the Natican people, and due to their pacifistic nature, there is no conflict with the dominant priesthood of Intiri. The Natican do not realize, nor even care, that Mama Tranquilla is actually Selune in disguise.

    429: The anadjiin clan known as the Yautja, from the planet Anadia, populates Chapulellel Jungle with illithids after defeating them in a great war on Anadia and in the Sea of Night. Every 100 years after, the anadjiin return to cull the population of illithids. Within 200 years, the illithids and their elder brains devolve into a barbaric race known as yaggol.

    455: The yaggol of Chapulellel Jungle come into conflict with the lizardfolk of Tzakand Marsh in a war that lasts over a century.

    562: The yaggol finally defeat the lizardfolk by implanting them with yaggol tadpoles and forming a race known as Tzakandi, who then become allies of the yaggol and dominate the marsh.

    987: The Rockfire Disaster - Seeking fortune in the west, dwarves travel tunnels under the Sea of Swords. They are pursued by drow and battle follows the dwarves throughout the long journey. Drow spells weaken the unstable walls of the Underdark and both magma from below and ocean water from above fill the Underdark. Many on both sides are killed but others flee further west, trapped in the little known continent of Maztica and its southerly neighbor, Lopango.

    Unknown to both races, a clan of gnomes was also trapped during the Rockfire. The gnomes in fact, arrive in Lopango many years before the drow find their way and begin to worship a deity of death known as Supay.

    1001: Orcs from Katashaka flee the continent after other races band together to wipe out their menace. This occurs in conjunction with the awakening of a being known as The Sleeper, who also demolishes the orc civilization. They reestablish themselves in the jungles of Lopango and with the help of their cayma slaves, wipe out all of the jungle settlements of other races. The orcs are finally contained within the jungle by the Natican Sun Priests.

    1007: Twenty years after the Rockfire Disaster, many of the drow who find their way underground to the Lopango region are forced to leave the Underdark by a nation of scorpionfolk. In the jungles above they find no greater welcome from a sorcerous race of orcs. Unused to orcs having such uncanny sorcerous skills, and weary of battle with the scorpionfolk, the drow are defeated and enslaved.

    1010: Having received laughable assistance from priestesses of Lolth during their defeat three years prior, the drow ultimately abandon the spider goddess and begin to worship the demigod of the scorpionfolk known as Vulkoon. Vulkoon begins to grant his new priests their spells, but the drow still do not escape slavery under the orcs.

    1349: Having attempted and failed many times in the past, the jungle dwelling drow of Lopango seek outside help in escaping their orc captors. They turn to their former scorpionfolk enemies, whose hereditary leader known as the Scorpion King; initially refuse to assist the drow. Some factions within the scorpionfolk, particularly servants of Vulkoon, make it known that they one day intend to defy the Scorpion Kingís proclamation.

    As a final gesture of their willingness to trade with other races in Lopango, the Arcane lower the wards surrounding Mount Xochipas and a few Natican traders begin to trickle into the city.

    1352: Supay gnomes come into conflict with the scorpionfolk after hundreds of years of mutual avoidance when two scorpionfolk are sacrificed to their death god. As many Natican were also sacrificed that day, the scorpionfolk and Natican have found a common enemy.

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    Default Re: Maztica and Lopango

    Which edition is this for?

    P.E.A.C.H. Please Evaluate And Critique Honestly. Being nicer and kinder doesn't hurt either. Note I generally only critique 3.5 and Pathfinder material.
    Please, please, please when using non-core material, cite to the books. There are too many books to wade through to find the one with the feat, special ability or spell you use.
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    Default Re: Maztica and Lopango

    I've tried to keep this "product" as edition-free as possible, but when stats were absolutely necessary, I used 3.0.
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