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    Default Vow Of Poverty & Spell Research

    So I there was a very helpful thread about Epic VoP, which brought up a question about researching spells.

    I've never run an Epic campain before, but my initial understanding is that most level 10 spells are researched and thus cost gold.

    So what is a VoP to do? While Vow of Poverty doesn't specifically state you can't do research, the obvious implications of doing research is that you must own/rent a lab, have several expensive materials, etc.

    This just ins't an Epic concern, what if a VoP druid wanted to create a custom level 4 spell?

    I suppose another party member could pay for the research & materials, but seems to be a bit of an oversight with VoP rules as written.

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    Default Re: Vow Of Poverty & Spell Research

    The VoP rules mention substituting experience in place of expensive material components at a ratio of 5 gp : 1 xp. You can do the same thing for research costs. Still, the best epic spells cost 0 gp/0 xp anyway, so even VoP characters can make those.
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