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    Default Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    Background- Ever since the Everyman (from my campaign) was declared broken, me and my group have wondered about how balanced the rest of the homebrew we've made, so we've decided to put it on here for PEACHing..... Mmmmm.... peaches. Anyway, it'll be put on bit by bit. Enjoy!:

    Corpse Puppet
    Prerequisites: Able to cast 1st level spells
    Benefit: As long as you have an undead spell available, you may, as a move action, animate a number of corpses nearby as zombies or skeletons (your choice) for a number of rounds equal to the highest level undeath spell you have available. You may only animate (highest undeath spell's level) HD of zombies at a time.
    Secondly, you gain a +1 competence bonus on your caster level when casting undead spells.

    Note: Add the Summon Undead spells, and pretty much any spell that results in an undead being created for you to the list of undead spells

    Necromancer's Apprentice
    You've trained in the arts of necromancy, but not enough to actually
    spellcast. You're still powerful, though
    Benefit: You gain the following spells as spell-like abilities 1/day-
    Summon Undead I, Cause Fear, Inflict Light Wounds. Caster is level

    Conjurer's Apprentice

    You understand what's needed to summon creatures
    Benefit: You gain the following spells as spell-like abilities 1/day-
    Summon Monster I, Mount, Obscuring Mist. Caster level is1st.

    Sneaky Speller
    You know spells that allow you to be more sneaky
    Benefit:You gain the following spells as spell-like abilities 1/day-
    Invisibility, Swift; Expeditious Retreat, Swift ; Distract. Caster
    level is 1st.

    Illusory Adept
    You know how to cast some basic illusions, making things not what they
    appear to be
    Benefit: You gain the following spells as spell-like abilities 1/day-
    Disguise Self, Silent Image, Ventriliquism. Caster level is 1st.

    Devilish Disciple
    You've learned a thing or two from Devils
    Benefit: You gain the following spells as spell-like abilities 1/day-
    Charm Person, Burning Hands, Disguise Self. Caster level is 1st.

    Level: Bard 2, Beguiler 3, Sor/Wiz 3
    Components: S
    Casting Time: 1 Standard Action
    Range: Close (20 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Target/Effect: You/one illusory double
    Duration: Instantaneous, 1 round + 1 /2 levels
    Saving Throw: None or Will disbelief (if interacted with); see text
    Spell Resistance: No

    You teleport a number of feet equal to 20 + 5/2 levels. For the duration of the spell, you leave behind an image of you, as per the silent image spell . The image simply idles around, and disappears the moment someone interacts with it.

    Transmutation/Conjuration (creation)
    Level: Brd 1, Sor/Wiz 1, Clr 1
    Components: V, S
    Casting Time: 1 standard action
    Range: Touch
    Target: Any Tiny or smaller stuffed animal
    Effect: A cuddly companion
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: None
    Spell Resistance: No

    This spell was first created by a childish sorcerer who wanted her childhood teddy bear to come to life so that they could play. The stuffed animal touched by this spell is essentially treated as an Animated object of the same size, except they gain an Intelligence score equal to 1d8 + caster's Int modifier, and a Charisma score of 10 + caster's Cha modifier. You cannot use this spell to create more HD of such stuffed animals than 1/2 your caster level (minimum 1).

    Retributive Silent Image
    Illusion (Figment)
    Level: Beguiler 2, Brd 2, Sor/Wiz 2
    Duration: Concentration + 2 rounds
    Saving Throw: Reflex (if interacted with)
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    As Silent Image, but any creature who interacts with the image is dealt 1d8 points of damage.

    Retributive Minor Image
    Illusion (Figment)
    Level: Beguiler 3, Brd 3, Sor/Wiz 3
    Duration: Concentration + 3 rounds
    Saving Throw: Reflex (if interacted with)
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    As Minor Image, but any creature who interacts with the image is dealt 2d8 points of damage.

    Retributive Major Image

    Illusion (Figment)
    Level: Beguiler 4, Brd 4, Sor/Wiz 4
    Duration: Concentration + 2 rounds
    Saving Throw: Reflex (if interacted with)
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    As Major Image, but any creature who interacts with the image is dealt 3d8 points of damage.

    Restore to Unlife

    Necromancy (Undead)
    Level: Sor/Wiz 5
    Components: V, S, M, DF
    Casting Time: 1 minute/ HD of creature to be raised
    Range: Touch
    Target: Dead creature touched
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: None; see text
    Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

    You restore a deceased creature to a semblance of life. You can raise a creature that has been dead for no longer than one week per caster level. In addition, the subjectís soul must be free and willing to return. If the subjectís soul is not willing to return, the spell does not work; therefore, a subject that wants to return receives no saving throw.

    Coming back from the dead is an ordeal. The subject of the spell loses one level (or 1 Hit Die) when it is raised, just as if it had lost a level or a Hit Die to an energy-draining creature. If the subject is 1st level, it loses 2 points of Constitution instead (if this would reduce its Con to 0 or less, it canít be raised). This level/HD loss or Constitution loss cannot be repaired by any means. A character who died with spells prepared has a 50% chance of losing any given spell upon being raised, in addition to losing spells for losing a level. A spellcasting creature that doesnít prepare spells (such as a sorcerer) has a 50% chance of losing any given unused spell slot as if it had been used to cast a spell, in addition to losing spell slots for losing a level.

    A raised creature has a number of hit points equal to its current Hit Dice. Any ability scores damaged to 0 are raised to 1. Normal poison and normal disease are cured in the process of raising the subject, but magical diseases and curses are not undone. While the spell closes mortal wounds and repairs lethal damage of most kinds, the body of the creature to be raised must be whole. Otherwise, missing parts are still missing when the creature is brought back to life. None of the dead creatureís equipment or possessions are affected in any way by this spell.

    However, the raised creature is not entirely restored. The creature's type changes to Undead, as it has not been wholely restored to life. This may cause the character to be treated unfriendly by many races of the world, should they find out the character's unlife.

    Constructs, elementals, outsiders, and undead creatures canít be resurrected.

    Material Component

    You must place a black onyx gem worth at least 600 gp per Hit Die of the undead into the mouth or eye socket of the corpse you intend to "restore". The magic of the spell turns these gems into worthless, burned-out shells.

    Cousins of the Doppleganger- Shapeshifting Races


    When the world began, pretty much all the gods(and a few creatures
    besides) were making races to inhabit the earth. However, one little
    god, Rhu, was not. When his older brother, who had just created the
    dopplegangers, asked him why he was not making a race, Rhu
    replied,"Because I don't know how I want my people to look, or if they
    will be happy with how they look."

    His older brother replied,"Look at my people. They may look like
    whatever they wish."

    Inspired by his brother's words, Rhu began to shape his own race. This
    race was essentially identical to humans, except for their odd eye
    colors, skins, and hairstyles. Also, as Rhu's older brother and the
    other gods began to notice, they could shapechange into whatever
    creature they wished. This rendered them more powerful than most races
    currently inhabiting the earth. The gods and goddesses set out to
    destroy this race, but stopped when they heard Rhu's sorrowful plea
    not to do so. They agreed to not destroy the Rhui, as they were now
    named after their creator, as long as each Rhui was restricted to a
    certain type of creature. Rhu agreed, and the rest is history.

    When Rhu's older brother asked him why Rhu granted his people such
    leniency over their forms, he said,

    "Because I wanted them to be happy with what they look like, and for
    their forms to reflect that."

    His brother just shook his head.

    Rhu can be found in all societies and walks of life, but act similarly
    to halflings and gnomes, who, like them, enjoy life wherever they are,
    and like pranks. However, this can vary from Rhui to Rhui.

    Rhui look like humans, but have skins, eye colors, and hair of all the colors.

    Rhui Racial Traits:

    -Medium Humanoid(shapechanger)

    -Land speed 30 ft

    -+2 Cha, -2 Wis. Rhui are endearing and charismatic, but like their
    creator, not too aware of what's going on.

    -Assume the form of another(Su): The Rhui use an effect that acts as
    the spell alter self, except they treat themselves as though their
    type was one other than humanoid. This type must be chosen at first
    level, and cannot be changed. (for example, a Rhui decides to choose
    dragon as their treated type, thus, they can turn into any dragon, as
    long as it fits the parameters of the spell). Rhui cannot assume the form of any creature that has more than 1/2 their HD (minimum 1). This effect lasts for 1 minute/ character level, or until the Rhui dismisses it.

    -Mutable Form: Each day, the Rhui may change its body subtly so that
    it gains a +2 bonus on one skill they have. This skill must involve
    Constitution, Dexterity, or Strength.

    - +2 to Intimidate, due to special subtle shapeshifting of the body.

    LA +0

    The Nephrim

    While Rhu and the god who created dopplegangers(who forever after
    chosen to be called that, or "The Grand Doppleganger") were off
    creating their races, their elder brother, Neph, was off having fun
    and doing fun things with the newly created races of the world.
    However, in a time where all gods and goddesses were expected to
    create a race of their own people and work to better them, this
    loafing around was considered unacceptable. When the goddess who
    mothered Rhu, The Grand Doppleganger, and Neph demanded that Neph
    create a race, Neph refused. After all, he had sired literally
    thousands of illegitimate children with human women, so he had sort of
    created a new race of being.

    After gawking at her many,many, many thousands of grandchildren, the
    Neph's mother (and a couple hundred other gods) insisted that gods
    were expected to create a race through a process that didn't involve
    having lots and lots of..... naughty things. Thus, Neph was forced to create his own race. Looking at how his brothers had each created a shapeshifting
    race, he decided that he too would create a race that would
    shapeshift, but not as flexibly as his brothers did. He based his
    race's natural shape off of the humans he had spent much time with,
    but made it so that they had varied eye and hair colors. Next, he gave
    them the ability to transform into a few other races, and gave them
    the ability to defend themselves with their shapeshifting. After he
    presented his race to the other gods and goddesses, he brought forth
    them upon the earth, naming them the Nephrim after himself. And
    returned to doing whatever the hell he wanted.

    Nephrim generally look like attractive humans, albeit with odd eye and
    hair colors.

    Nephrim are known for doing whatever they damn well please, and are
    generally uninhibited, many prefering to walk around naked or in
    clothing that does not conform to that which is considered proper.

    Nephrim Racial Traits:

    -Medium Humanoid(shapechanger)

    -Land speed 30 ft.

    -+2 Wis. Nephrim, despite their occasionally oblivious attitudes, are
    very aware of what goes on around them.

    - Nephrim take a +2 bonus to Charisma checks and Charisma-based skills

    -Alternate forms: The Nephrim have the ability to turn into a few
    other creatures, but not many. This manifests as them gaining one
    alternate form at 1st level, and 1 more per 5 HD. This functions as
    the alternate form ability, except that only one physical scores
    change to match that of the creature's, and the Nephrim does not gain
    any extraordinary special attacks. In addition, the creature chosen
    must have a CR equal to or less than the Nephrim's character level.

    -Nephrim gain one natural attack of their choice, and may choose to
    conceal it whenever they wish.

    LA +0

    New Race: Descendant of Nephrim

    These are the descendants of Nephrim's thousands of illegitimate
    children. They have standard human traits, except:
    -No bonus skill points. Descendants of Nephrim are too busy having fun to learn additional things.
    -Can gain any natural attack they wish for a number of rounds equal to
    their character level + their Con modifier per day. These rounds need not be consecutive.


    The Abaddokin started off as humans of various backgrounds, who
    eventually died, and barely made it into hell. They would have
    remained dead if it were not for a fallen angel called Abbadon, He,
    for reasons unknown, resurrected these men and women as members of a
    race he made himself. Due to his power, which tingled with the might
    of death and devilishness, these remade men and women were quite more
    powerful than your average guy. These new people decided to call
    themselves the Abbadokin, fashioning their name after that of their
    creator. After they had settled down into communities, the lords of
    hell and heaven began to attempt to exterminate them, the forces of
    hell being made at what appeared to be an attempt at increased power
    from Abaddokin, and the forces of heaven being enraged at this
    unnatural race. At first, the forces of heaven and hell seemed to be
    succeeding, but Abaddon appeared one last time to the race he had
    made, his very last visit he would make to anywhere before
    disappearing forever. He taught the Abaddokin to harness the powers of
    devils and undeath. With this new power, the Abaddokin fought back and
    succeeded in ending the attempted genocide of their race, officially
    earning their right to exist. After this, things have gone mainly
    peacefully for the Abaddokin, although some stray agents of heaven and
    hell still attack members of this race. This race is mainly neutral,
    having no desire to fight for the forces of good or evil which sought
    to exterminate them, although some members are good or evil, for whatever reason. The same
    thing happens on the law vs. chaos axis.

    * +2 Intelligence and +2 Charisma, -2 Strength. Abaddokin are intelligent and charming, but as such tend to neglect their strength when keeping up with their studies.
    * Medium: No bonuses
    * Space/reach: 5 feet/5feet
    * base land speed is 30 feet.
    * Low-light vision
    * Abaddokin receive Devil's Favor as a bonus feat, reflecting their racial past in Hell
    * receive a -2 racial penalty to bluff checks due to their
    untrustworthy looks and devious reputation
    * receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against necromancy
    due to their innate knowledge of necromancy and how to resist it.
    * -4 racial penalty to Diplomacy checks. While charismatic, Abbadokin tend to rush negotiations along.
    * Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day--burning hands, inflict light wounds.
    * Automatic Languages: Common . Bonus Language: Any.
    * Favored Class: Dread Necromancer or Necromancer Specialist wizard.
    * Level Adjustment: +0

    Racial Feats

    Undead Slave
    Abaddokin, Int 13, 3rd level
    Benefit: You may use your inflict wounds spell-like ability to raise a
    corpse as a skeleton or zombie. The skeleton or zombie raised cannot have more HD than you do, and you may only control (your HD + Int mod) HD undead at a time.

    Minor Armageddon
    Prerequisites: Abaddokim, 9th level
    Benefit: You may expend both your burning hands and inflict light
    wounds spell-like abilities in order to create an effect that mimics the spell
    Fireball, except that it deals half fire damage and half
    negative energy damage.


    Drakai are people descended from dragons. They don't have enough blood
    to be half-dragons, but dragon blood runs strongly enough in their
    blood that they're more strong than your common dragonblooded

    Drakai look like regular humans, usually with small wings and little
    horns. Usually their hair or eyes are the color of the type of dragon
    they're descended from.

    Drakai Racial Traits:

    -+2 Charisma, -2 Dex. These people are attractive and charismatic, but
    not exactly as smooth as the rest of us

    -Drakai gain a breath weapon usable 3/day. It deals the same type of
    damage as their dragon ancestor's breath weapon, and deals 1d6 damage
    per 3 HD (minimum 1d6). Breath weapon is a 30 ft line or a 15 ft cone,
    depending on the ancestor.

    - Drakai gain resistance 5 to the type of energy their dragon
    ancestor's breath weapon.

    -Drakai are counted as having the Draconic Heritage feat for their
    dragon ancestor for qualifying for feats. They gain the skill
    associated with their dragon ancestor's dragon type as a class skill.
    They are also counted as half-dragons for qualifying for feats from
    Races of the Dragon (there's one that allows you to use your breath
    weapon every 1d4 rounds)

    LA +0

    Prestige Classes

    Stereotypical Wizard
    "I'm so powerful! I know spells!"

    - Joloren Spellhand, before he was utterly humiliated by an actual wizard.

    Stereotypical Wizards aren't quite like actual wizards. Sure, almost all of them have at least one wizardly stereotype when it comes to attitude(Wise Old Sage, Scholar, acting like a specialist wizard, High and Mighty Mage), or are actually only a little like wizards but have a little magical power. Still, they're not quite as good as, say, 5th or 6th level wizards. This is because while they learn how to cast spells more often than normal wizards, the number of spells they know you could count on one hand. Still, this prestige class has been experienced growth by adventurers (often ones with ADHD) who only wish to know a few spells to get by.

    Races: Many humans take this class, and in lesser numbers, halflings and half-elves, who almost all of which wish to only know only a spell or two to pull out in the dungeon, or just to seem cool. Longer-lived races view Stereotypical Wizards as incredibly impatient, and somewhat stupid, to only master a few spells. Occasionally, an orc or half-orc may enter, but usually gets bored with spells.

    Other Classes: Classes that often grow more powerful in magic, or that appreciate discipline and/or learning, view most Stereotypical Wizards as weak, as most of them are NPCs who only had levels in Commoner or Aristocrat before they entered this class. Adventurer Stereotypical Wizards often act like a member of whatever class they were part of before they entered this prestige class, and are viewed accordingly.

    *Wizards(with a capital W) refers to stereotypical wizards, and how they're supposed to act

    Skill: Arcana 5 ranks
    Special: Cannot have spell slots (spell-like abilities are ok)

    HD: d4
    BAB: as Wizard
    Saves: as Wizard
    Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier
    Skills: Same as Wizard

    Level| Class Features
    1 | Spell!(Magic Missile), Knowledgable, Make Like Rincewind or High and Mighty
    2 | Spell!
    3 | Spell!, Magic Pet!
    4 | Spell!
    5 | Spell!, Cooler Magic Pet!

    Class Features:

    Spell!(Sp): As everyone knows, Wizards cast spells! However, Stereotypical Wizards only know a few of these spells. At 1st level and each level after, a Stereotypical Wizard chooses one spell to be able to cast. For this purpose, his wizard level = his Stereotypical Wizard class levels + 2.

    While they do cast these spells chosen as spells, how frequently they may cast them depends on how recently the spell in question has been learned:

    Levels passed since learning| How frequently spell may be cast
    Level spell is learned | 1/day
    1 level after learned | 2/day
    2 levels after learned | 3/day
    3 levels after learned | 1/encounter
    4 levels after learned | At-will

    However, since EVERYONE knows that all wizards like to cast Magic Missile, all Stereotypical Wizards are required to choose that spell at 1st level. Caster level equals Stereotypical Wizard level, and do not actually gain spell slots from this class feature.

    Knowledgeable(Ex): All Stereotypical Wizards, having studied to become like real wizards so much, actually know quite a bit about arcane subjects. Thus, they gain a +2 inherent bonus to Knowledge(Arcana) checks.

    Make Like Rincewind: For some unknown reason, many Stereotypical Wizards admire a wizard of little power known as Rincewind, and strive to be like him. Thus, they practice running away a lot, which he does often. These Stereotypical Wizards gain Run as a bonus feat. Stereotypical Wizards choose between this class feature or High and Mighty at first level.

    High and Mighty: Many Stereotypical Wizards enjoy the reputation that comes with arcane power, even if it does make some people uneasy. These wizards either gain a +2 to Diplomacy checks, as people are more open to bargaining if they want you gone, or +2 to Intimidate, if they are high and haughty. If the character chose the +2 to Diplomacy, NPCs are almost always eager to get them away, and if the character chose the +2 to Intimidate, then NPCs start off with Unfriendly attitudes towards the character, as no one likes someone who is high and mighty. Stereotypical Wizards choose between this class feature or Make Like Rincewind at 1st level.

    Magic Pet!: At 3rd level, the Stereotypical gets the awesome magical pet ALL wizards have. He or she gains a familiar, as the wizard class feature.

    Cooler Magic Pet!: At 5th level, Stereotypical Wizards either get rid of their old magic pet for a cooler one, or their existing magic pet gets even cooler. The Stereotypical Wizard either gains Improved Arcane Familiar as a bonus feat, regardless of prerequisites, or their familiar gains two of the following, in addition to gaining an unusual physical cha:

    - +5 HP
    - Breathe fire, ice, or other energy type (treat as touch attack that deals damage equal to Stereotypical Wizard's character level, damage type is energy type selected)
    - Change size within one size level (usually this means either to Diminuitive or Small) 1/day, lasting 8 hours or until familiar ends effect
    - Frightful Presence 5ft
    - Familiar looks so frightful, character gains +2 to Intimidate, Bluff, or Diplomacy (depending on the circumstances) checks involving the familiar, and one opponent is dazed for 1st round in battle.

    Special: Levels in a class that grants spellcasting cannot be taken until class is completed


    "Love me, love me, say that you love me."
    - Jysten Beber, famed Heartbreaker

    There are many people who are just charismatic in this world. They get all the men/women, and are able to turn any foe into a friend. These people generally tend to make the world a better place, uniting people and places in peace and harmony. Then there's those who have this charisma, and then use it for self-benefit. Using this natural charisma for their own gains, and then augmenting it with magic, these people almost always leave behind a string of broken hearts everywhere they go.....sometimes literally.


    Skills:Knowledge(Arcana), Bluff, Diplomacy, and Sense Motive 8 ranks
    Spells: Able to cast Charm Person and Charm Monster

    Skills: Same as Rogue's, but replace Disable Device and Decipher Script with Knowledge(Arcana)
    Skill Points: 2 + Int mod
    HD: d6
    BAB: 1/2 HD
    Will: Good
    Rest: Bad

    Level | Class Features
    1 | Charming, Stop In the Name of Love 1/day
    2 | Heartbreaker 1/day
    3 | Love to Hate
    4 | Heartbreaker 2/day, Stop in the Name of Love 1/day
    5 | Natural Charmer
    6 | Hearbreaker 3/day
    7 | Stop in the Name of Love 3/day
    8 | Heartbreaker 4/day
    9 | Please, for me?
    10 | Hearbreaker 5/day, If you leave me, I'll die

    Class features

    At 1st level, and every odd level after that, Spellcasting improves as though you gained another level in a spellcasting class you belong to.

    Charming: At 1st level, A Heartbreaker gains a +2 on Cha-based skill checks. Additionally, whenever the Heartbreaker tries to improve the attitude of an NPC, the DC is lowered by the Heartbreaker's class level.

    Stop in the Name of Love: Once per day as a standard action, a Heartbreaker may use Hold Monster as a spell-like ability. Also, if the subject is Charmed by the Heartbreaker, once per two days, she may use this class ability without expending any uses of it.

    Heartbreaker: At 2nd level, the Hearbreaker gains the class's signature ability. She tells a creature a devastating thing, or does something that literally causes their heart to break, dealing (1d6 + 1) damage per class level. Creatures that are immune to mind-affecting effects, or do not possess an intelligence score are not affected by this ability. If the creature has been charmed by the Heartbreaker, it deals an additional 1d6 damage per two class levels.

    Love to Hate: The Heartbreaker knows how to make people dislike each other as much as she knows how to make people like her. When interacting with an NPC, she may make a special Diplomacy check. If she would be able to improve an NPC's attitude towards her by a certain number of steps, the Heartbreaker may instead choose to worsen the NPC's attitude towards someone else by the same number of steps. For example, a Heartbreaker successfully makes the roll to improve an NPC's attitude towards her from Indifferent -> Friendly (+1 step). She instead worsens the NPC's attitude towards her boss by 1 step, from Unfriendly -> Hostile.

    Natural Charmer:
    Once per day at 5th level, when she casts a Charm spell, she may treat it as an Extraordinary ability. This ability is expended even if the Heartbreaker somehow fails to Charm the target of the spell.

    Please, for me?:
    At 7th level, once per week, the Heartbreaker may strengthen the effect of a Charm spell. As long as the Heartbreaker succeeds on a check to improve the attitude of a subject of one of her Charm spells, she may change the effect to that of a Dominate spell.

    If you leave me, I'll die: At 10th level, the Heartbreaker's charm reaches it's pinnacle. Once per day, she may expend a use of her Heartbreaker ability, to gain a special effect that only works on a subject of her Charm spells. Should the subject of the Charm spell fail her saving throw against the Heartbreaker ability, she takes no damage, instead dying on the spot.

    More to come, but this should be good for now. So, feel free to PEACH!
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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    The feats all look fine, since they're based on existing feats. Corpse Puppet in particular is quite nifty, though being forced to use zombies means you'll rarely be able to use it.

    The spells also look fine, except for Teddy. Teddy isn't powerful by itself, but the fact that it's instantaneous and has no expensive components means you can have as many as you want following you around, and with decent int scores they would make very good nanobots. Restore to Unlife already exists as Revive Undead in the Spell Compendium; it's closer to Raise Dead, with the 5,000gp component.

    The first race: no way, not for LA 0 at all. Alter Self at will (since I see no limits), and of a different creature type than humanoid? Alter Self is already broken even when confined to humanoid type only, giving it without those restrictions, at will, at level 1, is crazy.

    The second race: this is pretty nifty, I've been wanting to see some sort of Alternate Form ability that gives you more forms as you level up, and you've got a CR constraint in there so it isn't unreasonable. It's still pretty powerful though, so I'd consider knocking off the wis bonus, heck, Warforged get stuck with a net penalty.

    The third race: looks fine to me, though I'm not sure if I'd want to play one. Getting a zombie without being a full caster is really neat, and since it doesn't work with desecrate, you'll never equal a caster that focuses on it. Not much reason to play beside zombies, but good other than that.

    The fourth race: also looks fine. You could get the same benefits from Dragonborn and substitution levels, and they aren't gamebreaking at all.

    The prestige class: not broken, closer to too weak. If the first SLA wasn't required to be Magic Missile, it could be useful, and having your second choice automatically switch to 1/encounter sucks if you were using it 2 or 3 times in a fight before. Basically it's a way to fast track picking up utitlity spells that you might want for the rest of your build, but limiting it to Magic Missile puts a real damper on that.
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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    Teddy's brokenness got fixed, as I changed the limit to a number of Teddys whose HD equals to 1/2 your character level (minimum 1). Also, changed the limit on the Rhui's forms to creatures of 1/2 their HD (minimum 1).

    Restore to Unlife isn't just for undead creatures. It was inspired by Revive Undead, but actually functions as a Raise Dead for sorcerers and wizards, although the creature's type changes to Undead.

    Additionally, I've changed Corpse Puppet to allow you to raise zombies or skeletons.

    In the mean time, anyone else got anything to contribute?

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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    I still don't know about the Rhui, but I don't have enough encyclopedic knowledge to tell if that delays the badness enough. The change to corpse puppet is obviously what I'd suggest, but the only problem is now you'll end up with some player that de-skeletons every corpse they see just because they can. That can be solved with... telling them to knock it off?

    Restore to Unlife is... interesting. For starters, it's always going to be cheaper than Raise Dead and even Reincarnate, which is probably a bad thing. I would compare it to a spell to create a sentient undead, except there's nothing suitable. Create Greater Undead could make Vampires and Ghosts in 3.0 if I remember right, but it can't anymore, leaving no spells I know of that can raise an undead creature that retains it's class levels. Since there aren't any undead raising spells that do something similar, I'd say it should use the normal raising price. Additionally, having undead type isn't very much of a drawback: if you know this spell is coming you can turn it into an advantage. I also don't see a line about the spell not reviving undead, or people slain by death effects, so for those it's better than Raise Dead, and even Revive Undead if the character didn't like having racial hit dice/level adjustment and didn't care about their special abilities. If you're playing a Necropolitan then it's literally just a cheaper Raise Dead.

    I guess it depends on your style of campaign weather or not the party has the cash to use normal Raise Dead, access to someone who can cast it, and if the undead type would be a hindrance to someone who didn't want it. In a game where they can't get the cash or don't have a cleric, the spell could be a heavy penalty taken only in dire circumstances. In a game where they have access to whatever they can buy and plan ahead, the whole party could be running on negative energy and getting serious discount raising. If being undead is enough of a penalty to account for switching from divine to arcane, I think it's okay, but I'd still increase the price to 5,000gp.
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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    I've changed the price to around 600gp/HD now for Restore to Unlife, and added a few other restrictions.

    I also think that the HD cap on the Rhui will help, as essentially all it gets out of switching forms is a larger or smaller size, the physical appearance of the creature, and its speeds.

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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    Spell feats: Most have scaling issues. As in they're great at level 1, not so hot after that. Corpse Puppet OTOH scales well. It basically hits 1/4 your CL in CR worth of zombies at a time, so it's actually a bit weak compared to say, leadership. Except you can keep reviving enemies as you kill them, so that makes up for it. Since I like to err on the safe side anyway, I think it's fine.

    Distraction seems like a weaker form of mislead (level 6), but still near it in effectiveness. I'd peg it at level 4. Maybe level 3 if the PC's idleness turns out to be a dead give-away in practice. Bards might get it 1 level lower.

    Teddy: Due to the low HD cap this seems fine as is. I mean technically someone could bust out a CR 5 Huge teddy bear animated object by level 16, but by then who cares about a CR 5 creature? You may want to add a costly material component such as 25 gp per HD to avoid endless bear recreation abuse. Otherwise it's essentially a free companion and there's no reason for every caster to not have one at all times.

    Retributive _____ Image: Minor extra damage is fine for +1 level. You should specify whether or not the save is Reflex Half or Relfex Negates. I'd fluff it with having the image lash out at the opponent with some kind of illusory attack chosen by the caster (which still deals the same stated damage regardless of what it is).

    Restore to Unlife: Does he still have a con score since he's undead? Do his HD turn to d12's or do they stay the same? Seems a bit cheap for a raise but OTOH given the drawbacks of not having a con score that may be fine. Otherwise remember that being undead is an advantage with all the immunities it grants. Retaining a con score as well or changing HD to d12's would make this spell OP. I'd be tempted to have this spell give the target a template with LA (probably +1).

    Races: Text overload. Maybe I'll look at them later.

    Finally, I hope you are submitting these to the homebrew list sticky so people like me can steal them later.
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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    On the spell feats, I think they're currently okay as-is due to them being based on stuff from Complete Arcane.

    I looked at Distraction and I think you're correct on that one, so I changed the spell level to 3 for all who get it, excepting Bards, who get it at 2.

    Double-checked my writeup of Teddy, and it should be fine, as the biggest stuffed animal one could animate is Tiny sized

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    Default Re: Feats, Races, and more delicious stuff [3.5e] - PEACH

    The Heartbreaker Prestige class has now been posted. Feel free to PEACH

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