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    Default Real World Characters [Stat Blocks, PEACH]

    Imp_fireball's real world (3rd ed) characters

    Note that Actual characters will be posted in separately.

    Imp_fireball's NPC Classes


    The civilian is a fusion of commoner and expert. They choose class skills as an expert would, but have the hit die, BAB progression and saves of a commoner.

    Their skill points are (4 + int)x4 at first level and then 4+int every level thereafter.

    They aren't proficient with any weapons or armor until second level (may choose two or one of either; none of which may be exotic) and may receive a bonus feat and a few other special things mid level and beyond - reflecting their tendency to keep up and even use their worldly knowledge to better defend themselves.

    {table]NPC Level| Base Attack Bonus| Fort Save| Ref Save| Will Save| Special
    1st| +0| +0| +0| +0| -
    2nd| +1| +0| +0| +0| Two Proficiencies
    3rd| +1| +1| +1| +1| +1 Proficiency
    4th| +2| +1| +1| +1| +1 Proficiency
    5th| +2| +1| +1| +1| +1 Proficiency, Bonus Feat
    6th| +3| +2| +2| +2| +1 Proficiency
    7th| +3| +2| +2| +2| +1 Proficiency
    8th| +4| +2| +2| +2| +1 Proficiency
    9th| +4| +3| +3| +3| +1 Proficiency
    10th| +5| +3| +3| +3| +1 Advanced Proficiency, Bonus Feat
    11th| +5| +3| +3| +3| +1 Proficiency
    12th| +6| +4| +4| +4| +1 Advanced Proficiency
    13th| +6| +4| +4| +4| +1 Proficiency
    14th| +7| +4| +4| +4| +1 Advanced Proficiency
    15th| +7| +5| +5| +5| Bonus Feat, Any Bonus Feat, +1 Advanced Proficiency
    16th| +8| +5| +5| +5| Vocation, Bonus Feat
    17th| +8| +5| +5| +5| Bonus Feat
    18th| +9| +6| +6| +6| Bonus Feat
    19th| +9| +6| +6| +6| Bonus Feat
    20th| +10| +6| +6| +6| Bonus Feat, Advanced Vocation


    A civilian receives two proficiencies at first level which can be of martial or simple weapons, or any type of armor (light to heavy; note that each armor and/or weapon counts as a proficiency). Every time his level indicates '+1 proficiency' he may select one additional proficiency of simple or martial weapons or any type of armor (light to heavy).

    Bonus Feat

    Whenever a civilian is granted a bonus feat, he may select from only the general list - that is, the list that does not indicate 'fighter bonus feats' or 'meta-magic/psionic/etc.' type feats. They must still meet the prerequisites for selection of the feat, as normal.

    Advanced Proficiency

    Whenever a civilian's level indicates 'advanced proficiency', they may select to become proficient in one exotic weapon or exotic armor (racial weapons and armors are generally exotic). Selecting an armor or weapon that is both racial and requires them to be of the species as a prerequisite requires them to have two exotic weapon proficiencies put into that specific armor or weapon in order to become proficient in them.

    At GM discretion, a civilian may be allowed to reserve an exotic weapon or armor proficiency selection for a later time when they receive another one, in order to select to be proficient in a race specific armor or weapon.

    Any Bonus Feat

    When a civilian is of sufficient level to select 'any bonus feat' - this indicates that the civilian may select one bonus feat from any feat list - with the exception of racial/class/template specific lists. They must still meet all the prerequisites for selection of the feat as normal.


    When their levels indicate 'Vocation', a civilian may gestalt 1/10th of their levels (round down) with those of a class or multiple classes of their choosing - but only when they would be allowed two levels or more in a class, as an exception for the latter.

    Advanced Vocation

    As 'Vocation', but when their levels indicate 'Advanced Vocation', a civilian may gestalt 1/4th of their levels (round down) with those of a class, or multiple classes - note that a gestalt level in more than one class counts as having invested more than one gestalt level - of their choosing.

    Compared to a commoner, a civilian is both worldly and a city dweller - while a commoner alternatively tends to confine themselves to more rural areas. While a civilian isn't rugged, they are peaceful and often academic, while a commoner is often hard working and rugged, but much less vocational and unable to break away from their life style (or simply not wanting to).

    Civilians will study to get ahead, but never to the extent of experts.

    To viewers: Feel free to post your own to best of your observation!
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    Default Re: Real World Characters [Stat Blocks, PEACH]


    James Hetfield


    Medium Humanoid (Civilian 1)
    1d4 (2 hp)
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
    Init: +0
    AC 10; touch 10; flat-footed 10
    BAB +0; Grp +0
    Attack Unarmed +0 (1d3 nonlethal)
    Full-Attack Unarmed +0
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks
    Special Qualities Reputation +12, Specialized Skill Avenue
    Saves Fort +0 Ref +0 Will +1
    Abilities Str 10, Dex 11, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 14
    Skills Diplomacy +6, Sense Motive +5, Perform (Oratory) +6, Perform (Metal Singing) +10, Perform (Guitar) +13, Concentrate +7, Profession (Songwriter) +6
    Feats Skill Focus (Guitar), Skill Focus (Concentrate)
    Organization Metallica
    Challenge Rating 1/2
    Treasure Any
    Alignment Chaotic Neutral with Good Tendencies
    Advancement by Level (Any Class)
    Level Adjustment +0


    James Hetfield is ridiculously famous for being the lead vocalist of Metallica for 20+ years. He receives a +12 circumstance bonus to diplomacy checks to improve a person's attitude, but not to convince people of anything. This diplomacy check is automatically made to improve the attitude of anyone that can hear him as well - whether or not James wills it.

    One diplomacy check is rolled automatically to determine the attitude of any strangers. Strangers also have a +12 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge (Local) checks made to recognize him (it may often be assumed that they recognize him anyway if they are 'in the scene').

    Finally, half his reputation applies on any intimidate check that he chooses to make as well as one quarter his reputation bonus applying on perform checks made to adjust an audience's attitude.

    His reputation generally leads to a large attendance to any concert that he chooses to organize.

    Specialized Skill Avenues

    James Hetfield has a +4 competence bonus on perform (stringed instrument) checks with guitars and a -4 competence penalty on checks made with other stringed instruments (hence, +5; whereas performing with a guitar is +13). While ranks in the skill generally covers other stringed instruments as well, the name is changed to 'Perform (Guitar)' rather than 'Perform (Stringed Instrument)'.

    James Hetfield has a +4 competence bonus on Perform (Singing) checks made to sing songs influenced or 'belonging' within the classic metal genre of rock'n'roll. He does not apply this modifier to Perform (Singing) checks made to sing other songs that could be considered 'rock'. However, he takes a -4 competence penalty to sing songs that aren't at all comprising rock or are rock influenced.


    During any perform check, James Hetfield can, as a free action, roll aid another on each perform skill that he has ranks in to determine if a +2 competence modifier (per aid roll; stacks) applies to his highest perform skill's modifier before it is rolled.

    James must incorporate each of what these perform checks involves into his performance however.
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    Default Re: Real World Characters [Stat Blocks, PEACH]

    Nice work, keep at it. But add more abilities in the ways of skill and intellect.

    A watered down bardic knowledge and skill bonuses will do, then bonuses to the bardic knowledge later on.

    Also, do you mean 3.5?
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