I'm trying to think of a good class to use for the Fleshwarper PrC.

While looking at the class and possible entry classes, I think I don't want to do a traditional wizard/sorcerer entry. I considered Cleric, Druid, or Dread Necromancer, but all lack one thing or another that make it ideal for the class. Archivist looks promising as it has both Heal and Knowledge (Arcana) as class skills, and has power and could make interesting story.

Can someone help me find a good build for this? Ideally, what race, feats, etc., would mesh well. Especially race. I've considered Warforged or Illumian, but I've not used either, so I'm not very familiar with their powers or how to synergize their abilities.

I'm thinking level 15 top, although a build to 20 could also work. I don't plan on it being fully optimized--I know I'm losing a caster level--but assume a high power level. Divine Metamagic and Persist Spell are not banned if you think a dip into a class that yields Turn/Rebuke Undead is allowed.

If there's an ACF to get a divine caster a familiar, that would also be appreciated. I'd like to take advantage of the abberation familiar feature.

-You are not limited to only 1 type of graft (as I think it states in a Faerun book, so I could have undead, abberation, dragon, etc)
-Setting-specific grafts are allowed
-Craft reserve points roll-over, i.e., I do not lose any remaining when I level-up.
-Only one nightstick allowed/character.
-All D&D 3.5 books, but no 3rd party or Dragon magazine.