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Thread: Lingering aura

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    Default Lingering aura

    I've a question about auras. If you capture a magical item that has been worn/used for a long time by a thoroughly Evil creature (say, a cloak worn by a cleric of Shar). The item will have its own aura of course, but will the Evil aura of the former owner carry over to the item as well, and linger for some time? Can an item be tainted by the aura of an associated object or creature?

    Also, I wonder if there are any rules that allows you to use Spellcraft to determine which magical effect has been used to enchant a certain item. I.e. if Spellcraft can be used as a way to Identify magic items (beyond just determining the school of magic).
    I was thinking - a wizard trying out a magic item with a well-known magical effect (like, a +1 enhancement or a +1 to saves or a boost to ability stats) might recognize the effect that item has on him, thus concluding that this is probably a +1 weapon, or a Cloak of resistance+1, or a Gloves of DEX+2. Or at least, that the item is providing a boost to these abilities/functions.

    IF such a rule doesn't exist, how about this one: A Spellcraft check with DC 20+Caster level can enable a caster to recognize the spell that has been used to produce the item, provided that he wears or uses the item himself (thus exposing himself to possible harmful effects from wearing/using the item).
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