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    Default [Pathfinder] Need some PEACH on items and their progression.

    Hey there, forumites. Here's the long and short of it: I'm going to be using seven magic weapons (one per character) as part of my campaign's story. They are not-quite-4th level right now, and as time goes on, their weapons will get better and better, similar to 3.X book Weapons of Legacy.

    The hook involves how, out of the couple hundred or so known major magic items, these ones don't have known histories - no creators, no legends, nothing. The PCs will receive the items to use only if they agree to seek out the tales behind these weapons. The twist: they legitimately don't have a history and were placed by the gods to attract true heroes, yadda yadda. The weapons "upgrade" as a result of divine power being channeled into them.

    I would like a little PEACH on this idea and on the progression ideas I've come up with, but mainly I'm looking to see if these items are cool and useful enough. I'm gunning for a value of 4k-6k gold pieces.

    Finally, I know that at 4th or 5th level, each item will give a +2 bonus to a stat on top of what they now have. Beyond that, I only have ideas on what other benefits they will grant.

    Please ignore the dumb placeholder names. After all, they have no history.

    Let's get started! We have: Dwarf Paladin, Half-Elf and Elf Rogues, Human Fighter, Half-Elf Cleric, Gnome Wizard, Half-Elf Ranger.

    For the Paladin:

    Hammer of Grace - This gold-inlaid rock warhammer feels solid in your grasp. A simple motif of slender winged figures runs around the head.

    +1 Warhammer. Grants +10ft of Speed to the wearer.

    (Big deal since he's a slow dwarf.)

    Possible future bonuses (PFB): +2 Dex, Flight or Wind Walk, Summon Air Elementals or Angels, Air- and Movement-related spells.

    For the Rogues:

    The Twins - These matching shortswords have hilts chased with silver. Identical halves of an amethyst are set into the pommels.

    +1 Shortswords. When players wielding The Twins are within thirty feet of each other and flanking enemies, they gain +3 instead of normal flanking +2, and also gain +1 to damage.

    (The Rogues' players love working together and love flanking and teamwork. I like to encourage their dynamic and I figured what better way to do that than with matched weapons?)

    PFB: +2 Dex or Wis, magic abilities on the swords, granting charges or abilities from one character to the other (a bit nebulous I know)

    For the Fighter:

    Linking Stone - This smooth gray pendant has a sword icon on one side and a magical burst on the other. It swings freely from a wire necklace.

    The Linking Stone allows its wearer to channel spell energy into his strikes, making his weapon +1 magic and adding 1d4 of [damage type, in this case necromantic energy], depending on what type of spell he uses to power it. If the player is not a caster, it defaults to necromancy; else, the player may charge it with whatever elemental type he wishes when spells are prepared.

    Note: this Fighter absorbed some necromantic energy. He opted to not Multiclass into Sorcerer yet, but I figured this would be a cool way to integrate his weird affliction.

    PFB: +2 Con, more attack and damage, different effects, perhaps enabling some spells

    For the Cleric:

    Owl Tabard - This simple gray tabard is trimmed with blue. It bears a flying owl on the front, picked out in red thread. The eyes are blue gems of the same color as the trimming.

    +1 Mithral Shirt. Cast Owl's Wisdom once per day per 2 Cleric levels.

    Not sure on this one, just like the idea of an armor as opposed to a weapon or tool.

    PFB: +2 Wis, something to do with awesome fiery wings, or maybe some cool ray attacks from the eye-gems.

    For the Wizard:

    "Knowledge" - This willow staff is three feet tall and has a slight spring in it. At the top, between a fork in the branch, rests a pinkish pearl.

    Magic Staff with maximum of 3 charges for now. "Knowledge" motif to the spells.
    - Know Direction (free? or maybe 2 per charge)
    - Alarm (1 charge)
    - Identify (1 charge)
    - Locate Object (2 charges)
    - Fox's Cunning (2 charges)

    PFB: +2 Int, more and better spells, increased charge limit, maybe a Permanent Light or Know Direction.

    For the Ranger (TWF Focus, but loves his Bow too):

    I will give this guy a choice between a bow or a sword. In return, his tasks to discern its history will be a little trickier for either one.

    Sword Choice:

    Runewarden - This longish blade has a definite curve to it. Mystifying letters and symbols run along its length. They look to be charcoal, yet they do not smudge off.

    +1 Elven Curve Blade or maybe Longsword. For (Ranger level + [2*Wis mod]) rounds per day, the runes can be lit up a dull green. The rounds need not be consecutive. While active, the blade gives a +1 to AC and Reflex saves.

    PFB: +2 Dex, better bonuses, maybe a defensive-magic effect (possibly for everybody in 30 feet or something), maybe the Defending magic ability

    Bow Choice:

    Comet Burn - This ash longbow has an interesting motif. The top half of the bow's body depicts stars and pillars of fire, while the bottom half displays stalactites and hail clouds.

    Longbow with one of four damage types (NO +1 TO ATTACK). Move action to change while in combat:

    +1d4 Fire damage or
    +1d4 Holy Damage or
    +1d4 Unholy Damage or
    +1d4 Ice Damage

    (I took the attack bonus off to account for it being a very versatile weapon. Hopefully that helps the pricing?? Please let me know if I'm okay on that.)

    PFB: +2 (something), better/different damage bonuses, maybe some spells or augmented arrows (player is very keen on magic arrows and casting spells)


    To reiterate: I am shooting for a value between 4k-6k gold pieces. I am also going to use Weapons of Legacy-style advancement for bonuses to these weapons.

    If I am reinventing the wheel anywhere, that would be helpful to know. I'm sure Comet Burn is just some Day/Night bow in a splatbook.

    Thanks everyone! :)

    (PS I realize this is kind of a wall of text but I couldn't really think of ways to condense it.)
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