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    Default attempted new combat mechanic for pf/D&D

    I'd like to experiment with a single opposed attacking mechanic and would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

    By single opposed attacking mechanic I mean both the attacker and defender rolling to determine the outcome of the attack and those rolls determining how much if any damage was incurred by the defender.

    Here is what I have right now.

    Attacker rolls 3d6 + his whatever dice he would roll for damage based on the attack + applicable modifier

    For example a morning star attack would be 3d6 + 1d8 + strength modifier.

    At the same time the defender would roll 3d6 + an assigned dice for armor (based on the AC bonus rating ie 5 = 1d4+1) + ability modifiers.

    Both sides total and the amount by which the attacker exceeds the defenders total is the damage.

    Note: 3d6 is substituted for 1d20 based on my own preference for having a standard curve built into the mechanic, you could use the standard 1d20.

    Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

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    Default Re: attempted new combat mechanic for pf/D&D

    How do crits work?

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    Default Re: attempted new combat mechanic for pf/D&D

    There are so many systems you can use, but if you want to stick in D&D the most simple thing to do is roll your AC and roll some DCs for spells. Like not having a standards 10+modifiers for ac but 3d6+modifiers.

    It makes thing more unpredictable, but you lose time rolling opposed dice.

    There are a bit more sophisticated systems. A good choice would be a Risk type of mechanism. Your roll Xd6, the defender rolls Yd6. You compare the dice and then the winning dice deal damage multiplied by something. Its a bit more balanced than the above, but you would have to change a lot of things.

    A more in depth answer is listing your goals prior deciding that you will uses opposed checks or anything else. For example in a game system I had built my goals where
    a) Defender's interaction (to do something)
    b) Fast resolve
    So I choose the Defender to have two type of defenses and be able to choose one, but not have opposed rolls that would slow a lot the game (since the DM would have to wait, having a horde attacking the party for example would require a lot of opposed rolls).

    Critical hits can work normally in opposed rolls, but using 3d6 is more tricky. Doubles?

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    Default Re: attempted new combat mechanic for pf/D&D


    3d6 + bonuses vs 3d6 + bonuses = 6d6 + bonuses vs bonuses + 10.5


    1d20 + bonuses vs 1d20 + bonuses = 2d20 + bonuses vs bonuses + 10.5

    Since the existing system is essentially

    1d20 + bonuses vs. bonuses + 10 (where 10 is the base AC for an unarmoured being)

    Your modified system will in effect be swingier.

    (Naturally, add an additional +10 to the fist two indented items to account for the base AC 10 all creatures get).

    Having just a single person roll all the dice for a given action will also speed up play btw.
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    Default Re: attempted new combat mechanic for pf/D&D

    Rolling 3d6 rather than 1d20 reduces randomness. Rolling two dice instead of one increases randomness. I'm not sure what your aim is here, unless you just like rolling eight or more dice when you'd normally roll one.
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