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    Default A New Type of Undead (PEACH)

    The (Almost) Mindless Vampire.

    This is an acquired template that occurs when something goes wrong while something becomes what would be a vampire. It lives to annoy adventurers, its master, or anyone it comes across.

    The (Almost) Mindless Vampire changes wisdom, intelligence, and charisma to 1, but all other stats remain unchanged.

    Type: The creatures type changes undead.

    Hit-Dice: All hit-dice are changed to d4s.

    Speed: Speed is unchanged, and if the base creature has a swim speed, the vampire is not vulnerable to running water.

    Full Attack: A full attack is either with a weapon or slam. (Almost) Mindless Vampires can only use simple and natural weapons.

    Slam damage:

    Special Attacks: Special attacks are the same as regular vampires, with a few exceptions:
    Children of the night summons either 1 rat, 1 bat, or 1 wolf cub.
    Dominate only affects creatures with the same mental ability scores.
    Create spawn creates 3 (almost) mindless vampires from one victim.

    Special Qualities: All special qualities stay the same with the exception of: Alternate form of a gelatinous cube of the same size as the base creature. This is similar to a polymorph spell cast by a 12th-level caster.
    Damage reduction becomes 10/attacks by creatures with 2 or lower intelligence: It seems unfazed by anything with complex thought processes.
    It does not know how to use its gaseous form ability, but can be forced to do it through a command undead spell.

    An (Almost) Mindless Vampire gets a -20 penalty on all skill except for the optional, +20 in preform(annoyance).

    An (Almost) Mindless Vampire looses all feats it had.

    Challange rating is the same as the base creature.
    LA is 0.
    Adjustment in by class.
    Alignment is any neutral, as they can not think of a real opinion on anything.
    Treasure in none.

    Weaknesses: All Vampire weaknesses stay, and any word with more than 20 letters has a 25% chance to stun it for a turn. This must be done in character, and multiple words can be said, each giving a separate 25% chance.
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