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    Default D&D 4e Modron, review please?

    I'd like a review on the following alterations to Warforged as a DM is running a Planescape game, so I've attempted to create Modrons;

    Ignoring any fluff

    Height 6ft, Weight 285 lb
    +2 Con, +2 Int
    Speed: 5
    Vision: Normal
    Medium Size
    Languages: Common

    +2 Endurance, +2 Arcana or +2 History
    Following same as Warforged
    Living Construct
    Unsleeping Watcher
    Warforged Mind
    Warforged Resilience
    Warforged Resolve

    I'll change the names and fluff of various abilities later, this was a quick attempt.

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    Default Re: D&D 4e Modron, review please?

    Traditionally they had a +1 Str and Int, but Con and Int makes sense too and let's them be good Swordmages (my favorite class) so I'm not complaining (I also don't know of any Str/Int classes).

    Looks fine to me.
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    Default Re: D&D 4e Modron, review please?

    You could use the PH3 mechanic and have +2 Int and +2 Str or Con.

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