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    Default Mortal Kombat Setting

    Here is my work-in-progress Mortal Kombat universe. It will use M&M 2e (as I have not read 3e yet). The game universe is similar to that of Mortal Kombat around 1200 AD, taking place before the Great Kung Lao defeated Shang Tsung. Earthrealm will be an approximation of Jianghu, but will include areas beyond China: India, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Asian Steppes, Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe, and the Arctic. Each locale will be influenced by local legends and stories in the same way that Jianghu is filled with Chinese folklore. I will add more species, professions, and realm descriptions as I get the chance. Also templates will come later for each species and specialization (like Sorceror, Ninja, etc).

    At the beginning of time there existed only two beings: The Elder Gods and the One Being. The One Being gained his power by draining that of the Elder Gods. Eventually the Elder Gods declared war on the One being to save themselves. In the end, the Elder Gods created six weapons called the Kamidogu. When they used the weapon, the One Being split into many pieces, although its consciousness survived. The Kamidogu became lost in 6 different pieces of the One Being. Eventually these pieces became the realms. The magic of the Kamidogu persisted through time and made the realms where they were housed somehow more powerful and popular. These 6 main realms are Earthrealm, Netherrealm, Outworld, Seido, Chaosrealm, and Edenia. Other realms exist, though their residents have been generally less important.

    For millenia the Elder Gods observed, guided, and ruled over the realms with their infinite wisdom. One day, an especially ambitious Elder God, known as Shinnok, gave into his greed and decided to take over the newly formed Earthrealm for himself. The Elder Gods had appointed Raiden, the thunder god, as their agent and protector of Earthrealm. The battle between the two gods was fierce and deadly, nearly destroying the entire world. Centuries of darkness and decay gripped the world while the two battled on. Raiden discovered the source of Shinnok's ability to enter into the realm without challenge and without allowing the other Elder Gods to interfere. Raiden was left with the decision to cede control of Earthrealm or to allow the destruction of the Saurian civilization. He chose the former. After claiming the amulet from Shinnok, the Elder Gods banished the disgraced Elder God to the Netherrealm to be punished by Lucifer for the rest of time. Raiden hid the amulet deep within the mountains, founding a temple at the site and placing elemental guardians at the site. Should Shinnok be reunited with his amulet, he could escape his prison.

    Millions of years of peace passed between the realms. Then, a powerful warror and leader arose in Outworld, uniting all of the territories and countries beneath his iron-fisted rule: Onaga, the Dragon King. His armies defeated all challengers, thanks to Onaga's heart, which could raise the dead. As his soldiers fell, they simply arose again and continued to battle. Once Onaga had absolute rule over Outworld, he challenged and killed the guardian of the realm, claiming his soul and his essence. Using his new knowledge of the realms, Onaga conquered smaller, weaker realms, merging them with his own and destroying their guardians.

    Onaga was powerful, but he was not immortal. He longed to live forever and avoid the cycle of rebirth. The Dragon King recalled all of his advisors, warriors, and sages to seek out a solution. After years of searching, a sorceror had discovered the egg of an unborn dragon and had devised a method to transfer Onaga's mind and soul to this new body. Shao Khan, the most trusted advisor to the Dragon King, made the preparations for the transfer. Then, in Onaga's most weakened state, Khan poisoned and killed him.

    Years of turmoil spread through Outworld. Many of the lesser realms were able to break away while Shao Khan tried to consolidate his power. The Elder Gods subtly aided more realms in breaking away. When only a couple of small realms were still joined to Outworld and Khan was finally gaining power, the Elder Gods created Mortal Kombat, a sacred tournament that the warriors of a realm would have to win ten times in a row in order to invade another.

    This tournament slowed Khan's assault on other realms, but did not halt it. Khan regained several of the smaller realms, which did not have the might of Outworld's warriors. Khan set his sights on one of the larger realms, Netherrealm. Khan's warriors were not as powerful as the Netherrealm's and were defeated, but the tournament gave Shinnok a chance to break free from Lucifer's control and take over for himself. Khan decided that he could attack Netherrealm later and set his sights on a slightly softer target, Edenia. Now, Outworld has won the last nine tournaments and the final one will be soon. Still, to ensure victory, Khan's agents roam the realms, trying to weaken or kill Edenia's warriors.

    Normally travel between realms is extremely limited. Only with permission of the protector of a realm can someone pass from one to another. There are locations where realms overlap in a brief zone, making it possible to enter, without permission, an area in Earthrealm and walk out in the Netherrealm. Only gods, sorcerors, and those with extremely balanced Ki can sense such a locale and only the former two can actually make the zone work as he wishes.

    Mortal Kombat
    The Mortal Kombat tournament is a sacred tournament used by one realm to be able to invade another. They take place every 50 years and involve the greatest tournament from each realm. With ten consecutive wins, the winning realm can invade the losing one, bringing all of their forces to bear. The guardian of a realm is responsible for organizing his realm's defense and providing the warriors for the tournament.


    Elder God
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    Default Re: Mortal Kombat Setting

    Realms Descriptions
    Here you will find descriptions of the various realms including background, brief history, guardians, whether it is a major or minor realm, important regions, the dominant species, and their current Mortal Kombat status. The realms list is not exhaustive and other realms could be discovered in time. Each realm is a fractured piece of the essence of the One Being. It is believed that if the realms are all reunited and the Kamidogu are combined with Shinnok's amulet, the One Being will be resurrected

    Chaosrealm is a world where chaos is worshiped as a religion. Stable governments don't last very long as anarchic priests seek to destroy those with authority. This religion is maintained by the guardian of Chaosrealm, a god of chaos. The landscape depicts this nature, as it is covered in islands that float through empty space and physics that don't always work as expected. There are also vast oceans and seas of water far below the islands that sometimes rain upward, saturating those lands. Some factions of Chaosrealm seek to bring some form of order to the world, while others wish to spread disorder to other realms. Seido, the realm of order, wishes to destroy Havik and bring about law to this land. The Netherrealm dislikes the fact that souls do not always leave the way they are supposed to.
    Guardian: Havik, the Chaos God
    Status: Independent
    Importance: Major
    Dominant species: Human, Chaosrealmer
    Enemies: Seido, Netherrealm
    Mortal Kombat Status: None.
    Notes: One of the Kamidogu is hidden in Chaosrealm. Havik was not always a god, but tricked the original guardian into giving up his godhood to him and changed Chaosrealm into what it is today.
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