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    Default Metabreath Feats

    If a dragonfire adept uses metabreath feats, does the increased recharge time apply to their breath weapon as a whole, or the specific weapon they used (eg. Fivefold Breath of Tiamat maximized is gone for 4 rounds but you can still use a DIFFERENT breath weapon next round?)

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    Default Re: Metabreath Feats

    Ask your DM

    It's a sucky answer, I'll admit, but the use of metabreath with DFA is a contested point. There is no official answer, and so it's up to your DM to answer that.

    I've never heard the specific breath reading before, but it makes a lot of sense. If a player came to me with it I'd ok it.

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    Default Re: Metabreath Feats

    By strict RAW a DFA cannot use those particular metabreath feats, as a DFAs breath is not on a recharge timer at all, which is a requisite of using Maximize/Heighten/Clinging Breath et al as presented in the Draconomicon. So it's a moot point.

    If your DM has houseruled otherwise so that using the feats just forces a recharge on a breath that doesn't normally have one, I would rule that it affects the entire breath regardless of what effect you put on it- after all, you're still using the one class ability 'Breath Weapon'. You don't get multiple Breath Weapons to choose between, really, just the one with different uses. Just like you'd take Ability Focus for the Breath Weapon in general and not a particular Breath Effect, if you have to retire your Breath Weapon for a while for some reason you have to retire the whole thing... and really, a Maximized (and possibly Heightened..) Fivefold Breath should safely secure your contribution to the fight, so it shouldn't matter all that much if you have to wait to breath again. DFA is a reasonably well designed class, you have other things you can do.

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    Default Re: Metabreath Feats

    1.Pretty much what Tyck said.

    2.You can, if you have access to Dragon material, spend a feat to 'force' the DFA's breath weapon to meet the prequisites.

    3.Being a dragonborn DFA is not only flavorful, but gives you a way to abuse metabreaths without A)crippling your favorite breath weapon ability or B)bringing up RAW/RAI questions.

    Finally, one of my favorite gestalt builds is a dragonborn DFA//Dragon-Shaman. The best night's sleep you'll ever have outside of a rope trick, as you layer clinging/lingering to bathe your campsite in a persistent cloud of fire+acid
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