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    Default Anyone got a solar monster class?

    One of my players is interested in playing a solar, and I'm trying to build a solar monster class for him (yay for epic progressions). Has anyone made a solar class already? I was thinking that I might use/adapt/steal your work if you've already done one. My forum-search-fu has only turned up some 10+ page threads that I realllly don't want to scour from one end to the other.
    Subclasses for 5E: magus of blades, shadowcraft assassin, spellthief, void disciple
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    Default Re: Anyone got a solar monster class?

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    Default Re: Anyone got a solar monster class?

    Quote Originally Posted by volthawk View Post
    Yeah, that's pretty much the best that you're gonna get. Oslecamo's monster classes are such a "why-didn't-they-think-of-that" idea, & very well executed. The next time one of my players wants to play a monster, I'm using one of his (or his successors') classes.

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