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    Default Looking for a spell (or a spells combo)

    Hey guys

    We are running a long running Ptolus campaign,
    My character wants to address the people of Ptolos by projecting his image in the Sky's over the city and amplifying his voice so everyone can hear it (might be nice if anyone can understand it regardless of language barrier).

    At the moment i am wanted by the city authority :-) so i cant just make a summit or something like that

    so any idea`s what spells i can use to:
    1. Project large image of my self on the skys
    2. Amplify my voice so anyone in the city can hear it
    3. make sure anyone can understand me regardless of language

    We are level 15, have access to most spells (aracne and divine)

    Thanks In advance :-)

    Our campaign site:

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    Default Re: Looking for a spell (or a spells combo)

    Programmed Image. It is permanent until it starts, then last 1 minute per level.

    This is a work around, so you can do it a LOT in various places so the whole city is covered. As for language if you use tongues first you can repeat yourself in all major languages.

    Beyond that I don't know of any spell that does this. I would allow it with a limited wish in my game, but that is definitely a limit based on DM. Possibly wish/miracle if you can get a scroll.
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