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    Default (3.5) Housecat Race (Minor)

    DISCLAIMER: not for use in an actual game. anyone who tries to pass this by a DM is doomed to spend eternity in hell rolling Nat1s, fighting Every Evil creature in the MM and being hit over the head with a PhB and DMG.

    sometimes even the epic housecat race have lesser beings. these beings are cast off from housecat society and can train as PCs.

    Size: Small
    +4 CHA
    +4 DEX
    +2 AC
    Evasion, Improved Evasion
    SLA: Planeshift 2/day
    SLA Charm 2/day
    SLA Quickened Maximised Fireball 2/day
    SLA Create Food and Water (as the Cleric spell) 2/day
    Grapples as a Medium Creature
    MEOW natural attack: 2D20 sonic damage to every enemy within 100 feet. Can only be used 2/day
    PURR: 2D20 points of HP healed to every ally within 100 feet. Can only be used 2/day

    NOTE: you can play this race if you add +2 LA without all the bad effects outlined in the disclaimer (for you Trodon )
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    Default Re: (3.5) Housecat Race (Minor)

    I read the disclaimer but... I want to play this, with a higher LA of course. :P
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