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    Default Amdusias the Abyssal Lord of Fear

    Amdusias Demon Lord of Fear:

    Layer: Deimos the 61st layer of the Abyss.

    Description: Amdusias is the demon lord of fear, having wrestled both the title and from an older obyrith lord. Amdusias harbors a hatred for Lolth that stretches back millennia to the time when Lolth was still merely the Demon Lord of Spiders, and the two fought with Amdusias on the losing side. Amdusias is an impatient lord, and this impatience has cost him on more than one occasion (such as against Lolth). He is currently allied with, and subservient to, Demogorgon seeing the powerful Prince of Demons as the most likely winner in the various plays for power in the Abyss. Amdusias delights in terror and fear, in the sight of his foes quaking before him, and the last fleeting emotions they give out when they die. By the standards of Abyssal Lords Amdusias is only a minor player, who weaves only small, insignificant plots, more concerned with keeping his layer than anything else. By the standards of the Prime, Amdusias is a highly intelligent foe, capable of weaving elaborate plots that could embroil an entire world.

    Physical Description: Amdusias has the head of a mature billy goat. His white furred torso rises up from the eight-legged body of a brown and black spider, said to be a curse sustained in an ancient battle with Lolth, upon which a second head rests complete chelicerae and eight ruby-red eyes. His arms, covered in white fur like his goat-man body, end in hands with snakes for fingers. Upon his back he carries his great bow made from the bones of the obyrith lord whom he slew while taking both its title and its layer, and with this he shoots his arrows of fear to scatter and panic lesser creatures. Strapped to his spider body are his lash and sword, the first made of the skin of Balors, the latter a green steel sword stolen from a pit fiend general who led his forces to the Abyss itself in search of glory and power.

    Powers Description:
    As Demon Lord of fear it is expected that Amdusias radiates an aura of fear, and can create fear in a target so great that even those who normally feel nothing of fear can be frightened. The arrows of his bow paralyze targets with fear, and even have a chance of scaring them to death; he can shoot many arrows in a single shot with his bow raining fear down upon foes. His lash is an eight-tailed scourge capable of causing creatures to experience their worst nightmares and forcing their minds to succumb to madness, and due to the materials the lash is made from its touch burns and scorches the target. His sword is enchanted to slay demons and is especially lethal against them, ignoring their damage reduction and even causing them to burn with hellfire, and as such is his preferred weapon of choice when fighting his kindred. His spider body, and snake fingers have poisonous bites that even other fiends must fear. Finally he has the ability to control storms, bringing thunder and lightning crashing down and shooting lightning from his mouth, and this power is augmented on Deimos where he can fully control the weather. These are in addition to an array of spell-like abilities as would be expected from a Lord of the Abyss.

    Layer Description: Deimos is a jungle plane, the entire layer excepting the Mountain of Dread consisting of a giant storm swept jungle filled with fiendish hunting beasts and twisted, unholy plants. A constant storm sweeps the layer blotting out all hopes of a sun. Even when Amdusias chooses to stop the storm, which is a rare event, no sun or moon ever shines on Deimos, only unrelenting night with but the vaguest hint of stars. As such the plane is perpetually a total darkness unless the storm is dismissed, at which point it is still only a starlit night. Attempts to control or manipulate weather on the plane are met with Amdusiasís god-like control of the weather and require a DC 45 caster level check to succeed; this is only DC 25 when Amdusias is not on the layer. Various demons stalk the jungles of the plane, looking for mortals and petitioners to torment and destroy. Great storm clouds cover the sky at all times, and it just isnít possible to reach them. Fly as you might the plane shifts so that they are always higher than you are. Only at one point can they be reached, the peak of the Mountain of Dread.

    There are two main locations of note on Deimos. The first is the Mountain of Dread (also called Mount Deimos) which raises up from the jungles in the ďcenterĒ of the layer. If one should fly up above the jungleís canopy it can be seen as a red shape in the distance, not bright enough to provide enough light to see even oneís own nose but bright enough that it serves as a beacon. No matter where you are in the plane it is always visible, and should one strive to move towards it then they will reach it, although the time that takes depends upon the moods of the Abyss and the will of Amdusias. The Mountain of Dread can be further subdivided into the mountain itself, the city of Phobos upon its side, and Amdusiasís tower (also called the Tower of Deimos) upon the top.

    The Mountain is a blood red rock which provides red light across its entire structure. This isnít good light to see by, only providing shadowy illumination due to its Abyssal nature. Even so these shadows stretch 30-ft from the mountain and allow beings to see up to 60-ft across the mountain (although they can see the mountainís glow from further away than that). The mountain is home to fiendish wyverns and dragons, as well as ogres, hill giants, and demons. Most of the mountain is steep and difficult terrain requiring climb checks to navigate. Occasionally the constant storm will dislodge rocks from above causing them to come tumbling down and due to the perpetual rains the mountain is muddy and prone to landslides of all sorts.

    The city of Phobos rests on the Mountain of Dread and is ruled by Amdusiasís second in command, a balor hexblade whose master has rewarded with some physical modifications. These modifications take the form of a long, serpent for an arm (no flaming whip but instead a poisonous bite attack which ignores immunity to poison from sources other than a nonability in constitution) and a pair of goat horns upon his head (allowing a headbutt attack). This balor, named Amakius, rules Phobos with an iron hand. His servants and spies crawl the streets of the city at all times and keep some modicum of order, or just enough to keep the city from dissipating completely. That doesnít mean a basher is safe in Phobos, demons will still kill people in the street, and thieves will steal anything they can, but if it happens too much demons themselves start disappearing. See Amdusias and Amakius like having the city, it gives them a place to go to when they want something other than senseless slaughter. Means to indulge each of the seven deadly sins can be found in the city, though gambling pits and brothels are the most common. Thereís an underground pit fighting circuit in the city where a cutter can make himself some jink, but itís dangerous and if someone wins too often theyíll match him with somebody completely out of his league. Canny cutters know that when Amdusias comes to town one should avoid these fights, because the Demon Lord likes taking part in them himself and heís never left an opponent alive; then again he comes in secret sometimes now too because people fled the fights when he announced himself.

    The Tower of Deimos sits atop the very peak of the Mountain of Dread. Itís surrounded on all sides by a massive cliff, no one is exactly sure of the size of the cliff because it shifts becoming shorter for fiends and those with Amdusiasís blessing, and taller for good berks stupid enough to come here. You canít reach the top by flying or teleporting either, like everywhere on the plane if someone tries to fly up it they just seem to go up and up without ever reaching the top, and something about the storm clouds prevents teleportation into them (though if Amdusias dismisses the storm it does leave the Tower vulnerable). The tower is surrounded by the clouds of the layer and rises up above them. From above them you can see a great darkness, and the clouds stretch out, always 5-ft below, for miles. If you climb out and go more than 5-ft from the tower youíll find yourself below the clouds in some random part of the layer. Amdusias resides upon the highest point of this tower, and fills it with his courtiers, warriors, courtesans, and servants. Course heís not always here, or even here most of the time, and when heís gone the marilith Alkiea governs in his stead.

    The other important site on the plane is the Maw of Webs, perhaps the most deadly place on the layer. Itís inhabited by nightmarish abyssal spiders and is a frequent stomping ground for Amdusias himself. It is somewhere in the jungles of the plane, though where exactly is hard to say. Canny bloods will tell you that thinking about it only makes you more likely to reach it, especially if you desire to avoid it. The best way to stay away from it is to clear your mind of all thoughts about it, or to strive towards the Mountain of Dread. The best way to find it is to fill an unlucky berk with fear of it and then follow behind him, heíll find it right quick.

    The Maw itself is a tangle of webs throughout the jungle. These webs are tough, with DR 15/adamantine and DR 5/- and canít be damaged even by magical flames. A creature that gets caught in them can easily die from starvation without breaking the strands. Each 5-ft section has 20 hit points, and it is a DC 34 Strength check (or 30 escape artist check) to break free from them. Snakes and spiders are immune to the effects of these webs moving across them to kill creatures caught in them. The webs donít like teleportation magic, and it requires a (DC 25 + spell level) spellcraft check to cast any spell of the teleportation subschool while within the Maw, only Amdusias and those servants he specifically grants exemption to this effect, and the spiders of the region, can use teleportation without trouble and Amdusias rarely gives these exemptions as they require a significant amount of his power to give.

    Amdusias, when not roaming the plane or in his tower, can be found in the heart of the Maw surrounded by the great spiders and snakes of the Maw. These creatures have been given intelligence by some unholy means and some can even use spell-like abilities, making them dangerous; many of which can teleport across the web with ease to attack trapped opponents anywhere within the Maw.
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    Default Re: Amdusias the Abyssal Lord of Fear

    Besides the wording needing a bit of work, it looks to be a solid enough plane - Jumanji, anyone?
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    Default Re: Amdusias the Abyssal Lord of Fear

    Man, I was hoping this was an Abyssal with Presence Charms for inducing fear and Investigation Charms for figuring out what people fear.

    I feel cheated.
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