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    Default A life of quiet contempation...[3.5 Race PEACH]]


    The O地aroo are a old and peaceful race who inhabit lush forests rich in bug life. Though they lack neither the intelligence nor the means, the O地aroo lack the progressive mindset which drives them to build larger more industrious communities. They prefer to live in untouched, secluded forests in simple wooden huts of sticks and wood.

    Physical Description
    The O地aroo resemble large humanoid anteaters. They have long narrow heads with long, thin prehensile tongues for feeding on hidden insects. Most O地aroo are relatively short, standing no more than four and a half to five feet tall. They are covered with thick shaggy fur of various colors of gray, white, black, and brown. Their arms are long, usually twice the length of their legs or slightly longer, and tipped with three to four inch claws. The O地aroo have weak vision and rely primarily on their keen senses of smell to navigate and interact.

    Though reclusive, O地aroo are generally kind and generous. Most O誕roo tent to be quiet and soft spoken, preferring quiet contemplation to pointless chatter. Though several warriors are present in their communities, the O地aroo abhor conflict and it is difficult to drive one into an argument and near impossible to make them angry. They tend to be slow to action and can spend several days considering seemingly simple questions. Most people, the few who have ever met an O地aroo, tend to find them boring.

    O地aroo sometimes relate with forest-dwelling elves and other civilized and peaceful races. Trading when necessary, or sometimes negotiating with nearby humans on matters involving shared forests. They can be quite open to the occasional visitor and will be very hospitable thought they prefer to be left in peace.

    It is a spiritual ritual in the O地aroo culture that upon the year the O地aroo reaches maturity, they must undergo a ceremony involving seven days of uninterrupted contemplation. The purpose of this ritual is to give the young O地aroo opportunity to discover themselves and find what type of person he will be. Most O地aroo are neutral good. Few are truly evil and even fewer are chaotic.

    The O地aroo are a very spiritual people who seek guidance from various good aligned nature gods or most often do not pray to any god and simply revere nature itself.

    Racial Traits
    +2 Wis, -2 Dex; O地aroo are contemplative and insightful. Not necessarily clumbsy, their movements are slow and cautious.
    Medium Size
    20ft. land; 10ft. Climb
    O地aroo possess two natural claw attacks which deal 1d4 damage each.
    Due to their acute sense of smell, O地aroo have blindsense out to 30ft.
    Racial Skills: O地aroo feed by meticulously searching for hidden insects. They have +4 racial bonus to search checks. The O地aroo have weak eyes and receive a -4 penalty to spot checks. Lastly, They have +8 racial bonus to climb checks can always choose to take 10 on Climb checks, even if rushed or threatened.
    Automatic Languages: Common and Sylvan; Bonus Languages: Elven, Giant, Gnoll.
    Favored Class- Druid
    LA +0

    Simple homebrew race. Nothing special, just some practice I guess. Actually seems pretty strong for LA 0. You be the judge.

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    Default Re: A life of quiet contempation...[3.5 Race PEACH]]

    I have a friend who would love this... unfortunately he is irrationally terrified of me right now, so I can't share it with him.

    I might give them +2 racial to Open Lock and Disable Device and maybe a few other things, on the theory that there slow and careful movements actually make them BETTER than most races at those things. That works out to +1 to Open Lock with their -2 Dex, and +2 to to Disable Device...

    Also, I don't see what describing the adulthood ritual has to do very directly with alignment... it is perfectly good fluff, just belongs in a "General" section of something as near as I can tell.

    Blindsense, combined with a plus to Wisdom and a minus to a PHYSICAL ability score might make some people argue these guys are LA +1.
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