Hullo thar!

I'm making a campaign world based off of a series of weird, drunken dreams I had! WHAT FUN!

I will be posting creations I made (or had other people make) for this world, for all to evaluate and critique honestly!

Oh, two major things you'll notice I mention a lot (or will mention a lot). Red Flint, which is a rare and powerful source of natural arcane magic in the world (more on that later), and pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins. They're important for symbolic reasons.

First up, one of the main races of Nevermore, the Hrafnir!


All across Nevermore are great cliffs, rolling hills dotted with giant trees, vast aeries, and other such ponderous things that other races could make little use of. And yet, it is not rare to see such strange locales supporting thriving cities, the streets of which are littered with feathers!
These cities are home to the Hrafnir, the rightful rulers of Nevermore. Though they've been displaced from the palaces they once inhabited, they care not, for all that ruling the world business was terribly hard work. Truth is, they encouraged those newcomers to take over! Now they have more time to do whatever they want!

Hrafnir typically stand between four and six feet tall, and thanks to their mostly hollow bones, weigh between seventy and one hundred pounds when fully grown. Their lithe bodies are covered with typically dark and well groomed feathers except for their scrawny arms and legs, which end in dexterous claws. Their heads are often topped with crests of stylized feathers, and pointy beaks dominate their faces. Their eyes are dark gray all the way through and sparkle eerily.

Hrafnir are typically talkative, easy going, and free spirited. They love to show off, and are fascinated with flight and magic. Due to generations of exposure to the Red Flint, it is not uncommon for Hrafnir to become sorcerers or warpers at early ages. They usually embrace their gifts, and use them to show off to their friends, whom they make quickly and easily, even among the most unscrupulous or angry of peoples. Hrafnir do not often understand restrictive relationships such as monogamous marriage, and will mate with whomever wants to if in the right mood, forming lifelong relationships with several mates, whom they return to as they want.

Game Info:
+2 DEX-Hrafnir are agile and lightweight.
+2 CHA-Hrafnir are usually friendly and can easily make new friends.
-2 WIS-Hrafnir CAN be a bit TOO friendly, and are free spirited and willfull.
-2 STR-Hollow bones and scrawny limbs.
Base Land Speed: 20 ft-Those short legs aren't exactly meant for running.
Climb Speed 10 feet-Above average dexterity and quick claws are honed by years living high above the ground.
Low Light vision.
+2 Climb and Spot skill racial bonuses.
Shapechange: Once per class level per day, Hrafnir can change into ravens as if they were a druid using the wild shape ability. This lasts one hour per class level or until canceled.
Starting Languages: Common, Hrafn
Favored Class: Sorcerer

Hrafnir Society:
Hrafnir usually live in communal groups of between thirty and one hundred members, mostly mating clusters. These flocks are led by high level casters and wizened elders who's judgement is trusted, though the elders help usually isn't needed, as the flock members care for each other deeply. Children live with their parents until they come of mating age, at which point they join other children their age to go and form a new flock and build their own small towns high above the ground.

Secondly, some changes to some core base classes!
Wizards are no longer a class! Wizards are a separate race in Nevermore, born to mortals gifted by the Wisps, they look like mortal races, but are actually a great race of spellcasters! The Wizard Class is still playable by anyone, but is instead called 'Magicker'.
I'm working on a way to make it so people can still play as wizards, though.

Also! Sorcerers have been changed similarly! The Sorcerer class is now the Warper class! Warpers are beings exposed to Red Flint whilst they slept as a child, and their dreams can change reality! Warpers function as normal sorcerers game stat wise, but fluff-wise, they are very different. Their familiars are their to guide them and teach them how to control their dreams while awake and use them as 'spells'!

Sorcerers are now people trained to channel magic from Red Flint. They need Red Flint to cast any spells, and it is used up in the process. Sorcerer spells use up a certain GP's worth of Red Flint up every time they cast a spell, and they must buy or find this Red Flint before hand. The cost for casting is spell level of casted spellx1.5GP's worth of Red Flint. They function like the core base class sorcerer, except that they need the Red Flint to cast, and get a metamagic feat of their choice every four levels.