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    Default (3.5) The Dracomelder Base/PEACH


    Beware the unknown. The draconic unknown. The power of dragons burns in our veins, but none must know of our knowledge.
    -Dargoth, Dracomelder Elite

    The Dracomelders are a secret group of devouts that have slight draconic heritage. They steal the powers of dragons by emulating the parts of them, only some actually care for the dragon themselves.

    HD: d8

    +1| 1|+0|+2| Stolen power I
    +2|+1|+0|+3| Fireheart
    +3|+2|+1|+3| Dragon style
    +4|+2|+1|+4| Soul Magi, Stolen power II
    +5|+3|+1|+4| Spontaneous Change
    +6|+3|+2|+5| Fearful Aura
    +7|+4|+2|+5| Stolen Power III
    +8|+4|+2|+6| Blood Sorcery
    +9|+5| +3|+6| Stolen power IV
    +10|+5|+3|+7| Elemental Power
    +11|+6|+3|+7| Upgraded Soul Magi
    +12|+6|+4|+8| Stolen Power V
    +13|+7|+4|+8| Elemental Magi
    +14|+7|+4|+9| Regeneration
    +15|+8|+5|+9| Stolen Power VI
    +16|+8|+5|+10| Lended power
    +17|+9|+5|+10| Ultimate transfomation
    +18|+9|+6|+11| Stolen Power VII
    +19|+10|+6|+11| Dragon Unity
    +20|+10|+7|+12| Draconic Perfection [/table]

    Skills: 4+int mod, class skills are Concentration, Knowledge (Arcana), Listen, Spellcraft, Appraise, Bluff, Disguise, Survival, Search, Spot

    Proficiencies: Simple, Martial, and Natural weapons. Light and medium armor.


    Stolen power: A Dracomelder can harness the power of dragons by emulating their parts and magically melding them with his. He can emulate different parts per level and these parts emulate the dragon that he choses, this can never be reversed unless alignment changes from good or evil to another one. His chosen dragon is different than his chosen element. These each last up to an hour per HD of the dracomelder and fade into ashes after that period or at the will of the Dracomelder:
    I: Fuse claws to hands to gain two claw attacks dealing 1d6 damage and an extra d6 per 4 HD of dracomelder.
    II: Fuse wings to back to gain a flight speed doubling land speed with good maneuverability.
    III: Fuse eyes to eyes to gain darkvision. He also gains blindsense equal to 10 feet per HD.
    IV: Fuse mouth to mouth/helmet to gain the breath weapon of his chosen dragon, same element but does 1d6 damage per 2 levels of Dracomancer. This can be used every 1d6 rounds.
    V: Fuse tail to back to gain a tail sweep that has a reflex save of (1/2HD+Str+10). affects creatures up to one size catagory larger than the Dracomelder.
    VI: Fuse scales to skin to gain natural AC equal to half the dracomelder's HD.
    VII: Fuse soul to soul to transform into the dragon. Works as a shapechange spell of a caster level equal to the Dracomelder's levels, but you can only turn into that type of dragon, any age category available but you can only transform into one creature. To fuse the soul, you need to have a corpse of a dragon that's under 15 days old. You chant for 1 minute then the spell takes effect.

    Each ability is useable once a day per 2 HD (minimum one) and only one effect is useable at a time.

    Fireheart: A Dracomelder starts to be used to fear. If he fails a save for a fear effect, lower how drastic it is by one. (Ex. Shaken to no fear and such)

    Dragon Style: At third level a Dracomelder learns to fight more like a dragon. He gains the effects of Multiatack and Improved two-weapon fighting when one of his attacks is a tail or a claw from his stolen powers.

    Soul Magi: A Dracomaelder can cast spells as a sorcerer that's 3 levels lower than them, except armor penalties are lowered by 10% on medium or light armor. To do this, though, he needs to harness the energy of a dragon. He harnesses this energy from a draconic deity that he must respect, although his spells are exactly the same as a sorcerer and do not need to be prepared If he stops worshiping a draconic deity he loses all powers.

    Spontaneous Change: At 5th level a Dracomelder can apply more than one element of Stolen Power at a time, he can grow and disintegrate the draconic parts at will also.

    Blood Sorcerey: The Dracomelder can now cast any cantrip at will.

    Elemental power: The Dracomelder gains resistance to a single element (acid, cold, fire, and electricity.) Equal to his HD+Con bonus.

    Regeneration: The Dracomelder gains regeneration equal to half his HD that can only be bypassed by the opposite element (acid and electricity count as opposites for this purpose)

    Elemental Magi: At 13th level a Dracomelder gains a blast of magic of his chosen element (not dragon). He can take a standard action to make a toch attack fire a ball of pure element that deals claw damage, but in his chosen element. This has a range of 10 feet per level.

    Lended Powers:At 16th level a Dracomelder can transfer his draconic magic to an ally. He can bestow as many charges equal to his HD of his stolen power per day to give an ally the same powers. (ex. give an ally all of your 4 charges of claws and all 4 charges of breath at 8 HD to give to an ally)

    Ultimate Transformation:At 17th level a Dracomelder no longer needs to spend much energy to transform. He has unlimited charges for all his Stolen Power abilities. When these charges are used for Lended Powers, you can still only give up to your HD of uses per day although you lose nothing anymore.

    Dragon Unity: At 19th level a Dracomelder can count as a member of his original race or a draconic race for the purposes of a spell, whichever is benificial.

    Draconic Perfection: At 20th level a Dracomelder gains ultimate enlightenment. He is no longer a member of his original race and gains the dragon type. He is a mix of human and dragon and all his HD from Dracomelder levels change to d10s. His powers are always active and he can still give some to others. His breath weapon cooldown changes to 1d4 turns.

    Playing a Dracomelder:
    Dracomelders are an extremist group. They think that if they hide their true powers until the time is right they will be rewarded. They like to remain in the shadows until their time is right to unleash their powers. Since they are spellcasters, they like to associate with other sorcerers to an extent. Each Dracomelder has a life goal, mostly involved with dragons in one way or another. The main goal of all is to seek enlightenment as a draconic being.

    All Dracomelders worship a draconic god for their powers of shapeshifting and magic, which the deities gladly give. They praise their god after each battle and before challenges.

    Other classes:
    Dracomelders tend to get along with many classes. They like rouges because of their share of secrecy, sorcerers for magic, and other draconic classes for love of dragons.

    A Dracomelder rarely takes a class other than those above, and even then it's not that often.

    A Dracomelder gains most information from the Order of Dracomancy, which is the high power all Dracomelders answer to. They pass this info along and often get some other info from paid rouges.

    -I don't get him. He sits and studies those ancient draconian books and doesn't do anything else in his free time. I wonder what this passion about dragons is really all about...
    Party Wizard talking about Dargoth, whom is secretive at the time.

    Daily life:
    Dracomelders tend to be like there chosen dragon in deed. Although secretive, they still fight for the good of the world if metallic, but attempt to hide their deeds from others. Evil Dracomelders tend to kill in the night or secretly plot against kingdoms. All of them share a love of gold, and when their powers are unleashed they will tend to behave like a dragon in the matter.

    Not many Dracomelders are notable due to their secrecy. Dargoth,however, is an exeption. one of the two leaders of the Order, he has even surpassed enlightenment and became a true dragon. He helped foil Timat many a time and eventually was raised by Brahumat and became immortal. The other end of the spectrum, Timat's champion, is still very secretive.

    NPC reaction:
    Most NPCs will regard them as nothing but a rouge, while others will see through it and see a Dracomelder. Those that do probably have some sort of knowledge of them and will respect or shun them due to alignment.

    What do you think so far?
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    Default Re: (3.5) The Dracomelder Base/PEACH

    Not bad, although you may want to clarify just what's going on with the Stolen Power abilities, and either take off the Upgraded Soul Magi off the table or explain what it means.

    Some additional concerns:

    - Has BAB equal to HD, but also gets sorcerer spellcasting, and other awesome abilities to boot, not to mention two good saves
    -Might want to clarify what's going on in general

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