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Thread: New Item

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    Default New Item

    Judgemental Skull (minor/moderate/major)

    Some people are so great or determined that, even centuries after they die, their skeleton retains some of their spirit. While not actually a soul, the remains retain some of the personality of the former person. This personality can sense actions, despite only having a level of intelligence compared to animals.

    When touched, the personality binds itself to the character. (This binding lasts no more than a week.) During this one week period, if the character does an action of which the person would have approved, he gains (10/100/1,000) XP. If he does an action of which the personality strongly disapproves, he loses (20/200/2,000) XP. No given skull can grant or take away more than (100/1,000/10,000) XP.

    So, whatcha think? The approve/disapprove thing could be based entirely on alignment or it could fit the personality, depending on how fresh the personality is. One could even use the rules for intelligent items.
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    Default Re: New Item

    It is like role-playing xp.

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    Default Re: New Item

    Quote Originally Posted by jebob View Post
    Not to be judgmental, but "Judgmental" only has 1 E. I wouldn't normally nitpick, but it's the name of the item. Just sayin'.

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