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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Coming soon to The Town...

    Malachi Destiny
    34 year-old Hobgoblin warrior-priest of Wee-Jas

    Marked by his goddess for a life of service moments after his birth, there's never really been any question about what Malachi would do with his life. His early life on the Material sub-plane of Achejas (which is inhabited in equal amounts by the Kriem (Hobgoblins of Wee-Jas) and the Vaunon (Orcs in the service of Nerull), who are locked in an eternal conflict of religion) was spent with monks of his order, learning to harness magical energies. More of his time, however, was spent learning the ways of the warrior, for in her wisdom Wee-Jas had seen that this conflict begun in magic could only be undone by the sword. Nerull had his own plans, however, and one day opened a gate straight from Achejas to the Abyss. Foul demons made their way into the world, and gradually, the Kriem were overrun. On the eve of Malachi's thirty-second birthday, a Balor of great power found Malachi and the last thirty of his race. They fought for hours, but one by one the hobgoblins fell to the beast's demonic wrath. At the end of the first full day of combat Malachi, himself badly wounded, thrust his sword, Angwardem, through the great beast's neck. They both fell, one dead, the other might as well have been so. As the balor's demonic minions rushed to avenge their master, Wee-Jas stole her choses from the her own clutches, and deposited him in the midst of a world where he would be safe, for the moment...
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: meek MAGNIFICENT
    Highly chaotic, meek varies just about everything about himself [he is female about 10% of the time], using both shape change and illusion spells with abandon.
    All details below are variable. They largely just describe what he looks like or says more often than any alternative.

    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Wizard?/Alienist? of uncertain level. He has shown a vague tendency to somewhat match the ability of whomever he is dealing with, when not completely outclassed or outclassing the other.
    Age: 22?
    Height: 5'8"?
    Weight: 160?
    Physical Description: Frequently a copy of the viewer. Often a bizzard mixture of highly contrasting styles, as half nobility and half beggar.
    Hair: Black?
    Eye: Blue?
    Personality: Dramatically varying. He has been known to brag of being an epic mage and confess to being a mere apprentice in the same breath. He displays a variety of emotions in rapid succession. Most deem him strongly Chaotic Good.

    Possessions: Uncertain. He seems to have a substantial amount of magic items, and is known to both make and sell magic. About the only certain possession is a Hat of Disguise, which he uses on a constant basis, rarely maintainig the same image for more than a minute.

    History: meek has denounced as drunken lies each of the dozen variations of his history he has told. The most common variation is that he was the product of a very bitter divorce where both parents used him as a weapon against the other, while hating him as well for being the child of the hated other. This erratic pattern of overwhelming love mixed with violent abuse quite fractured his view of the world and he simply does not know how to respond to anything.
    He was apprenticed to a mage and showed talent, eventually attaining good ability while adventuring. However, one of those adventurers involved rescuing an alienist of considerable ability from the consequences of being of that class. Despite/because of the object lesson that this sort of research was dangerous, and not suitable for those of unstable mental condition, meek devoted himself to that field with considerable success until an experiment went wrong and he ended up here.

    Common Knowledge: "meek is one of those crazy mages that appear from time to time. Seems a fairly nice fellow for a nut case, but even a sane mage can be dangerous to deal with."
    "Deep secrets? Well, those who ought to know don't act like there are any."
    "What does he do? He works at making and selling magic. Right now he is employed as help by several of the town mages, but I hear tell he is going to open a store soon. As weird as meek is, it ought to be worth visiting just for the gawk."

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Delaney Gale, 13th Gale of the City of Storms
    Neutral evil

    As you come into the library, you spot a young man in well-tailored clothing. He wears a waistcoat in green-tinged navy with elaborate embroidered panels of gold-threaded lightning down the front and on the edges of the slit sleeves, tight breeches, and knee-high boots with images of peregrines imprinted on the cuffs. His hair, a clean light shade of blond, is neatly pulled into a ponytail at the nape of his neck. He meets your gaze, an expression of mild amusement on his face, the thirteen-pointed stars in his irises almost twinkling ice blue. “It’s rude to stare,” he remarks, closing the leather-bound spellbook in his hands with a heavy sound.


    [Stats and Description]
    Tall and overly thin, Delaney suits the cliché of the powerful mind in the fragile body quite well. Although he is well past his teenage years at 26, his body never quite filled out, which he blames on the magic that kept him female for years. Physically, he prides himself on his hands, long, dexterous, and elegant, and on his hair. It is long and sleek, a bright blond color, and mostly pulled back into a ponytail. His eyes are also one of his favorite features- they are a clear, icy blue, and fletched with wispy blond lashes.

    If he expects trouble, which he often does due to his paranoia, or perhaps just rain, he wears a long black robe (robe of the evil archmagi). However, most of the time he wears the livery of the City of Storms- a navy waistcoat with a symbol of rank embroidered on the chest. As he is of high rank in the city, his embroideries are extremely complex, and took a skilled seamstress weeks to complete. If one knew how to read them, they would see the bolts around the cuffs as distinguishing a member of the noble class, the complex chain of lightning bolts down the front panels as distinguishing one of the three rulers, and the thirteen gusting swirls down the right sleeve as the thirteenth Gale. He also wears boots of speed at all times, and definitely has some unpleasant surprises hidden in the bag of holding he has concealed beneath the waistcoat.

    Personality-wise, Delaney is a self-serving sort of evil. He has an eternal air of quiet arrogance, yet manages to pull off some level of charm and wit. He gets very paranoid very quickly, and always keeps some amount of distrust in reserve. When he does trust someone, he gets increasingly confused- he can count the number of people he’s afforded complete trust on one hand. The only thing that confuses him even more is matters of romance- he spent the first sixteen years of his life female and sheltered, and even now is still uncertain and uncomfortable in his body. His wilder abilities first perceptively manifested as the result of a situation of that sort, although they’d been an active part of him for years in what his friends called “Delaney’s Magic Headache”- he has a permanent, weak detect magic ability that manifests in the form of a splitting headache. He can’t tell direction, but he can tell a particular object is magical if he’s touching it.

    The largest and most important city on the Windward Coast is the City of Storms. A massive citadel built over a wellspring of magic, it has relied since its conception on its three founders- the Rain, the Fury, and the Gale.

    The magic that lies beneath the city changed the original three, turning them into time-looped beings. Whenever one dies, they are reincarnated in the temple they built beneath the city. The infant that appears is cared for and raised into the position by the other two. Over the millennium the City of Storms has been in existence, there have been thirty-seven Furies, twelve Rains, and thirteen Gales.

    The most recent Gale, Delaney, was a shock to the system. After all, the first twelve Gales were women. Terrified of change, they magically altered the infant boy into the girl he should have been. They didn’t expect her to grow up to be both paranoid and intelligent- the Gale had previously been a sorceress, so her talents in wizarding were unprecedented. Delaney realized something was wrong and discovered the secret they’d been hiding from her, and like any teenage girl with magical powers would, dispelled the magic on her, tried to raze the central tower of the city to the ground, then teleported away.

    The trick was that he was too weak to handle the magic from the scrolls he used to accomplish this, and collapsed upon arrival. He was found and further trained by the Archmage Cesario Blackadder. However, when Delaney found an old journal and determined that it was Cesario’s magical experiments on the behalf of a cult of Tiamat that reincarnated him rather than a female Gale, he killed him in a rage, took his things, and ran.

    He spent his time traveling throughout the Windward Coasts, mostly in hiding from the Rain and the Fury. After a few years, he ended up across the sea, where he was contracted to do some magical work by two Halfling rogues. Through them, he met a group of adventurers, with whom he had many adventures, battling the cult of Tiamat that seemed to haunt them all. In fact, Delaney even began to trust some of them- particularly an elan telepath who saved him from near-certain death when he began manifesting his wilder abilities.

    Their adventures at an end, all of them dispersed to pursue their own goals. The cleric became as High Priest of a secret temple in the desert. The rogue/swashbuckler took over the dueling school she’d trained at as a child and took her place in the noble class of the City of Storms. Delaney? Well, he had larger goals.

    Plane-shifting to the Town, he set up an entrance to a demi-plane, and settled down to study and work towards two goals- keeping his memories and powers even through reincarnation, and taking over the City of Storms.

    He spends much of his time on the demi-plane, which to most appears as a well-furnished apartment. He has a personal library and laboratory, as well as a sitting room, a bedroom, and a private bath. However, he ventures out into the town frequently, whether it’s to buy food or peruse books at the libraries.

    [Common Knowledge]
    He tends to keep to himself.
    He uses magic extensively, but some of the stuff he does sure isn’t magical.
    He’s a planar traveler.
    He’s a bit too fond of disintegrate spells.
    He gets regular and splitting headaches, normally when around powerful magical effects.


    [Ongoing Storyline]
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Kaius
    Race: Human
    Age: 29
    Height: 5,8
    Weight: 120 k
    Hair: Black and Spikey
    Eye colour: Very dark Brown
    Weapons: Laser gun (type unknown)
    Clothing: Dark cloak, Dark trousers...
    Speaks: Like this


    Kaius was part of the SOL regiment in a top-secret tribe. His job: To hunt down all threats that oppose it.

    After a while, a captured alien escaped and went after Kaius's family. It showed no mercy and they were all killed. The aftermath resulted in nightmares and unatural events that took place around him.

    Deciding to leave his job, he found work that offered very little. This was until the sighting of his killer was seen. Ever since he has been chasing it.

    This was when he ended in "the town"

    [Common Knowledge]
    His second job was a Blacksmith

    Was trained with lasers all his life

    Knows little magic but Specialises in fire.

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Gaith
    Race: Human/Wolf
    Age: 33
    Height: 5,5
    Weight: 120 k
    Hair: shoulder length black
    Eye colour: Dark red (they look brown)
    Weapons: Xile Sword
    Clothing: Black
    Speaks: Like this

    Backstory: Leader of the infamous SOL tribe, he has been forced to abandon his project on a top secret mission. He is needed to assist his fellow tribe member Kaius in the town

    He is the most powerful of the SOL tribe and can cast powerful magic.

    Name: Rozar
    Race: Beast
    Age: ???
    Height: 4,9
    Weight: 200k
    Hair: Long white
    Eye colour: Blue
    Weapons: Hybrid Staff
    Clothing: Red
    Speaks: Like this

    Rozar is the beast Kaius has been chasing for the last few months. He looks like a human though is very small and very powerful.

    Name: Mandro
    Race: Death Knight
    Age: 16
    Height: 5,1
    Weight: 110 k
    Hair: flat blond
    Eye colour: Blue
    Weapons: Death Scythe
    Clothing: Dark skull armour
    Speaks: Like this


    Brought up in a family of death knights, Mandro as only ever known to kill. It's natural to him. However, when he was 11, he ran away from home and was found by SOL where he was recruited and trained. Under orders from a new leader, he has been sent to eliminate Gaith.

    Name: L.U.N.A
    Race: Human/wolf
    Age: 40
    Height: 5,1
    Weight: 110 k
    Hair: long white with black bits sticking out the top
    Eye colour: green
    Weapons: LUNA
    Clothing: Dark black cloak
    Speaks: Like this

    Married to S.O.L, L.U.N.A is the leader of the infamous LUNA academy. Under his command are three speakers: Rozar, Lex and Yiatsum.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Biedrick
    Race: Ghost
    Age: 1052
    Height: 7 ft
    Weight: 247 lbs
    Hair: white
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Personality: Greedy for money and power. Very serious. Somewhat selfish. Becomes paranoid when demons are mentioned
    Weapons: Ghostly Rifle


    Biedrick was the victim of a murder long ago. He made a deal with a demon that would let him come back as a ghost and avenge his murder. In exchange he would give his sould to the demon once he got his revenge. Biedrick got his revenge, but he had no intention of keeping his part of the deal. He hid from the demon, and waited with hope that some day it would die. After 500 years a bunch of demon slayers killed the demon, and Biedrick was free. He decided to settle down in "the town" and hoped to find a life.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    General Aierereteyet Serperetteit

    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Soldier, 15, Elite Marksman, 35
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 34
    WEAPON: Modified Sniper Rifle, Red Lightsaber, Modified Heavy Blaster
    ALIGNMENT AND TEMPERMENT: Lawful Evil, A high officer in the Galactic Empire army, Aier, as he is commonly called, is known to be, while very patient, is also cold, relentless, dedicated, and lethally efficient.
    The son of the 9th best Sniper and Marksman in the entire galaxy, Aier is a natural born sniper and marksmen. He joined the Empirial army at 18. His superiors noted his incredible accuracy, and deadly efficiency, and he rose quickly in rank, respected amongst even the common soldier. He will always be found at the very rear of the battle, headshotting enemies from distances even an assassin droid would find hard to see. He is also noted for his unusual talent with a vibrosword, and actually managed to defeat a rogue sith in 1v1 combat, him with a lightsaber, Aier with a vibroblade. Even though he cannot feel the force, he defeated the sith, and has been using the lightsaber ever since. He is now an Admiral in the Imperial Navy, and has his own fleet of star destroyers. He prefers to be called general due to his brilliant field tactics and willingness to engage in battle. He is now the 32nd best sniper and marksman in the entire galaxy.
    MAIN QUEST: Successfully conduct new conquering experiment, one with absolutely minimal casualties. (A friend bet him 1,000,000 creds to do it.)
    His brother might be in the town somewhere...
    Is followed by a Blue-Speaking Veteran Stormtrooper

    NAME: LE337 (or Stormtrooper)
    RACE: Human
    CLASS: Soldier, 19
    GENDER: Unknown
    AGE: 32
    WEAPON: Standard issue Blaster Rifle and Blaster Pistol
    Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Neutral, LE337 is a very loyal and dependable soldier. He is known to, for a stormtrooper, to have a big view on induvidualism, in spite of his obvious comformitism to General Aierereyet.

    NAME: Vader Emperean, AKA Darth Sirendeous, AKA The Emperor
    RACE: Apotheosized Human
    CLASS: Jedi Consular: 15, Force Immortal: 485
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 29
    WEAPON: Silver Lightsaber
    ALIGNMENT AND TEMPERMENT: Chaotic Evil. Very sarcastic, annoying, and just plain insane.
    BACKGROUND: First apprenticed by Gray Jedi Pik-pik, Emperean became a very powerful and efficient jedi, but all too quick to sieze oppurtunity. Pik taught Emperean force abilities even he didnt know existed, so from Emperean's knowledge of the force, combined with pik's, Emperean has achieved Apotheosis, and his powers are divine. He has done things some would consider unimaginable. He has destroyed two planets with his bare hands, and destroyed the sun of another. And, even as a demonstration of his immortality, took a direct hit from all 3 of the superlasers of his ship, the Ultra Star Destroyer, the Annihilator Warblade.
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    tongue Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Zebedee
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 185 lb.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Weapon: A tekkan with a blade guard that spins when its user is excited, almost like a horizontal pinwheel. Can channel the generated wind to the tip and throw the balls of air.
    Clothes: Black kimono and hakama, with orange epaulets of silk on his shoulders.

    History: Not much is known of how he came to the town. It is known that he is fairly untrained with his weapon, but has a high ammount of instinctive skill. He generally does not speak of his past, but this is merely feigning a dark history. In all reality, he has led a fairly painless and peaceful existance.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Curly
    Race: Unknown, probably human, maybe humaniod.
    Age: Teenager
    Physical appearance: Eyes; blue-green, hair; length varies, colour; normally brown, may have blue/purple streaks in it. Height; fairly tall, about 5'5"; weight-slim. Most noticeable feature-small mole near nose. Earrings: many and varied. Clothing: tends to wear blue/purple
    Personality: Varies. Normally happy, can go into horrific rages which give her a bonus when fighting, if she has a rage. Isn't often sad/depressed. Can have manic moods.
    Weapons: trusty breadknife, 5" long. One double-edged sword of some sort. Dagger; gun; longsword.
    Magic/special skills: Dances. When she dances people dance with her until they collapse from exhaustion. Takes a high Will save to beat, this depends on type of dance/time of day. She can learn a dance from one viewing/instinctively know most dances. Generic magic. Pretty good at most common magic.
    Dance: If she so wishes she can chance the dance "magic" to one that can implant ideas in anyones mind. This belief becomes stronger each time Curly dances in front of said person, no matter if the dance style changes. It is possible to implant several beliefs at once or separately too. If someone does beat the magic it'll still be in their mind but will not be impelled to do anthing. Think normal subliminal messaging.

    Has a familiar called Smudge. Skills unknown at present.

    Backstory: Woke up one day a year ago with a tag attched to her clothes. It said her name. She also had a cat in a basket and her weapons with a few clothes in her backpack.
    She had no memories which is why most of her information is vague. She's an extremely good dancer and loves to read. For these reaon she thinks her parents might have been a Professional Dancer and a Librarian/Writer. Curly has no desire to find her true parents 'cos she doesn't really care.
    She found her way into Vespes' somehow and was accepted for no apparrent reason. Curly also has no idea where her weapons and magic proficiency came from either. She's considering apprenticing to something or other.
    She likes her weapons, dancing, reading and her familiar. Smudge is basically an NPC, but she can act independently from Curly.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    K.K Slayer - Undead Slayer

    Name: K.K Slayer
    Class: Assasin 25 / Paladin 25
    Rase: Human (male)
    Aligment: Lawfull
    Str.: 21 Dex.: 23 Con.: 18 Int.: 12 Wis.: 15 Cha.: 17

    Important: plot character (link to plot thread). Please consult me before trying to kill him
    speaks in Dark Slate Blue

    The Slayer dresses in white clerical robe embroided with holy symbols, now dusty from long travels a black overcoat and brown ironclad boots. He usually wears a wide brimmed the shadow of which covers most of his face.
    He is most likely to carry some kind of armour underneath the robe. Hopefully his dress also includes pants…

    Special abilities
    Turns undead as lvl 25 cleric
    99 % resistance to sleep and charm magic / psionic effects / other causes (sleep gas, drugs, hypnosis)
    50 % resistance to illusions and mind altering or controlling (psionics, esp, other spells, mechanical devices, hallucinogens
    immunity to curses and diseases (including, but not limited to lycanthropy, ghoul and ghast paralysis and mummy rot)
    Spells from the clerical spheres of war, guardian, protection, wards, divination, time, sun, fire and divination

    No spells from the clerical spheres of healing and necromancy
    No lay on hands
    No cure disease on others


    Reaper repeating crossbow that shoots oaken stakes:
    4 attacks / round, Dmg 2d4 + blessed bolt dmg (undead and fiends only) 2d6
    Bastard sword Holy Avenger +5:
    2 attacks / round, dmg 1d8 +17
    “Killer of Innumerable Spawn of Satan”, a stiletto +5,
    2 attacks / round, dmg 2d10 poison dmg, 3d4 cold dmg.

    Current story:
    Leads the vampire hunt

    Sergeant of the Holy Order

    Class: Paladin 12
    Rase: Human (male)
    Aligment: Lawfull Good

    Siege the paladin
    Name: Siege
    Class: Paladin 14
    Rase: Vampire (human male)
    Aligment: LG
    Str.: 20 Dex.: 12 Con.: 12 Int.: 15 Wis.: 18 Cha.: 17
    Siege speaks in black bold with a voice as comforting as siting outside in winter in the rain is after half an hour.

    He has no religion, but believes and fights for some abstract concept of good.
    He is truly unhappy with being a vampire, needing half a liter of blood at least once a day just to survive, and have long had a wish to truly die. But he can't die until he at least reaches lvl 15, something he is starting to come to terms with. Until lvl 15, no matter how severe his wounds were, or if he has a boddy left at all, he will regenerate to life in less than 24 hours. After such a regenerations he needs at least 10 liters of blood to function normally.
    If he goes without blood for more than 48 hours, he loose control of himself, and will attack and slay any humanoid creature in sight.

    Special abilities:
    Reduced sun damage (he feels the pain, but regenerate fast enough to not show any damage of note)
    Improved lay on hands, with the effect equal to divine spell healing
    True sight (as the spell)
    Gazeous form
    Fear and disease immunity
    Detect alignment
    Can cast non-offensive divine spells as cleric of equal levele
    Eldrich spells, mostly resembling offencive alteration spells and warlock abilities

    Weapons and armour:
    The 2-handed sword "Evilslayer" an artifact that slays dragons, fiends and undead of evil alignment on hit if they fail saving throw and that ressurects dead on will.
    Folding dagger Never got it back
    Damaged half plate space marines powerarmour with a big bloody hole over the heart.
    Mastercrafted storm bolter
    A boss recorder with microphone. It is in a bad shape, but stil functions.

    Returned to town after realising he can't escape away from any setled area in less than 48 hours, and thereby can't leave town

    Adan da' Nouta is currently dead, and his corpse is posessed by a shadow-gelugon, a kind of greater baatazu adapted to the demiplane of shadow. The monster is called Bob and is a NPC
    Plot: as long as the monster posesses Adan, he can't be raised. If the monster gets banished, Adan will be lost forever, so I will let most banishment attempts fail (sorry for the inconvinience)
    Funny little thing. Adan's equipment still lies in the tavern.

    Name: Adan da' Nouta, aka The Wanderer
    Class: Shadow Mage 10 / Bard 11
    Rase: Human / Drow male
    Str.: 7 Dex.: 17 Con.: 7 Int.: 19 Wis.: 15 Cha.: 15

    Adan da' Nouta is the dark bard of Nifelheim, a wanderer, stringbender and poet. He has some command over the shadier aspect of the magical arts.
    His hair is long and dark, and he wears a mustache and a goate that makes many think that he is the other twin of someone. He might be wearing anything, but he alwats have a dusty old runeinskribed cloak, that sometime long ago was white, and a black "Viola da Mano" decorated with a single red star and a wooden rapier.

    Magical Items of note
    Cloak of impoved protection, giving a ST-bonus to spells, spell like effect and breat weapon as if it was a stoen wall
    Neclase of perseption, allows the vearer to see invisible, ethereal, astral, shadow and extraplanar creatures
    Wooden Rapier, unknown properties

    Preffered Spell Schools

    Common Knowledge
    Adan da' Nouta is a quite acomplished bard whos strength is in playing the viola da mano (a renaisance guitar) and heartfelt poetry.
    If it wasn't for Adans fear of large crowds, he could make a great carrier as a bard. Sadly, he is very afraid of large crowds, large open spaces inside or surrounded by buildings and spiders.
    He is uncomfortable around drow and sun -elves, and anything with wings.
    He has a patronizing attidute to the smaller races like halflings, leprechauns and dwarfes, but excluding gnomes, and a fondess for dark beer and ale.

    No one knows how old Adan da'Nouta is, but he tend to be living in the past, more precisely 2nd edition.
    Adan da' NOuta might be found in Trog's Tavern most of the time
    He speaks in navy blue
    He cast spells in dark state blue

    Ongoing Storyline
    Adan da' Nouta has just arrived to The Town, and is looking to make a living either by his arts or with shady magical deals.
    His Viola da Mano was burned down as a consequence of other PCs show of power in Trog's Tavern
    He is looking for The Green Shortsword and has promised a revard of 25.000 Gp to anyone who can tell the location of this item.
    Adan da' Nouta is currently dead. More updates to follow

    Name: Fred
    Class: Fighter 25 / Cleric 10 / Wizard 15
    Rase: greater shadow fiend
    Aligment: Lawfull Evil
    Speaks in: dark orchid

    D&D stats:
    HD: 350 AC: +35 At/r: 3+magic To hit: + 25
    Immunity: mind altering spells and all psionics, fire, cold, acid, poison, illusions below 4th level D&D, all shadow magic / demishadow magic, arcane banishment spells and banishment spells from non-good deities
    Vulnerabilities: priest spells of the healing, guardian and protection spheres, lightbased spells and spells calling on the powers of any good deities, bless-spells by good clerics will hold them away, but protection spells will not.


    Whip of bureocratic slavery: 5d6 dmg + st against "fill out a form before attacking" curse
    Death Field 1d4/level (15d4) to each living and breathing creature (undead are immune except for vampires that take 1d4 damage
    Shadowbolt: 2 bolts twisted into 1:
    Summon shadow: 10d6 shadows are summoned
    Call shadow-gelugeon 1d4+level (10-14) shadow-gelugeons are summoned.
    True sight, detect magic and detect invisibillity allways active
    Demishadow magic at will (simulates any spell below 5th level with 60% illusionary and 40% real damage)
    Shadow blade, a blade that coexsists at the same time on the Negative Energy Plane, The Demishadow Plane and THe Prime Material. The blade is a +5 weapon that can pass through any enchantment or protection not warded agaisnt these planes as if the protection wasn't there, negating any positive energy and light magic it encounters (light magic also counters the blade, depending on the strength of it)

    Fred is the field general of Philimagicus in the lands surrounding the town.
    He has about 30 shadow-gelugeons (including Ted and Bob) under his command in addition to a host of shades and some wraiths, all monsters with ties to both the demiplane of shadow and the plane of negative energy.

    Seeks the green shortsword
    Allied with AMEN

    Assassin for Hire
    Name.: Kelanar, aka Assasin for Hire
    Class: Assassin 12 / Illusionist 7
    Rase: Human male
    Aligment: true neutral
    Str.: 15 Dex.: 21 Con.: 12 Int.: 15 Wis.: 15 Cha.: 18
    Kelanar speaks in sea green
    To commision an assasination by Kelanar, you need to PM me. I will then PM the player owning the PC or the NPC and check with him if this is ok, and how we will in that case do it. If the player refuses, then Kelanar will not accept the job (this is the only way to do this fair and without godmodding).

    Kelanar believes in working for both sides regularily. He doesn't care what cause he fights for, be it the conquest and looting of a peasefull town or the downbringing of an evil tyrant. He is honorable, using no deceitfull tactics as far as possible, and allways holding his word. But he would not flinch an eye if he was ordered to burn a baby to death as long as he got paid enough.
    Kelnar fights with an everchanging large arsenal of weapons, and is proficient with most weapons available. He is good at stealth, sneak attacks and lockbreaking.
    He currently wears a black studded leather armour fused with a dark robe. He has readied the following weapons:
    2 shortswords
    Hand crossbow (cold, fire and acid arrows)
    Horsemans pick

    Works curently for The Holy Order.

    Inhabitants of the shadow keep:

    Ghadan, a lvl 15 Shadow mage, chief of magical item aquisation. He leads the buyers of magic on the Shadow Keeps ground floor. He speaks in dim gray

    Nulran, a half fiend half shadowar lvl 7 barbarian is the chief of the dungeon and responsible for long time visitors there. He fights with a large flail and a mace. He usually don't speak, but if he does, he speaks in dark red

    Ted, the demonic presence
    A insubstantial demon, the twise removed cousin of Bob the shadow-gelugeon/glabrezu

    Bob, the shadow-gelugeon/glabrezu is a shadowmagic-infused bastard ofspring of a gelugeon and a glabrezu. He has resently possessed the corpse of Adan da' Nouta and is now hiding in a unspecified location after being defeated by the succubus/eyrines Ehlana.
    He is protected by spells to insure unfailable loyality to the shadow king Philimagus. His full name Rhcczyn'nuugzmm Bobyuuaozaoanfol, but most call med simply Bob

    Monster description for the shadow gelugons Ted and Bob:
    You can figth them as either greater demons of Slaanesh if your PC is SF/Warhammer (tell about it when you engage, so I find the apropriate rules), or as D&D creatures with 220 HP, Attack +23 (Thac0 -3) AC +18 (AC -8) elemental invulnerabillity, regeneration,
    All my demonic creatures from the demiplane of shadow speak in magenta

    Some storyline info:

    The Green Shortsword

    The Green Shortsword is a beautifully handcrafted stone item resembling a shortsword made of green stone. It is highly magical, being linked both to the demiplane of shadow and to something equaling to a plane of positive energy.
    It can be used as a one way gate from the demiplane of shadow to the prime material, but for this use it has to be powered by at least 10 arcane levels, drained from a spelluser with some ties to either the negative energy plane (like a necromanser) or demiplane of shadow (like shadow mage)

    Adan da' Nouta searched for it because part of his life energy was trapped through it in the negative energy plane.
    He has hired criers in various parts of town to announce revard for any information on the sword. He was also trying to get in contact with the thieves guild to see if they had any information on it.

    Philimagicus needs it to gate his whole army to the primer material plane from the demiplane of shadow, and has assignet the task of finding it to Fred.
    He has proposed the AMEN to search for it in exchange for support in battles.

    Kelanar, aka Assasin for Hire is searching for it for an unkown master that claims to have been the original owner of the item.
    (more info to follow)

    Philimagicus, prince of insuficient light, Freds overlord
    Philimagicus, prince of insuficient light, ruler of heck, the shadow king is maybee the most powerfull being on the demiplane of shadow.
    LE, lesser god, domains: shadow, fear, death, minor sins

    He will not leave the demiplane of shadow, and can only be found there. He has a bodyguard of 50 shadow-gelugons.
    Philimagus was originally a human named Phil (his brother is Mr. Pointyhaired boss in dilbert) that aquired magical powers to compensate for a total lack of compassion. Having self-issues, he renamed himself to Philimagicus to better represent his new powers.
    When he became ruler of heck, he took the spoon as a symbol for unknown reasons.
    His real apperance is that of an old and grumpy imp with the face of a 125 or old Hitler (if he had lived so long), but he disquise himself as a powerfull and well built human male (think conan).

    Something some players should think of (I won't name anyone, but you will know who you are when you encounter my characters, as you will be inflicting much less wounds on them than other, weaker characters)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vael View Post
    Godmodding: What it is and How to Avoid it:
    However, just as bad as taking control of someone else's character is making your own never get affected by them. As Regiji says: "The counter part to an irresistable force is an immovable object." Therefore, you should let people at least achieve SOMETHING when they attempt to affect you. You don't have to all the time, but if your character is continually "immovable" you will be godmodding, and people will be extremely likely to ignore you. So don't just "I dodge" everything, okay? Let people do something to you if they try.
    Also note that there is another form of godmodding similar to the above, which will be known as ‘passive godmodding’ (kudos to Iames for the name). Passive godmodding is when a player ignores an entirely legitimate post for little to no reason. If you miss reading a post, that is one thing, but to ignore a post intentionally is very bad form. You are allowed to react to someone’s post in nearly any way you want, but ignoring it really should not be done unless they are godmodding or adversely affecting an ongoing plot without permission.
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    Default The Cats

    [Stats and Description]
    Rawr The Kitty
    A small, white, soft furred kitten with no distinguishing marks. Her fur is completely pure white and her eyes are a scinitillating blue. Anyone who has ever looked into her eyes will remember them for the rest of their lives. There's just something about them...

    I won't post any actual stats, since I'm not really all that familiar with pen and paper RP, but sufficient to say, Rawr can hold her own in most any battle.

    Rawr The Kitty has been a kitten for more than thirty years. What caused her to stop aging is a mystery to all but herself, and she'll never tell. Born an ordinary cat, Rawr was the subject of many (sometimes cruel) magical experiments, performed upon her by a certain evil lich. These experments caused her to gain some very interesting powers. She has since escaped the clutches of her captor, and has travelled to the Town to start life anew.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Not much is known of Rawr, especially since she has a lot of trouble communicating. (what with her inability to speak, and her telepathy only reaching other felines (or beings of immense power, but that would be eavsdropping) What is well known about her is her habit of being somewhat self indulgent, and her love of fish and milk. (for which she is on a neverending quest)

    Rawr has an affinity with the element of air but has some minor control over the other three main elements, and can summon and control any feline (from housecat to sabertoothed tiger. Catgods and the like not included) She can also perform a special "pain swipe" by channellig much of her power into the claws of one paw. This swipe causes the victim to register intense, blinding pain in every nerve of his or her body for a short time.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Rawr is a new arrival in the Town (along with her three companions, who will each be revealed in time) and is just trying to settle in, though all this fighting in the streets may be cause for annoyance, in which case Abandon hope, all ye who bother this kitty.

    [Stats and Description]
    Nick'n'Dime The Cat

    Nick'nDime (Nick or Endee for short) is a grey furred, green eyed rather nondescript cat. Were it not for his obvious intellect and eccentricities, he would be easily confused for a random stray.

    I won't post any actual stats, since, again, I'm not really all that familiar with pen and paper RP.

    Nick'n'Dime has been smarter than other cats since before he could remember. He spent most of his days living in backalleys and feeding off of the garbage in big cities. Though how he gained his powers and itellect is a mystery even to him, he assumes there were some mystcal powers at work. Maybe. or it could be celestial. Whichever, Nick'n'Dime soon met another cat with similar (tough not the same) special abilities. They soon grew close, and have travelled together ever since, soon meeting up with two other similarly blessed cats. Eventually, they made their way to the Town.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Nick'n'Dime is a very eccentric cat, and will often display very odd behaviour. He is also very nervous and easily startled. Easily the most picky about his food out of the four cats.

    Nick has an affinity with the element of water but has some minor control over the other three main elements, and can temporarily clone himself a nigh unlimited number of times. These clones are exact copies in that they can perform all the magic and abilities of the original but are somewhat weaker and easily killed. All clones are controlled directly by nick, who can maintain control no matter the distance between himself and the clones. He also has the pain swipe ability.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    As of now, pretty much the exact same story as Rawr, with one exception. Should something annoy Nick, he would most likely just run instead of making the annoyance rue the day it was born.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    [Stats and Description]
    A human with blue eyes and brown hair. He wears a space-flight suit, and has a scar under his left eye and a mole under his right eye.

    Moose was a rookie fighter-pilot for the Alliance back during the war between the Alliance and the Coalition, in the hundred-year war between the two sides. He served in the Alliance military for three years, racking up multiple kills over the course of his career. During his first mission, he shot 20 enemy fighters down. During his second, he shot 50 down, plus a pair of troop carriers and a gunship. The destruction of so many enemy fighters and a capital ship during his first two missions drew the attention of Alliance Command. As a result, he became the leader of his own squadron, the Red Pumas, a sort of special-ops aviation unit. During his first mission as squadron leader, his entire squadron was sent in to deal with a Coalition strike force that was about to destroy the main Alliance base in the sector. The whole thing was a trap, and the entire squadron was shot down and killed with the exception of Moose. Moose jumped to a random star system, to avoid his own death. Moose is considered MIA and presumed dead by the Alliance military.

    The random jump led him to the Town. He decided to land his fighter, an A-407 Coyote, in the woods.

    Seeing as how the current political landscape is a bit unstable, he is hoping to find employment as a mercenary fighter-pilot.
    [Common Knowledge]
    He wears nothing but his flight suit, so people can assume he's a fighter-pilot.

    He appears to be no older than 17.

    Real name is Lucas Rock.

    He's a fighter-pilot ace, 12 times over.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    He's currently trying to find out exactly what this place is, and what the current situation is. He's also trying to find work.

    Town Character Nukular, now retired as my avatar.

    Character List

    SPARTAN 587
    Lucas 'Moose' RockNukular
    Lucas's dad, Peter
    Gen the Jackal
    Yigyar the GruntJimmy
    Donovan the Mutant Mindflayer
    Big Paul and Lucas's mother Joanna

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    William Arathor


    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Class: Swashbuckler 20
    Age: 20
    Weapon: 'Ethel' An encahnted rapier that his family kept well hidden.

    Background: Will (William) comes from an extremely rich family. All of his ancestors and relatives studied in the arcane arts however, Will wasn't interested in that. He taught himself how to use a blade and soon became exceptional in that area. His family wasn't impressed though and decided to banish him from their home for not carrying the family tradition. Will took as much money as he could and managed to steal 'Ethel' - an enchanted rapier his father used to keep in a safe along with all his other special items and weapons. He then made his way to the Town to make a living and start a new life.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Maj. "Nutty" Nick Andrews

    Stats and Description:

    Race: Human, Scottish
    Gender: Male
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Age: 31
    Height: 6'5"
    Weight: 140 lbs.
    Occuptaion: Major of the Special Forces of the United States
    Equipment: He is currently carrying a standard army pistol and a saber; also a set of U.S. Special ops Fatigues.
    Alignment and Temperment: Nick is very affectionate and caring despite his career, he loves children and will take any steps necessary and logical to save a friend. Nick is Neutral Good.

    Before you is a tall humanoid holding a pistol steadily in his hand, a shot fires and a man 200 yards away falls into death. This is Nick Andrews, Maj. U.S. Army. He stands tall, 6'5", and is in great shape, whoever you are you wouldn't want to fight him.


    Nick and his family have been military on Earth specialists for years. Nick's father was a military attache to the English embassy in Washington. After having grown up in the U.S. Nick decide to join their army. He managed to achieve a rank of captain before his 23rd birthday and Major a short year later, since the he has been going on missions for the U.S. in Africa. On a certain mission his team encountered a sorcerer. Seeing as there is no magic naturally on Earth they were decimated quickly. The sorcerer didn't kill the men though, he sent them to random planes, Nick's just so happened to be the Town.

    Capt. Rob "Bob" Baker

    Stats and Description
    Race: Human, American
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Black
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 132 lbs.
    Occuptaion: Captain of the Special Forces of the United States, direct subordinate of Maj. Nick Andrews
    Equipment: Currently carrying a standard army pistol and a set of U.S. Special ops Fatigues.
    Alignment and Temperment: Rob is very playful, he's good with kids and a strong tactician. He is Neutral Good
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Bevlam Ciodoril Gadrak

    An aging, once-noble ex-soldier who lost everything to the fires of war.

    [Stats and Description]


    Bevlam is a very tired and weary man, even if he still has some youth to his look. He is fairly tall, at six feet, with red hair and brown eyes. Currently at the age of 36, he is not as strong as he once was - but in exchange, his years have begun to grant him great wisdom.

    "Distinguished" is a good word to describe the looks of Bevlam on a good day, as he has better, more refined looks than most. He usually dresses in fine clothing, if not too extravagant, and knows how to properly compose himself in public. This, no doubt, came with his upbringing into a noble house.

    Often, he appears detached from the world around him, which is not a surprise when considering his past. While normally very calm and collected, his memories of his losses often make him prone to anger, and quick to insult and belittle others when he doesn't want to deal with them.



    Bevlam has seen many deaths in his lifetime. For nearly a decade, he served as a soldier for his kingdom - which was during a period of hundred years of carnage, fought with a neighboring country. Not only did he take the lives of his foes, but he also watched as his comrades fell in battle, at his side. Little did he know, that all this was done in name of a land tainted with corrupt leaders, who were able to swell their ranks with not a just cause, but nothing more than lies and propaganda.

    Bevlam was no mere footsoldier. He was, in fact, trained from the start to be a commander of the legions. But before he was given full command of any army, he was first trained as elite stormtrooper, and was even given special training in magic. His training was incomplete, however, as men were needed on the battlefield, with no delays.

    He successfully completed countless missions, many of which that would have been considered suicide for many others. His accomplishments were well-noted and eventually Bevlam's expertise was given greater application.

    He was made a full commander - a man forced to make decisions on who would live and die in battle. It was something he did with guilt, but something he did efficiently, all the same. While he understood that strategy and tactics must be void of emotion, his compassion for his soldiers led him to prioritize better rates of survival of the troops that served under him.

    Eventually, a dispute over battlefield plans led him to argue with a higher-level officer, as while Bevlam recognized the plans would work, he noted the countless number of casualties that would come with it. He had a different approach to the problem, one which would indeed have caused less death for their allied troops, but it was dismissed without any consideration. Bevlam, infuriated, encouraged his men to disobey the orders, which eventually prompted a brawl between the commanders. Bevlam was later demoted.

    He served far from the front, his assignment being assistance in the defense of a fortress-city. Eventually, there was news of enemy armies routing their allied forces, far from his position. His superior officers denied any request for him to mobilize his troops, even as they approached the capital city - which happened to be his home. The city was eventually sacked, prompting Bevlam to go berserk, reportedly abandoning his position, and attacking those who would prevent him from leaving.

    His estate was burned with the city, along with his family, and his lover. His treasury was looted, and not a single possession of value remained. The only item of which Bevlam still ties him to his heritage is an old sword, engraved with his family crest. He later learned the deceitful nature of the royal house, and how his losses were for a kingdom which did not deserve any sacrifices.

    Thoughts of suicide came to Bevlam, but he could not let him succumb to such a weakness. He eventually decided he would try to rebuild his house, and create a memorial for those who came before him, so that they would continue to be remembered for generations to come. But what would he do? He was very well-learned, but possessed few professional skills. The best thing he could do was fight - and so, he became a sellsword.

    Bevlam, once a man of nobility, was brought to a lowly state which he could normally not bear. But, it seemed inconsequential, after all that happened.

    Now, as a mere vagrant, Bevlam wanders from place to place, accepting more or less any work he finds. His armor and sword easily give him away as a veteran soldier - and anyone who could recognize the solid black fieldplate and his exquisite blade could easily identify where, in fact, he was from. Sometimes, he is cursed for having associated with a kingdom associated with tyrannical rulers who dealt with dark powers. Other times, he is simply noted as someone who endured harsh training, and knows how to fight well. He cares little what others think of him, though - what truly matters to him is restoring his family name. If someone approaches him and doesn't have a job proposal, and he doesn't feel like wasting time, he ignores them.

    [Common Knowledge]

    Bevlam is often seen as a mysterious figure, as little of his past is readily known to most people. He often keeps to himself, but some who have had words with him would say he is a skilled conversationalist, who has many firm beliefs about a wide range of topics. According to some, he apparently has a very deep understanding of morals and ethics.

    He is also known to suffer from migraines.

    [I made a really bad OOTS avatar of him. Wanna see?]

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Helgraf is what he goes by; whether it is a surname or family name or some other such is not known.
    Race: Half-elven by appearance
    Class: Magus. Okay, so many people here are epic level, sure, I'll give this a stab and see what sticks. Wizard 7/Fatespinner 5/Geometer 5/Void Disciple 13 seems a fair approximation, if not perfect. Bah, 30 levels to get the feel of it.
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Temperament: Patient, dry and betimes witty. A bit of a flirt at times with the ladies. Slow to anger, slower yet to rage. Counselor-type.
    Age: Just over 1,700 years. Appearance would suggest late 30s/early 40s equivalent in humans.
    Height: 5" 10"
    Weight: 185 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown faded from red.
    Eye Color: Blue
    Talks: With an accent that is like some bastardized version of scottish, irish and elvish. Will sometimes unconsciously take on the speech patterns of those he is communicating with.

    Long black robes that are actually a sort of dimensional folding, from which he pulls forth things he needs. Most of the time, they feel like regular silk cloth; if touched at the moment he is 'drawing something through', one's limb would sink into the cloth as if it were a black glossy lake - and the limb in question would quickly grow very cold indeed, exposed to the void between dimensions. This has been used as a weapon on very rare occasion, but more frequently a defense, causing attacking weapons to pass through non-space and emerge without actually striking him.

    A white rod, half-high and slightly ornamented at the crown. It bears no apparent powers, and he sometimes leans on it when walking.

    A silvered university sabre of 'proverbial dullness'. An old relic of no magical pedigree but much personal sentimental value.

    Woodworking tools; a full woodworking 'lab' at home, a less-complete version at his shop, Divers Woodworks.

    Ears that slope up close but not quite to points, blue eyes slightly recessed in the face; a fairly plain nose. Moustache, no beard. Fingers are long and nimble; body-frame is, on the whole toward the thin side, though legs are well built; a slight 'beer-tum'. Silvery cords outline the muscle groupings of his body; this can be seen on his face and hands most readily, but should he be divested of his robes or open them up, it would be seen that they run all along his body.

    Much of the wizard's backstory is yet unknown; he speaks little of the days of his youth, but to those he trusts, he makes it known that he has spent the better part of the last seventeen centuries travelling, ever seeking to learn more of magic, its means and variations, its practice and theory, its laws and lawlessness. From country to country, then eventually world to world, plane and dimension hopping, all in the great knowledge quest. Yet, about ten years ago, he returned to more familiar worlds. His quest has seemingly ended - or perhaps he has chosen another road. Whatever the motivation, he has come back, to find a town where once there was little more than wilderness, and he appears to have decided to try settling down for a while.

    [Common Knowledge]
    That the old man has some command of magic is clear, though he seems on the most part to restrict himself to low-end effects ... chilling drinks, mage-handing items from across the room, a variety of prestidigitations commonly used. His ability to sculpt wood into art is quite impressive; those whom have seen some of his best works occasionally wonder whether he is a better mage or woodworker.

    He sells custom woodworks by commission, and also several pieces of handmade wooden jewelry, art objects, busts, figurines and the like; inlays and gemstone setting are well within his capability. He also makes furniture, though by special request only. He is capable of creating magical pieces, both temporary and permanent as well.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Helgraf has just arrived in the town and set up shop in a pavillion tent until he can earn enough funds to purchase a permanent structure; he has purchased some cut and uncut stones from Alarra's Gems for use as accents (and possibly spell foci) in his creations. Aside from this, he has not yet had much opportunity to be drawn into the lives of those around him; his own past has not yet brought upon him any troubles either.

    [Other Notes]
    Though she has not been introduced into the story as of yet, he has a daughter, Rowann, who is currently in her mid-teens. The child's mother, his former wife, has vanished, and despite his considerable skill and efforts, he has been unable to find her, save to confirm that she is not, in fact, dead. Rowann is currently effectively an NPC who would only appear in Helgraz' Tower; a structure not in the town proper that serves as his home/keep/place of magical experimentation. Depending on how events unfold, he may bring the Tower to the Town - or create a portal to the Tower within the town. Again, time will tell.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name: Gnomas
    race: Gnome
    class: Bard 8/ Rogue 7/ Sorcerer 7.(22 total)
    alignment: Neutral
    temperment: calm, carefree, witty. he hates being denied what he wants, and can become dangerous.
    age: 98 years young
    height: 3' 7''
    weight: 43 lbs
    hair: bald
    beard: carefully trimmed brown goatee
    eyes: black
    possesions: his lute, a rapier, and many pouches.

    [description]: very agile and charismatic. small, and not very strong. earth coloured skin. looks alot like your average gnome. apears with his lute across his back, rapier at side, always at least 2 pouches on his belt, wearing a leather tunic, a short green cape, and a red leather belt.

    [story]: grew up among gnomes, but left as soon as he could to adventure. made his money as a wandering bard, later learning the ways of magic and the skills of rogues. always proud of being a gnome, he adventured as much for his race as himself. 50 or so years of adventuring followed, many comrades came and went. having been far away from civilized lands for a good 4 years on his most recent adventure, he decided to try a more urban lifestyle for a while. having heard of "the town" from a sailor, he decided it sounded promissing. but nothing could ever prepare him for the things he would experience in this town.

    [common knoledge]: he is new in town. he is a very good lute player and singer(when he's sober)
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name: Dalas
    Race: Necron
    class: fighter/necromancer
    align: chaotic evil
    personality:KILL!!! KILL!!! KILL!!!
    age: 3'000 year's in existance
    hair:spikes all over head
    weapons: An ancient sword of untold power Along with a Necron's lord's staff
    description: large black cloak covering entire body high collar up to ears, underneath: A Death robe,1 sword on each hip
    story: he once was a young promising soldier in training, but then his thirst for power overcame him he deserted looking for more and more power until no one in his land could defeat him and he summoned a great army and they ran rampart across the land countrie's that existed for centuries fell,until one day a band of men from all the countries that he destroyed,slew him and his army broke rank for once in his purge. He was defeated,but that wasn't the end he came back as a dark undead warlord leading rank after rank undead warrior's out again.He got his revenge except for one that he could never find.He arrived at the town an tried to overtake it but he could not prevail.Then he noticed that a desert was nearby the townand he went there hoping to rise a greator army than ever before.Undead and robotic undead standing side by side.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Svent
    Race: Dragonwrought Kobald
    Class: Warlock
    Description: Svent has red eyes, and green scales. as a dragonwrought kobald, he has a large muscular tail, and 2 large wings. his custom chain shirt has holes in the back which his wings come out of, and he has an elaborate rapier strapped to his waist, with a crossbow across his back.
    Age: 9
    Height: 2'2
    Weight: 42
    Occuptaion: freelance adventurer/trapmaker
    Equipment: chain shirt, rapier, light crossbow
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Samuel "Snake" Thendris
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Height: 5’7”
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Black
    Speaks: Red

    Description : Snake, all that he goes by now, wears black body armor underneath his black suit and black tie and a black balaclava. He speaks in a low tone, almost whispering. He tends to stay away from authority figures as best he can.

    Weapons- He has to silenced pistols hidden in his suit, a combat knife in each boot and a compact SMG with a scope and silencer slung around his back.

    Equipment: He has money hidden somewhere in his body armor.

    [Back Story]
    Background: Snake was a police officer in a city far from the town, but was recruited to be a black-ops agent and is now on a mission in the town that he will not talk about.

    [Common Knowledge]
    He was once a police officer, but now just walks around the town as if searching for something without wanting people to notice.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    After getting in a fight with Terrance Snake was arrested by him and put into the jail. A sniper infiltrated the police station and released him using shadow dancing. Has allied himself with a mysterious cloaked figure.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Bjorn
    Race: Wind Elemental
    Alignment/Temperament: Lawful Good. Happy-go-lucky.
    Class: Monster?
    Age: 532
    Weight: 5 pounds
    Hair: N/A
    Eyes: N/A
    Weapons: A boomerang. He can manipulate it as if by remote control. He can also summon small tornadoes.

    Description: Bjorn wears a wide fedora, a trench coat, long pants, gloves, and boots. Only his face is visible, and it looks somewhat like an orb full of wind. Think "Invisible Man".

    Backstory: Bjorn was originally your average wind elemental; he'd help out whomever summoned him. It wasn't the greatest life, but he was satisfied with it. However, one day he was summoned by a mage, in a party lead by some weirdo claiming to be the "chosen dragon mage" and chosen to "fulfill the prophecy". After about an hour of listening to him, Bjorn decided that this guy was a munchkin, whomped on him, and disappeared. The High Council of Summony Thingies was displeased with Bjorn's actions, and they cast him out, forevermore to live...a pretty good life, actually. Silly council.

    Common Knowledge: Bjorn is a wind elemental. Therefore, all benefits (resistant to Water) and penalties (Weak to Fine Italian Shoes, so-so against Earth). Additionally, he dislikes people who claim to be fulfilling a prophecy.

    Ongoing Storyline: Bjorn, in his travels, arrived at The Town. (More to come, updated...every Sunday, how about)
    You know you want to...


    I am a: Lawful Neutral human Wizard1
    Strength- 12
    Dexterity- 12
    Constitution- 10
    Intelligence- 13
    Wisdom- 14
    Charisma- 14
    I prefer this quiz to the Druid's Grove one.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Alignment:Chaotic Good.
    Class: rogue/wizard(illusionist)
    Weight: 62
    Hair: light brown
    Eyes: blue
    Weapons: a +3 icy burst shortsword he is attuned to, and is also the only reminder of his father. Khaldan will become almost childlike without it. He also owns a +2 shortbow with a quiver of 40 arrows.
    Backstory: Khaldans Entire family was killed when he was 9 by thugs who burnt thier house down, with the only remaining thing of thiers that was left was his fathers sword. Khaldans entire motivation is to kill the people who killed his family.
    Common knowedge: Khaldan is obsessed with his sword, and dislikes anyone touching it.
    Ongoing storyline: Khaldan arrived at the town, Ony to find that AMEN doesnt like him. He is now in the employ of general Nukular, and has made a mortal enemy of crescent. Butit gets better. He now looks like he double-crossed the TDI, and now seems to be on AMENs side, but god knows which side hes on now.

    Character Name:Khelan
    Race: Halfling
    Class:Fighter/wizard/eldritch knight.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
    Age: 30
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Green
    Weapons: A +5 flaming Cold Iron Greatsword.
    Other Equipment: A shortbow, With 30 arrows.
    Backstory: Khelan happens to be the only surviving member of Khaldans Family, Except Khaldan doesnt know that. Neither of them know the other is alive still.
    Common Knowedge: Khelan hates most higher tech things, but will tolerate them. No one knows why he hates technology, not even him.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Jerqinious 'Jerry' Tang
    Age: Old
    (Most stats are obsolete as he never does any actual fighting or much else)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.

    [Stats and Description]
    A tall dignified looking wizard dressed in a flowing white robe with ornate golden trimming. He stands at roughly 7 foot and carries a stick of green bamboo. The only thing that detracts somewhat from his appearance is the stuffed squirrell stuck on his shoulder.
    Once a dignified wizard he has since become rather senile. Although he retains all his phenomenal knowledge and abilities... it generally only comes to him in fits and starts.

    Also he finds it very difficult to sleep, wake up, act in a socially acceptable manner, etc. if he hasn't had his morning cup of tea.

    Tutored by the greatest sages of the time, once lead a party of brave adventurers into the negative universe and emerged unscathed, single handedly took down a Tarrasque in a mighty duel that lasted five years. Defeated Lich Lord Arkus in his own keep surrounded by a thousand skeleton servants and returned the chalice of life to the core of the worlds.


    Nowadays though all he really seems to do is sit around and drink tea...

    [Common Knowledge]
    Many have heard the legends of Jerquinious Tang. His exploits are recorded in the annals of history and told to children around the worlds at bedtime. Though nobody ever believes that 'Jerry' is the same person, as such he is regarded normally as a crazy old man (which to be fair, he is...)

    Do not take his tea away. It could be bad for your health... and most of your internal organs if he gets nasty.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Currently Employed as a lawyer... OK well he wandered into a trial at the wronfg time and was mistaken for one but he'll do his best.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name: MiKiKo
    Race:3-headed dog (cerebrus)
    age: Doesn't know how to count that high, will say 'hrair' if asked.
    height: About the size of a draft horse
    weight:too big to lift up
    class:monster- from the monster builders handbook. I'd tell you but mine's packed.
    weapons: teeth, claws

    appearance:Avatar's in the second spoiler, but a 3-headed dog, wolfish in appearance.

    story: MiKiKo has 3 distinct personalities, one for each head.

    Mi (the grey head): Neutral, mostly lawful.

    Ki (the white head): good. The voice of kindness, though her alignment's chaotic.

    Ko (the black head): evil, alignment mostly neutral.

    Mi is generally the one to speak. MiKiKo used to have all 3 heads speak at once, but realized most humanoids find this creepy. She works as a bouncer or guard dog and travels from place to place. When left alone you can frequently find the 3 heads talking to each other.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Iko Mitizai
    You wouldn't hurt me, would ya?
    Descripton: 5'10, mid neck length brown hair, brown red eyes. Slim, but with a good build, 16 years old, but looks older. always clean shaven.
    Str 19
    Dex 18
    Int 15
    Wis 11
    Con 17
    Cha 16
    Neutral good. Iko is, though bright, rather childish. He wears dark red and black clothes, which are fireproof, and has the power to control fire. he can also redirect lightning, but this is used much less often, and it tends to hurt him. He will speak in red text
    Equipment: Apart from his clothes, Iko owns a katana, two spears, and a weighted chain. He also has a pair of indestructible, resizing leather boots. They have no other magical properties. He also has a gun the size of a bazooka with the properties of a laser cannon. Of course, he still doesn't know how to use it. Now has a Mindsar, which acts like an emotion reader.

    Backstory: Iko was born on an island in an archiapelago containing four other islands. He was, at one time, a reincarnation of a being known as the Fire Dragon. Along with the Wind Dragon, Air Dragon, and Water Dragon, he cast down the dark dragon. Whether this is permanent or not is unknown, but since the battle, he has lost the extra dragon powers he had been enjoying.

    Common knowledge about Iko: He has the power of fire. He's unneccasarily honest. When he has money, he spends it luxuriously on himself and his aquaintances. He is also supposedly able to use a powerful fireblast, but such reports are unconfirmed and easily denied. Somewhat chivalrous. Once accused of being a paladin by Magtok.

    Notes: Asking him to hit you with his best shot is almost certainly a bad idea, as he will take you quite seriously.

    Ongoing story: His dragon powers have returned. His eyes will now change with his mood. Is dating Sheezu.
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    Townies: Iko,by wojiz (my avvie),Sheezu, and Carl.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Maia
    Race: Silver Dragon, though she prefers human shape.
    Age: Don't ask.
    Alignment: Neutral Good.
    Class: Wizard (Alchemist)

    Equipment: Maia always carries her magical staff which helps her with her alchemy magic, extending her level of control over metal and allowing the effects she creates to last for a longer time.

    Backstory: Unknown. Maia rarely talks about her past, not because she wants to keep it a mystery, but because when she does talk it is about her latest experiments and other recent events. She focuses on what is happening, not what has happened.

    -Alchemy, in regards to Maia, is a magic that solely deals with metals and their properties.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    neutral good
    [Description and Stats]
    very good at fencing, would gladly give his life to stop a villainous plot, a little hot headed, loves to help people, smart(he just doesn't show it) he can annoy you big time if he wants, he likes peanut butter,despite his courage easly frightened,nerves,fairly strong,talks in lime green
    98 gold and 5 silver boots that don't wear off(they are destructible and have no other magical properties) lightsaber, a laser shield that straps on to his left arm, 10 ft of rope,a big book on fish, a fishing pole
    [back story]
    Stopwatch is the son of saturn (roman god of time) giving him control over time. The gods aware of Stopwatch's power and aware of what it could do in the wrong hands gave him to mortal parents when he was just born. Stopwatch does not know of any of this and his powers have not been used or fully developed yet. It is difficult for anyone with god-o-vision to detect Stopwatch's powers because of this.
    [common knowledge]
    he exists
    [on going story]
    This will take me forever to catch up so if you have a question PM me, ask me on the same thread, or something like that.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name:yarrick kami
    race:half dark elf
    weight:124 lb.
    allingment and personality:nutral he tends to ignore people unless they get in the way of his job, insult his herritage,or insut his eagle. he will do what ever he wants whenever. he is always very tense and angered.
    he has dark black crisp leather armor everywhere it but his right forearm and his head. on his right forearm he has a spiraling purple energy tatto to his palm where it gathers. he has white hair down to his shoulders and over his face. he also has a black hooded cloak to cover his hair and face. he wields a katana and a bow.
    before he hit the age of thirteen he was kicked out of his human town.he was known for bullying kids and stealing. he then set out to the city to get work. on his way he stole supplies from small towns. while still on his way to the city he found a hurt black eagle he helped it and it now is with him every where. when he got to the city he tried making an honest living after 2 years of turned down jobs he started a life of thievery with his homeade armor and weapons. he then supported his life for few years and started to learn how to use dark magic. his favorite type of dark magic is mainly curses. he does any thing he can to make a living and wants to move on to bigger things.
    [general knowledge]
    ready to curse anyone who annoys him
    his eagle's name is wojo
    [ongoing storyline]
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Richard KickAss
    race: Wood Elf/ werewolflord
    class: sorcerer 30/ warlock 15/ arch magi 5
    aligment: neutral evil
    height: 5'11
    weight: 153lb
    hair: long black streaked with red, very clean
    eyes slightly glowing switching between arcane blue and blood red
    possesions: staff of the magi, cloak of charisma, black robe of the arch magi,
    +5 unholly, flaming burst, poison, vorple, keen longsword
    famialer: small fire elemental
    back story: after he left his family he was a mere sorcerer but in his travels he found a long lost arcane secret of fire and has since then devoted his soul to fire. At this point he split his soul in to many parts. Now he has mastered fire and its many forms. In battle he will defend himself and then throw fire at you untill you tire and must stop. He is evil but not alwase. He wont kill if he dosn't have to and will just walk through the guards with etheral jant rather than with a fire ball. However he will kill if it is a lot simpler. reacently however he has been getting reckless as though he dosnt care about his life
    general knowldege: it is hard to tell his alignment but his conection to fire is obvios and well known.
    uncommon knowldege he is the master of the yanty (snake people) race and has a undead army that contains all the boddies of the dead
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Clar lovsky
    Race: Human (Genetically Enhanced)
    Description: Generic heigth, short brown hair, blue eyes, looks weak and frail
    Age: 26
    Class: Scientist (Translates to expert in D&D)
    D&D Stats: Str: 7 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 18 Wis: 18 Cha: 10
    Alignment: Neutral

    Clar is smart and he knows it. Though he`s usually able to keep his arrogance in check, it sometimes bubbles to the surface. He`s quiet and tend to stay in the background in social events. When around strangers he behaves in a very formal no nonsense kind of way. Around friends, however, a more silly side emerges. He`s quite inquisitive and eager to learn new things.

    By genetically enhancing his own brain he`s able to consciously affect every chemical reaction in his entire body. There is a limit, however, to the amount of reactions he`s able to affect at any given time. He also can`t go beyond his bodies limits i.e. no rapid regeneration, no super strength. The most practical use he has found for this ability is altering his cells so they`re able to produce viruses.This gives him an impervious immune system and he can make a vaccine against any disease mere hours after being infected himself.

    Though this ability is mainly used defensively, and to stop viral outbreakes, it can be used offensively. He can hit any part of the human body, causing everything from a small cold to activating the lysosomes in every cell causing instant death. He needs a DNA sample from the victim however, to keep the viruses from affecting anyone else. To crack the defenses of unknown species he needs a blood sample and 24 hours.

    Backstory: Clar was the worlds foremost expert in biotechnology and microbiology. He had several great discoveries noted to his name and was widely considered the Einstein of biology. His fame peaked when he discovered a way to forever win the war against diseases. Using himself as the first human test subject, he became the first human to have total control over his body. The worlds terrorist organizations didn`t like this one bit however. Making humankind immune to biological weapons would severely weaken their ability to strike at the superpowers of the world. Through an elaborate scheme they were able to smuggle a nuclear device inside the research center.

    The resulting explosion destroyed the research facility and killed most of the scientist. Clar, however,due to some freak spacial anomaly merely got blasted through time and space, ending up in the town.

    Equipment: Some empty syringes and a couple of test tubes made of plastic.

    Able to infect:

    - Humans: No one specific
    - Half Seraphim: Blood sample from Kertath
    - Scrin: Blood sample from random npc infantry

    Organizations: Member of the town police.

    Current story: How does a cure decease spell/potion work?
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name: Anastasia Moonwhisper (in her elven shape)
    gender: female
    race: silver dragon, usually taking elven shape
    alignment: neutral good
    personality: She has a tendency to cast detect evil a lot, in her career it's often necessary, naturaly good-natured and kind.
    height: 5 feet 9 inches
    age: depends on her form, in elven form she is about 169, although she looks far younger
    class: 30 cleric/10 radiant servant of Pelor
    general description: long curling golden hair past her thin waist, intelligent bright green eyes, fair skin and fair face
    possesions: Apart from clothes and other adventuring essentials, plus a trinket or two, she has full plate, mace, composite longbow, unistone of food and drink, shard of the sun, dawnstar
    backstory: Although truly a silver dragon, she took an interest in other races and since then has taken a form other than the the elf, Anastasia, only when necessary. She began her elven life as a 4-year-old and took training at the local temple of Pelor. Her life was mostly that of any other elf until she turned 20 and decided to begin adventuring. She adventured solo, for a time, until she met Delot the dwarf, Kara the human, Char the gnome, Riki the halfling, and Tyrine the half-elf and began the party "The Order of Six". That was her humble beginning. More recently, as in, in the past 80 years or so, they became one of the greatest powers of good for the world, with their grand kick-off of saving and rebuilding a great city that was under the control of and evil sorcerer. It was also their first statue! Afterwards, it was winning war after war, triumphing over evil guy after evil guy, saving city after city.
    general information: all in all, REALLY, REALLY good-aligned
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