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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: The Green Man
    Race: Fey Lord, a spirit of nature
    Class: The personifaction of nature within the Town.
    Age: 521 or perhaps older, or younger, or is he just a face of nature?
    Height: 6' 6 though its all fairly relative
    Weight: 100lbs
    Alignment and Temperament: True Neutral. Lives to spread nature and keep the balance between the Town and the wilderness. He is polite and tries to respect peoples ways.
    Hair Color: His hair is actually a wave of vines and flowers.
    Eye Color: Green.
    Skin Color: Green.
    Equipment: A magical red robe that can change size and a staff that creates blossoms whenever it touches the ground.
    Description: The elegant face of a elf, but broad as a dwarf with the sharp teeth of a gobliniod. He can be mistaken for any of the major races at a distance, but his deep green skin gives him away as something else entirely. His head is a mane of vines with a literally bushy beard and sideburns. He wears only a flowing robe of red.

    He has raised a island out of the sea and covered it in forest, it is filled with dangerous creatures, a testimony to nature.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    name: Lhykosidae ( don't try to say it, in english it means Wraith Spider )
    race: high elf
    class: hunter (from WoW)
    pet: warpstalker, called Guan
    mount: epic, frostsaber called Inden
    weapons: 2 long daggers, 1 longbow with blue glowing arrows
    appearance: Black leather armor with a spider design in blue on its chest,black cloak with spider design on back also in blue
    daggers crossed in an X on his chest, bow and arrows on back

    story: Went through the dark portal one day something went wrong he ended up in the town.

    race: Elf. but now he is closest to a mummy if anything.
    age: to long to comprehend
    weapon: The ancient sword of dark magic he forged when he was overlord of all lands.
    appearance: He wears the tattered tunic of a swordsmen and a sand colored cloak.

    Story: He sold his soul to death in return he gained immense power he forged an army form the desert he lived in. He set out on great crusade nearly purging the world of life. At the height of his power a party slew the demon he made a pact with and his armies crumbled. It has been a millenia since then. His power in diminished but still immense.

    Dalas' three lieutenants:
    Maloghurst (The Cursed), Argus (His son,adopted), Torvus ( his apprentice )
    race : Maloghurst, human, Argus, Elf, Torvus, orc
    class: all are warriors and spellcasters, Torvus is a better mage then the others but isn't a good swordsmen.
    age: All are over 10,000 years old
    weapons: Maloghurst uses two magical shape changing gauntlets, Argus, wields a magic glaive/staff, Torvus uses a Katana and Wakazaki.
    Appearance: Maloghurst is a huge 12 foot tall giant of a man. Flames wreath his body. He has armor on his legs but his torso is bare.
    Argus weres a tattered sand colored wizards robe.
    Torvus has traditional orc armour on.

    Story: They have served Dalas unswervingly for thousands of years but Argus is wavering in loyalty and has been for almost 100 hundred years.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Gosh. It's been a long time since I've been in here. Lets see if I remember how this goes.

    Name: Boy Eternus
    Race:not all too sure really
    Age: He looks young

    Quirks: He only ever eats sand. If he's desperate he'll settle for sandy dirt, but he's a sucker for that fine white grained stuff. His face is always cold to the touch, while his hair seems to exude heat.

    Looks: Tall, Dark hair, blue eyes. Swaggering walk he mistakes for enduring.
    (post a picture later)

    Description: Bit of a jerk really. He thinks that he's good looking enough that he's can get away with it, but that's quite questionable. He does have a certain charm that some people might warm to, but it's rather interrupted by his tendency to fix his hair by looking at his reflection in your pupils. Boy also thinks himself exceedingly clever. This is also questionable.
    Boy isn't a huge fan of manual labor, and he includes fighting in that general category. That's not to say that he won't try to open up a big ol' can of hurt on you if you really tick him off, just don't expect him to fight for something as trivial as honor, or someones life, or anything as useless as that. Hes competent in a brawl, but always fights dirty.
    Boy doesn't look like the kind of person who needs to worry about money, and he seldom does. Jobs are things to do when your bored, not to pay for food, (which boy doesn't eat), and bedding (which boy usually "borrows" from someone else).
    Don't mistake boy for a hero, and don't mistake him for an anti-hero. Boy is just a man with dreams. If your un/lucky he might let you be a part of it.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Jedi Master Yoda

    "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is."...

    Race: Unknown??
    Gender: Male
    Class: Jedi Master
    Age: Unknown??
    Size: S

    Yoda is a short wrinkly old man with green hair and a bit of light grey hair. he walks around on small walking stick. He always wears a longish (for his height) cremy grey colored robe with brown loose clothing underneath.

    Yoda has a small green lightsaber with a force enhancing crystal in it, a shot wooden carved walking stick, and his Jedi robes with lose clothing underneath.

    [Abilities and skills]
    Jedi Master Yoda is a master in the force and combat with a lightsaber. He is also very flexible and able to do many tricks and such

    Unknown for now...

    Yoda is calm cool and collected very wise and a brilliant teacher. He is happy to help people and can be trusted and relied on.p

    Elrond "Magic Midget' Von Calien

    "Life is knowledge, knowledge is power, power is nature"
    Race: Elfling (An Elf/ Halfing)/ Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Class: Mage/ Ninja/ Druid
    Level: 15/ 13/ 20
    Age: 39
    Size: S

    Elrond is a short average weighted elf who suffers from a size deformity. He normaly dresses in a long (for his height) blue colored robe with a black robe around his waist witch he uses as a belt.

    Hes weapon of choice is a katana (a candy cane at xmas time), shuriken and kunai plus senbons. He also carries around a magical pendant witch is a family heirloom no one knows what i does just that it is a powerful source of energy and seems to increase Elronds power when he is angry or upset. And a magical Staff of time and nature

    [Abilities and skills]
    Elrond is a master of magic and blade he excels at thrown weapons and death spells. Elrond is also very good at sleight of hand. He also has lightning reflexes and can see you presure points

    Unknown for now...

    Elrond is quick to anger and stubborn he is very determined and focused when he wants to be he is also a quick learner.

    Other Referance Pics:

    Normal Elrond

    Baby Elrond

    Thing Thing Elrond

    Elrond at Christmas Time

    [B]GenderBent Elrond[B]

    Resna daughter of Morgoth

    Name: Resna son of Morgoth
    Age: 27
    Race: human
    Gender: female
    Class/ level: warlock lvl. 8
    Height: 5'8''
    Weight: 50kg
    Hair: long black
    Skin: Pale
    Alignment: CG/N/CE
    Eyes: black with a dot of bright red
    Equipment: +4 keen scalpel, light black clothing, elven lightblade, dragonmark of suffering

    Description: This young man has long black hair and an is surrounded by a aura of anger, fear and hate. He always wears dark baggy clothing and looks very pale. He has very finely tuned senses and reflexes.

    Background: Resna was born into a very rich and evil family but unlike most would turned down the fortune and wealth of his father Morgoth with out hesitation. His father angered by his decision cursed his son to a life of wandering and hate but Resna has a strong will and is always trying to break through the curse that was bestowed upon him. He now roams ever forward trying to escape...

    Other: Resna has multiple persona's adn sometimes is overcome by his curse becoming CE but most of the time he is CG making him almost completely N
    Resna is a member of House Thuranni (his mothers house) and has an abberant dragonmark, member of HALO

    Referance pics

    Davian son of Derothan
    Age: 23
    Race: halfling
    Gender: male
    Class/ level: Spellthief lvl. 6
    Height: 2'10''
    Weight: 30kg
    Hair: medium length red
    Skin: pale
    Alignment: N
    Eyes: light blue
    Equipment: +2 studded leather,X2 +2 barbed dagger's, +1 broad shortsword, longbow
    Description: This short man has medium length red hair and look quite young. He wears studded leather under a long dark red coat. At his sides he has two barbed daggers that look extremly sharp and on his back he has a longbow.

    Background: Davian was found as a baby on the door step of a local thieves guild and has been brought up by the leader of the thieves guild, Martilla ever since. Nothing else is known about Davians past exept that there are rumours of Matilla teaching Davian the ways of a rogue.

    Other: Davian is Matillas apprentice and he aspires to be a famous cat burgler.

    Referance pics

    Age: 28
    Race: Changling
    Gender: female
    Class/ level: Ninja Lvl. 12
    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 39kg
    Hair: Long grey/ white
    Skin: pale grey
    Alignment: N
    Eyes: white
    Equipment: mwk Katana, Shuriken, Sai, Numchuku, quarterstaff, kunai, black leather (ninja suit)
    Description: Sarak is a tall changling with long grey and whit hair, she has pale grey skin and wears a black leather ninja gee. She carries a quarterstaff. consealed over her body are shuriken, sai, numchuku, and kunai, she also has a katana in a sheath straped to her right hip.

    Background: Sarak was born into a family of ninja, in the criminal underworld of ebberon. She grew up learning to use weapons of all and to fight in unarmed combat. Being a changling Sarak fitted into the life of a ninja extremly well. She exeled greatly using very prosice weaponry such as the senbon. She also has a gifted mind and can sum up her opponent with ease. She now lives as a ninja of the dragonblade ninja clan and is intrusted with some of their most fought over secrets.

    Reference pics

    Race: Gnome
    Gender: female
    Class/ level: Rogue Lvl. 4
    Height: 3'3''
    Weight: 38lb.
    Hair: Shoulder length Black
    Skin: pale
    Alignment: CG
    Eyes: Brown
    Equipment: +2 Dagger, +2 Punching Dagger, +2 Light crossbow,Satchel, Thieves tools,
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Klystyph Malebole, Son of Malebolgia.
    Age: measured in Klaastrypehds (How many stars have died in that time)
    Race: Supposedly, Human, alleged to be Demon.
    Gender: Male
    Class/level: Psychic Warrior 40/Necromancer 70/Shapeshifter 99
    Weight: 120 lb.
    Alignment: Normal self True Neutral. Alter Ego Chaotic Evil
    Hair: In various layers, white, long. Spiky.
    Skin: Normal self: Asian Pale. Alter Ego: Dark metallic blue.
    Eyes: Different: One in white, with a darkglow on it, the other one, black with a red sparkle on it.
    Equipment: Normal self: Fire runed Blade, hiltless and guardless. Golden armor with black runes glowing in blue. Alter ego: A stone mask over his head, without any armor.
    Description: He looks like an elf, with long ears, long white hair, and pretty handsome. He is also pale, and he has black circles around his eyes. He has an alter ego, that's like a demon side of him, and will transform his body and color of speaking. He transforms whenever he is mad, he's betrayed, or when he is protecting someone. His body grows stronger, gets lots of muscle mass. White hair comes out of his back, and a reptile-like tail, his arms and legs get metallic spikes coming out of them, and long, thin horns over his forehead.
    His left hand get's red hot, and fires white flames.
    His right hand creates a sword made entirely out of fire and lava.
    His back has gigantick undead dragon-like wings.
    In his back also appears a line of spikes that go from the neck to the end of the tail.

    Normal self talks in dark green Book Antiqua, while the alter ego talks in Crimson Century Gothic.


    Alter Ego: Coming soon!
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Flickerdart The Sly
    Race: Human (Canthan)
    Class: Assassin/Mesmer 20
    Appearance: (Refer to signature for heavily stylized version)
    Weapons: Ornate ceremonial daggers, the colour of bone. He is also sometimes seen wielding a scythe shaped like a banana on a stick, though this is a very rare occurrence.

    None to speak of. Aside from some evil tomfoolery in AMEN, Flickerdart's past is largely a closed tome. More like a magazine, really. A thin one. He wandered into the Town when AMEN's base was transferred here.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Alignment: Lawful Evil, straying to True Neutral
    Affiliations: AMEN

    Flickerdart operates on the Guild Wars system, not a d20 system.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    AMEN and whatever this week's inane adventure is.

    I know it's not a lot. Shut up.
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    1. Describing basically the exact same monster but with twice the RHD.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Tiefa Windfall
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Class: BOTD* 6 Blood Mage* 6
    Age: 17
    Weight: 125lbs
    Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good. A easy and Outgoing person
    who is always working to extend the rights and freedom of others and has no respect for the law or the courts whatsoever
    Hair Color: Mid length brown hair tied in a ponytail
    Eye Color: Pure Black
    Skin Color: Peach
    Equipment: Red Brown padded armour made of the void and a Sword

    Description: A young and fairly attractive lady With brown hair and a Stance that suggests that she's ready for anything A sword and bag hang easily from her belt and a holy symbol of Kord is strung around her neck.

    -Not much is known about this young lady even how she got here is a mystery (I will add to this post as the information is revealed)

    Ongoing story:
    none ..... yet
    Avatar by me

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Jasmine Arahi
    Age: 16
    Race: Human
    Class: She doesn’t have one, but if she did, she’s probably be a druid.
    Eyes: A soft but very bright green. Very big, bright and mischievous looking. Often opened wide in an excited and scary way, to form her usual mischievous grin. Like this.
    Hair: Copper colored, short, straight runs down to her neck and is even at the ends. She has a lock of hair hanging loose at both front ends of her head and her hair is parted.
    Skin: Very tanned, a dark beige.
    Height: 5’2
    Weight: 93 lbbs.
    Other: She has a brown dot in between her eyebrows, a sort of tribal marking. She has the whole "jungle girl" appearance going for her.
    Clothes: She wears a white top which cuts off about 4 inches above her bellybutton, and very short brown shorts that are purposely ripped at the ends. She has a bright green stone hanging on a rope around her neck.
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Personality: She’s very inquisitive, bizarre, and outgoing. She often acts very strange around others and is wild and mischievous. She speaks in olive Palatino Linotype.
    Inventory/Equipment: She carries an amulet around her waist (right side). A deathly sharp dagger hangs in a leather sheath beside it. She has no backpack or any carrying bag.

    Not much is known about her, and she doesn’t seem to be one to talk about her past. However, you might try asking her some questions.

    Visual ref coming soon.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Jitoru
    Age: 15
    Race: Human
    Height: 5’2
    Hair: Long, dark brown, in a ponytail.
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Skin: Pale peach
    Alignment: Random Random
    Powers: Internet
    Personality: She’s cool like that. She speaks in Times New Roman.
    Clothes: Black tank top and long black pants

    Backstory: Jitoru is a normal girl in high school who thinks that she’s in some awesome fantasy roleplaying world, but in reality she is really using the internet to roleplay.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Quote Originally Posted by Doran_Liadon View Post
    In a world like this you gotta be nice or be the enemy.

    Lerky Suntreader2
    "I have only recently arrived in this town and it's hard to get decent gold"

    Lerky, the lonley traverler. Lerky is a kind, well-mannered, Half-Elf. He is the one that keeps Chivalry alive. He has traveled alone for many years and wishes he had someone to accompany him when, and if, he begins traveling again... possibly someone of the female type.

    Race: Half-elf
    Class: Bard 1
    Alignment: CG
    Age: 24
    Height: 5' 4"
    Weight: 130 lbs.
    Hair colour: Blonde
    Eye colour: green
    Weapons: Rapier
    Equitment:Master Work Pan Pipes, green belt, light brown clothes, gray cape, chain shirt.


    Lerky was born to a Human and Elven parent. The Human parent died when Lerky was 9 and his Elven father raised him like he would raise a typical elf. However, since Lerky had some human blood he matured faster than his friends and quickly became an adult. Having nowhere else to go Lerky traveled to human lands, but even there he didn't feel at home. Lerky has traveled a lot, seeking a place where he can finally settle down but he just doesn't feel comfortable anywhere.
    Lerky recently met a Gnome Bard named Glim Highhill. Lerky befriended this man and Glim took him as an apprentice. After learning the trade of a Bard Glim gave Lerky his Pan Pipes and allowed him to set off on his own. Now Lerky has stumbled upon a town that he has decided to try and settle down in, so far he really likes this town.

    [Common Knowledge]

    -Lerky acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him.
    -He hates slavery
    -He hates it when people try to tell others what to do.
    -He hates it when people are wrongly accused of something they did not do.
    -He loves to travel
    -He loves to tell stories but he prefers to sing in private.
    -He loves his Pan Pipes more than anything he owns.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    currently a member of HALO he has dreams of running a Bard's Guild, so no one sturggles the way he did when he first came upon the Town.

    Best picture ever made by best avatarist ever Nathan

    Renn the Wanderer3
    "Either get a room, don't fall asleep again, or get out."

    Renn is a demanding, and sometimes rude, innkeeper. He rarely talks about his past usually declaring it as "just another adventurer story". He wishes for a silent life as opposed to his old life as an adventurer, where the most exciting thing to happen is a barroom brawk. If someone walks into his Inn he expects them to either buy some drinks or a room, otherwise he doesn't think they're in the right Inn...

    Class:Fighter 18
    Height:6' 0''
    Weight:200 lbs.
    Hair Color: long dark black (but slightly graying now)
    Eye Color:icy blue
    Equitment:Leather jerkin, breeches, boots, cotton shirt, Bracers of +8 Armour, Fire Resistance Ring (given to him by a dying friend )

    Renn is a retired fighter. He spent his youth wandering and battling monsters. Renn used the riches he recieved from his adventures to build his Inn.

    [Common Knowledge]
    -At the first sign of trouble Renn draws his longsword, he also keeps a Heavy Crossbow hidden behind the bar.
    -Renn has a massive scar on his back leading from the top of his right shoulder blade to the left part of his hip. He says he got it in a massive barfight, but that cut seems far to wide and deep to get in any barfight...
    -Renn is known to daze off remebering the good ol' days of his adventuring team, and wondering where they are now...
    -Renn talks a lot of being an ex-adventurer and about his old team
    -Renn talks to himself... a lot.
    -Renn's old adventuring buddies sometimes drop by at the inn. And sometimes he goes over to visit them, Nhym is the most common one because he's constantly on the move with other gnomes.
    -Renn has an odd habit of rubbing his eyebrows when he's bored or worried

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Renn wants to build his Inn in this popular town. He hopes to make it big in business. Renn is looking for a quiet life instead of the long life he spent adventruing. He hopes he can live his life with the most exciting thing to happen is a barroom brawl. Renn hopes to make a living in this town otherwise he might have to go back to adventuring, and he's gotten too old for that.

    Renn's old party consisted of these men:
    Nhym-Gnome Wizard (Illusions)/Rouge/Arcane Trickster-Currently working with a caravan of other Gnomes as a bodyguard.
    Kevril-Human Cleric-Currently a scribe, copying religious documents
    Boloril-Dwarf Rouge-Escaped prision. Don't tell anyone...
    Huor-Elf Warrior-Currently a swordsmith in his elven lands.

    Renn has an elvish wife named Luth she is usually shy and quiet, she's a Transumuter, and has long black hair and pale skin. She has an interesting backstory but I'll keep that a secret

    the barkeep known as Renn by the avatarist known as Nathan

    Amorth Eliszynge4
    "just tell me, sir."

    very little is known about Amorth. He's mysterious and when asked questions he usually dismisses them dubbing them "unimportant" or "irrelevant". He is sarcastic and witty. He is polite most of the time but when he is insulted he is prone to get very angry.

    Race: Human
    Class: Ranger 17
    Alignment: CN
    Age: 37
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 127 lbs.
    Hair Color: Brown and gray
    Eye Color: Dark Brown (shocking eyes)
    Weapon: Composite Longbow, Arrows (normal and sleeping), Longsword, Short sword, 2 daggers of throwing.
    Equitment: Leather Amrour, dark brown (with some dark green) cloak with a hood that allows him to blend in with shadows, Steel Mirror, Tanglefoot Bag, Thungserstone, Caltrops, Ink, Inkpen, Parchment.

    His backstory is a secret, and nobody knows but him ( and me )

    [Common Knowledge]
    Amorth is a mysterious and little is known about him other than:
    -he keeps to himself rarely speaking up
    -when he does talk he's sarcastic and witty
    -those that see behind the shadow of his hood see he always has a grim face
    -his only friend is his Hawk.
    -he carrys around parchments and ink. He seems to write down notes when in public, but what these notes are of, nobody knows.

    (I should mention, there's more stuff about him but those are secrets )

    [OnGoing Story
    wandering. He has many secrets that are not yet known to the public.

    the elusive Amorth by the (thankfully) not so elusive Nathan


    Grog is a half-orc who wants nothing more than to fit in. Often treated badly for his orc heritage, he attempts to be kind to everything and everyone.

    Race: Half-Orc
    Class: Bard 1
    Alignment: NG
    Age: 14
    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 182 lbs.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Weapon: dagger, darts
    Equitment: lamp, holy symbol, bedroll, sack, hammer, drum

    Grog was an unusally small Orc, he was abandoned by his tribe and left to die in the elements. Recently an adventuring group were hired to destory the orc's village, finding the abandoned Grog they adopted him. Grog's early life wasn't filled with to many happy memories, although his "parents" cared for him an elf in the group dispised him. Grog tried to show he was innocent and liked the elf but the elf still hated him. When Grog became 13 he was let go by his "parents" and wandered off. Sadly he was captured by a gang of orcs and treated as a slave. The scars on his head were from a praticulary fierce whipping he once received and if it wasn't for a young cleric who found him and healed him, Gorg would've died.

    [Common Knowledge]
    -Grog snores...loudly
    -He plays the drums
    -He has a happy-go-lucky attitude all the time

    [Ongoing Story]
    after being saved by this mysterious cleric named Araaga Pegason, she took him to a small village and gave him a job application for Grayfish Hotel. He now works there as their macanic

    Halaster Dawnslayer5
    "the undead are blessed. Don't you understand! When a human is turned into a vampire they can turn into a bat, when a human is turned into a lich they're immune to disease. And to top it all off they have the most powerful item ever...immortality."

    also known as Halaster the deformed, Halaster is an interesting character. He has always had this draw to necromatic powers, he believes the undead are lucky, that undeath is a blessing not a curse, after all if you look at vampires and liches they all become more powerful than their formal selves. He has envyed the dead and has wished to join in their ranks but is to afraid to kill himself. So he has attached part of the undead to his own body. He is also leader of The Ruby Order, a secretive necromancer guild.

    Race: Human
    Class: Wizard 5/Palemaster 7
    Alignment: NE
    Age: 21
    Height: 5' 0"
    Weight: 127 lbs.
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Weapon: n/a
    Equitment: Shadow Veil, eyepatch, Rod of Undead Mastery, Husk Globe, Night Caller undead grafts: Bodak's Eye, Mohrg's Tounge, Weakining Arm (skeletal)

    When Halaster was of 15 years of age he lost his mother, the closest friend he had, to the cruel unsavoury claws of death. Determined to gain her back he delved deep into the the tales of necromancy and rose his mother. His father was so mad and disappointed in his own son that he attempted to attack him, the father was killed. Once the boys mom was destroyed he was exiled from his homeland and has been wandering to learn more of the addictive lore he picked up as a young boy.

    [Common Knowledge]

    [Ongoing Story]
    Currently he is looking for, not only recruits for his guild, but an apprentice. And he has someone in mind

    this picture, unlike the rest, are by the magnificent Quinsar.

    Banner by the talents of Nathan


    these are random NPCs I created, they can be controlled by anyone anytime.
    Johnny Tremain is a boy of 16. He's medium height and skinny. His hair is a light blonde and has freckles dart across his face. Johnny also has his right thumb grown into his palm, the reason for this is unknown. Johnny is a cleric of the sun god Pelor and will be more than happy, if not a bit nervous, to help.

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    So? This is the town. We don't listen to the laws of reality.
    We rewrote it for our own convenience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Dar
    Now that you are a god o mighty Lerky,we must strat building a temple to honor and worship your name.[and art]

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    ((I have no plot in mind; the overarching quest is more of a background and motivation. Short of killing them, feel free to embroil Levi and Theresa in whatever you're up to.))

    Lady Theresa Esbenshade

    Human female, early 20s
    Not attractive by any stretch of the imagination but with a warm smile. Always elegantly dressed.

    Master Levi Esbenshade
    Human male, 7
    Ethereally beautiful, often with a supernaturally still expression.

    Theresa comes from a family of powerful scions who manifest their power in early childhood. Her family holds high status in their home world, as court mages and aides to royalty. No great beauty, Theresa never had any illusions that her suitors were after anything but power. As her greatest wish was to become a mother she picked one she thought would be a good father. She picked wrong. The father split when he realized Levi was simple ((autistic)).

    Concerned about what will happen when Levi manifests his power, she roams the worlds looking for someone who can either prevent his powers from developing or cure his autism.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    ((My second important character))

    Name: Sigrdrifa
    Age: equivalent of mid-30s for a human
    Race: Dwarf (she does not have a beard)
    Class: Valkyrie, Level 26 (essentially a fighter class)
    Stats: Str 24, Dex 17, Con 20, Int 14, Wis 17, Cha 8
    Height: 4'6" (tallish by dwarf standards)
    Weight: 120 lbs (almost all of it muscle)
    Hair/Eyes/Skin: Blonde/Brown/pale. Hair is neck-length and straight; she does not have sideburns or a beard (her type of dwarf doesn't normally have bearded ladies). She looks a little like an unusually short/broad olympic athlete.
    Alignment/Temperament: Lawful Good, she believes in "truth, justice, and the ___ way". However, she is a warrior and will not flinch from killing "evil" creatures, and charisma is her dump stat as well.
    Essentially, this means she's a bit of a grouch. Do not be too nasty too her, especially if you look like a demon, undead, or the Wizard of Yendor. She can be friendly, however, especially to dwarves and gnomes, and sometimes humans.
    +7 blessed, rustproof artifact long sword, dual wielded with...
    +6 blessed silver saber
    +2 blessed athame
    +0 uncursed silver saber, mainly used to fight disenchanters
    +6 blessed silver dragon scale mail
    +6 blessed cloak of magic resistance
    +2 blessed helm of brilliance (when worn, Int rises to 16 and Wis to 18)
    +5 blessed speed boots
    +5 ring of protection
    +0 blessed leather gloves
    Other important equipment:
    - oilskin bag full of dungeoneering equipment (candles, food, different magic wands, unicorn horn, etc)
    - blessed amulet of magical breathing

    Sigrdrifa was one of the greatest warriors of the Northern lands, who fought in many a battle for the forces of justice. She volunteered to journey into the Dungeons of Doom to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor. She travelled all the way to Gehenna, killed the Wizard of Yendor no less than 12 times, and retrieved the Amulet, but "died" before she was able to sacrifice it. However, her patron God, Tyr, was sufficiently pleased with her work to bring her back to life, and send her on to the Town.

    If you want to know how good she is, thanks to her the demon lords Juiblex, Orcus, Asmodeus, and Baalzebub are dead. She laughs at Minotaurs. It took 7 dragons to "kill" her - and she was essentially helpless at the time. Want to defeat her one-on-one in physical combat? Better bring a Tarrasque.

    She is a fervent believer in the Norse pantheon, especially Tyr - the one-handed Norse warrior God. Her specialized weapons include Long sword, dagger, pickaxe, war hammer, and silver saber.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Doran Liadon (Dead)
    Power Level: Dead
    Age: 20
    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 125 lbs
    Alignment: NG

    Equipment: Scale mail, light shield, greatsword, hidden dagger

    Backstory: Doran was once a farmer boy. He and his parents grew up raising crops and cattle. All the physical labor Doran went through every day increased his strength, however Doran found the farm life boring and craved to be an adventurer. When Doran and his father were walking through town Doran’s father spent all the money the family had at the time to buy him a single sword. Doran cherished the sword and practiced skills and strategies, being a little rough around the edges but still a skilled swordsman. Finally when Dorran met adulthood he left his family for a life of adventuring when he was young, his sword by his side because he would never trade that sword for anything else. His adventure group recently disbanded for reasons he never told anyone.

    Common knowledge: Dorran is a diplomatic person. He tries to find away around combat by evading fighting and instead trying a diplomatic approach or even intimidation. Dorran believes strongly in fair fighting. He would never approach dirty tactics such as tripping his opponent or disarming them. However his quick witted mind has made him a tactical master. He loves his sword more than a lot of things. He is a gentle man.

    Ongoing storyline: Doran recently returned from a quest with The Q and is still working at The Dancing Fox Inn.

    Mark Arano
    Power Level: 3
    Age: 14
    Race: Human
    Class: Cleric (Secret Level2 sorcerer)
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 89 lbs
    Alignment: N/A

    Equipment: Magic staff, robes

    Backstory: Mark was born into poverty and his parents died of a plague. He was taken on a slave run more than 300 miles from his home. He was sold at a town and had a horrible master. He recently escaped and ran to The Town. He steals to pay for his food.

    Common Knowledge: He is a skinny boy with a brownish/grayish hair. He has a rather quick hand but no class. Otherwise he is a normal boy.

    Ongoing Story: He is an acolyte in the Cathedral of Flames. Cleric for the God TROGDOR. His Master Lupy looks after him and he has friends in the Dancing Fox Inn. After failing Sense Motives several times Mark finds himself with a new master, Halaster, and believing Lupy is insane. He practices necromancy in The Ruby Order with his soul tainting.

    Power Level: Too awesome for words! (12)
    Race, Age and Size: Puppy
    Class: Private Investigator
    BardDog is a puppy that looks like:

    He took a vile of Plus Intelligence and since then he has been able to talk. A side effect of an animal taking this is sometimes he is a puppy and acts childish when other times he is like an adult dog and acts mature. He currently stays at The Dancing Fox Inn and is sidekick to adventuruer, Bortak.


    Race- Archon
    Age- he has been serving his master for Eons without aging
    Power Level- 6
    description- Sabreal is a tall humanoid with blond hair and blue eyes, he wears black plate mail, has a tower shield with his god, Heironeous, symbol on it.
    he also has a Flaming long sword, gifted to him from his God. He also has a pair of majestic blue wings out of his back, they enable him flight, and work as a shield for his back.

    Backstory- Sabreal was the Archangel working just under his master, Heironeous, doing only the most difficult and important tasks. He had done hundreds of these for his master, and usually can out with nothing more than a few cuts and bruises, that Heironeous would fix for him. Until one of his last missions he was fighting a near god or darkness and vile casting, and Sabreal made a slip up because of his arrogance, and he was caught with out a way out by the Mage. As he lay there, unable to move, the Wizard tried to steal Sabreal's power and life to add to his own. Until a valiant Tiefling by the name of Thoven came in to help Sabreal. He used a magical orb to set the mage on fire, this worked especially well because part of the Wizard's soul was out side of him trying to absorb Sabreal. Sabreal finished to Caster and returned to Celestia.

    But when he got back Heironeous told Sabreal that he had sustained more than Physical damage, that the Mage had succeeded in taking part of Sabreal's Soul and he was no longer strong enough to carry out most any of his tasks. Generally if this had happened to an angel of Heironeous they would be retired to a spot in Heironeous's court in Celestia, But Sabreal was not content to give up his Work, and asked for any task he could have, Heironeous smiled upon his ever willing archon and gave him Work, He was to convert Thoven the Tiefling to the Ways Heironeous.

    Only, little did Sabreal know when he agreed, Thoven is a Evil and uncaring creature, who he is now indentured to stop and convert nonviolently.

    Before the event Sabreal was able to fight hit for hit with most lower deities, but now he has been reduced to a small cluster of his former power, stripping him of most of his divine abilities.

    Equipment- His sword is made from the divine flame and Lightning and nothing short of godly immunity to both will protect you from it, but if you do have both It will still act as a regular sword.
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    Post Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Midnight (real name is Jay)
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Weight: 245lbs (ALL muscle!)
    Height: 6ft 5"
    Class: Ranger (former assassin)
    Alignment: Neutral-good

    Looks: Tall, muscular, pale skin, dark hair, grey eyes. Midnight also has a tattoo on his face,(a custom of his village, it signifies he's a man). (look at my avatar, that's midnight).

    Clothes: Black! All black! Boots, pants, shirt, cloak! IT'S ALL BLACK! (P.S. He also usually wears a cover over his mouth).

    Weapon's: A LOT! He has two hooked swords, a katana, a short-sword, a dagger, throwing knives, poison- tipped needles, and shuriken. Not to mention he has a mastery of dark magic and a wolf named Fenrir who is his pet.

    Back story: Midnight comes from the village of Alren. His father was the leader of the village, and one day when he was little, a man went up too him and asked some questions about his dad. Midnight, knowing no better, answered them truthfully. Later, when he came home with his mother, he found his father lying dead on the floor and that same man standing over him. The man then turned and killed his mother, he next went to kill Midnight, but that is when he first learned of his dark powers. Then, fearing the village would hate him due to his dark abilities, he fled into the forest. There, he was raised by a pack of wolves, Fenrir was like his brother and never left him. Also, while in the forest, Midnight perfected his dark magic and trained in the use of swords and throwing items. During his training, the warlord who hired the assassin that killed Midnight's father took control of the village and Midnight swore revenge on the man. That's why he hates his name, he was named after his father.

    Personality: Midnight is usually serious and has an overall negative attitude. Though he seems mean, once you get to know him Midnight is nice. However, Midnight does not easily let people in. Midnight is not very talkative, and his only real friends are mostly wolves. He is trying to become nice and good, but it's difficult for him, being a former assassin. Also, Midnight doesn't need to sleep, but only has to meditate two hours a night. Additionally, Midnight is left handed and secretly likes poetry, but would rather die than admit it.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Gokol (PC)
    Race: Demigod Leonal Guardianal(Might be misspelled) Half Elf(I know it's quite the mouth full.)
    Gender: Male
    Class: Ranger/Priest of Olidimarra(Now inactive never actually worshiped that god as explained later.)/Thrall of Pazuzu(Only Enough to gain the Black Feathered wings) I don't renember about the class, but he can not use it anymore. I will explain why in my profile.)/Leonal Guardian(Might be Guardinal) 10(Full for the class) /Paladin/Monk/Rogue/ priest(Note these four are used as stepping stones to create variations on which I will explain why later.)/Paladin of Gokol/ Fist of Gokol, Claw of Gokol/Priest of Gokol/
    Age: Unknown though appears 20 in his illusion of his former self and about 30 in his true form.
    Height: 8 Feet Tall exactly though appears about 6 foot 2 in his illusion form.
    Weight: 300 LB
    Name: Gokol Arika
    Alignment and Temperment: Usually neutral good, but Gokol seems to have a inhuman grasp of all good points and doesn't like to choose just one and thus he can count as any of the good alignments depending on how he is acting at the moment.
    Hair Color: Varies Golden Blond to Golden in his natural state, but has plain brown hair in his illusion form.
    Eye Color: Blue in either form
    Equipment: See below for clothing.
    He carries a Masterwork Returning Demonsbane Holy Sonic Broadsword with a golden hilt in the shape of male lions maw that makes it look like the blade is sticking out of a lion's maw. It is called The Roaring Golden Lion. It is a power Artifact(Perhaps even a major one) that can do an attack called the Lion's Roar which is basicalmassive sonic attack. (Information on this is due to change and I looking for Homebrewers to help out me with this and other projects of mine.) He also has plenty of other items he brought with him including his home reality's Thrown of Pazuzu.
    I forget the actuall name of it and most of what it does, but I will be searching for the complete info. basically it a Levitating upside down jewl encrusted V-Roc Talon that can be summoned to the owner's side once per day.(Note: This includes Planar Travel and appearently can breach realities as well.) It does allow you to cast some spells(With a particular limite depending on the individual spell.), but I am sure which ones. Note: Extremely hard to get considering to become the owner of this item since it was owned by such a infamous Demon. Demons are hard to kill for good since the usually just are reborn comparitively quickly if I renember correctly.

    To most people Gokol just appears in as Half-Elf in dull brown robe.
    As his abilities allow him to cast an illusion that makes himself resemble his previous self which attracts less attention. His equipment and clothing can change this illusion though. In what has become a
    He was born on what he would eventually refer to as Different Reality. In a village of Socialy open people of various races. He was accepted in the community by all residents and lived a happy life until the village was almost enslaved by a Evil Wizard who his followers nicknamed Waxy because he liked to turn his enemies into Wax, but his reality's Olidamarra rescued them because he didn't the evil wizard becuase he was a control freak and stood against the ways of Olidamarra. Eventually Gokol managed to befriend the god who liked him enough to let him use some of his divine power when he needed it(Thus making him count as Priest of Olidamarra at that time.) and Olidamarra himself spread word that Gokol was infact a welcome a trusted friend of himself. He eventually trained to become a Ranger like his Father though he also inherited the Blacksmith skills and Swordmanship of mother. He was eventually corrupted by the Demon Prince Pazuzu and lost all sense of his former self temporarly as a thrall of Pazuzu. He grew a pair of Black Feathered wings. Olidamarra saved his life once again this time by a sending a Leonal Celestial to bond with him and his feathers turned white under power of the Celestial which wasn't usually part of becoming a Leonal Guadinal, but he was a special case. Gokol seemed to be a natural talent for the form and quickly mastered it's abilities turning himself into variant of the Leonal Guardinal he should have become. He was now a Winged Leonal Guardinal with slightly pointed ears. Gokol even found a way to Permanently Kill all the types of Demon, but it's a closey kept secret by him to this day. After using the previously mentioned method to kill Pazuzu he trained in countless classes over the years modifing them as needed as none suited him perfectly. He discovered how to travel between realities and created several fantastic items and perhaps even life. He made many a friend and many and Enemy and even married sometime after a religion had formed arounded which has turned him into a Demi-God. He had made friends with other deity's through out his Journies sometimes multiple version of like in the case of Olidamarra. I'll leave his Wife a mystery for now, but let's say she has a Dragonmark. Back to the history. One day his Reality Traveling Device(Think Stargate Spoof.) that he had invented malfunctioned when he was alone carrying alot of stuff. In a huge cart pulled by himself. He was using wagon(Gypsie Kind modified alot though.) activity kind of like one would weight clothing except that he was many carrying items in wagon that combined worth trumped any weighted clothing by quite a bit. He arrived in town in the dead of night and before everyone knew it the Temple of Gokol had opened up in town in order to keep Gokol as Demigod before he loses his powers. He also hopes to use this to spread his way to the people of the town and this reality eventually. He also hopes to meet up with his loved ones again, so that's another goal of his.
    Common Knowledge
    There is none I mean common Gokol is too bizarre to have common anything. Heck I forgot to mention that he owns a Quiver of Infinity that his a heirloom of his father's family which is ironic because he rarely uses a bow.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight:100 lbs
    Class: Ranger 16
    Equipment: Leather Armour, Longsword, Longbow with quiver & arrows

    Backstory: Leigh has been a ranger in the forest as long as she can remember. She was an orphan, and has no memory of her parents whatsoever. Her senses have been finely tuned to nature, and was taught the world's secrets by a master who took her in when she was very young and couldn't fend for herself. He taught her all necessary life skill, and helped her to make a longbow which she still uses to this day. She never learned her masters name, but four years ago, his parting words were "be well, " and he gave her his own longsword, which is also still in her possession. Since then she has been protector of the forest, aiding those who live in its depths and guiding those traveling through it. On her own, however, she attracts trouble like no one's business. Once alone in the forest, she found herself facing an evil wizard (who only called himself Bob, but somehow she doubts that this was his real name) with a grudge against her long-lost mother, with a powerful cleric at his side. She managed to fight off both of them for while until the cleric betrayed "Bob" and decided to help her. Bob, enraged with good reason, lost control of his powers, and killed the cleric in the process. Ever since that fight, Leigh has had the uncanny ability to cast certain spells, such as "heal" and she also had "tongues" cast on her permanently. She can only imagine that some of the clerics powers were transfered to her... but it's a secret that she'll never reveal.

    Common Knowledge:
    - Leigh is always looking for an excuse to beat up a hobgoblin
    - She has a pleasant disposition, unless you get in her way which you will deeply regret
    - She prefers to help invisibly, acting as an "unseen guardian"
    - She's always underestimated, and she hates it
    - She has amazing skill with a longsword, and perfect aim with her longbow, but prefers a shortsword or hand-to-hand combat
    - Leigh is tactful, straightforward, and brave, but her stubbornness and arrogance can sometimes get the best of her.
    - She loves to say "savvy."

    Ongoing Storyline: Besides looking for hobgoblins to kill, Leigh has come to town to take a break from all of her adventures. So far, that hasn't worked out.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    my turn to make a charerter...
    gender: male
    weight:150 lbs
    gear:padded leather along with greataxe with some leather boots
    hair color:black
    eye color:red
    skin color:green
    full name: karnkain "stabby" blooddrinker
    age: 20

    karnkain was born to a human mother and orc father and was taught combat by his father and eventually left to become a adventuerer

    common knowladge:
    -he has no idea what 'retreat" means
    -he likes to cause tavern fights,a lot
    -he is dumb,VERY dumb
    -he is always looking for a excuse to "smash people"

    ongoing storyline: he has come to town to find new people to "smash" and to enjoy himself

    EDIT:a new charerter i thought of..
    height :5'00"
    weight:100 lb
    class:7 rouge 3 sorcerer 10 assasain
    hair color:black
    skin color:purpleish
    eye color: black
    full name: zentu shadowbringer
    equipment:a sword that glows strangly purple and a dagger that glows green,black leather armor with dark daemon blessings enchanted in it with black leather boots that can allow him to disspear in a black fog,a cloak that is black.
    age: 130

    zentu was orphaned at a young age and was taught his current knowladge by a drow being controled by a daemon years later he joined a group of assasins and went to the town to do some "business"

    common knowladge:
    -he can be cruel sometimes
    -his dagger and sword are both enchanted
    -he hates any elf that is not a drow

    ongoing storyline:he has come to the town to do some "business"
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Denling Dawklin

    [Stats and Description]
    Race: Human
    Age: 30
    Alignment: Neutral Evil.
    Height: 5’ 11”
    Weight: 120 lbs.
    Hair: Grey, neck-length
    weapon: kukri
    Denling is only 30 years old, but he looks like an old man. A life of high stress and perpetual insomnia has left his skin wrinkled, his eyes sunken, and his hair grey. Denling wears a large beige coat with an oversized collar to cover his face. He also wears a brown hat with a brim over 3 feet in diameter. The old hat’s fabric is full of holes and colorful patches.

    Denling has spent his years being a snitch, a mole, or extortionist depending on the situation and what information he knew.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Rick is a cadet recently graduated from military school.
    He wears glasses, but he's very athletic. He likes to be very quiet.
    He doesn't uses Magic, or any other kind of Arcane powers, he believes only in had-to-hand combat and guns. Big guns.
    He's about 17 years old, 5,7 ft. tall. Thin, but not anorexic-thin.

    He speaks in blue Arial Narrow.

    Reference pic:
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    description and stats
    Name: Bariskep Leeere
    Race: halfling
    height: 3'5"
    age: 25
    class: Ninja 20
    stats: strength:21 dexterity:30 constitution:19 intelligence:18 wisdom:20 charisma:15
    alignment: chaotic evil, he has learned that evil is easier to embrace than resist.
    hair: shoulder length black dreadlocks with blood red beads braided in.
    eyes: right around where his eyes should be there is a slash mark across his two eye sockets and his eyes are completely white
    equipment:He dual wields katanas with pulsating black/green/red runes along with them and they will automatically return to his sheaths on his back on command and he also has some spare shruiken. His clothes consists of a black vest with black shirt and black pants. Also when he is trying not to be noticed or seen he wears a mask over himself and it has no no eye-holes. He also owns a wagon-house.
    languages:halfling,common,undercommon,elf,orc,troll,dwarf,g nome. during his training he learned many languages.
    other features: The slash marks across his face and there is also a slash mark going up from his torso to his neck. One other major feature is his left cheekbone looks twisted.

    He was an average halfling living in a nomadic halfling caravan.
    He also had his lover who he had been handfasted with(Like a mini marriage many move on to other handfastings but some stay longer and possibly have a true marriage. Also there is no real stigma from moving on to a new handfasting)So on the next day he was about to marry her(permanent marriage very few halflings take these)but some misfortune was about to befall the caravan. What had happened was the caravan was passing by one of the towns they had passed by some years ago.They were not going in for a reason, the halflings had stole a little bit too much and the humans had somehow learned the caravan's name. So as the halflings were passing by the human settelement got word of it and prepared an attack force. The humans attacked by night and completely devastated the caravan they left one survivor, Bariskep, but not without mutilating him first. they let him got to spread why not to mess with that human settlement to other halfling caravans. But their plan backfired because Bariskep wouldn't be accepted into another caravan if he even wanted to. As he was struggling to survive blind and bleeding he got taken in by a isolated ninja master. there he trained in the ways of a ninja and he also learned how to function even though he was blind. So after he learned enough he went back to the town and worked with the town's underworld to wreak havoc in the town. after he pulled a really big job he decided to leave town to let the heat cool down he now encountered the town and has decided to take residence for the moment...

    common knowledge
    -he cannot notice colors for some reason
    -he has white eyes and a slash mark across his face
    -he is not a very sociable person
    -he seems to have an affinity to getting excessively drunk
    -he also seems very lonely

    he is an alcoholic because he just wants to forget his problems

    ongoing storyline
    to be made...

    speaks in red comic sands
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    Telepathic Female Elf

    Bubbly, outgoing, NOT shy.

    Wears Green robes.

    Speaks in [FONT="Verdana"]Lime Verdana.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Picture of Nikolai


    Name: Nikolai Ruscelli
    Age: 18
    Race: Human.(also, lycanthrope >>)
    Hair: brownish-red, shorter in the back than the front
    Eyes: Brown-green hazel, usually with glasses
    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    A necromancer, Nikolai can only use her powers over the undead by kissing them (much like the princes in Disney movies like Snow White and Sleeping Beauty), and, although she has no problems with doing such, she isn't really a necrophiliac in the traditional sense.

    Since coming to town, she has bumped into Faust (Raistlin1040), the insane half-dead necromancer, who used and abused her, to the point of eating random parts of her (her arms have scars from this). At one point, he had even infected her with lycanthropy just because. Even so, Nikolai fell hopelessly in love, and, since leaving him, has been in something of a depression.

    When Nikolai made her escape from Mr. Faust, she was badly injured, and, in Trog's found Amelia (Admiral Kelly), who healed her and was also a necromancer. Amelia took her home and showed her a few of her own techniques, before attempting to seduce the poot necrophiliamancer, who got nervous and refused angering Amelia, who turned out to be a werewolf with a vore fetish for young girls. Insert awesome werewolf fight here.
    In her fleeing from Amelia, Nikolai met the awkward and timid Charna (Cobra_Ikari) and the two have struck some odd sort of friendship since.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    So, this is where one would begin by posting a character, right? Okay, here goes.

    Name: Sol'deth Hlaeghymn, of the venerable Hlaeghymn line.

    Race: By all outward appearances, an almost perfectly ordinary Gray Elf. A bit pale, and cool to the touch, but otherwise normal enough... Right? Well, sort of. He's actually a Lich, but thanks to a well-worn Ring of Gentle Repose, he looks pretty ordinary - doesn't even have a Frightful Presence.

    Class: A Wizard of no small power, possibly even an Archmage. Given his fascination with new knowledge, it is not difficult to assume that he may also be an Archivist.

    Age: Gods, he hasn't known what age he is in decades. XD Suffice it to say, he's pretty old. Granted, elves live for a fair stretch anyway, so 'old' is kind of relative, but he's been around a while.

    Alignment: Neutral Good. Drifting more toward neutral than good, to be honest, but that's mostly because he's rather clueless.

    Description: About human height (Gray Elves are usually taller than High Elves, I believe, and he's a fairly tall specimen of his race) and thin, with silver hair and gold-brown eyes, Sol'deth would probably appear as graceful and beautiful as any elf to most humans, but closer inspection from someone more used to dealing with Elves would likely notice something... off. For one, he's rather clumsy; mostly from being absent-minded, but the whole being undead thing doesn't help. Plus, he just looks kind of 'off'.

    Weapons: Sol'deth has only two weapons that could be classified as such; the first, a small silver dagger, is inlaid with runes and enchanted, making it a theoretically useful weapon, but Sol'deth is nearly incompetent in its use, keeping it only for practical uses and the occasional magical rituals/experiments. His other weapon, a stout yew quarterstaff, is actually a Runestaff of Evocation, which provides some quick firepower in a pinch.

    Backstory: Sol'deth doesn't actually remember much of his history; though his knowledge of magic (and history, and geography, and, well, just about everything...) is almost unparalleled, the years of study and magic radiation have rendered him slightly senile, and he has trouble remembering certain things (like what year it is, what continent he's on, etcetera...). The fact that he may or may not have dabbled in time travel at some point can't have helped, either.

    What he does remember is that he's spent most of his life traveling, seeking arcane lore and hoping to understand the nature of the planes. Apparently, part of that lore he found enabled him to become a Lich without committing any blatantly evil acts (well, he did have to pay a rather large sum of money for a few donations of virgin blood and a human heart, but all were obtained completely legally and without any murder, so he considers it a fairly neutral act). To his credit, he made it several years before he finally cracked and undertook the ritual; honestly, how could someone possibly turn down immortality?

    Personality: Sol'deth, for all his vast intellect and stores of ancient knowledge, is a bit off his rocker. He only occasionally remembers where (or even when) he is, and is extraordinarily bad at detecting sarcasm or deception. Because he is so used to high levels of magic, his sense of reality is somewhat warped as well; for instance, he assumes that all statues, paintings, or other works of art are magically sentient, and can often be found asking gargoyles for directions. Ditto for just about everything else - some part of him just refuses to acknowledge that most birds don't speak Auran and that most hearth fires aren't made of magical, ever-burning heatless flame (good thing he doesn't feel pain...). He's literally become so used to magic as a way of life that he's as likely to pass through a wall as use the door right in front of him.

    Common Knowledge: Not much is known about Sol'deth yet; he's just entered town. All that's immediately apparent is his race and status as a spellcaster.

    Notes: Talks in silver.

    Ongoing Storyline: Er, none yet.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    I'll be posting my character/s for the town threads here, if that's alright.

    Caliel, the Golden Prince

    Name: Caliel
    Race: Lamia (Naga)
    Profession: Shaman, Healer
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 6’
    Tail Length (From Torso): 20’
    Body Type: Strong build, as though a warrior.

    Equipment: A double tipped Shortspear, weighted for balance, the weapon of his clan as well as a curved dagger. A shoulder strap messenger bag carrying a few standard healing supplies as well as personal belonging such as a spare tunic and belt. A small bag of semiprecious stones, crystals and a bit of coin.

    Abilities: Slight bodyshaping abilities such as the ability to make someone’s muscles stronger for a moment, increasing their strength slightly for a while, or changing one’s features to disguise them a bit. The most he can so is to change his own tail into legs, though that takes severe concentration as well as exhaustive amounts of energy to do.
    Minor healing abilities, Right now healing cuts and light wounds. It would take him quite bit of time to heal broken bones as well as the appropriate supplies.
    Able to create glyphs and seals of minor power to ward areas.
    Capable of very minor magics, (Think cantrips)
    Shamanistic summoning though very limited due to his lack of experience.
    Handy with a spear, quarterstaff and similar weapons as well as daggers and claws, but very inexperienced with swords, hammers, and other weapons.
    Lamia (Naga) also have been known for their grapping capabilities, as their powerful tails have been known to crack shield with powerful slams, and rend amour in their crushing embrace.
    While not nearly strong enough to do as legends say, Caliel’s tail can be quite dangerous still, lithe and agile, a powerful slam or constriction may cause serious damage to the person on the receiving end.

    Backstory: Caliel, also known as the Golden Prince to the Lamia of the Malir Kingdom, never could stay in one place for too long. Trained as a healer and warrior, his kind are known throughout his people as Spiriters, Te’Narri, or Shaman. Though his race is never quite trusted, once known as predators and hunters, this was long ago and there have been peaceful, though distrustful negotiations and trading between races as of late.
    Description: Caliel has short dark gold hair, his tunic, often a dark red. His scales shimmer a soft gold along his hips, covering his powerful tail. He holds himself with a slight air of nobility, a strength to his poise as he glides.
    Caliel, The Golden Prince
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name:Tabea Abendroth
    Statistics: Female Human Bard, CG
    Appearance: She looks about 19. She dresses rather plainly for a bard, in adventuring clothes rather than performing costumes. She has long brown hair, green eyes, and a large blue rune on one cheek. Her equipment is really quite good for such a young person.
    Background: Well, she just got into town so not much is known quite yet...
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Aria
    Race: Elf
    Profession: ......
    Age: Young
    Height: 5'3
    Body Type: Strong

    Other Facts: A very evasive elf.:

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Gender: Male
    Race: Phodath
    Height: 5'5/1.65 metres (although this can vary)
    Weight: 211 lbs/95 Kilograms (again this can vary)
    Age: Uncertain, but probably several thousand years old. Quite young for one of his species (about the equivalent of a human in their early twenties).
    Class: Amalganite (master of a technique which involves replicating aspects of other beings and weapons at a strength level proportionate to the Phodath's own psionic strength. All such manifestations are dull grey and semi-transparent).
    As a Phodath, he also has a few innate abilities including a very fast regeneration rate, abnormally high resilience and a lot of mental defences.
    Temperment: Cautious with a touch of paranoia. Fairly amiable and polite underneath though, with something of an explorer's spirit.

    As a phodath, he looks mostly humanoid with a few oddities. His skin is a very dark purple in colour, and his face is rather long and angular. His eyes have two pupils each, one above the other, in a figure of eight iris (which is orange) and his front teeth are all slightly pointed. His tongue is forked. He lacks hair, but has two short downward pointing horns at the back of his skull. His arms are quite long and each of his hands has seven digits (six fingers and one thumb).
    He carries no weaponry and is dressed in a strange silvery garment which covers most of his body. This garment can alter it's shape (to an extent) as the wearer wishes.

    Helivrek is a Phodath, an odd race of travelling extradimensionals from an extremely distant corner of the omniverse, who has accidentally fallen into The Town through a hole in reality (or so he claims, in fact he just spectacularly botched a jump between universes). As someone who has travelled between 'verses before he is not overly worried and has decided to stick around for a while, particularly since this area of the omniverse is new to him. The fact that the inhabitants have no real idea about his species is also a factor, as phodath have a reputation as catalysts for unfortunate events (one which isn't entirely unjustified).

    [Common Knowledge]
    Most people would get a faint feeling of 'oddness' off him, a sensation that he's somehow out of place. He does register as psionic to anyone who can sense such things.

    Speaks in the same font as his name is written. The word phodath is both a singular and a plural.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    None yet.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Race: Halfling
    Class: Assassin Epic 20
    Alignment: CE
    Age: 22
    Height: 3' 4"
    Weight: 60 lbs.
    Hair colour: Black
    Eye colour: Green
    Weapons: Dagger, Throwing knives, Bow, Short sword
    Equitment:Black Cloack, black shoes, Chain mail


    Dorgo was a slave to a kobold outlaw. He was saved by a human raid and joined them until they were assassinated by an assassin guild. The leader took him and trained him in the dark arts of the assassin. Dorgo hated his training and his master and soon he hated everyone around him.



    [Common Knowledge]

    -Hates necromancers
    -Hates clerics
    -Has strict code to not kill innocent unless paid to
    -Hates law
    -He loves vampires
    -He hates hobgoblin
    -He has never trusted anyone enough to not kill them

    [Ongoing Storyline]

    Dorgo met some political advisors who want anyone who worked against them dead. Dorgo works on commission and goes wherever needed to kill and silence.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Arcadius Plato
    Gender: Male
    Race: Elf
    Height: 5.5 feet tall
    Weight: 135 lbs.
    Age: 127
    Class: 15th Evoker (basically a wizard who specializes in Evocation spells)
    Temprement: outgoing,attention seeking,curious, studious, and rather eager to cast spells

    enlongated ears, longish hair that is dark brown and his face is typical with his race is what is his physical description. his eyes are a deep green, and he wears a deep blue robe with random sigils lining the ends of the sleeves. he carries a Staff

    he has been living at an Elven academy for Wizards, sent there by his parents, a Sorceress and a Cleric, to become another magic user in his family. he currently awaiting to go to his next teacher, who will teach him conjuration. he is rooming at the inn because he wishes to study interracial relationships. on the side, he has been adventuring, gaining levels and gaining money.

    [Common Knowledge]
    he is mostly considered a smart person, perhaps because he obviously looks like a wizard, but because he is so widespread in his learning

    -he dislikes Orcs greatly, and will ignore them
    -he will blast any drow he see's indiscrimatly

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    none, he just got here
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)



    From left to right: Formal Lupy, Fighting Lupy, Preaching Lupy.

    Name: Archbishop Lupy I (or the great), Servant of TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR

    Race: Human/Fire Elemental/Demigod (on certain occasions)

    Age: Lupy is about 40, although he is in fairly good shape, and his face still looks ageless from the years he hasn't aged due to being in other planes

    Class: Lupy is a cleric, with several ranks in the Keeper of the Eternal Flame, Bishop, Patriarch, and Exarch prestige classes. His power level is seven, and he is largely homebrewed. As a warpriest his powers are often combat-centric.

    Alignment: A recent visit from the physical incarnations of Law, Chaos, Good, and Evil has made Lupy agree to put Neutral Good in his file.

    Items: Lupy has massive resources, including 7 quintillion gold pieces in interest... He also owns several diamond mines and a construction company.

    Backstory: Lupy was the child of some wealthy merchants who did not approve of his near obssesion with religion as a child. When he expressed a desire to become a cleric of the new fire god Trogdor at age twelve, there was an argument and he ran away from home. He wandered around the Northern part of the continent preaching and staying anywhere he could. When he was 17 he finally had amassed enough gold to build the first temples to Trogdor. While called a church and chapel both are fully sized Cathedrals in the north. The Cathedral of Flames is the second largest of the three and is currently the home of all male acolytes.

    Known facts about Lupy:

    *Has two brothers and a sister, he is the oldest
    *Is 5'5 tall in his usual human form, elemental Lupy is 5' 9" tall, and angel Lupy is 7' 0"
    *Black hair, dark eyes, typical Italian look
    *He has a niece named Lilian who is in the church
    *Lupy is out to kill Umbris, he will stop at almost nothing to do so

    Things characters notice:
    *Lupy has the ability to change into a fire elemental at will.
    *Lupy radiates enough heat to make anyone within two feet of him begin to sweat. He realises this and generally sits farther away unless I state otherwise.
    *Lupy is a good leader and keeps his head, but when he gets angry it's a good idea not to be the person he's shooting at.
    *Lupy tends to enjoy educated people's presence more than uneducated people's, or those who are religiously biased.
    *Lupy's emotions are nearly impossible to read due to his being a blend of fire elemental and human, his blush and blood are orange.
    *Lupy is easy to approach and will always answer questions (especially about TROGDOR)
    *Lupy has recently aquired a strong dislike of lawyers and reporters.
    *Lupy dislikes law enforcement
    *Lupy is an emotional person
    *Lupy is defensive of his church, god, niece, pretty much everyone/thing he cares about

    Speaks in Dark Orange default font

    The Temple Laws:
    Thou shall not kill
    Thou shall help thy neighbor
    Thou shall respect all men, save those who do not respect others
    Thou shalt treat others as he would have himself treated
    Thou shalt help those in need
    Thou shall always honor TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR
    Thou shall respect athority
    Thou shalt not consume Lake Dye Yellow 40

    TROGDOR THE BURNiNTOR/Ignus Everflame:
    Male Greater God of Fire
    Domains: Fire, War, Magesty, constanant Vs, and a more different


    Name: Lilian Arellian, Servant of Ignus Everflame (TROGDOR)

    Race: Human, though it is believed that Lupy will eventually elementify her

    Age: 16, Lilian has been in the church since she was 4, explaining her experience in clerical matters

    Class: Lilian is a cleric, though for her last level she took Warpriest. She is level 12

    Alignment: NG, with chaotic tendencies

    Items: Clerical robes, dresses, a suit of light plate armor, a fully sized mace enchanted with lightness by Serene, misc. other belongings

    Backstory: Lilian is Lupy's niece, believed to be his sister's illegimate daughter (read, Lupy's dislike of Druids and refusing to discuss his sister), she has been a member of the church since she was three. Lupy's overprotectiveness has lead to her disliking her Uncle, and men in general. She is in the middle of her "defy all authority at any cost" stage.

    What characters notice:

    *Dislikes men, especially of her Uncle's generation, is uncomforatble around boys of her own age due to growing up in an all girls Cathedral

    *Dislikes her Uncle, the Council of Bishops (minus Serene), the new Archprelate, and Druids (further evidence for the above theory)

    *Is trying to prove that she is a capable warrior. She tends to be a bit overzealous when she pulls out the mace though...

    *Thinks of Serene as her mother


    Name: Bishop Serene of Patria

    Age: 40, she has been in the church since she was 12

    Alignment: NG, Serene believes that there is good in everything if you look hard enough

    Items: Serene has massive resources as a Bishop, and adventured for some years, giving her a goodly amount of personal wealth. She spends most of it paying for poorer girls to attend the school at the Cathedral

    Backstory: Serene was born in Patria, north of Domus. She joined the church at her father's bidding when the Emperor fell, and immediately loved it. She was, and is still, a healing genius, quickly rising through the ranks of the church, becoming a bishop two years before Lupy became Archbishop.

    Things characters notice:

    *She is engaged to Lupy. They can't marry until they are both dead though.

    *She thinks of all the acolytes as her children, especially Lilian. She cried when she found out about Mark, though not as much as Lupy

    *Serene is the sort of woman who everyone instantly thinks of as their mother (or the mother they wish they had had), and as such, is very likeable

    *She doesn't like fighting much, and tries to keep Lupy from going ballistic and causing violence. At the Battle for the City of Brass however, she was among the most feared Bishops on the field 'til she was impaled by the Archprelate and almost killed. She still is worried that she hasn't made her debt up to Tobias
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