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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [stats and description]

    Name: Xevic
    Race: Kobold
    Class: Expert 4 (focusing on knowledge skills, hes a bookworm)
    Aligment and temperament: Lawful Neutral, with true neutral tendencies, laid back, doesnt get aroused to fight much, likes to talk but knows books are good freinds too, would rather go with the flow then fight for his own ideas
    Age: 28
    Height: 4' 1''
    Wheight: 97 Lbs.
    Hair Color and length: ... hes a kobold. Has deep red orange scales and a lengthy 2 foot tail, but his scales are generally not kept in impeccaple condition and so are dulled.
    Eye color: deep green and glossy
    Weapons: doesnt fight much, when he does he uses darts.

    Xevic is a run down little reptilian with peeling scales and torn clothing, after his immagration to the town. He swears hell clean up himself, but never gets around to it. If he did he could be quite a good looking kobold.

    Xevic was born to 2 reformed kobold parents who had broken away from their tribe. His father had shockingly managed to overcome the stigma of being a kobold in a human world and beecome a teacher for less prejudiced humans. His son Xevic is named for the cleric who cast atonement on Xevic's mother and father whereas the clan name was dropped due to a hate for their brutal and evil ways. He has taught his son to love books and the message stuck. Xevic never goes anywhere without a book. His parent's preachings about good never took, but he isnt evil either.

    When Xevic came of age to leave the house (15) he went off to the nearest city where he thought he could buy a book or two. He experienced rampant racial stigma there working for uncommonly low wages in the worst of jobs. He still managed to buy himself a few new books though. However he managed to spark the ire of a noble as he shopped, and was chased out of town. Not wanting to go home, he immagrated to The Town. Here he hopes for nothing more then to lead a simple, comfortble life with his reading and occasional game of darts.

    [common knowledge]
    Most people can quickly tell from the book he is carrying that he likes to read. Other then that not much is really known about him since he is a new comer.

    Xevic is currently reading A Laymans Guide to Herbs, Plants, and Fungi hes about half way through.

    [Ongoing storyline]
    none yet

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [stats and description]

    Shiver Hymn
    Species: Human - Ice Subtype
    Alignment: Why spoil it? Fine. Neutral Good with chaotic tendincies
    CR: 3-4 (he is better described as a monster than a PC)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Height: 4’0
    Weight: 75 lbs.
    Hit Points: 15
    Strength: 11
    Dexterity: 12
    Constitution: 12
    Intelligence: 13
    Wisdom: 15
    Charisma: 12

    A young bleach-white skinned human seemingly devoid of pigment except for grey-blue eyes and light brown hair. He is dressed all in white except for his light brown boots, light grey backpack, and a jade snowflake pendant hanging from a silver chain around his neck. The white clothes he is wearing are a wool cap, a linen shirt, a sash, and thick pants.

    Natural Abilities:

    -dr/5 against Cold
    -Takes double damage from Fire attacks
    -+7 Balance on snow and ice
    -Cold Natural Defenses- 1 Cold damage is added to a successful unarmed attack if Shiver isn’t in negative hitpoints.
    -Cold Natural Defenses- When in negative hitpoints, wounds freeze over and stabilize automatically but further action still causes damage.
    -Cold-Based Breath Weapon 5/day- Stream of cold 30 ft. long and 1/2 ft. wide causing 2d6 Cold damage, +3 bonus to hit, works like normal ranged attack.
    -Cryokinesis- up to 20 times a day: create 1/2 lb. snow or 1/4th lb. ice at will in crude shapes or cause 1 telekinetic damage to unmoving ice.


    40 gp in a pouch
    Winter Blanket
    Mini Chalk Board
    2 Pieces of Chalk
    2 Pieces of Charcoal
    Trail Rations
    A Large Amount of Fresh Fruit
    Flint and Steel
    Blue Ice Jug (usually filled with water)
    Masterwork Ceremonial Blue Ice Dagger with blood within the ice (additional +1 when used as Slashing)
    Hand Crossbow
    Foldable Table
    3 Large Bowls
    2 Large Spoons
    1 lb. of Soap
    10 Dish Rags
    1 lb. Jar of Honey
    20 feet of Twine
    20 Clay Cups


    Shiver was the sole survivor of an accident that occurred while his human tribe of barbarians were crossing a great glacier in the northlands. He was found by the so-dubbed ice gnomes and was raised in their strange and wild ways. An evil human frost mage set a great ice elemental upon the lands of the ice gnomes and their greatest shaman, not yet being able to defeat such a foe, was able to bind it to the young human by performing a ritual deep within the caves of blue ice which involved stabbing the dagger both into his and the child’s heart. The ritual, designed to permanently banish ice elementals from the area, instead drew the powers of the ice elemental through the shaman into the child. By some miracle, the child survived, forever changed to a being with supernatural powers even he has yet to fully master. His mind also seemed expanded as if his instincts and intuition were heightened to those of a cunning warrior or an old sage. These instincts and intuition slowly turned into a whisper in the back of his mind he would hear in times of great danger, such as when he was attacked by a bear. His powers were unnatural, and made the very nature-tuned ice gnomes uneasy. Being that the gnomes of the ice are poor at hiding their emotions, Shiver eventually left of his own free will to seek out a place more accepting. After searching for a year he came across the Town, where a new chapter in his and many other stories begin…

    [Commonly Known]

    Shiver heavily prefers cold drinks and food.
    Shiver never complains of being too cold.
    Shiver likes puzzles, especially physical ones, and solves them as a past time.
    Shiver likes to draw a lot, especially animals from the frozen north(if our character can identify them as such).
    Shiver reads lots of books.
    Shiver seems less shy around gnomes.


    Shiver talks like this or some close variant because I am partially colorblind.

    [ongoing storyline]

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Stats and Description

    Gegiet Zzyxzy
    Race: Elan
    Class: Psion (Shaper) 25
    Age: 100 (B-Day is Nov 18)
    Height: 5' 7"
    Weight 138 lbs
    Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Nutral: dillegent, hard working, very focused and observant.
    Hair: Short, Dark brown, slicked back hair.
    Eye colour: A odd deep green
    Weapons: Mostly powers but just in case he has a magic Quarter Staff
    Familiar: A crystal named Ivere. This crystal is like a normal psicristal of a 25th level psion.


    Gegiet sits down at the table and starts conversing with the person that asked him about his history. "My name is gegiet, an Elan that recently got his human memories back. My name was Ivere, the same name as my psicrystal right now. Ivere was a wizard of quite good standing but he realized that eventually he would get old and die from age. He heard that there was a way to make someone immortal against the effects of time so he demanded that this happened so he could be a wizard that lives forever and can gain immence power. He ignored the Elans warning that he would remember very little and he would basically start a new life. He changed into Gegiet, the person you see now. Named by my clan Gegiet I grew up in a small elan populated town, Erannion, and grew up learnig the ways of a psion, naming my psicrystal Ivere because it seemed familiar. I grew up to become a high standing but always wanting to figure out my human memories so I came to town in search of that and found it."

    Common Knowledge
    -Gegiet psicrystal plays a big part in his daily life
    -Gegiet has a thing for green stuff
    -Gegiet's psicrystals name is Ivere
    -Gegiet has been many places and seen many things
    -Gegeit would rather watch a fight then be in one


    -Gegiet speaks like this while his psicrystal talks like this
    -Gegiet has a demiplane, called the 'Plane of Gegiet', and he goes there often
    -Gegiet seems to be immune to drunkness

    Ongoing Storyline

    None currently


    Stats and Description
    [spot reserved for avi]
    Name: Iria Zzyzxy
    Race: Elan
    Class: Psion (Kineticist) 25 (in a arena standpoint. roleplaying she is about 15)
    Age: 100 (B-Day Nov 18)
    Height: 5' 2"
    Weight: 96 lbs
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic nutral, Free spirted, care free
    Hair: long and red
    Eyes: Red
    Weapons: Her main weapon is here psionics but has a crystal dagger to resort to if something goes wrong
    Familiar: A psicrystal named Ruia. it is a normal psicrystal of a 25th level psion.


    Being an elan she does not know much about her past but her brother Gegiet has told her alot about her history. She was a wizard named Ruia, but was not as sucsesfull a wizard as Gegiet. She takes Gegiet as a mentor and when he decided to be tranfomed Ruia wanted to become an elan too and became an elan with the name Iria. As Iria she learned the ways of a kineticist and became one of a somewhat high standing like Gegiet.

    Common knowledge

    - She likes red stuff
    - She finds good use for her psicrystal
    - She would rather fight than watch
    - She has been many places and seen many things (but not as much as Gegiet
    - Iria's mind is built up with a fair bit of uncontrolled psionic energy and during RP she sometimes lets this energy loose.


    - Iria talks like this and Ruia talks like this
    - She lives in the 'Plane of Gegiet' with her brother

    Ongoing storyline
    none yet
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    Avatars by Vael, badges for both Iria and Gegiet
    Town people, Gegiet, Ivere, Iria, Ruia
    : "Yay! thog and not-nale on zany whilwind adventure"
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Finally I've decided to do it.

    Race: Bio-Mech
    Class: RP guy
    Age: Unknown
    Defining features:
    See avatar- Grey eyes
    None known
    Common knowledge:
    Not yet.

    Race: Thri-Kreen
    Class: Eldritch knight
    Age: 600
    Defining features:
    Deamundus has black chiten, totally unlike all Thri-Kreen. He also has runes covering his entire body, This possible may be what accounts for his really long life, but noone is sure but him.
    This is almost completely unknown, even to Thri-Kreen, but needless to say, he was appointed as an avatar at the age of 15.
    Wars and other catastrophies have destroyed the records and Deamundus himself purged large amounts of his memory away for reasons he doesn't understand.
    Common knowledge:
    He is leader of a Thri-Kreen camp.
    He is totally absorbed in the betterment of Thri-Kreen kind.
    The leader of a small Thri-Kreen outpost
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Shazzam
    Race: Human
    Class: none yet
    Alignment: neutral
    Age: 22
    Height: 6' 1"
    Hair: blonde
    Weapons: none yet

    Shazzam was an average man who has befallen under a strange spell. he stole a ring from a mage. when the mage found out he took the ring back. and the mage cast a spell on him to never have a shadow. the only way to redeem his shadow is to find the mages son to give it back. but first he must find the mages son. after 20 years of searching he could not find him. and has wandered into this strange town.

    Common Knowledge

    has no shadow

    none yet

    Ongoing Storyline

    none yet
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Ra'Tiel
    Race: Deimeir (strongly similar to Drow, but from another realm of existance, pronounced day-mare)
    Class: Wizard 17/Sorceror 3/Fighter 4
    Alignment and Temprament: Neutral, shifts frequently due to self-serving, generally evil nature mixed with occasional moments of extreme good that redeem him for a time. Extremely selfish, prissy, arrogant, with a strong tendancy towards the verbal abuse of others, Ra'Tiel would be evil if it weren't for his tendancy towards his motivation for positive social change and the few people who he will protect above his own life.
    Age: 1,800
    Height: 5 feet, 6 inches
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Hair colour and length: Silvery-white (often dyed black, its natural colour in his youth), short and elegantly coiffured.
    Eye colour: Glowing Green
    Weapons: A jet-black, vampiric katana the seems to to draw out the souls of devils, specifically, to increase its own power through stealing all of theirs.
    Familiar: A large blue-black scorpion. Extremely poisonous, its chiton seems to be stronger than mithril or adamantium in both defense and offense (has cut the limbs from a mithril golem with its claws and reflected blows from an adamantium greatsword). Doesn't do well when exposed to magic or wooden bludgeons.

    Ra'Tiel was born the son of a wizard of one of the great Tower Cities of the Deimeir, floating far above the war-torn world below them. His constant criticism of the Deimeir's retreat from the battle and decision to allow the rest of the world to go to hell was dismissed for many years as youthful vigor and ignorance, until it did not go away as he reached adulthood. Given the natural magic power that flowed in his family's bloodline, the ruling council of the Deimeir saw him as powerful threat to their control, and bade his father to slay him in the match of wills required to gain entry into the college of magic. Ra'Tiel ended up winning the battle, leading the Deimeir council to believe his father had been easy on him. After they killed his father, they found out the older wizard had fully intended to kill his own son, Ra'Tiel just had an extremely powerful natural magical gift.
    After surviving the numerous assassination attempts made towards him, he graduated the Wizard's college while still very young and lept off the edge of the Tower city, using spells to protect him in his descent.
    The army of evil devilish creatures that poured onto the world was too great to defeat, he realized, and instead decided upon a much more drastic course of action; ending their assault once and for all. Shifting himself to the plane from which they came, Ra'Tiel utilized all the natural magical energy he could to amplify his most powerful destructive spell, and succeeded in his goal; collapsing the plane in upon itself.
    Fully expecting to die, Ra'Tiel was surprised when awoke in another world, badly injured and severely weakened in magical power, but alive. Growin his skill on pure intelligence with little of his natural magical gift left (although still a powerful amount), he relearned the magic he had once known through conventional means, rather than naturally, and became a powerful wizard once again, using his newfound ability to skip across various cosmos and incarnations of reality to increase his skills.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Ra'Tiel's arrogance is fairly legendary.
    - That he can shift between realities is widely known.
    - It is known that he collapsed a plane upon itself, but not universally believed.
    - Ra'Tiel had two wives, previously. Neither had children with him, both are dead, one tried to assassinate him.
    - Aercath has travelled across realitues with Ra'Tiel for four-hundred years.
    - Ra'Tiel is an alcoholic.

    Ra'Tiel rarely uses his magic, anymore, preferring a life away from conflict for the first time in a millenium here in the Town.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Bit dead, as of right now. Just a little.


    Name: Aercath (Air-sath being the pronunciation of his first name; there is a cedille on the "c")
    Race: Lich King
    Class: Sorceror 20/Wizard 20/Dread Necromancer 20

    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral. Aercath views all law and leadership as a corrupting force on formerly good ideals, although he will abide by any law he believes is right, he's essentially unfettered by the laws of society. He's essentially good, however, his constant meddling in the realms of undeath and the selfishness of becoming a lich prevent him from ever being recognized as fully good.
    Age: Incomputable
    Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
    Weight: 80 lbs (he's only bone, after all)
    Hair colour and length: None, although when he alters form to appear as a living being, his hair is almost always a dark scarlet, nearly burgundy in colour and falls long and wild down his back.
    Eye colour: Glowing an aquatic, slightly greenish blue or simply black sockets.
    Weapons: A midnight blue broadsword he rarely weilds and seems to affect purely for stylistic reasons and as a last resort. He holds a pinkish shortsword in a bag of holding for similar reasons.
    Familiar: An emerald green skink which can turn completely invisible to all spectrums through a natural, chameleon-like ability that even evades magical detection and can regenerate from utter annihilation back to its full form in less than a minute.

    Aercath travelled the usual route to the path of undeath, nearing the end of his natural life and wishing he had more time, not only for his love of life, but also to continue to do good in the world he lived in. An extremely powerful mage and necromancer, he knew well the requirements to become a lich, and the weaknesses of storing one's life in a simple box. Seeking a more powerful phylactery than this weak shell, his eyes found a powerful artifact. The Eye of Storms wasa gem roughly the size of a human eye that fell to earth during a battle between the greater deity of storms and his rival. A powerful artefact, it is completely indestructable to any being short of a greater deity over overgod. Using this is a phylactery, however, lead to unforseen consequences, sending Aercath on a journey through the plains similar to Ra'Tiel's. He met up with Ra'Tiel and made friends with his fellow mage four hundred years ago.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Aercath's phylactery is indestructable as far as virtually anyone is concerned.
    - He can shift between realities since he unwittingly expelled himself from his own.
    - He is a kind and good-hearted individual, although his methods are questionable (to the say the least) to many, and his mere existance a sin to some.
    - Aercath was born in a barbarian tribe, and the broadsword he wears has sentimental value as a result of this. The pink shortsword was given to him as a betrothal preasant by the father of his fiance. One of the two blades is thought to hold the eye of storms now as its pommel gem, but its unknown if this is true.
    - Aercath has travelled across realitues with Ra'Tiel for four-hundred years.
    - Aercath's army of the undead follows him across realities in a floating, shapechanging castle that seems to exist primarily in some sort of void between realities, since it is rarely seen save when Aercath summons it or his undead army.
    - Aercath loves to sing and dance, and music in general, very much.

    Aercath's love of music is not to be mistaken for bardic talent. His voice is low and crackely (not quite gravelly), and his dancing is slow and strange. He's not very good at either singing or dancing.
    Aercath will be the more "main" of my two characters.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Aercath's army of undead is going to participate in the Guild War, but its allegiance is not yet given or known. He will be fighting the Mafia to avenge Ra'Tiel.


    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Grothak Verskahn
    Race: Orc
    Class: Fighter/Barbarian/Avenger (CG Paladin)
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Grothak is gruff, blunt, and often anti-social, partially because of orc nature and partially because of the horrors he has seen in his own shattered futureworld. Heroic, good natured person, overall.
    Age: Permenantly 47-59 (exact age unknown)
    Height: 6 feet, 9 inches
    Weight: 300 lbs
    Hair colour and length: White, including a five-o-clock shadow of a beard with thicker sideburns. Hair mid-length, in windbraids of a topknot.
    Eye colour: Brilliant, tangerine orange.
    Weapons: A huge, spiked warmace which is enchanted to extend out on a chain into a morningstar. Hugely enchanted.
    His left arm is a robotic replacement with unbelievable strength, durability, and abilities he does not know how to use (since he isn't from the same time period as the arm, by any stretch). A skilled worker would find many useful abilities hidden in its chambers.

    Grothak was a powerful, respected orc chieftain who won the green-skinned orcs or his plane a nation of their own among the other sentients. He wed and fathered a daughter with a Gold Dragon after defeating her in battle and rehabilitating her paralyzed form. Out of fear of his own death, he had his most powerful shamans send him into the future after his own death, thereby making him immortal. He found himself unable to travel back and the future he was trapped in hellish. He lost at least an arm and an eye (well, two eyes, but it was the same one twice) in that world. It haunts him to this day. It is unknown how he escaped and came to be here.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - His daughter is a notable Paladin, and he wishes to find her.
    - He's an accomplished diplomat, and below all his gruffness, you should watch out for slippery words from the orc. He's been known to let others think he's stupid based on stereotype to come right around and trick them.

    Unable to die, by any means or from any force, since his destined death was averted when he skipped over it in time. Can still be injured, as a normal being, though.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    He'll find a way to get involved in the Guild War, I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Josiah McAndrews
    Race: Human with some sort of divine ancestry, see below
    Class: Bard 20/Rogue 5
    Alignment and Temperament: Chaotic Good, Josiah has a love for life and all of it's existences. He is a consummate artist and believes that conflict and strife are complete wastes of time. He spends almost all of his time either partying with people(whether he knows them or not) and doing some form of art. He has been known to be overwhelminly generous.
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown wavy shock of hair flowing down past his jaw
    Eyes: Hazel eyes that shine with life
    Weapons: Josiah despises using violence but when pressed will use either a simple set of magical brass knuckles or daggers placed about his person.

    Backstory: Josiah has spent much of his life studying and working to perfect his art. During his lifetime he has strugled to survive against the forces that push against him, creating a dichotomous mind. He is Bi-Polar and uses his nature to further express his art, which is the first and foremost love of his life. He cares not for conflict or strife in the least and while not a pacifist, will do anything he can to avoid fights. He has recently walked into town from the gods only know where and has bouht a small house which holds his studio. Josiah is also a drug dealer(recreational use only, not an addict) and this supplies most of the money that he uses to furnish all of his needs. He is free spending with his money and believes that what he gives out to people he deem worthy(which doesn't take much. An hour with him at the bar is enough to gain access to his tab for the night) will in some way or another make it back to him. He is interested in everyone and everything and can often be seen as flitting or short attentioned(ADHD, since things like this aren't really diagnosed in this sort of setting) but is very endearing to almost all he meets and talks with. He is convinced that the beauty of life is everywhere and he is determined to experience it all before he dies. He has no intent to "save the world" or any such thing, and is content with simply being whereever he is and cataloguing it in his art. Also, Josiah is a notorious womanizer. While he respects the fairer sex to the utmost, he finds it highly enjoyable to seduce them. It is a game of sorts. And he is good at it. VERY good. ;)In short, Josiah is most likely certifiably crazy, but he channels that insanity into some of the most beautiful artwork(whether it be drawing, painting, writing, singing or practically anything that could be considered artwork.)that can be found in the mortal world. There has been some debate concerning Josiah's heritage. Some knowledgable persons believe that he has a taint of divine in him due to the fact that no matter what Josiah always seems to come out ok, if not ahead, in practically all situations.
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    Post Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Ishukira
    Race: Kari Dragon
    Ishukira originates in an alternate existance, thus here is a description of Kari dragons:[br]A Kari dragon is the largest draconic creature on Krin, the world which they call home. They are the guardians of the Kari Elves, a nation of elves which inhabit the Kari Dessert in the expanse between the continents of Ardath and Chifoldan. Not only do they have inherent magical abilities pertaining to fire, as well as a full immunity to such magics and elements, but once they achieve young adulthood (51-100 years or so) they obtain a single humanoid form which they can change to and from at will, albeit it being a tiring experience. This form is determined by the Kari's current personality when they first take the form upon themselves.[br][br]The size of Kari dragons vary ever so slightly, but they are the largest dragons of their homeworld, ranging between 120 and 180 feet long with a 140-220 foot wingspan. Like the common dragon, the Kari has a breath weapon allowing it to spew fire forth from it's mouth. But unlike other dragons, it is not limited to merely a cone form or a line, they can control the size, depth, intensity, and direction of their attacks with absolute precision, making it harder to defend against their breath.[br][br]While in human form, a Kari's abilities are still fire and combat based, though as a magical creature they are greatly adept at most sorts of magic. This of course depends upon the dragon's own personal preferences when it comes to training in a humanoid setting.

    Class: Dragon
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, though is quick to anger.
    Age: 367 standard years.
    Draconic Form
    Height: Shoulder height - 86 feet. Wing height - 120 feet folded and perpindicular to the ground.
    Length: Head to tail, fully extended - 168 feet.
    Wingspan: 212 feet.
    Weight: Good gods, don't go there.
    Colour: Bronze and golden, metallic sheen.
    Humanoid Form
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 216 pounds
    Hair colour and length: Reddish amber, shoulder length. Gotee.
    Eye colour: Golden
    Weapons: Twin falchions, engraved in Ornith runes for storage in a shadow plane.
    The Ornith are another group of elves on Krin, originating in the forests of Ardath surrounding the Mountain of Keys and the Valley of Kronos. They are inherintly carriers of shadow magic, allowing the most skilled to flicker into and out of the Shadowlands, creating a form of instant teleportation that makes them the most feared assassins of the overworld. A shadow plane is the equivilant of a pocket plane, allowing the storage of something (or someone) until the user calls them back into reality.

    Raised among the Kari, Ishukira was constantly treated as royalty. His parents fulfilled their duty of protecting the elves and the Key of Fire, an ancient relic that when combined with the other seven would release the demi-god Kronos back upon the world. Once he reached the appropriate age, about 56 standard years, the Kari magi helped him in obtaining his humanoid form - that of a Kari male.

    Unlike his siblings, who were content in waiting for magical prowess to come to them naturally over the next thousand years, Ishukira wished to move at the same pace as the Kari magi whom he had been raised around. Because of this, he took humanoid form for approximately one hundred and thirty eight years, using this time to study with humans and elves alike at the Wizard's Tower located in the eastern Triad.

    During his stay he excelled in fire-based magical abilities, learning both defensive and offensive forms. Much to the confusion of the resident professors, he never conjured a single bit of water-based magic, the same going for ice. The only way he could ever accomplish such feats were through runes.

    On Krin, there are three forms of magic: Verbal magic, inherent (natural) magic, and runecasting. Runecasting is where a person takes a stick of wax, uses a Runespell dagger to carve the appropriate rune for the spell into the wax, and then invokes the stick, casting the spell.[br][br]This works because the rune alligns the stick to the proper order, and the wax contains the energy through the fats and lipids of the creatures used to create it, be them animal or plant. Once invoked, the rune disapates, filtering the energy of the wax through the rune and transforming it into the energy vortex that is the desired spell. The wax disappears completely.[br][br]Runespell daggers are silver daggers with the Runespell rune magically burned into their blades, in order to make a rune official. Without this, a rune will not work for invocation. This also means that wizards can safely pen runes onto scrolls for teaching other wizards, so they can know devastating spells without necessarily using them.

    Eventually, as his humanoid form aged more slowly than even those of the elves within the school, Ishukira was found out and forcefully evicted by the more powerful magi in the school. He ended up on the coast of Wiur, an island nation north of the Triad.

    Maintaining his humanoid form, he sought out employment, refusing to return to his dessert home just yet. He found it within the Wiuran Guard, and was shipped out to the Red Isle, where Wiur and its ally, Duridgia, were fighting a vicious island-to-island war against the Ifsori pirates. Distinguishing himself many a time in battle, Ishukira was knighted and became his own commander. His only duty was to seek out threats to the Wuiran nation and eliminate them through whatever means were availible. As his superiors did not know of his draconic origins, he was able to fulfill these duties quite aptly, returning home shortly to obtain twin falchions forged by the now elderly Kari magi whom he had originally worked with to obtain his humanoid form.

    For a while, he existed as such. Seeking out evil and destroying it as best he could. But eventually, he became bitter. The world was boring. It was pointless. Few were strong enough to combat a fully grown Kari dragon, humanoid form or not.

    So he decided to make a side trip. Stopping off in the Andori villages of Chifoldan, he began obtaining information pertaining to the Mount of Keys and the True Elves, items of folklore within the world's history.

    The Andori are another sect of elves, with ice-based inherent abilities.

    In doing so, he accidentally decimated a small Andori village, and the poor Andori thought he wanted a sacrifice. They gave him Kelin. Unable to return the boy, Ishukira was forced to 'adopt' him as his squire.

    From there, the two travelled to the Mount of Keys.

    The Mount of Keys seperates the Overworld from the Underworld. It was errected near the dawn of creation to seal the evil True Elves and their demonic god Kronos in the Underworld.

    Ishu and Kelin proceeded to force their way into the Underworld, traverse the True Elven nation, and enter the Fire Realms where Kronos resided by the Tear. They did not make it to Kronos, however, but were sucked into the Tear, which sent them hurtleling through time and space, and across the planes. They ended up in another world, called Arai, where they participated in a global war for a time until a demi-god of that world evicted them, sending them through yet another rift.

    They are now residing in the Town, as homeless vagabonds, until they can earn enough money in freak shows or performing on street corners to obtain themselves a home.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - When Ishu gets angry, things explode.
    - If Ishu changes into his natural draconic form, run.
    - Do not baste any livestock in barbeque sauce when Ishukira is around.

    Not really.

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Kelin
    Race: Andori Elf
    Class: Fighter and Mage
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good
    Age: 53
    Height: 4 ft 7
    Skin Color: Light blue skin
    Hair Color: Silver (with an almost metallic sheen)
    Eye Color: bright blue
    Weapons: A pair of Andori long swords.

    Fairly cool-tempered and hard to anger, but it *is* possible. Kelin is talkative, curious, eager but very clever. His mind has a large capacity, though he is outwardly young in appearance. He can be a bit excitable and has a tendancy to hyperactivity due to elvish energy. He can be slightly annoying if he's allowed to get out of control. Kelin has a strong natural ability to create ice-elemented magic. This, he can do with ease. However, he is limited in the use of other elements of magic. Kelin sometimes relies on Ishukira to tell him what to do. He is a very loyal elf and does most everything Ishukira asks him to do without blinking an eye. Kelin is very defensive. He believes in fighting for just causes as well as protecting the innocent.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - He has blue skin.
    - He is annoying.

    Looks 14-15 due to slower aging.

    Ongoing Storyline:
    None at present.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Aust Arrowsplitter
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Race: Human
    Class: Spell Knight (Fighter / Sorcerer/ Eldritch Knight)
    Age: Nineteen

    Physical Description:
    Aust stands around 5'7" tall, with fiery red hair that won't be tamed. He usually wears a Green T-Shirt that reads “”Go to Hell?” Been there, done that, and, well, you’re reading the T-Shirt,” blue jeans, and a pair of Jump Boots given him by his friend Egon’s adoptive father. His forehead is adorned with a sapphire blue arcane mark, the mark of his family, and the rest of him has light battle-scars here and there. His right arm is a cybernetic prosthesis, he lost his original arm in a fight with a man named Bruiser. He also carries a backpack and a magical quiver.

    Aust is prone to cracking jokes or making a witty observation when the blow's aren't flying, and even in the middle of a fight he will insult his foe in an attempt to make them angry. He's usually cool and calm, his training in controlling his sorcerer's gift has given him unbelieveable control over his emotions, and when most people would panic, Aust readies a spell or his bow and smirks, usually cracking some sort of insult. He does have a tad bit of a temper, though, and provocation usually earns the provoker a ‘fireball’.

    Bow Charm: A small, bow-shaped charm made from blue crystal, it hangs from his wrist on what appears to be bowstring. It hangs from his left wrist, and far enough that he can easily use that hand to squeeze the charm when it is needed. When the owner squeezes this charm, it transforms into a bow made from a strange blue metal, and is the equivalent of a Mighty Composite (+2) Longbow +2. His original bow, a Composite Longbow he inherited from his father, was broken by Craer the Inept Ninja during a fight in the Ninja Tournament in Chaos City. Aust took up the bow to remember his dad when his parents died fifteen years ago during a random drive-by, and his maternal grandfather (Aust's father's C.O.) taught him how to shoot. Aust has been practicing ever since, and is extremely skilled, keeping his quiver filled with arrows he makes himself. The bow itself has only minor accuracy and power enchantments, most of its power comes from the heavy pull. However, Aust has found a way to merge archery with magic, an ability his grandmother had only seen on the old world. Every nonmagical arrow he fires is imbued with a small amount of power, an amount small enough that it would only affect Aust if he fired a few thousand arrows in the same day (his arms would give out before that).

    Quiver: Aust's quiver was made by his grandma just before he left home three years ago. She enchanted it so that, although it looks like a normal quiver, it holds 200 arrows in an extra-dimensional space. When he draws an arrow, another comes to take its place, and as he puts arrows in they are transferred to the extra-dimensional space. This means that, although he is carrying 200 arrows, he only feels the weight of the 20 that are visible. Also, it has compartments that hold his bow (while strung) and his staff, although the extradimensional space enables them not to protrude overly much... just enough so he can grab his weapon and whip it out in a flash.

    Jump Boots: Brown leather work boots with anti-slip soles with a special mechanism attached to it. Using compressed air, these boots allow the wearer to jump twenty feet into the air, from a stand-still, and land safely. Useable once every twenty seconds. Made by Que, the Not-so-Mad Mad Scientist of Tent City.

    Cybernetic Right Arm: A standard cybernetic right arm, with full articulation and a five-fingered hand. Anything you can do with a regular arm, you can do with this arm, and then some. No strength enhancements or anything, though. Detachable at the wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

    Backpack: His backpack contains food and cooking supplies like one would normally take on a long journey. It also holds the tools for making arrows, a few spare bowstrings, and basic survival gear (flashlight, rope, grappling hook, crowbar, etc.)

    Gender Bender Belt: When worn, allows Aust to change genders. He keeps it unbuckled around his waist for quick usage, buckling it turns him into a rather attractive female with similar features to those of the male Aust.

    Belt of Many Pockets: Lots of pockets that can hold items no larger than a dagger. Slightly magical, because it has sixty-four pockets. It also has item-retrieval capabilities. This belt is kept around his torso, like a bandoleer of sorts.

    Masterwork Quarterstaff: A plain, masterwork quarterstaff, made of aluminum. Won in the Ninja tournament, Aust uses this weapon well, but he’s no expert.

    Kunai: Aust has five kunai he won in the Ninja Tournament. Useful in melee or at range. Two are carried on each thigh, with a fifth he hid inside his right arm, near the elbow. He fights well with these, but is not a dagger expert.

    Ninja Suit: A black leather ninja suit. Great for looking badass.

    Special Attacks:

    Rapid Shot: At the expense of precision, Aust can fire up to three arrows instead of just one. He cannot move farther than just a few steps, however, and still hit his target. This is useful when his foes are attempting to close for melee and Aust wants to soften them up for his allies who use swords and such. He cannot use this in conjunction with Multi-shot, Sniper shot, or Spell-arrow.

    Multi-shot: Aust can also fire two arrows at the same time at different targets. This is even less accurate than Rapid shot, although it allows him to move because he fires two arrows at once. However, they must not be in an obtuse angle in relation to each other and Aust (in other words, Angle EAF, point A being Aust, must have a measure between 1 degree and 90 degrees.) This cannot be used with Rapid shot, Sniper Shot, or Spell-arrow.

    Sniper Shot: This is a single shot fired with extreme precision at a target. Aust must focus on just the target, to the exclusion of all else. Although it leaves him open, it can be extremely useful and VERY deadly if he sees the right parts of his target. The target must be within 110 feet, and any farther makes this impossible. He also cannot move, nor can he use a Spell-arrow, as casting the spell splits his attention too much. However, while using this ability, as long as there is nothing to stop the arrow between Aust and his target, obstructions do not matter. For example, a wall with a small window or a crack in it is no obstruction, as long as he can see his target and the arrow can get through. Aust can also target specific vital areas, crippling his target or killing them instantly. Again, however, this leaves him even more open to attacks than casting a spell, although a someone coming at him from the front would cause him to break concentration to try to react to his attacker.

    Spell Arrow- basically, Aust takes aim with his bow as he casts a spell. This can be especially great for some spells that require physical contact with the subject, the energy of the attack delivered by an arrow instead of a touch, allowing Aust to stay safely out of reach. It takes about the same amount of concentration as casting a spell, and he can move and use a spell arrow, but he can't get the focus required to aim for a vital point (although targeting oh, say, the torso in general works... and having an arrow explode after it hits you in the torso can be pretty bad, and just nicking them is all it takes for the arrow to go off.)

    Aust mainly deals in attack magic. Fire and Air (including lightning) are his specialty, because they both enhance his archery better than the other two classic elements, although he does know a few ice spells in case he finds himself up against a powerful fire-aligned creature. He also knows a few defensive and basic troubleshooting spells. For example, he can teleport short distances, but flight and invisibility are beyond his reach, and although he can conjure up a wall of fire or a small globe of force that can protect one or two people, he cant pull off an impenetrable wall of force or bend light into an impassable and deadly barrier like some mages can. He CAN, however, channel his spells through his weapon, usually his bow (the resulting explosions of fire magic usually discourage melee usage). This can be very useful in some situations, as an arrow charged with a lightning bolt can fly through several targets if the first target dies from the attack, or a fire-charged arrow explodes almost like a grenade, the fragments of the arrowhead slicing what doesn't burn up. He cannot yet channel a spell through multiple arrows, though, and a spell-arrow takes the same amount of time it takes him to fire three normal ones.

    Spell List:

    Detect Magic: Allows Aust to pinpoint magical auras in about 18 seconds. Works WAY better than his normal magic-sense, especially in the presence of powerful magical items (I.e. Wolf's Zodiac artifacts, staff of power).
    Read Magic: Allows Aust to read magical languages he hasn't studied (primarily used for studying other people's spellbooks, etc.). Writing and speaking don't work, though.
    Light: Makes any object shine like a torch.
    Mage Hand: Allows Aust to exert 5 pounds of force on any object up to 50 feet away.
    Fire Shield: Ring of fire surrounds Aust.
    Wall of Fire: Wall of fire up to 220 feet long or a ring of fire with a radius of up to 25 feet appears up to 210 feet away.
    Fireball: Creates a bead of light that flies up to 840 feet, explodes into a ball of fire with a 20 foot radius on contact. Aust's favorite spell.
    Lighning Bolt: 120 foot long bolt of lightning springs from Aust's fingers.
    Mage Armor: Creates a tangible force field around Aust, about the equivalent of a normal chain shirt.
    Scorching Ray: Fires four burning rays, each with a range of 75 feet. Can affect multiple targets, but if focused on a single target, hurts worse than Fireball.
    Teleport: Teleports Aust and three other people (each carrying up to their maximum load) up to 1100 miles. The accuracy of this spell degenerates with the range, and strong magic can interfere with it as well.
    Chain Lightning: Affects a primary target up to 840 feet away, as well as eleven secondary targets. The secondary bolts can stray no more than 30 feet from the primary target.
    Defnestrating Sphere: ball of howling wind launches towards target, can go up to 220 feet away from Aust before winking out, knocking down and launching human-sized or smaller targets up to 80 feet into the air.
    Cone of Cold: A 60 foot cone of extreme cold bursts from the caster's hand.
    Thunderlance: A faint, gray shimmering force in the shape of a spear forms in the caster's hand. The caster may freely make the spear grow or shrink anywhere between 1 and 20 feet long. No matter its size, it is always wielded in one hand, and always strikes as if it were made for a Huge creature (a giant). It grants profiency with itself, and only itself, and enhances the caster's strength far beyond normal for purposes of using the spear. It also destroys minor protective force effects , such as the 'mage armor' or 'shield' spells.
    Globe of Force: Think wall of force, but smaller and weaker. Can encapsulate himself and three others. It is physically breakable, but it takes quite a bit of force (about a half-ton) to destroy it with no magical aid.

    During the Assault on Noctum, during the war against the Lord of the Flies, Aust and a creature known only as Zero Hex (a celestial bound to a suit of magical full plate) somehow accidentally exchanged small bits of their souls, granting Aust these two White Magic spells:

    Cure Moderate Wounds: could easily heal 2 or three moderate cuts from a longsword.

    Holy Light: Drives off or weakens creatures of darkness (Demons, devils, undead, etc.)

    METEOR SWARM: When Aust's life, or the life of his friends, is in serious danger, he can use this spell. It generates 4 2-foot diameter spheres of concentrated fire energy. They fly forward with the force of cannonballs, impacting and generally smashing through anything in their path. They explode at a target point, or, if they fail to smash through an obstruction, they explode there. When they explode, it generates a white hot inferno with an 80-foot radius, and if the four of them explode on the same spot, the temp rises higher than that of the surface of the sun for a fraction of a second. When Aust uses this spell, he passes out for a few minutes, his body not being used to all that energy leaving at one time. He also loses his ability to cast spells for the rest of the day.

    Common Knowledge:
    Aust is a sorcerer. (He has an arcane mark on his forehead)
    He comes from a world with slightly futuristic tech (as evidenced by his arm).
    He seems to have combat experience (weapons, battle scars.)
    He doesn’t carry spell components for some reason (no component pouch, never seen any from the bandoleer. That, and he doesn’t smell like bat guano and sulfur and all the other nasty things.).
    He seems to be ambidexterous. (Often seen dual-wielding daggers or using both ends of his staff).

    Backstory (just a summary.):
    Thirty years ago, Aust’s world was created by the Lord of the Flies merging two worlds.
    Parents died in a drive-by when he was four.
    Grandparents take him in, teach him fighting and magic.
    Bullied at school because of his powers, he was taken out of school in his sophomore year in high school for some reason.
    At sixteen, he left home to strike out on his own.
    At nineteen, he became involved in the war against the Lord of the Flies, befriending several people. This ended with a climactic battle in Hell itself, where Egon sacrificed himself to save the world. Both Aust’s grandfather and his great uncle died in this battle. Craer and Aust, knowing the world was safe for twenty years, decided to go off to train so that, when the Lord of the Flies returned, they would be ready to lead the next generation to victory. They each took their separate routes. Aust, seeing nothing left for him in that world, decided to enter the Void, a magical portal that existed in the middle of a vast wasteland, and ended up in The Town as a result.

    ((You want details? Get to know Aust. I’ll edit them in when they are first said.))

    Notes: This is a character of mine from The RP Site. The current server, 2, ends tomorrow, and I thought it might be fun to continue to play this character while I wait for server 10, which is the ‘in twenty years’.

    "OK, maybe wisdom IS my dump stat, but still, I can bend reality to my will. I can kill a yak from 300 yards away... with LIGHTNING BOLTS!!! That's arcane magic, yo." - Aust Arrowsplitter, spoken in a tournament fight versus the Inept Ninja, Craer.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Lucas Fletcher
    Race: Male Human
    Class: Fighter 10, Order of the Bow Initiate 2
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 160 lbs.
    Alignment and Temperament: Neutral good. Easy going, loyal, quiet, unsure
    Hair Color: Dirty blond
    Eye Color: Blue

    Equipment: Very little. He is wearing a ragged and dirty uniform of black and brown. He has a wide leather belt. He is carrying no weapons or possessions of any kind.

    Appearance: Lucas is tall and thin but well muscled. His appearance is shabby and worn, like he has been on a long journey with little rest. His face is young but lined with years of hard work and care. He has an old, puckered scar that runs from his left ear down his jawline to his chin. He walks with a measured, almost military gait and stands straight, even though it looks as if all the weight of the world used to rest on his shoulders.

    Backstory: Lucas has very little memory of his life before arriving in The Town. He remembers he used to have a powerful longbow, he fought many wars and he has several close friends, but he remembers no details. His only memory is the face of a rough but beautiful woman that burns in his mind's eye. He is certain that they were in love but he does not remember anything else about her. He is a man without a home and without a past.

    Common Knowledge: He is new to the area and looks very, very tired. He carries no weapons and does not appear to have any money.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Zartok
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Blacksmith 8/Ranger 12 (the "smithshooter")*
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: somewhere in the 30s....but nobody really knows
    Height: 4'2"
    Weight: 113 lbs
    Hair: light brown
    Eye: dark green...but a little swampier than that...

    Description: surprisingly heavyset for a ranger. burly and rough. looks like he could kill an ox by strangling, crushing, punching or sitting on it. Generally calm, but prone to sudden rage. DOES NOT like being called 'Zarty'.

    Equipment: a thick black cloak over fairly boring brown clothes. carries a warhammer he also uses for smithing.

    Backstory: Zartok was driven out of his distant hometown by a ferocious army of raiders, with only a pack full of typically rock-hard dwarven bread, a good supply of gp and some smithing tools. he had a smithery, and possibly family, but nothing more can be gotten out of him. eventually, he reached the Yaltrik Mines side of the desert, picked up some good ores, and spent almost a year wandering south through the forest before he found the town. now plans on starting a new smithery, but needs a building and furnace.

    Common Knowledge: he is very new to town and is a smith/ranger.

    *i dont care if there isn't a smith class...I don't play d20.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Marrick
    Race: Human
    Class: Druid, of sorts. But much deeper, wild powers
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: timeless
    Height: alters with mood
    Weight: follows height, but always seems gaunt and mal-nourished
    Hair: Grey, floppy, thinning
    Eyes: Bloodshot, grey. Listless.

    Merrick was once a normal, down at the heel market pedalr. However, falling in with a bad mob scene, he eventually found himself wandering the land, in search of a new home. He left family back at his old home, and wishes one day to return, when he can wreak vengence on those who harmed him.

    On his travels, he has learn alot of contact of the spirits, and seems to have developed odd powers, at a tilt of normal magic or psionics. His ability to alter nature come not from divine study but neccesity, living as he does as the lone wanderer. He is a master card player, a gunslinger (but with no guns) and a reasonable duelist. However after he discovered his latent powers, he gave all this up for the simple powers of nature.

    His companiion, a giant t-rex he tamed in the wild lands, rest soutside the town, hunting what food he can find, ever ready for his matsers call.

    Name: Orlo
    Race: Human
    Class: Agent (15) Rogue (10) Monk (5)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: 26
    Height: 6ft
    Weight: Thick-set
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Sunglasses
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    *If you are wondering why I have made a character redux, it's because I have to modify it while going advanced. Otherwise, it'd be where it normally is. Hopefully, Fenric will find this new one.

    Daedrous Avari
    Weight: 160
    Physical Description: The man before you wears a long, black cloak/coat with chains and necklaces hanging down. You can see a black hood down at his back, and an oversized sword in his hands.
    Class: Fighter (15) Rogue (5)
    Alignment and Personality: Lawful Neutral. He tends to be a bit angsty, but remains himself and enjoys speaking to his fellow towngoers.
    Race: Human
    Eye Color: Dark Brown
    Hair Color, Style, and Length: He has black hair, long and over his eyes, but not blocking his vision. It goes down to his neck.

    Six dark-haired men wearing indentical, black cloaks walked up to a circle. "Are you sure about this?" The lead one nodded. "Begin the procedure." And as he spoke, the floor lit up, mostly around the ritual circle, and began to glow...

    ..."NO! Don't!" A seventh man with the same cloak rose from the center of the circle. He looked around, and then a sword materialized in his hand. "Who are you?"

    The lead cloaked man drew a glowing purple blade and plunged into battle with the seventh. "Nice to... meet... You..." As the seventh's sword came down upon the lead man, he murmured one last word - "Daedrous."

    And so, Daedrous was taken from the outer planes and into The Town, the World.

    He started off very small, and eventually arrived at the Town after being brainwashed of the above, made to think of other things in a fake past.

    And that's that. His deeper history will be explored in the Town. RP with me, you'll find out what happens.

    Ongoing Storyline: Daedrous arrived in Town a week or two after Rivik, one of my past character's death. The following is a list of Daedrous's exploits.
    • Daedrous helped to defeat the Masters, in a plot by Earin.
    • Daedrous fought off the Skye Armada with many's help in a plot by yours truly.
    • Daedrous dissapeared then came back with a new hairstyle and one of the cloaks that the Six who Summoned Him wore. He might talk about this later.
    • Daedrous joined the GUFIPOLICE and sadly recieved some infractions.
    *By Sneak


    Gargantuan, the size of a Wyrm.
    Weight: Alot of that.
    Physical Description: A red dragon closes its eyes and lands his claw next to you, which is roughly the size of Trog's Tavern. It sleeps on a green gem, protecting the gem with its life.
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Race: Wyrm Red Dragon
    Eye Color: Yellow
    Hair Color, Style, and Length: N/A

    Daemorous was born in the far off mountains at the Volcano of Alzora. There, the female red dragon known as Alzora was angered when her mate betrayed her, so she cast all that remained of the dreaded dragon Irav into the center of Alzora, including her eggs. Months later, a single red dragon rose from the flaming pit. His name was Daemorous, the remains of Irav. He killed his mother Alzora for attempting to destroy him and flew off to put his enraged state into action, and only recently arrived at the mountains near the Town.

    Ongoing Storyline:
    Daemorous arrived at the mountains and lives there now.

    *By Simius

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Odysseus
    Race: Human
    Class: Marshal 10/ Fighter 3/ Rogue 3
    Alignment: CG
    Age: ?
    Height: 6’ 0”
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Brown

    For background, check out this site:

    [Common Knowledge]
    -He is the king of Ithica.
    -He fought at Troy
    -He is smart, cunning, and fairly sneaky
    -After Troy fell, he wandered for several years, trying to get home, as told in the Odyssey

    nothing, really

    [Ongoing storyline]
    he has arrived in Town.
    Awesome Keichi avatar by Lord Iames.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Acco Spoot:

    Stats and Description

    Name: Acco Spoot
    Race: Spoot Halfling
    Class: Arcane Hairdresser 17
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good, alignment doesn't matter much to Acco, instead following very loose principles which really only outlaw murder
    Age: 16
    Height: 3'2"
    Weight: 6 stone
    Hair colour and length: Colour varies, length remains frequently short and spikey
    Eye colour: Purple
    Weapons: Magical Scissors of Beautification


    Acco was born into the prosperous Bardic family of Spoot, but rather than follow in her fathers footsteps of being a Bard Acco decided to explore other creative outlets, before settling on beautification, she was instantly shunned and sent out by her Father to learn Bardic talents whether he liked it or not, so Acco came to the Town and refuses to leave on the grounds that it may buy into her fathers wishes.

    Ongoing Storyline

    None..... yet....


    Stats and Description

    Name: Desanudeis Spoot
    Race: Spoot Halfling
    Class: Hobo
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral, fun loving and essentially good, do anything for a quick buck.
    Age: 20
    Height: 3'2"
    Weight: 8 stone
    Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, long and unkempt, very matted
    Eye colour: Purple
    Weapons: Rusty old Shortsword, rotting wooden shield
    A very haggard and messy looking Halfling, carries a tin mug wherever he goes, constantly begging for spare change, it's hard to find a part of his body untouched by dirt and a smell hangs constantly over him, he rarely changes, dressed in a dark red wool vest, a dark green wool overcoat and a floppy green hat.
    Abandoned on the streets by his parents aged ten, Des has picked up the hobo life quickly and fairly easily, enjoying taking little bits of equipment from so many different sources, he still requires spare change to buy the essentials.
    Des used to own a dog, which ran away one night after he was arrested for pan handling, he hopes to find this dog again, but mostly just wants spare change for any exchanged task or reward.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Gaia, though she usually goes by Velesai
    Race: custom outsider
    Class: Druid
    Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good, she cares about the world a lot but couldn't care less about laws, she follows them because it's usually easier though.
    Age: older than the world, current incarnation is 27 years old though
    Height: around 1 meter 50
    Weight: 55 kilogrammes
    Hair colour and length: Green hair which looks a lot like grass, about a decimeter long
    Eye colour: Brown
    Weapons: None

    Gaia created the world from within the astral plane, the only plane in existance at the time. She created all the planes currently known except a fair amount of demiplanes. After that she died because of the expenditure of power. She was reincarnated as a new Gaia, with powers roughly equatable to humans except for her magical powers. She teached the humans and the elves the lore of the druid and the spells belonging to it. After reaching the limit of human years she died and was reincarnated again, this continued for the entire length of time, never reaching the power she once had again. Nor wishing to as she is content with having the power she has now.

    [Common Knowledge]
    It can be easily seen Gaia has a deep connection to nature, a knowledge religion, nature or the planes check (DC: 60) might reveal her true nature if she reveals her real name.

    She has a wolf animal companion called Ferendela.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    None as of yet

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name Markan harad al-Kobi Arakas Azrael
    Race Human
    Class Warlock10/Wiz3/Eldritch Theurge 10/Archmage 5/Heir of Siberys 3
    Alignment Lawful Neutral with strong Good tendencies. He's very orderly and the perfect gentleman. Given most opportunities, he's good to everyone he meets and treats most with respect. He is, however, not afraid in the slightest to justify the ends with the means and sacrifice the good of the few for that of the many.
    Age Appears to be roughly 30-40 years old, though he has white streaks in his hair. He is extremely fit, however.
    Height Roughly 1.7 meters
    Weight 75 kg
    Hair Hangs around ears, black with streaks of white and gray. Also has a short-croped neat beard
    Eyes Intense, entrancing violet
    Weapons "I am a weapon."

    After he graduated from the Academy of Rekkenmark in Karrnath (that's on Khorvaire in the world of Eberron; it's the single best military academy within the world) he went on to a remarkable military career. He's a tactical genius, and a master strategist. His warlock powers, inborn, he uses to good effect, and has spent years perfecting his mastery over the eldritch blast he is capable of putting to good use, among a large variety of other powers. Following the development of his inner powers, he proceeded to master the arcane arts, seamlessly blending wizardry and warlock-born strength into a unique whole. After watching the Last War tear his world apart, he decided the people of Khorvaire were incapable of governing themselves and restarted the War. With an army of warforged and like-minded people of Eberron behind him, he one by one took control of every nation on Khorvaire and united them under one government. That, however, was more than 100 years ago, and he has left a replacement behind to govern the land. He's out now, to return to adventuring and travelling as a way of life.

    [Common Knowledge]
    -The opal ring marks him as an honors graduate from Rekkenmark, for those who recognize it
    -Markan is fond of fine wine, strong drink of any sort, and a good show. He has a flair for the dramatic, as well as illusions.
    -Markan is surprisingly loyal to friends, suspicious to a point and yet unquestioningly trustful of those he considers friends.

    Markan carries an infinite scrollcase at his belt, customized to hold more than 1,000 scrolls of his choosing (as opposed to the normal 50). He therefore has almost any spell he might need on hand in a desperate situation. His rings, armor, and other possessions are all enchanted to serve some purpose or another, and he carries iron bands of bilarro for when a combatant needs to be restrained, as well as several more powerful items obtained from his good friend Gent, of OmniShop fame.

    -Markan is a gentleman to the core - he is generally calm to the point of being unnerving and polite to everyone. He speaks in a formal tone at almost all times.

    - Markan has an extremely odd case of split-personality disorder. There are four primary personas - the Guardian (LG), the Planner (LN), the Gentleman (LG), and the Killer (LE). They don't vy for dominance, they are just inherently a part of his soul, and he switches between them almost at random most of the time. He is unaware of this problem, and typically, it's not noticeable. Their names pretty much say it all, though the Guardian and Gentleman have a tendency to come out at the same time, as do the remaining two.

    [Descriptive Text]
    Out of this darkness steps a man dressed in gleaming gold armor inlaid with smoldering runes of fire. A cloak of crimson with gold flames licking up from the golden hem is draped around his shoulders, held in place by two heavy gold shoulder pauldrons. A tight-fitting black hood covers his head, a golden mask with a reflective ruby visor in the shape of a T in its center. he reaches up with a heavy black leather glove, backed by a golden armor plate on the hand and two rings - one a gleaming opal and the other a ruby - and pulls off hood and mask, which are apparently one piece. He seems older than one might expect, with black hair streaked with white and a short-cropped black beard. His eyes are a striking violet, intense and entrancing and containing no small amount of youthful sparkle despite the apparent age of this man. He radiates an aura of calm confidence and carefully controlled power that is almost palpable, but the small friendly smile on his face does a lot to dispel any illusions of evil from him.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    -Joined Sauros's Guild of Magic
    -Clockwork insects of unspeakable horrors devoured his home plane, and while it was planned to be resolved, it remains unchanged. He seems to have accepted it.
    -Planning on reentering the arena battles after being forced to withdraw, in an attempt to stop the sudden uprise of the war that destroyed everything he knew
    -Something strange is going on, with him appearing as other people, apparently old friends of his, and not realizing it, then promptly forgetting it.


    Name Gavin?
    Race Human
    Class Ranger
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Age Seems to be about late twenties
    Height Roughly 1.9 meters
    Weight About 80 kg
    Hair Short-cut and shockingly white, it's also generally messy
    Eyes Clear and green
    Weapons Efficient, high-quality longbow, properties unknown

    [Descriptive Text]

    Standing before you is a man of relatively average height, with a tough, wiry build and a shock of white hair and beard, mostly covered by his hood. He wears a deep green cloak, perpetually spattered slightly with travel dust and mud, and heavy-duty yet comfortable-looking leather boots. His shirt and pants are black, but a glint of silvery metal gleams from his neck, and a brooch in the shape of a wolf's head pins the cloak up on his left shoulder. A curved, rune-marked bow is strapped to his back, and a quiver filled with green-fletched arrows hangs at his side. He flashes a smile that stretches up to his clear green eyes as a way of greeting.

    Name Unspecified
    Race Phoenixborn
    Class Something divine-oriented
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Age Seems to be late twenties
    Height About 2.3 meters
    Weight 75 kg
    Hair Fiery reddish-orange, seems occasionally to actually be fire
    Eyes Intense orange
    Weapons Phoenix-head staff

    [Descriptive Text]
    Clad in gleaming white-and-gold armor, accented by red leather in the spaces between plates, this strikingly tall man wears a thin red veil over the lower half of his face, leaving his gleaming orange eyes and fiery red hair uncovered. He exudes a calm confidence, and his reddish-brown wings mark him clearly as someone above the norm. In his hand is a golden staff, its head shaped to look like that of a phoenix.

    Name Vythcaex
    Race Dragonborn
    Class Rgr2/Pal5/VassalOfBahamut10/PlatinumKnight10
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Age Indeterminable by examination
    Height No less than 2.7 meters, definitely clearing 8 feet
    Weight 375 pounds
    Weapons His greatsword, Dawn

    [Descriptive Text]

    Gavin is massive, standing at at least 8 feet of height and weighing in at over 400 pounds of battle-hardened muscle. His typical dress is his plate mail, which if examined closely actually appears to be made of solid platinum, the scales underneath the plates a deep blue. He wears a long, flowing cloak with a snowy white hem, completely covered on the back by a midnight image of stars in the night sky, and a greatsword with a blade alone taller than most dwarves, complete with marble white blade and an image of the rising sun on its hilt.

    Of course, the most distinctive feature is the fact that he is no longer human, having become dragonborn in service to Bahamut. His head is reptilian, though his face remains friendly most of the time, and his eyes are like pools of molten gold, staring with unmatched intensity from a face too used to war. Concealed underneath his cloak are a pair of majestic gleaming wings he can use to fly at a moment's notice.

    He is dragonborn, and the aura of sheer, controlled power and utter grace that surrounds him is almost palpable.
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    In Order: Gavin, Vyth, Kaleel, and Markan; then Valdemar, Shadakai, and Zhara

    Ceikatars all, except Kaleel, done by Shirwill Jack


    Town Backstory

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Hey, thought i'd join in since it looks like fun!

    [Stats and Description]
    Name Vostrey "Grin" Bernhouse
    Race Demihuman (Half Devil)
    Class Barbarian lvl 2 Rogue, LvL 4
    Alignment True neutral with rarely shown but definate good tendancies
    Age Appears to be 17 tops, though strange facial musculature makes it hard to tell.
    Height Roughly 1.7 meters
    Weight 70 kg
    Hair No hair, at all, anywhere
    Eyes Greenish grey, though burns with tones of red once in rage
    Bodily appearence Beige skin, a number of small horns adorn his otherwise clean head. Big ugly grin, teeth somewhat sharpend.
    Weapons Sharp shortsword with oddly shaped blade, has holes for poison. Also carries some poisons.

    If you ask him to tell you his story, he'd probably just say "I'm noone". But the local barkeeps usually knows who he is. He's that meanlooking bastard who gets into trouble whenever he hits the bottle. His father was human and his mother a devil, some sort of seducive she-devil he supposes, but he wouldn't know.
    His father slew the devil as she showed him thier son, and he true nature, though his father didn't have the heart to do the same to him (or for him if you catch him on a low). So instead he left him for dead, just a few weeks old, with nothing but a shortsword. He was "cared for" by the village butcher who kept him in a cellar. The weekly "Freakshow" was the only time he got to see anything but the damp walls of the cellar. Of course, as it is with half-devils one day his claws got to long for his "caretakers" good and he slit the butchers throat with his bare hands.
    His last name is the butcher, and Vostrey, is just what it says on the sword.
    Since then he's been living day by day, making money from petty thievery or random work and usually spending it all on booze the same evening.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Gets mean while drunk
    - Otherwise helpful and kind
    - Freely shares with the poor, what little he has
    - "Tolerated" by the barkeep merly on pity.
    - Generally despised by the upper classes.

    The sword is infact enchanted, with what and why, he does not know.

    [Descriptive Text]
    Wears a grey shirt and black pants, and usually a brown poncho. Shoes are broken, the careful observer can see that his toenails resemble claws far more than they should.
    Wears a big beige scarf to cover his mouth and a hat to hide his horns. Its wide and sloping, badly worn with many holes.
    Nails are very thick, but carefully filed down.
    Usually very polite and calm, almost melancholicly so, but tries to look happy to the very few that actually cares, just to not bother them.

    I'm perfectly normal
    I'm Drunk and has gone inte rage
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    Originally Posted by lavidor10
    Who knows what you were thinking when your sword cut through
    The wise old man on the throne of blue.
    Now you have fallen, and destroyed a gate too,
    But as you have found, in Azure City, throne cleaves you.

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    confused Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Sir Olbrecht Corvus, the Raven Knight

    Race: Human
    Class: Knight/Fallen Paladin
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral, essentially a high-browed bastard, he follows his god Arbath with fanatical devotion and loathes both Chaos and Evil
    Age: In his late 30's
    Height: 6 feet 2 inches
    Weight: 190 pounds
    Hair: Long black hair
    Eyes: Jet
    • Greatsword,
    • his holy symbol (a scale),
    • mirror shield made of mithril,
    • a mithril suit of plate mail

    Ostensibly a knight of some prestige from a far-off kingdom.One day he fell from the court's favor, following some lunatic ageda under the guidance of the renegade god Arbath, the Impartial Justice.

    Common Knowledge:
    - He is intent on following his god's will, and will not hesitate to kill, liberate, curse, or join a group if it will help to achieve this goal
    - Olbrecht does not like others in his head or reading his mind.
    - He has a rather sour disposition and is a bit judgemental.
    - He used to live on Hangman Hill.

    Descriptive Text:
    An imposing figure approached you, his black hair billowed in the wind, and his ornate armor and intricate vestments did nothing to lessen his power. The great-sword at his hip was clearly visible, and appeared to be wrapped in some form of rough leather. The man carried a mithral shield at his side that reflected the glare of the light back towards whoever looked at it. His chest covered by a faded silver chest plate, with the shoulder plates as the most obvious feature. His cowled face regarded you with a scowl and his gaze centered on you for a few seconds. Satisfied with what he saw he removed his hand from the hilt, yet he still look displeased.

    Ongoing Storylines:
    - Helping Namesake rid The Town of those he deems to be unworthy- er, I mean evil. Yeah, evil.
    - Nothing at the moment.


    Myles Asyndir

    Race: He looks like a regular old human
    Class: Warblade
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Age: 32
    Height: 6 foot 5 inches
    Weight: 210 pounds
    Eyes: Green


    Longsword: An iron longsword strengthened by use in battle, it is his weapon of choice

    Zweihander: A massive two handed blade. He usually uses it against powerful opponents. He holds the weapon by grasping the hilt and a portion of the sword by the base where the edge meets the guard which is not sharp. This is a devestating weapon and has some odd enchantments on it.

    Silver suit of armor: A futuristic looking suit of armor that covers all of his body save his arms. It protects him against many of the effects of magical attacks, while the helmet partially protects him from the effects of psionics and gaze attacks. Stylish and useful.

    Physical Description:
    A physically imposing man, Myles stands at a paltry 6 feet 5 inches. He wears a dark green breast plate with strands of silver metal forming a spider web across the armor, with the same pattern continuing on down to his legs and the spiked sabatons that he wears on his feet. His arms are bare but he wears two long gloves that are the same color as the base of his armor. Completely covered by a metal facemask, its only identifiable feature is two rings carved in where his eyes would be, his face is thus rendered completely unreadable. The helmet is directly connected to the rest of his armor.
    In contrast to his almost futuristic looking armor he holds a longsword at his hip and a massive zweihander is strapped across his back. His muscles ripple and bulge as his grip tightens on the longsword's handle. The man visibly relaxes and offers his hand for a hearty handshake.

    No one knows yet.

    Common Knowledge:
    - He's... not from around here
    - He's a new arrival

    Ongoing Storylines:
    - None at the moment as I've just introduced him and no one knows his name
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    Name: Morsus
    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter/Rouge
    Alignment: Neutral
    Age: 127
    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 190
    Hair: Dark brown with a Dwarven braided beard
    Eyes: Muddy Brown


    Weapons: Morning Star
    Dwarven Battleaxe forged with Cloud Iron
    Armour: Sturdy Dwarven Full Plate
    Shield: A Small shield used with his Morning Star
    Helmet: A Dwarven Steel Med Helm
    A Stipped, Cleaned Out, Fitted Griffin Skull(Beak Included)


    Chest Of Æther
    Glassmakers Dagger
    Boots of Nimbleness
    Gloves of Scaling
    Gold Pouch holding about 150 gp


    Hit Points: 53.5
    Strength: 18
    Dexterity: 17
    Constitution: 19
    Intelligence: 17
    Wisdom: 17
    Charisma: 14


    His clan was attacked by ice dragons in the mountians
    and he and his clan mates were forced to retreat after
    being defeated in battle. After they had escaped he killed
    his surviving clan mates and joined the thieves guild.

    [Common Knowledge]

    See Ongoing Storylines

    [Descriptive Text]

    A large dwarf lumbers over to you. You notice an unstable
    glint in his eyes, His glance darts quickly from your face
    to your pouch, after noticing your weapon you notice his
    behavior change. He suddenly changes his expression
    and passes by you by, giving you a cold stare as he does so...

    [Ongoing Storylines]

    None Currently

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    For pics see signature

    Name: Wayril Windrunner
    Race: Human
    Class: Sorcerer 5/Master of the Unseen Hand 5
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 150
    Hair: Dark Brown combed forward
    Eyes: Dark Brown
    Weapons: A Butter knife, Bagpipes (brutal sonic damage)

    Wayril was born into a middle class family as the son of a sorcerer and a knight. He found that he was skilled with magic, but fearing persecution he often hid it, and engaged in other activities. Eventually he realized the potential magic had in his games, so he began to overpower people twice his size with his natural telekinetic abilities.

    Wayril was eventually recruited by a party which had set out to find Cyrrikian, a famous general in their army. They set out as a group of five mostly new warriors anxious to prove their valor. When Cyrrikian was found dead in a pond about 50 miles from the town they realized they had failed their quest. No sooner had they turned around than a giant ape appeared behind them. It was Ukelu the guardian of the forest. The druid managed to slay 3 of the members when Wayril fled. The ape chased him all the way into a bar, where a large drunk half-orc finished him off, by crushing him beneath a massive keg.

    Wayril later discovered that this half-orc was a strong supporter of his, who in his drunken stupor had mistaken him for a famous Dwarven brewer. Wayril attempted to lose the half-orc, Murbog, but he could not escape his presence. Finally he returned to his hometown with the half-orc, where he continued learning telekinesis until the murder of his mother, he followed the assassin to the town where he is now hunting, with the perpetually drunk Murbog.

    Wayril is a master of manipulating objects through telekinesis and does his best to hide when he is controlling an object. He is trying to stop Murbog’s drinking, or at least reduce it by making the alcohol telekinetically flee him, unfortunately this only encouraging him.
    Wayril is always anxious to learn more, and surrounds himself with other wizard, showing off his innate telekinetic abilities that he has perfected.

    Common Knowledge:
    He walks around in a navy blue jacket and entertains people with small magic tricks and the bagpipes. The only weapon he carries is a butter knife which he also uses it to stir his drinks.

    Name: Murbog
    Race: Half-Orc
    Class: Monk 5/Drunken Master 10
    Alignment: (drunk and therefore not subject to one)
    Age: 25
    Height: 6’9”
    Weight: 220 lbs
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Black
    Weapons: Waraxe (rarely used) Improvised weapons from bars (always used) keg straped to back.

    Murbog is a character of very little intelligence. Not much is known about him because of this. He began as a member of the theocratic brotherhood, where he studied to be a monk. He progressed 3 times slower than the average student and eventually became so frustrated with his work that he began drinking. He still has not stopped drinking although now he has mastered alcohol. He surprises everyone with his drunken control of himself.


    Common Knowledge:
    Murbog is a formidable opponent even when he is drunk. Some say that he is a great warrior, but he has been reduced to this through alcohol abuse. He knows how to fight very well with any object he can lay his hand on, and he only fights if Wayril tells him to do so.

    Name: Rothorn
    Race: Wereraven
    Class: Cleric 15/Bloodhound 5
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: 32
    Height: 5’ hybrid, 5’8” human, 2’ raven
    Weight: varies
    Hair: Dark Green (human hybrid) or black (raven)
    Eyes: Light Green
    Weapons: A bastard sword that he can wield in both hybrid and human form.

    Rothorn was abandoned by his parents soon after his birth, or at least separated from them. A thief stole the basket Rothorn was in and while running from soldiers left it in an open field. The baby lay there for almost 3 days before a large raven came by any placing a talon on his chest. The symbol gave Rothorn the power to transform into a raven, and leave the basket.

    He spent many years with the ravens before he realized that he didn’t quite fit in. He went to the temple of Agnar where they determined that the symbol on his chest was a gift from Agnar, and that this gift should be used wisely. They trained him in the ways of the priests. Despite all the nurturing Rothorn still did not fit in. He was too violent for the clerical practices. He began to practice with the sword, bringing vengeance to those who persecute him. He was found by Wayril who mistook him for a familiar. When he proved that he could help Wayril in return for his meals, a mutual friendship was born. He is very valuable to Wayril, and one of the most dangerous people to anger. There are very few who can suppress his vengeful nature.

    Rothorn functions as Wayril’s familiar when in raven form. He often wonders around in hybrid form, because it allows him many of the benits of both humans and ravens. He hunts those who persecute him to return the favor.

    [Common Knowledge:]
    Rothorn is very vindictive to those who treat him cruelly, yet very faithful to those who respect him. He is a worshiper of all deities alike. However his patron is Agnar, Lord of the Light, who goes by many other names. Rothorn is often perched on the arm of Wayril. He has a large talon mark on his chest.

    Color Code: Something seems to be missing here. (Wayril)
    Is it your finger cause it looks like I have an extra one… Wait no (tries to count) Aghhh! I how do you do that… Stupid math… pass me some more dragon’s ale. (Murbog)
    Caw (Rothorn)
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Kasumi
    Race: Human
    Class: Bard 20
    Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Good. Kasumi has a sugar sweet and congenial temperment, with just a hint of feigned vapidity to hide a secret rapier wit.
    Age/Sex: 19/Female
    Description: Kasumi stands around 5'8", with jet-black hair that is usually artistically formed into various complicated arrangements, and very expressive hazel eyes. Without her make up, she has moon-pale skin, but the white make-up she applies to her face when she is preforming or entertaining gives her an etherial look and causes her blood-red painted lips and shaded eyes to jump out stunningly. She is slight of build, and graceful on her feet, but there is a certain air of perkiness to her walk and talk that makes her...well, cute as a button. Though witty and conversationally nimble, just a gaze into her large achingly sincere eyes is enough to make most people believe she couldn't possibly have just insulted them. She wears a gorgeous blue and white kimono with a red and yellow obi, and is never without her red and white dancing fans, and her shamisen packed safely in a case.
    Backstory Kasumi was born to be an entertainer. Her mother was a bard, her grandmother was a bard. Her aunts and sisters were bards. But, where all of her relatives had been content to stay home and tend to their customers at their teahouses, Kasumi wanted adventure and excitement and to see the world before settling down. Convinced that she could make a living keep those poor lonely adventurers company on their travels (and maybe catch the eye of some brave and daring knight), she set off against her mother's orders, followed soon after by men hired by her mother to bring her back...
    Commong Knowledge: Katsumi is very obviously an entertainer and a bard. Her exotic looks normally indicate that she is from very far away indeed.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Rainspattered
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk/Druken Master/Crooked Monk/Dragon Fist/God Hand
    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Good. Almost archetypal for alignment, believe in good but has little use of any sort for rules. He is, however, orderly.
    Age: 98
    Height: 5 feet, 2 inches
    Weight: 90 lbs
    Hair colour and length: Grey and Long (Natural) with a long chin-beard and moustache.
    Eye colour: Crystal Blue
    Weapons: An unenchanted quarterstaff.

    One of the most skilled martial arts practioners in his world, Rainspattered mastered all styles of physical combat upon it at a young age, earning the rank of Dragon Fist in all schools at 51, before most people could earn it in a single style. He lived the quiet life of a wandering monk, friend to the peasants and animals, lords and warriors alike, seeking to aid any on their path to enlightenment, until he met one being of such deep evil that there was no enlightenment for it; it was the epitome of all he stood against and all that was wrong. It took the guise of a man until he condemned it for its evil, when it revealed its true, monsterous form. Deflecting its blows until it ceased to fear the monk and convinced itself he would tire and it would kill him before his weak attacks could hurt it, he utilized his own building momentum and actually struck at the creature with a single blow of such purity it slew the demon-god where it stood. Rainspattered was thus destined to be the next God Hand, a semidivine, immortal monk, protector of the innocent and man of peace until cnflict becomes inevitable.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Rainspattered is a pacifist.
    - He's mastered all forms of unarmed combat he has encountered.
    - He once slew an evil god with the purity of a single blow.
    - Liu, his hairless chinese crested dog, is fully immortal.
    - He can change his appearance, physically (so, magic wouldn't reveal a "true" appearance), at will, although he reverts to his natural appearance after six days constantly in a single form.
    - He's an accomplished dancer, in addition to his other skills.


    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Bit dead, as of right now. Just a little


    Name: Yoritomo
    Race: Human
    Class: Samurai, from the Yoritomo Bushi School
    Alignment and Temprament: Honour Rank of 5.8, NG, effectively. Strongly believes in Honour and the code of Bushido, but will not implicitly follow the laws of his lords if he believes them to be wrong.
    Age: 26
    Height: 5 feet, 8 inches
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Hair colour and length: Black, wavy, almost to his shoulders, but often kept in topknot. Some five-o'clock shadow to a small goatee on his face.
    Eye colour: Crystal Blue/Sea Green (one each colour).
    Weapons: An emerald-hilted katana and wakizashi he straps to his back and does not weild unless his wrath is truly earned. Two Kama he can use with extreme skill and speed paired. They are wrapped in the sea-green and black colours of his clan and a symbol of his dedication to the welfare of peasants in his homeland.

    A Bushi of the Mantis Clan, he had the misfortune of finding true love in a land where arranged marriage was expected. Avoiding arranged marriage through his relative unimportance, he sought to find the woman he had fallen in love with. He found that she was a peasant, and took to the duty of patrols more readily than would any bushi with an ounce of wits, for patrols were essentially either dull or highly lethal. He strode through the peasant corners and looked, day after day, with more scorn at the way they lived their lives. Not high-brow, elitist scorn, but the scorn of a Samurai raised with the ideas of justice and compassion as two of the tenets of Bushido seeing people so mistreated. He began his career as a Courtier, as well as a Bushi, when he sought a higher-ranking clan official to view the way peasants were treated in his town. The Mantis Clan prided itself on its lack of elitism and peasant origin so greatly that the clan champion herself came to see what he spoke of, and was equally filled with fury. His lord was deposed and replaced with one more worthy, and he watched peasant life improve. Still, though, he knew that his love loved him,, as well, but not that she was in love with him. Seeking to prove himself further and right the wrongs he saw in the world, the Mantis bushi battled by blade or tongue for the peasant classes, gaining a clan and empire-wide reputation for his friendship with the lower classes. He was even asked to attend winter court in place of an assassinated Mantis courtier for his skill in the area. He battled the Shadowlands hordes that attacked that winter court, and eventually, it is said, won the heart of the woman he loved and a charm of great magical power, capable of transporting its owner over limitless distances in an instant.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - is the picture of non-elitist Samurai honour.
    - He is skilled at calligraphy, poetry, and debate, in addition to the warrior arts.
    - He's inherently connected to the elements of Air, Fire, and Water, especially the latter.
    - He is married to the peasant girl from his homeland.
    - His voice possesses an inherent power and lilt that makes people listen. It's an almost unnatural power that applies to speaking and singing, or any other task which involves his voice. If he learned the arts of magic, he'd no doubt be a powerful spellcaster.


    K'shakh is a mummy who is based off a custom template I did awhile ago, bnased on the Worm the Walks from the Epic handbook, only with snakes instead of worms. He's Chaotic Good, being inherently good hearted and compassionate, but with quite the flair, some might say obsession, for vengeance. Everything else about him is unknown. He tells people, but for some reason, they just forget, no-matter what. . .
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Gixh the Arrow
    Race: Githzerai
    Class: Monk/Zerth Cenobite
    Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good
    Age: 46
    Height: 6 feet, 4 inches
    Weight: 186 lbs
    Hair Color and Length: Bald
    Eye colour: Blue


    [Common Knowledge]
    Not much is known about Kilnore the Arrow, but from his title, it can be assumed that he is either can stop arrows, move as quickly as one, or both.

    Gixh speaks in a distant, mysterious voice.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Gixh is currently looking for a powerful monk that is said to be the next God-Hand. The reason for this is unknown.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Guy
    Race: Kobold
    Class: Rogue
    Alignment and Temprament: caotic/good
    Age: 17
    Height: 2'4
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Hair Color and Length: Bald
    Eye colour: red
    Weapons: dagger, short sword, short bow

    Guy is a small minded little, backstabbing, Kobold. He is good aligned but prone to bad desicions.

    Guy's Kobold tribe was vicously attacked and decimated by a non-descript elf warrior hero. (all humanoids look alike to guy) Guy called on the aid of Kozz a kobold barbarian and Rodd, the tribes ranger and 15 non-descript kobold warriors (ie. cannon fodder) and is determined to track this warrior and seek some back-stabby justice for the honour of his people.

    Guy is also quite motivated by the prospect of earning money as these warriors are expensive to feed (and to buy drinks for).

    Name: Kozz
    Race: Kobold
    Class: Barbarian
    Alignment and Temprament: caotic/neutral
    Age: 22
    Height: 3' *HUGE for a Kobold*
    Weight: 45 lbs
    Hair Color and Length: Bald
    Eye colour: red
    Weapons: Club w. nail in it.

    Guy's bodyguard

    Name: Rodd
    Race: Kobold
    Class: Ranger
    Alignment and Temprament: lawful/good
    Age: 22
    Height: 2'2
    Weight: 35 lbs
    Hair Color and Length: Bald
    Eye colour: red
    Weapons: short bow
    Equipment: scrolls of healing

    Role: Guys scout, healer, and conscience.

    Fifteen Unnamed 0 level Kobold Warriors
    Weapons: Short spears, shields, studded leather.
    Discription: Exist to aid Guy, but are easily bribed, have no will, fort or reflex saves to speak of, and can be manipulated at will. (I expect the #'s to drop quickly)

    [Common Knowledge]


    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Guy has just found his village in ruins, and is gathering his troops to find the elf that reportedly carried out this destruction.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Cain, Demon Prince, Despoiler of Worlds, The Shunned

    Cain was shunned from the netherrealm of Carcass after killing the current kings 13 daughters in what can only be described as mindless violence. finding himself stuck in the pinch of surreality that is the town, he has (for the moment) decided to make it his home.

    Name: Cain
    Age: N/A
    Height: 5ft
    Weight: Immeasurable
    Descrip: Appearing as a dwarven half fiend, he is covered in dark, swirling tatoos, has a huge beard and a massize, shing, blad head. His few remaing teeth are sharpened into wicked fangs. His two swrods, Requeim and Fugue, are his only weapons.
    Powers: Although a brilliant fighter, cain relys mainly on his brute strength, supernatural speed and sorcerous powers to win most fights

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Angelus Arsland

    Race: Human

    Class: Monk 2/Bard 2

    Alignment and Temprament: Chaotic Neutral*Quiet, witty, slightly shy (especially with girls he likes),calm, friendly and loyal once he knows the person.

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 180 lbs

    Hair colour and length: Brown hair with light red streaks in a ponytail down to the small of his back.

    Eye colour: A light crystal blue

    Weapons: A hand crossbow, his lute, and his fists.

    Angelus was born in to a very wealthy family and was raised to be proper and polite since birth. There were many days were he would watch the children play from his window as he was stuck inside learn various musical instruments and proper etiquette. At the age of 15, he snuck out of his house, not wanting anything more to do with "that type of society". Angelus was always able to see through the facade of his parents so called "friends" and it made him sick to his stomach. He wandered aimlessly for 6 months, stealing from anywhere he could (he has even stolen from powerful necromancers). Until one day he ran in to a monk. The monk took Angelus in to his temple where he would train for two years. But once again, he felt uncomfortable in a world with such uniformity and so left after giving the monk a proper thank you and goodbye. Angelus then began to wander once more with no purpose or destination in mind. After two more months of him playing the role of the nomad, Angelus had run across a bard, who gave him his lute and taught him a few other tricks. Angelus stayed with the bard for 3 years before the bard told Angelus to go make a name for himself. Angelus did not wish for fame and glory, so he just went on his way, still wandering for a comfortable place to call home.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Angelus is unusually fit for a bard.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name Blinkbear, sometimes simply called BlinkSpecies Blinkbear - an abberation brought to life by an Elan, s. below
    Class High level Psionic Ranger
    Alignment Neutral Good
    Age 22 years
    Height Nearly seven feet tall
    Weight About 300 lb
    Fur Dark brown and silky
    Eyes Blueish
    Weapons Have a look at his paws. Also focus on his claws. Nuff said.
    Supernatural Powers Blink and dimension door at will, telepathic communication and simple telekinesis at will. He also has other psionic powers from his class.

    About 25 years ago, an Elan decided that it would be fun... err... efficient to have a creature with great intellect, great physical power and psychic might. His first idea was to subject a baby bear to some nasty rituals. So he kidnapped one and tried it out. It worked, but the powers took a year to accomplish. The Elan did never realize that, simply because he grew bored and decided to get rid of the "animal". The funniest thing about this story is that about a week after he got rid of the abberation he had created, mother and father bear invaded his house at night and ate him. The young blinkbear - until today the only individual of this "species" - grew up on his own and developed psionic powers as well as a human-like intellect. Years of adventure follow and one day a teleport goes wrong and he lands in The Town, right in front of Trog's Tavern.

    [Common Knowledge]
    He is able to communicate telepathically with every being that has something like a brain. He is an optimist. He loves making jokes and enjoys puns way too much.


    [Descriptive Text]
    He looks like a grizzly bear, but he is only as tall as a human; but otherwise the anatomy is completely bearlike. He normally moves bipedal. His fur is dark brown and silky, over it he wears a heavy cloak that is colored in dark gray and emerald green and a pair of darkbrown pants. He walks barefoot. His clothing is magically inforced to work like armor and even changes to suit him when he is polymorphed, enlarged or the like.

    [Ongoing Storylines]
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Titles: Knight of Inari, Scholar of Philosophy
    Name: Sir Aikidu De'Laurent Veneanar (Aikidu Ven)
    Race: Canii
    Class Cleric 12/Knight Defender of Inari 5
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Age 17
    Height 5'11"
    Weight 113
    Hair Red-Brown
    Eyes Amethyst-Violet

    [Equipment of note]

    1. +1 merciful greatsword of wounding (Sacrilege Blade-Breaker)
    2. Cold Iron Evil's Bane Longsword (Smite)
    3. +1 Anarchic Short Sword (Trust)
    4. +1 longsword of Shocking (Sylva)

    1. Grworll Chainplate
    2. The half-helm of the sun (Torc of Dexterity +2) w removable chainmail ponytail sheathe
    Supernatural Powers
    • As described in "knight defender of Inari"
    • Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Aikidu as a leader.
    • Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

    Name: Alraune "Aura" Co'Malan
    Race: Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
    Class Cleric 15/Rimefire Witch(Warlock) 10
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Age 20
    Height 5'10"
    Weight 131
    Hair Silver-white
    Eyes Icy Blue

    [Equipment of note]

    1. +1 Holy Longsword of Mercy (Sacrilege Defender(on the right))
    2. +1 Anarchic Longsword of Wounding (Sacrilege Destroyer(on the left))
    3. Holy Blue-Ice Trident of Elemental Bane

    1. Blue Ice Full Plate
    2. The half-helm of the Moon (Torc of Wisdom +2)
    Supernatural Powers
    • As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
    • Ability to attract small feral foxes equal to his age plus four in number. The foxes act as cohorts would, and revere Alraune as a leader. This is little-seen in Alraune
    • Ability to transform himself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

    Name Valeria Co'Norget
    Race Canii (Considered Fey) (Cold Subtype)
    Class Rogue 7/Cleric 6/Rimefire Witch 10
    Alignment Chaotic Good
    Age 22
    Height 5'11"
    Weight 126
    Hair Blue-silver
    Eyes Icy Lilac

    [Equipment of note]

    1. Shocking Burst Blue-Ice Trident
    2. Masterwork Composite Longbow

    1. Blue Ice breastplate
    Supernatural Powers
    • As described in "Rimefire Witch (Frostburn)"
    • Ability to transform herself at will to either fully fox, fully human, or partway between. Mainly seen when partly between.

    [Shared Backstory]
    Born far to the north, Aikidu and his mother were seperated from his brother and father when he was just a year old. He followed the church of Growrll from the age of 5 on, and when he was fourteen was sent out to do good in their lord's name.

    Having come to the Temple of Inari two years following, he stayed there as a non-priest member of the temple, offering aid and services to the patrons. Some two months following his disappearance from the temple (a month after joining) Aikidu was posessed by the soul of another being. The being turned out to be Alraune Co'Malan, his estranged brother, who had come to be a powerful Rimefire Warlock.

    In the time following his separation from his brother through a 'gift of life' spell, Aikidu watched as his older sibling helped return the temple of Inari from a massive debt by mining and smithing blue ice from the town of Winterhearth to be sold at the temple for revenue.

    Alraune left the temple some weeks afterwards, and Aikidu the week after that, seeking his brother.

    After being reunited with his brother, Aikidu and his group who had been searching for relics of their combined deities were attacked. Aikidu was the only surviving member, fending off the attacker with his brother's trident after his own blade was shattered.

    The rift that their attacker had used to assault them took the shards of his blade and scattered them across the plains of this world, and so Aikidu went on a quest to recover the remnants of Sylva, the Rose Blade, his pledge sword, before returning to the temple months after leaving.

    He again left with little notice a few weeks following that. For a time nobody heard from him and he is reluctant to talk about it; however many moons after that the dragon Argen started an effort to save Aikidu. Aikidu returned aswell, but his mind was not completely there.

    An entity known only as 'the Mind' had taken over his body, and many others. Upon reuniting Alraune, the katana, to Aikidu's side; the sealed spirit forced The Mind out of Aikidu's body. Alraune took control of his brother's form, and told the Inarites of a plot to turn a mortal to a god.

    A campaign was started to free the souls trapped in crystals by The Mind, and The Mindbearer was revealed, carrying a wicked blade with a life-force all it's own.

    All that is known of the battle is that the souls were freed, and The Mind may still be out among the world, devouring souls and twisting mortal will.

    After returning again to the temple, Aikidu and Alraune left a single origami fox on Fenric's doorstep. This note was a message of return. Before they could do that, even; a cloaked white figure appeared, apparently hunting them.

    Later revealed to be friend, not foe, Valeria Co'Norget has reunited with her Canii allies and now must prove Alraune's innocence in the slaughter of Winterhearth, lest his life and the life of her Eidolon be forfeit.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Aikidu is an easy going person, but with a strong sense of duty. His allegiance to the patron deities of the foxes is one with little bounds, and he will fight with all his vigour to defend his friends.

    Alraune is a very secretive person, and picks his friends carefully. He has an almost sixth-sense for danger; and thinks things through before barreling into a fight, unlike his brother. He is considered fey due to his achieving a bond with his deity that is so strong as to force him to undergo Rimefire Apotheosis, fusing him with the fragments of his deity's power.

    Valeria Co'Norget is not a relative of Alraune or Aikidu; but rather an old childhood friend. Aikidu knew her for a very short time before they were separated. It has been learned that the Canii wolves took control of their village, enslaving the populace and sending her to return Alraune for trial. She is fiercely devoted to her deity, and she will not willingly betray a friend; but these conflict when her Eidolon is threatened. Intuitive and fluid in motion, Valeria grew up as a theif before she heard the call to Faith; and subsequently the call to arms in Hleid's war against Iborighu.

    [Descriptive Text]
    Standing nearly six feet tall; Aikidu is a young man with long, red-furred, elf-like ears protruding from where his human ears should be, wearing armour of his creation. The 'chainplate' armour bears the crest of Inari, a symbol he affectionately calls the "coin of Inari". His violet eyes are alert and scan the world around him constantly as his red-brown hair falls slightly over one eye. His hair is mid-back length, tied into a ponytail and veiled in a chainmail skirt. The skirt is connected to a torc made of gold that he wears around the back of his head.

    Alraune Co'Malan looks much like his brother; standing just an inch shorter. His flesh is tinted a surreal blue, and his hair is white as the snow of his homeland. Across his right cheek is an overturned symbol, a spiral in a triangle; The mark of Hleid. His hair is cut shorter than Aikidu's, but it still hangs long enough. He wears a silver torc, the other half of the set, around the back of his head.

    Valeria Co'Norget, just as tall as Aikidu, stands proudly bearing no readily apparent markings. Her skin is an icy sheen of blue and she has the characteristic blue-white hair of a fey. Being Canii, her ears protrude much like the others', from the sides of her head in hybrid form. Her iced-violet eyes seem vivid when engaged; but she always bears a thoughtful look.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Slartibartfast (try typing that 5 times fast!)
    Race: Supposedly Human
    Class: Ninja 7/Rogue 7/Bard 1 (No, I don't have the stats for the Ninja class. BUT I AM NINJA!)
    Alignment: Chaotic Stealthy
    Age: You think you can tell this guy's AGE? He wears all black and a Ninja mask 24/7! You can't tell his AGE! But from his hight he might be around 13, or a midget.
    Height: A little over 5 feet.
    Weight: Skinny. Maybe 75 pounds tops.
    Hair: Completely hidden from view.
    Eyes: It's a stick-figure comic, everybody's eyes are just little black circles.

    Armaments: Two Katanas visible. May have odd concealed weaponry.
    Armor: Is he wearing armor? You cannot tell what lies beneath the black.

    Backstory: Nothing is known about this Ninja's past.

    Flashy Description:
    This black clothed...person stands about 5 feet tall and has two katanas in his belt. That is a belt, right? Not a snake? A snakeskin belt? Nevertheless He seems lethal if provoked and has an air of mystery that follows him like shadows. Or maybe those are real shadows following him around?

    Common Knowledge: Slartibartfast is a devoted Banjo worshiper and has a tendency twords the dark side. But he fights in the holy name, of BANJO!!!

    Interesting Notes: That's all the information gathered on Slartibartfast over his entire lifespan, as soon as his existence was noticed. His tendency to invisibly dissapear into shadows surprisingly halted the flow of data.
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