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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Deleted. Whoops!
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    Post Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    Race: Human
    Class: Sorcerer/12
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Appearance: Dirty brown hair streaked with white, stubble on face, dark brown eyes, drawn appearance. Covered in burn marks and scars, missing ring finger on right hand. Wears a khaki robe with iron plates sewn into it as armour - robe is torn and burned in places. Has a permanent look of weariness and a slightly hunched walk. Is of average height and is slightly underweight.
    Equipment: His armoured robe, a quarterstaff inscribed with the sigils of a flame spell which are now fading, a knapsack on his back that contains a small amount of currency of various denominations as well as essential survival equipment and a large box of bandages and burn salves.

    Alick is a mage from the City of Doors, a dimensional crossroads of sorts. The most common profession in the City is that of a Gate Diver - as the City is connected to so many Planes and realities, the main source of the city's income is from expeditions into other planes. Gate Diving is a well developed science and the Divers are well trained and prepared operatives who break into other Planes to steal or trade anything useful.
    It can be a risky occupation as poor Alick found out the hard way.
    His affinity with flame magic from birth made him a prime choice for expeditions into the particularly dangerous Plane of Fire and occasionally into the Hells themselves. Years of dodging lava, flame elementals, salamanders and Master Skeletons, demons, dragons and monsters of all kind have left Alick a weary shell of his former power.
    After a disastrous encounter with a Red Dragon on its holiday, Alick has been temporarily suspended from the Diver's Guild and sent to a quiet backwater dimension for some rest - and while they clean up the mess he left.
    That dimension happens to contain The Town.

    Common Knowledge
    Alick's skill and power with flame magic is apparent to anyone with any skill in the arcane arts.
    It is easily noticeable that he is currently in a very weakened state
    To those who can recognise them, he wears the tattoos of both The City of Doors and the Diver's Guild on his right forearm.
    His... liking for alcohol is one of the most obvious things about him.

    The Commander
    Race: Mechanical
    Age: 2148 standard years
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Appearance: Made of spiky, jagged black metal. His eyes and the gaps in his armour glow with a fiendish red light. Bipedal and humanoid, but different proportions to a human - shorter and stockier. Has a glowing, swirling mass in a transparent container on his back and his arms have no hands but end in what look like gun barrels. His most striking feature is that he is just over 5 inches high.
    Equipment: Extremely tough ceramide/neutronium armour, quantum power source, pulse energy blaster on left arm, matter reconstructor on his right arm, teleporter, jetpack.

    Background: The Commander is one of the deadliest weapons invented by a race of tiny gnomes against their three thousand year war against a race of slightly larger gnomes in a strange reality on the Prime Material Plane. The Commander is designed to be a self contained army, in that he can break matter down into its component parts and reconstruct it as he wishes. In this fashion, he can build self replicating factories and battle bots out of bare rock or trees - anything that is available.
    Extremely difficult to even damage, The Commander is responsible for wiping out the slightly larger gnomes and the race that created him. He then constructed a dimensional gate and has gone from reality to reality destroying everything in his path. The Town is the first reality he has met where the life there has been more than six inches high. He believes it is his purpose to wipe out all life and replace it with his machines.

    Common Knowledge:
    While The Commander is distinctly evil and aggressive, his tiny countenance and high pitched tinny voice make him rather amusing to watch - especially since the majority of his weapons are totally useless against normal sized people since they can just pick him up and put a jar over him.
    He has an intense hatred of all other life and refers to organic lifeforms as "meatsacks"
    Is exceptionally persistant and no matter how many times he gets thrown out of the window will keep returning to destroy the world.
    His tiny army of battle bots can become something of a pest as they burrow into the walls and floors, using existing rodent tunnels as their base. They tend to steal food as they consider that the best way to combat the organic menace.

    Drake Maxemstein
    Race: Immortal
    Class: Fighter/Epic levels
    Age: Measured in millions of years
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Appearance: A tall (a little over 2 metres) beefy human with crew cut black hair and the solid blue, pupiless eyes of an Immortal. He is extremely muscly and has a standard 'action hero' beard the same colour as his hair. Is permanently straight backed and puffed up, constantly flexing his muscles. Has a thick Norse accent (imagine a comically exaggerated Arnold Schwarzenegger accent). Wears very heavy suit of full armour made out of a rock not unlike granite and carries two large war axes everywhere. However, he often goes around wearing nothing but a pair of black trousers.
    Equipment: Black trousers, rock full plate armour, twin obsidian enchanted war axes +8, huge body strength, comic german accent.

    The Immortals are a race of humans who never age beyond their early twenties and are reborn at their place of birth every time they die. After millenia of watching other species and doing the standard godly manipulating the mortals game, they grew bored and restless. It was decided by consensus that the best way to have fun would be to eternally fight to the death to become as strong as they could.
    Several million years of near nonstop combat against each other and any other race they deemed worthy has imprinted a ridiculously macho state of mind into their very consciousness. Drake is currently travelling the universe searching for someone manlier than him so that he can fight him. Drake is currently holding a personal record of 358 standard years without being killed, and is certainly an extremely skilled fighter. He holds an incredible disdain of anyone weaker than him (which is just about everyone) and calls them 'girly men' - even women whom he calls 'girly girl men'. He refuses to believe in the existence of actual women. He is not stupid and is in fact extremely intelligent, however acting like a dumb lump of meat is part of being manly and he tries his best to do so.

    Common Knowledge:
    He does not often fight anyone weaker than him except when drunk, but will often threaten the 'girly men' with beatings if they annoy him
    He shows a remarkable incapability to feel pain or the effects of psychic attacks or poison. As becoming intoxicated through alcohol counts as a poison, he can remain blissfully unaware that he is drunk even while staggering around with slurred speech.
    Is very independent and does not appreciate the help of others. However, he is all for social interaction and enjoys hearing and telling jokes and stories of which he has millions of years worth.
    Is extremely large and muscly and can appear very threatening even when he does not intend it.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    But for those who don't want to follow the link:

    Race: Elan
    Class: Shaper 1
    Age: 30 years old
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Appearance: Black hair and brown eyes. 6'0" and 176 lbs.

    [Stats and Description]

    Nova is a young adult psion with tainted abilities that cause him to be Novar isolated from social interaction. His appearance is generally representative of an unkempt individual and although he is good in alignment, he does not relate well with others because of his taint. In addition, while taint normally displays physical and mental effects upon its victims, Nova is immune to almost all signs and effects of his taint except the internal effects. Lastly, Nova does not often make use of his ability to substitute blood because it reminds him of his taint and he shies away from glass mirrors for this same reason.

    [Common Knowledge]

    Some places and items are so evil that exposure to them marks, or taints, a character in a very real and difficult-to-cleanse way. Taint is evil. It is a corruption so deep it warps the very plane of reality.

    Psionic ability is generated from the power of the mind alone—no other outside magical force or ritual is needed.

    Psionic Body
    Speed of Thought


    Blood Component (Su)
    Dreadnought (Ex)
    Naturally Psionic (Ex)
    Psionics (Ps)
    Reconstruction (Ps)
    Repletion (Su)
    Resilience (Su)
    Resistance (Su)
    Taint Suppression (Ex)
    Tainted Psionics (Su)
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    allignment:distrustive god, enjoys the pain and death of others.
    weapons: skorm (a sword) has health replenshing powers and he carries a master bow that shoots arrows that can go through any form along with throwing knives.
    backround:left by his parents at the age of 3. he had to strugle for power.
    a kinght charged him at the age of 5. after that he killed the kinght. and then he got the power he strugled for so long.[/FONT]

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Blind Fury
    Race: Human
    Class: Warrior
    Allignment:Lawful Good, fights for rights, himself and to protect others
    Weapons: Bow and Arrow use for long ranged porposes and a Sword for close range combat.

    Background: Abandonded by his parents at 3, he was to live on the streets finding food and shelter for himself, always fighting his own battles w/ no help. One day he was taken in by two warriors who taught him to fight for himself, his rights and to protect others, but to never abuse the power by killing others for revenge. Seeing that he had no ohter way to repay them for thier hospitality he promised he would never abuse such a power.

    Common Knowledge: Blind Fury made a deal with Holy Worriors to get such powerful weapons that if he abused such a power it would come with a concequence he could never pull out of. He can only use the weapons to protect himself, others or for his own rights but never for revenge. (Unless he has become an enemy of the person he wants revenge on)
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)



    sex- male
    race-clone of a godlike calamity
    class- fighter?
    Chaotic Neutral
    Representing Zeratul

    Sephiroth wandered out of his story one day, and into the town...

    apperence- Sephiroth appears as a tall man with long silver hair, bright emerald-green cat-like eyes, a long black coat, white metallic pauldrons and belted black boots.
    weapon - his trusty giant katana masamune
    hight - 6'8"
    weight - 150 pounds

    Sephiroths mother was implanted with cells from a golike calamity while pregnant. This gave sephiroth unmeasureable power, and made him a clone of the calamity. Origonally a famous soldier, upon hearing the real news behind his past he went insane and killed his fellow townsmen, and burned their village to the ground. He had since been plotting to sumon a giant meteor to destroy the world. However cloud strife and the gang ended up using clouds dead girlfriends magic to stop him. However After Cloud seamingly killed him, something happened. Aweek later Sephiroth woke up in trog's tavern.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Darkblade
    Race: Human
    Class: Epic Swashbuckler
    Allignment: true Neutral
    Weight:135 lbs
    Equipment: Namesake rapier made of blackend steel, and a few daggers.

    Background: A Mercenary from the far west. Came to the town a few weeks ago by boat. Many rumors circle the town about why he left his homeland. some claim his sword is cursed or possesing a demon. Others say he fled from a past lover Er'n Kelli the Elven druid or possibly Katline of the Celestial Moors a well known human paladin. The truth is all those rumors hold some truth. His blade holds the soul of a great warrior who lost his true love. To earn this warrior's power Darkblade had to forsake his true love Er'n Kelli. In his travels he came across the paladin Katline whom he had some realations (wink wink) with and left her the night afterwards. She now seeks revenge causing Darkblade to flee the land.

    Common Knowledge: Darkblade is a mercenary of unparralled skill and a magical blade of unknown powers and is currently looking for work. Darkblade recently joined Knaves and now goes by Enforcer Judicial. He betrayed KNAVES and is currently caught up in an attempt to free himself from the Foruth Empire. Nope he's a KNAVE again.

    Name: Er'n Kelli
    Race: Elf
    Class: Psion/Druid
    Allignment: Neutral Good
    Weight:135 lbs
    Equipment: The clothes on her back and a magical long bow, police badge and oak quarter staff
    Animal Companions: 5 Celestial Wolves
    Background: The former lover of the mercenary Darkblade. She left her woodland home when she woke up one morning and found her love gone. She had to know why he left her, she had to know how he could claim to love her and leave her without even saying anything. She tracked him for months despite his best efforts to lose her. She finally caught up with him in this town she will soon have her answers and possibly revenge. She recently found him and learned about Virus.

    Common Knowledge: Er'n is a member of the town police and has a vendta against the organization she beleives brain washed her love (KNAVES).

    Race: Demon of sorts
    Class: Epic Swashbuckler/Shadowcaster
    Allignment: Chaotic Evil
    Weight:135 lbs
    Equipment: Rapier made of blackend steel, blaster pistol, Random diamond model pistol, fuel rod cannon, covenant laser sword, ipod and a few daggers.
    Background: All the evils and greatest sins of Darkblade's family infused with demonic essense. When Darkblade bound with the cursed sword he awakened and strenghtened the evil within. The enity calling itself "The Virus of Life" expressed a disire to destroy its new host's greatest weakness Er'n. To prevent that from happening Darkblade fled as far as he could from Er'n to protect her from himself.

    Race: Human (Cyborg)
    Class: Rouge
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Equipment: Blaster pistol, Cybernetic targeting eye, Cybernetic pncer claw for her left hand.
    Background: Hamilton is an agent of the human supremecists of the west. She has come to the Town after hearing it was a haven for unnatural human scum. She sees her vedtta as a holy quest but her holier than thou attitude doesn't get in her way of having a good time, unless there are some inhuman freaks of Nature present.

    Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman

    Race: Used to be Human now timeless personifactaion of rebellion
    Class: Bard/Rouge
    Allignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: As old as time appears 43
    Equipment: Whatever it Takes (Variable insturments), Dagger
    Background: Born as a human in another world along time ago Tom Morello became a musician with strong political leanings. Over the course of his life he became a reconized political figure with strong socialist veiws, possed to win an election for president the current administration got scared and ordered him killed before he could do anymore harm but his death was only the start of The Nightwatchman's story. His beliefs were so strongly supported by some of his followers that in death he became a form of higher being the personifacation of the human spirit's ability for rebellion against opression. Now he wanders the multiverse looking for wrongs to right, unjustices to battle, and tyranny to fight. While still technically mortal and able to be killed, should he die fighting for the cause of freedom and justice he will reform in another part of the multiverse ready to renew his quest again. His new state of being does have one side effect though...The Nightwatchman can only speak in quotes from songs of rebel song writers.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Class:Doesn't really have one. He does what he likes, and he likes what he does I suppose soooo...Thief perhaps.
    Alignment: Wouldn't you like to know
    Age:appears to be around 21
    Stuff: A rather dashing looking suit of clothes, a lighter and some expensive cigarettes. He might have a knife somewhere about his person.

    Appearance:Average height, with a slim build, Itch would refer to himself as having a "suave" Appearance. He's pretty good looking if not somewhat sinister. The most notable thing about Itch would probably be his eyes which happen to be diamonds (see background for elaboration)

    Background: Itch's a little h*ll-raiser, who has an awful lot of people (mostly of the wealthy and thuggish variety) after him on several different accounts of theft, deception, and general bad manners. He is well known for being a rather magnetic person despite being a complete a**, and both traits seem to be greatly useful in Itch's chosen lifestyle.
    A smooth talker, an accomplished con artist, and occasional murderer, Itch probably wouldn't be described as a "nice guy." There could be a reason for him being how he is, but I don't think he'd admit to it too easily.
    Itch hasn't had an easy life, despite his rich tastes now. And has a rather poor relationship with his family, most notably the grudge he has against his mother as she replaced his eyes with diamonds at age 9. The diamond eyes do not make Itch blind, but he does tend to see things a bit...differently than others now.
    Don't go feeling too sorry for him though. Pity tends to be wasted if used on cold hearted b*stards.

    (Here's a quick crappy little sketch of Itch for those interested. )

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Stats and Character description:
    Class: Fighter
    Name: Lesser Puppetar Jeffery (also known as Jeffery)
    Alignment: neutral good with a tad bit more towards lawful.
    Temperment: slow to anger, unless you try to cut his strings.
    Race: Construct (was transformed into a puppet)
    Age: 20
    13 Dex +1
    9 INT -1
    14 STR +2
    11 WIS +0
    12 CHA +1
    13 CON +1
    description: Jeffery is a life-sized puppet, a marionette to be exact, and appears to be controlled by a large hand that floats above him, and dissapears at the wrist. He is made of cloth and is very beaten up looking with stitches and patches in places where he took a lot of damage at one point.
    Hp 10

    perform 2
    Profession(sewing): 2

    Power Attack
    Quick Draw

    Jeffery has a few sewing kits on his person for obvious reasons. His main weapon is a +2 heavy mace that appears to be made of cloth unless he's attacking something with it.

    Jeffery was transformed in a alternate dimension where banjoism caught on quickly and spread throughout the land. He was transformed to protect others, however, he often suffers many wounds instead. He is the lesser of the two brothers.

    Common knowledge:

    He's a puppet of sorts.
    He still needs to eat.
    He seems to dislike it when you cut his strings, even if they magically go back together again.
    His brother is Jauffery.

    Ongoing storyline:

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    is me (thanks, cekia!)
    my name is Zephra
    I am a fighter, but I'm smart and charasmatic (but not overly so)
    alignnent True Neurtal
    I came to the Town to have a break from monster after monster after monster after monster. I like diplomacy, and an almost always agreeable. small things don't bother me. I live a reasonably easy life, with good survival, living by my wits, and having fun interacting with people.

    common knowledge I like a good drink, and a good laugh, and don't like fancy, stuffy of frivolous things. I like a good chat, and hate it when people complain to me. I play the flute, and like arena battles.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    ((This char is going to take the place of J'Gorl. J'Gorl has left the town))

    Name: Pinbar
    Race: Gnome
    Gender: Male
    Class: Illusionist/Master Specialist
    Age: 56
    Alignment and Temperment: He is chaotic neutral. He enjoys placing his illusions wherever he can especially if it will get a laugh from someone that is near by most of the time it is at the expense of someone else. However he does have a good heart and is a fun time.
    Equipment: He has his spell book and that is about it. He does not carry around much else because everything he thinks he needs is right there.
    Description: He has blonde hair and blues eyes and is average height and weight for a gnome. He wears a wizards cloak that shifts as if illusionary.
    Backstory: Pinbar comes from a gnome village that is not to far from the town and is looking to meet new people. He has grown tired of the monotanus life where he came from.
    Common Knowledge: There is not much common knowledge about Pinbar in the town because he is so new to the area.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Manal
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Class: Druid
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Equipment: Magic Quarter Staff

    Common Knowledge: There is not much common knowledge about Manal in the town because she is so new to the area excpet she is a druid who came on the same Airship Er'n Kelli did a few days ago. No one realy know Manal secret power that she cam turn in to a T-Rex ( raww)

    Name: Amy
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Female
    Class: Ranger
    Age: 270
    Alignment: Evil
    hight: 5'7
    Equipment: magic polished dagger
    Common Knowledge: There is not much common knowledge about Amy in the town because she is so new to the area excpet she is a ranger who became best friends with Manal, Darkblade and Er'n Kelli. Runs the QUEEN'S BAR AND GRILL come visit Amy there and get surved great food and meet nice people there. You can find missons there and new friend. Amy secete abilety is that she can controle earth. The Queens Bar and Grill is easly repaired because it is made of rock and wood.

    Alignment:Lawful Evil
    Hair Colour:Brown
    Eye colour:Blue
    Equipment:Dubbled eaged sword and one hunderd daggers
    Common Knowledge:a member of xenos, gage she knows him from the meeting.

    Name: Alissa Marie Yule
    Race: Elf
    Gender: Female
    Class: Cleric
    Age: 110
    Alignment: good
    Equipment: Long bow and two short swords
    Common Knowlege: Now a member of the Police force. No one really knows who Alissa, yet. She ran away from home to explore the world and made her way to the town. She thought she would live here it seems nice and peaceful. Her parents are looking for her because she is the next heir to the thron, the kingdom of Ezerie Hordom

    Name: Reegen
    Race:Human/ shadow
    Gender: Female
    Class:Shadow lord
    Age: 13
    Alignment: nutral
    Common Knowlege:Reegan is Raven's sister, trygon made her because Raven wouldn't be the sacerfice to bring him into our world. No one really knows who Reegen is, yet. She ran away from home to explore the world and made her way to the town. She thought she would live here it seems nice and peaceful. She hopes Trygon never finds her here. She's not sure what to do. She doesn't want to bring trouble to this nice little town.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Shadow
    Race: Shadow
    Class: Fighter
    Alignment and Temperament: It is his (really should be it but Shadow prefers to think of himself as a him) first time without someone to follow and as a result, he is very unconfident and unsure of himself. He favors freedom.
    Age: As old as light
    Height: Tall
    Weight: Lanky
    Appearance: Shadow is a shapeshifter that can only turn in to shades of black and white. He currently has black hair, dark eyes and pale skin.
    Equipment: The clothes on his back and a magical bag that produces coins of the lowest denomination(cp)

    Once upon a time, there was a perfectly ordinary shadow that wandered around, being attached to creatures and items and back again. Then he became attached to the fiendish mage Kira. She decided that it was high time she got a consort, so she preformed a dire and eldrich ritual that made Shadow 3D and gave him some amount of sentience. For a period of time, everything was peachy. Kira researched magic and conquered territory, while Shadow served as the test dummy and carried her spell components. One day, as Kira was occupied on a diplomatic mission (or conquering land and tempting the purehearted), Shadow got the munchies. He devoured an intelligence increasing (insert magic item here) and realized that Kira would probably seal him away for destroying valuable equipment and that she never treated him all that well anyway. He grabbed an experimental infinite money creating bag and jumped through random portal tunnels that Kira was researching. Eventually, he got to Town.

    [Common knowledge]
    -Shadow blushes grey
    -Shadow radiates small amount of dark energy that he soaked up from Kira

    -Avoid Kira
    -Increase intelligence
    -Become more normal

    [Ongoing storyline]
    Shadow has landed in the town.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Kegger O'Beere
    Age: 468
    gender: Dwarf Male
    Class: Defender
    Weight: 320
    Height: 4,11
    Alignment: Neutral good
    Equipment: Shining Black Metallic Mug, Always Aflame Stogie, elegant but not to flashy clothes, a eye patch over his right eye, and a gargantuan warhammer on his back, black as the deepest shadow.

    Description: A little tall for an average dwarf, but monstriously big in build, with a mysterious eye patch, a mug that never seems to be empty of ale, and a ridiculously big stogie that never seems to get any smaller in his mouth. Blond hair, the eye you can see is a shining blue, and a long very well kept beard. You can see that this man finds personal apperance very important.

    Temperment: All around a nice guy that likes to see things are even and fair for everybody and see that justice is always done. Loves a good joke and its all to easy to make him smile; loves to have a good time. A good reasoner who doesn't like to jump to conclusions but if pushed too far is not afraid to do what he was born to do...use Mjolnir, the true hammer of Thor to strike down all in his path.

    Background: Born and raised in battle and adventure Kegger didn't really have a child hood. Chosen at birth to weild Mjolnir, Kegger was surrounded by death almost immediately after being born. After his long life of training and war, Kegger is only to happy to settle down in a nice security job with an old family friend The Gent.

    Common Knowledge: Kegger is brand new to the town so not very much is known, but people can tell he is quick to laugh and smile just by being around him.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    NAME: pytrwqsdfghjklmnbvcxz (call me Willahad)
    RACE: eggsell
    GENDER: male
    ALIGNMENT: rolls a d10 every day and lets the dice decide (1 lg, 2 ng, 3 cg ect...)
    AGE: 22 days old (eggshels don't live for very long)
    CLASS: has 2 levels in all of them, exept for the ones with alignment restrictions
    BACKSTORY: considering he has only lived for 22 days it is still devolopin.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Shalashaska/ADAM is Revolver Ocelot. No reason to beat around the bush. It's who he is.

    Race: Ogre (Warhammer Style)
    Class: Hunter.
    Age: Lots.
    Height: 12'8"
    Weight: Big.
    Name Gansukh
    Alignment and Temperment: True Neutral, bordering on Chaotic. Gansukh is an amicable frontiersman with a distrust and disaste for most organized authority, however, he accepts leaders he likes and is loyal to a fault. He is the best friend and protector of Gorbak the confectioner.
    Hair Color: White, long, with a beard.
    Eye Color: Bright green.
    Equipment: Axe and club, iron fist, gutplate.
    Made more of muscle than fat, Gansukh is an unsually lean example of an Ogre. His appearance, otherwise, is fairly in-line with the average of his people; grey skin, large teeth, massive in size, thin eyes.
    Banned from the tribe, he left dissatisfied, cold, and stereotypical. Eking out a life is a melodramtic anti-hero with only his sabretooth tiger Erden for companionship, until he found his way back to the tribe with a mammoth to offer them before leaving again in mystery. When he arrived, he found a duel of unimaginable ferocity. The former chieftain, his face covered in white powder blindly swung his sword hoping to hit a portly and terrified looking man. Stepping in, Gansukh cut of the chief's head in a single blow and fled with the strange man who was about to be cut apart by the blinded chief. He had found Gorbak, the confectioner!
    Common Knowledge
    Not known in the town, yet.
    Ongoing Storyline
    Opening a confectioner's shop in Rimeholt with Gorbak.

    Gorbak, the Confectioner!
    Race: Ogre (Warhammer Style)
    Class: Chef/Baker/Confectioner
    Age: Pretty young.
    Height: 10'2"
    Weight: Immense
    Name Gor____ the Confectioner. He changes the second syllable of his name frequently.
    Alignment and Temperment: He makes cakes for fun in a race where killing and eating meat is all that's socially acceptable. Of course he's Chaotic Good.
    Hair Color: Black, with a long moustache and beard, Confucius style.
    Eye Color: Purple
    Equipment: Baking tools, gutplate, confectioner's sugar.
    Immensely fat, otherwise very similar to Gansukh
    In Ogre society, the bigger belly means higher status. Gorbak figured out that sweets, not meat, were the fasted way to gain weight. He began to bake himself cakes, learning from human prisoners he was supposed to cook as a butcher, and eating nothing but sweets and pastries until his belly was too big for the chief to ignore and laugh at as the work of a madman any longer. In the ensuing battle, he was rescued by a lone hunter, who he's traveled with ever since.
    Common Knowledge
    He makes the best damn cakes around.
    His speech used to be dark red. It is now pink.
    Ongoing Storyline
    See Gansukh's.

    Race: Sarrukh
    Class: Wizard/Sorceror/Archmage
    Age: 120,000 (at least)
    Height: 7'2"
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Name Slaerrick
    Alignment and Temperment: True Neutral with a strong Goodly bent. He'll generally do the right thing, regardless of the law's attitude about it, but he's usually too selfish, paranoid, and arrogant to qualify as really Good.
    Hair Color: None
    Eye Color: Red
    Equipment: He's a member of a creator race with thousands of lifetimes behind him. He's pretty much got anything he could ever want.
    A green Sarrukh wearing baggy wizard robes of blue or violet, sometimes with darker green trim, Slaerrick's reptilian features and natural longevity make it so his age doesn't show. He seems to walk on two legs, as many Sarrukh do, but he could slither as a gastropod, as well. It's difficult to say under the robs. Additionally, he may alter his form at will, making a certain answer all the more impossible. His fingers end in long talons and his red eyes have burnt down from their bright hue to molten pools of crimson wisdom.
    A Sarrukh who didn't think the way his species was rebuilding itself after the fall would work; they'd repeat the same mistakes as before when their power allowed them to dominate their neighbours as the population grew. So, he left rather than fight the losing battle of dealing with the problem and ended up here.
    Common Knowledge
    Ancient, eccentric mage with paranoia and delusions of grandeur (which aren't really all that delusional, seeing as he helped create several species) to match the best/worst of the wizardly caste. Generally doesn't adventure unless he has to for profit or because he actually does have an inherently good spirit, whether he wants to admit it or not.
    Ongoing Storyline
    None, yet. Hasn't even been introduced. Just posting this before I do introduce him while I still have time.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Ilyra "Blackfeather" Thyl

    [Stats and Description]
    Ilyra "Blackfeather" Thyl (Pronounced ee-Lai-rah Theel, th as in 'thin')

    Female Halfling; 27 yrs old.

    3'1" in height, weighs around 30lb.

    Ilyra "Blackfeather" Thyl has flowing pale golden hair, which she never bothers to have it groomed properly. Her eyes are very narrow, much like an elf's, with very cold, light grey irides. Most of her physical features are of fair standard, with her slim, lithe build (typical of a halfling's) adding to the striking look. However, she has a deep scar on her face that starts from the side of her left eye diagonally to the right side of her lips. She also has a black feather tattooed on her left cheek, which gave her her alias, Ilyra the Blackfeather.

    Her favoured code of clothing is deep red, tight fitting (as it won't get caught in a bush) style of clothing, often made of dyed furs and/or feathers. She carries a magical crossbow made of dark wood, but its magic is of no significance. It has her name engraved on it with golden letters.

    True Neutral Druid 20, no animal companion.
    Str 8/Dex 17/Con 14/Int 15/Wis 27/Cha 9 (without magical enhancements)
    Lithe and battle-hardened, while she (being a halfling) does not possess great strength, she is very wise and intelligent.

    Born in Fairhaven, Aundair, Eberron. As a Gatekeeper Initiate, she studied the events of the Day of Mourning (a catastrophic event that annihilated a magical kingdom and ended the war that lasted nearly a hundred years.). While investigating a secret vault, Ilyra came across a deck of magical cards. Upon drawing three cards, one imbued her of Darkvision, the other took 1 point of Charisma (making her personality a little more introverted), and the last card sent her to the Town.

    [Common Knowledge]
    -Very, very poor in terms of money and valuable possessions.
    -A good tracker and skilled in foraging for food and herbs.

    -Has a wide collection of herbal medicines (in forms of bitter potions, dried leaves, some exotic teas etc etc.)
    -Willing to exchange some for foods, goods made of silver, and/or other 'useful' things such as crossbow bolts etc etc.
    -Speaks in Grey
    -Somewhat eccentric, since she never met a friendly intelligent being for a long time.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Watched an epic battle between Zebediah and Ishmale. Currently looking for a permanent home in the Wood.
    Transported into the Deep Wood; got into a big trouble, chased by an unknown entity. Something drove the darkness away, and Ilyra slept peacefully.
    Met a black dragon; who said that he had been cursed for eternity. Ilyra decides to help.
    Got into the Horrid Manor. It indeed is horrid.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Matteo "Jazzman" Elderson
    Race: Human
    Class: Law Student
    Age: 21
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 13st
    Name: Matteo Elderson, known to his friends as "The Jazzman"
    Alignment and Temperment: Lawful Neutral, bordering on Good. Matteo staunchly believes in the rights of the individual, no matter their alignment.
    Hair Color: Short, dark brown, with accompanying facial hair
    Eye Color: Deep blue

    Description: Matteo Elderson has a slightly dazed look on his face for the most part, as he's still trying to figure out if his arrival in the Town is a hallucinaton or if it's actually really happening to him. He's a fairly well-built, broad-shouldered example of a human, but teetering on the edge of unfitness.

    Lawful Neutral Lawyer/Bard 1/1
    Str 11/Dex 14/Con 11/Int 17/Wis 17/Cha 18
    Not exceptionally hardy, he can make do, and he easily makes an impression on others, good or otherwise. He has a keen eye for facts.


    Born in 1985, Matteo was progressing through his final year of Law at University, and had just started his internship in the University Law Office, doing pro bono work for the community, and working in the criminal appeals field. Soon after starting, he was approached by a mysterious figure, who asked him to look at his friend's case and see if he could represent them.

    Matteo spent the rest of the night looking over the case brief, studying all the angles and trying to see what this man might have going for him. He couldn't find anything.

    The next day he was due to travel home and play with a band, so he stopped by the law office to phone the mysterious man, only to find he was already there, waiting for him. Matteo tried to explain to him how the case didn't have a chance. The mysterious man argued with him, and Matteo argued back. Finally, the man got so angry he snapped. He started shaking all over, and his eyes started glowing. Matteo, terrified by this point, had backed into the wall and was trying to squeeze through it. Then all of a sudden, he was blasted by some kind of energy and fell unconscious. He woke up to find himself surrounded in swirling mist, his briefcase and his saxophone lying either side of him. He got up, looked around, and, for want of a better idea, picked up his stuff and started walking.

    After a while, the mists began to clear, and Matteo found himself walking through a green meadow, and up a gentle slope. At the crest, he looked out, and there right in front of him, he saw the Town. Completely bewildered, he started walking.

    Common Knowledge

    Not really known in the town, a few people have seen him walking in. When they get to know him they will find him cheerful, enthusiastic, a hard worker, with a good sense of humour.


    Matteo has on him:

    43pp, 16cp
    A mobile phone that currently has no signal (duh!) and proclaims the time to be 26:82, Jul 42nd, 7086. He's not paying much attention to that part
    An enchanted piece of parchment able to call up any common knowledge regarding Town.
    A wand of Fireball for self-defence
    A tenor saxophone plus reeds
    A formal suit, plus other, more Town-esque clothing.

    Ongoing Storyline
    After a short busking session in the statue in the center of Town, Matteo raked in about 50pp, generously donated by Lillah. He used that money to rent out an town apartment.

    He has signed on as a lawyer with Stragashkan, and is putting word around town that he will act as defence in any criminal trial. He's also playing saxophone in the evening in Trog's.

    Posts in Blue
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Arc "Akaziel" Zeilmont

    Stats and description:
    Race: Human
    Class: Soldier
    Age: 18
    Height: 5"11
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Physical Description: Arc's brown hair can vary from time to time, but his hair always fringes in front of his left eye. Under the fringe is a star-shaped scar, surrounding his blind left eye. His right eye is a dark shade of gray. He is well-built, and his body is covered in scars. Has not developed facial hair as of yet.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Equipment: 2 exotic pistols, ammunition

    Arc was born and raised on the battlefield. At the age of three, he learned that on the battlefield, it was 'kill or be killed' after his parents were killed by enemy forces. He was taken in by a general who instructed him on the basics of combat. The general learned that not only was Arc a competent soldier, he was also a brilliant tactician. His advice has helped win a few battles.

    Years passed. The war ended. He was honorably discharged from the army, and set off in search of peaceful lands. He found a small, quiet village, and fell asleep under an apple tree...

    He woke up, and saw a bustling town, completely opposite of the quiet village he fell asleep in. He walks in with a grin of excitement on his face.

    Common Knowledge:
    Not very sociable, but is a good person when you get to know him.
    Does the smart thing to do more often than the right thing

    Ongoing Storyline:
    Has entered town for the first time, currently looking for a place to get a job.

    Name- Retrenar Hellbane
    Age: ?
    Race: Elf, probably
    Class: Bard/Wizard
    Height: 6"3
    Weight: 137 lbs.
    Eye Color: One blue, one red
    Hair: Black, let down. Never combs.
    Skin: Pale
    Clothes: Wears red wizard robes and brown boots. Wears black shirt underneath the robes.
    Equipment: Spellbook, rapier, masterwork lute and poison-tipped dagger hidden in robes. A golden wheel rotates behind his back, allowing him to levitate.

    Backstory: Retrenar was born in the Kingdom of Consilia, a kingdom where the intelligent rule, and the ignorant serve. Being a Consilian Noble, Retrenar was exposed to learning at a very young age, having access to the largest libraries in existence. He seemed eager to learn, no- addicted to learning, so much so that he began searching for more...

    One day, the Royal Mage of the Kingdom took him in to be his apprentice, hoping to quench his thirst for knowledge. It was working well... until Retrenar discovered the Seal of Enlightenment. Instantly, all knowledge from every corner of the universe was at his disposal- at the cost of his sanity.

    In a single night, Retrenar managed to murder the whole Royal Kingdom with pure magic alone. His sheer power alone decimated the whole of Consilia. He took delight into his masterpiece, until he suddenly vanished, never to be seen again. Some say he wound up dead, some say he appeared in Town...

    Retrenar talks in Royal Blue
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Alfred Divit
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Age: 43
    Height: 5'11''
    Weight: 164lbs/
    Hair: Gray
    Eyes: Gray

    Description: Alfred wears a dark brown suit with a grey tie and matching gloves. He keeps a vial of ink, a dipping pen and a notebook in his pocket at all times. Due to an accident Alfred wears a mask of red tape to hide his face.

    At a young age Alfred's parents sent him to a summoner's school, or at least they would have if they had the money. Instead he was sent to a school for more mundane summons, mainly involving court dates and the like. Though it was a relatively uninteresting job the city where Alfred lived had a very high concentration of magic-users working for the city and so almost all civil servants were outfitted with some form of magic item to assist them in their duties. Alfred and all other court summoners were given notebooks and pens; the notebooks were capable of projecting a thought into a subject's head provided their name was known and the pens were capable of expanding to be nearly the size of quarterstaves and had incredibly sharp heads. For years Alfred enforced the various rules and traditions of the court, until a group of mages working on a doomsday spell accidentally destroyed most of the city. While Alfred was spared his face was horribly scarred and he fled the ruins of where was once his home. He wandered for a while, enforcing legal procedures and on occasion the law itself, he now finds himself in the Town.

    Common Knowledge
    Alfred is known to have excellent penmanship and a love of formal procedures and regulations.

    Ongoing storyline:
    None right now.

    Alfred speaks like this as do thoughts transmitted from his notepad

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Aakor Sevensight

    Race: Human Undead
    Class: Medium(+ the classes of the spirit currently possessing him)
    Gender: Male (physically anyways)
    Alignement: Depends...
    Age: Is this really relevant in the undead? Quite old, I'd suppose. Died at age 39.
    Height: Somewhat taller than average, nothing special though.
    Weight: He's definitely lightweight.
    Hair: Only a few long weathered strands of black hair.
    Eyes: Very faint blue, they go white when Aakor receives another spirit (see history)
    Description: Well, he's basically a walking corpse. Though having been around for quite a while he's still in remarkably good condition (this is due to the spirit of a paladin who houses inside him). Aakor is still wearing the suit he was burried in, and though it is dusty and smells, it is still in good condition. Aakor has been tattoed al over with mystic signs such as pyramids, eyes and various symbols. Aakor is usually unarmed.
    Equipment: A dusty suit and some pieces of chalk.

    Aakor sevensight used to earn his money predicting people's future. This was an ability he discovered when he was seven. Aakor was killed during one of his sessions by an unsatisfied customer. Aakor had predicted the said customer would die in two minutes, which naturally pissed him off. After killing Aakor the man was crushed by a bookcase tumbling on top of him. But it wasn't over, for neither of them. Aakor's body, being a natural medium, accepted the spirit of his murderer immediately. Only after the burial did the body rise again though. Now Aakor's body wanders around, as a receptive vessil for the recently deceased. Aakor accepts spirits and houses them until they have completed their unfinished business (if they have any, otherwise they just stay inside Aakor). The spirits constantly battle inside the dead man for control of the body and this leads to an effect similar to schizophrenia in Aakor. Aakor's own spirit, however, has been lost (meaning that he is now only Aakor by name and appearance). Being a perfect medium, Aakor is also good at sensing people's intentions, alignement, if they are possessed or demonic and at sensing paranormal events and magic.

    Known accepted spirits
    Magog Maelström:
    The spirit of Aakor's killer, an easily angered firemage who spends most of his time getting Aakor's body into trouble as his revenge (even though his purpose is to make up for killing him...)
    Rakul Sunseeker: A paladin who strives for the greater good (don't all paladins?).
    Severis Slocomb A regular kinda guy, living in a regular kinda town. The only thing special about this guy is that he's a complete coward.
    Paul Bludgeon: A somewhat retarded and naive farmer who likes everyone and everything, regardless of what they did (when faced with reality Paul can become quite hysterical).
    Ogden "Silvertongue" Brocksburg Of Tamarind The Third: Ogden used to be a poverized noble with as only purpose in life to earn back his gambled away fortune. Silvertonuge is a great nickname for this guy, because he manages to talk his way out of anything.

    There are several others, but these appear much less often due to being less strong spirits and being hidden deeper in Aakor. New spirits might be added whenever anyone dies around Aakor.

    -Aakor has joined the mages guild and taken up residence there
    -Aakor has opened store in an alley behind the guild. Go to Aakor's fortunetelling for his services.
    -Aakor has been hired in the hospital.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Pre-death: [IMG][/IMG]
    Class: Ranger and 18 Fighter(to reflect the bow mastery) telepath1 psyker5.
    Alignment: CN
    Age: Timeless. Currently about 250
    Race: Half-elf, but a rarer breed with all of both races strengths and none of either races weaknesses.
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 150lb
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Long and brown
    Equipment: Armor made from a Shadow Dragon's hide, a Shadow dragon tooth spear, a sword from a claw, and sometimes a bow made of shadow
    A duskwood bow, a shifter sword, dragonscale breastplate, and a darkwood spear.
    Backstory: He remembers little until he was 13 years old, when he made a deal with a Shadow Dragon named Slishhtak. It would grant him immortality and spare his home if he served it. The dragon agreed, for it saw much power in him. However, the dragon's first command was to destroy the village. Shadowbow refused, but was forced to by their deal. He then sought vengence on the dragon, and one night he killed it in its sleep. It is he hide of that Shadow Dragon that he wears to this day.
    Expanded backstory(Work in progress)
    Once there was a boy, his mother, a proud human, his father, a graceful elf. In his village, elves and men lived together in harmony. He, however, was a rare occurrence among the half-elven. He had the stubborn adaptability of a human, and the serene grace of an elf. He was unseen until he wished to be seen, which was not often. He preferred to staying the back round, acting as a vigilante in the village.
    One day, the dragon came. It was an ancient Shadow Dragon, well over a mile tall, and three from head to tail. Its scales showed its name, as they appeared to be made of pure shadows. All in the village were horrified by the sight of it. All but one. The boy overcame his fear and sought out Slishhtak, god of dark dragons. He requested his village be spared from the wrath of dragons, in exchange for his eternal service.
    Slishhtak had long been a god, and had used his craftiness to better himself. He agreed, adding immortality on the boy’s part. Then, laughing, he ordered the boy to destroy the village, and slaughter everyone that lived there. The boy was forced to by the agreement, and his village was spared the wrath of dragons. The boy’s rage and desire for revenge blossomed, while an enemy of Slishhtak watched from afar, planning to make the boy his weapon.
    After a millennia had passed, the boy was a mere butler in Slishhtak’s service. One night, an old man came to him in a dream, and they talked. The man revealed himself to be Xand, god of Magicka, and the boy found himself unable to recall his name. Xand told him of the one weakness of Slishhtak, a rare herb known as True Dragon’s Bane. He slipped some into the boy’s pocket, and when he awoke, the boy found it waiting there for him.
    When time came to feed the dragon god again, the boy, brave and foolish, crazed with vengeance, slipped the True Dragon’s Bane into Slishhtak’s meal. Moments after eating it, Slishhtak realized he had been fooled, and struck out at the boy with tooth, claw, wings, tail, and breath of evil. The boy was not afraid, and Xand appeared in front of him, shielding him from the blast. “Game over, Slishhtak.” echoed from Xand’s mouth. “No.” Not from Slishhtak, writhing on the ground, but from the boy. He stepped forward and through the shield. “Slishhtak, you forced me to destroy my home, kill my friends, slaughter my family. I shall not give you the quiet peace of death. I shall wield you, soul and body, as a weapon, to hunt and destroy your servants.” As he spoke, his words drew out the soul of the vile god, and they formed a bow of pure shadows. “I take the name Shadowbow.” Without the soul, Slishhtak’s body fell limp. Xand left, but continued to watch the course of his wayward weapon. Shadowbow cut scales from Slishhtak’s body, making armor, then he made a spear from a tooth, and a sword from a claw. Then he left, and began his crusade.

    Common Knowledge: Nothing but his drive to ensure that all Shadow Dragons are forced to die an eternally painful death. In one of his more recent escapades, he found a drow city working to breed an army of shadow dragons. Since then, when he slaughtered all but the youngest children, whom he took to the elves in hopes that they, being children, could be redeemed, has placed his hatred of drow only after his hatred of evil dragons.
    Uncommon knowledge: All of the above but the weapons and armor. Also, he keeps his hood up, so everyone thinks he is either a graceful human or an adaptive elf, depending on which he wants. He is ambidextrous.
    Unknown knowledge (known to him alone): His bow is actually the soul of that Shadow Dragon, which was imprisoned by its own cruelty and his drive for it's eternal torture.
    Notes: Currently in the Warp. Will return when I feel like it Is back, now has a blue sword, red armor, a yellow spear, and spiky orange hair.
    Speech: Yellow Green
    Theme Music: Eye of the Tiger
    Credits: Avatars by Ceika!

    Xan (if you've ever played Baldur's Gate, you should recognize this name.)
    Race: Human
    Alignment: NG
    Age: 10
    Hieght: 4'6"
    Weight: 75lb
    Eyes: a piercing blue
    Skin: pale
    Speech: Dark Red
    Class: Wizard/Sorcorer
    Equipment: an apparently ordinary staff
    Backstory: Xan discovered his powers at a very young age. He developed them through study and naturally. He is far stronger than he looks, and doesn't like being underestimated. He has a psuedodragon familiar named Dracosus that is usually concealed through the Familiar Pocket spell. It speaks through telepathy in Purple.
    Common knowledge: He is 10 years old.
    Uncommon knowledge: He is very powerful (he is trying to make this common knowledge). He is a Sorceror and a Wizard.
    Currently part of Xand.

    Crend (If you've ever played Baldur's Gate: Shadows of Amn, you should recognize this name.)
    Race: Human
    Alignment: NG
    Class: Druid/Cleric
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Tan
    Hair: Brown
    Age: 10
    Equipment: A staff with a bright white orb on top.
    Backstory: He was abandond when he was a child, and was raised by the animals of the forest. He quickly founded a druid grove , but was far to restless and recinded leadership.
    Common knowledge: He's rather young.
    Currently part of Xand.

    Race: Unknown
    Age: VERY OLD
    Divine Rank: 5
    Skin: Varies
    Class: 20 in WIZ, SOR, Bard, Duskblade, Beguiler, Hexblade, Warlock, Wu Jen, Cleric, Druid, Spirit Shaman, Favored Soul, Bard, and Warmage. Level 10 in Archmage, [rest to be filled in when I have time]
    Equipment: Summoning Block which prevents all spells with the summoning subschool from working within 30 feet of him when active. Staff of the Archmage with just about every magical ability not inherently evil. All equipment is highly magical, and he can create any magic item on short notice.
    Abilities: Has a great deal of power over magic and ability to use spells. The only form of Magicka (term used for all forms of magic/magic-like effects) that he cannot use is Seid.
    Restrictions: Xand is incapable of using any form of necromancy, including Ressurection and haling magic. He cannot act with evil intent.
    Notes: Most of his power comes from sheer knowledge and skill, the divine power in him simply being used to magnify it.

    Race: Drow Elf
    Class: Fighter/ Paladin
    Diety: Corellon Larethian
    Alignment: CG
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin: Fair
    Hair: Flaming Red
    Speech: Silver
    Equipment: Two kukris, both keen and DR piercing (automatically overcomes any DR [a must have for any form of high level assasain!]) , one +4, and the an assasination effect (doubles sudden strike damage).
    A Longsword-form Holy Avenger, an Evil-bane Holy +5 rapier, and a bow That changes with his temperment.
    History: His soul was shredded by Slishhtak, the dragon that had killed Shadowbow, but not before he injected the vile beast with true dragonbane, killing it. He was restored by Corellon Larethian, but his memories are gone.
    Credits: See above!


    Race: Human
    Class: Explorer 20
    Alignment: NG
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin: Rough
    Hair: Brown
    Speech: Sandy Brown
    Equipment: A whip, a hat, and leather armor.
    History: He likes to explore, and enjoys having companions.
    Notes: Yes, i do realize this is basically an Indiana Jones in stats, but I won't have him act that way. Oh, and here's his theme music.
    Credits: Inkatar!

    The Enchanter
    Race: Illithid/Lich
    Class: Telepath/Sorcorer, Emporer Lich 10 while a lich, Archmage 10 otherwise.
    Alignment: Swings around between NG, N, and NE.
    Eyes: Red
    Speech: Magenta
    Equipment: Various items used for enchantment spells, 12 modified Slave Rings, a Bag of Holding containing 12 Mirrors of Life-Trapping, four with a succubus in them, four with an eryines, and four with a hybrid of the two.
    History: He was raised by a magician that taught him that it is best to make other agree with you by magic. This magician was the first of his thralls.
    Common knowledge: He is always followed by group of thralls consisting of one level 15 tau trooper, two level 15 human troopers, one level 10 human wizard, 5 level five ogre fighters with most of their brains removed, 5 level 7 rouges of various races, 5 level 7 clerics also of various races, 1 level one Tau commoner, 1 level one human commoner with a hypnosis ability, and 1 level 1 human commoner. Is also served by numberous undead.
    Other: Takes the form of a member of the opposite gender of the same race as the target.
    Credits: E the lich to The Stoney One!

    Abjahmem Darkfire
    Race: Illumian
    Alignment: TN
    Equipment: Lots of very large books, all in Bags of Holding. The smallest is 5 million pages.
    Class: Arcane Monk 10/ Bard 15
    Goals: To write a book: The History of the Town. Could be difficult unless he can get interviews with key starters like Indy, Sneak, etc.

    ShadeDarklox/Chimera Edsern
    Race: Superlox/ Advanced Chimera virus Human
    Alignment: CE N
    Class: Rogue 20 Abandoned Champion
    Equipment: Oblivion, a longsword of great power. Edsern can command it to act on its own telepathicly, and it is able to generate strong winds and other elemental effects. When in Ultimatum form, Oblivion becomes a rapier made out of pure void esence.
    Fenrir: Only used when in Ultimatum form, Fenrir is a ficously sharp longsword made out of Antivoid essence. When used in unison with Oblivion, the Void-Antivoid mixture drive Edsern to entirely new levels of power.
    History: Chosen by Coronus to become shadelox, he has ever since regreted it. He melded into the Corolox essence, but has recently re-emerged after leaving that power behind. He has a protective instinct about Estran, and had a grudge against Metakirb. Alright, he flat out loves Estran. He was badly maimed by Pyrolox in the wodds. So much that he is immpossible to recognize.
    Best line: No, nothing's wrong. I love you.

    Real Name: Lako Flamefury
    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter
    Alignment: NG
    Equipment: a scythe
    Notes: Has lost everything he cares about, and has lost all ability to feel pain or emotions. Can ignore any wound that is less than instantly lethal. Recently regained the ability to feel upon finding Shadowbow, his oldest friend.

    Named Vamps

    Name: Rike
    Race: Vamp
    Class: Fighter/ Rouge
    Alignment: CN when without cadre, LN when with. Always has evil tendencies.
    Equipment: +5 vampiric katana.
    Speech: Pale Green
    Notes: Leader of Alpha Cadre. Avatar by Ban101, Rike with his rat and bat forms.

    Name: Ranthir
    Race: Vamp
    Class: Duskblade
    Alignment: As Rike
    Equipment: As Rike, but longsword
    Speech: Pale Turquoise
    Notes: Leader of Beta Cadre

    Name: Salix
    Race: Vamp
    Class: Druid-Duskblade
    Alignment: As Rike
    Equipment: As Rike, but scimitar
    Speech: Dark Orchid
    Notes: Leader of Gamma Cadre.

    Name: Ragnar
    Race: Dwarf-vamp
    Class: Cleric Fighter
    Alignment: CN
    Equipment: Full plate and a dwarven waraxe
    Speech: Yellow
    Notes: Head of Delta Cadre

    My vampire terminology:
    Vampire: standard vampire
    Vamp: Elite vampire, trained in a profession: arcane, divine, sneaker, or combat.
    Named: Head of a vamp cadre. Named ones like Rike are usually multi-class, ex. Rike is sneak-combat.
    Cadre: 4 vamps + one named. The four are one of each specialty, although there is one cadre of purely one specialty, including the named.
    Force: 25-30 vampires, 10-15 vamps, and 3-5 Named.

    Race: Human
    Class: Techno-Factotum
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'6"
    Equipment: Forms from data
    Notes: Is immune to anti- effects and Dimensional lock
    Is in the Town Titans
    Got two elf cheerleaders from the first game, who's data he altered while they were in the Internet. Now they have succubbus heritage and will do whatever he says of their own free will.

    Race: Human
    Class: Monk/ Elementalist
    Age: 23
    Height: 6'7"
    Equipment: His fists
    Battlecries: Rush Rock!= An earth-based attack.
    Rapid Riptide!= Water-based.
    Sprinting Spark!= Lightning-based.
    Thunder Kick!= Sound-based.

    Real name: Rex Idiotarum
    Class: Rouge/pyromancer
    Race: Fire Ghost of Freedom
    Age: x
    Equipment: Several daggers, and a lot of fire abilities
    Signature powers: Planar burn= JR is capable of generating enough heat to burn through the essence of a plane, acting like a planeshift, but it isn't stopped by dimensional lock.
    Spacial burn= functions like planar burn, only a teleport instead of a planeshift.

    Ladrimme Ruatil
    Race: Raptoran
    Class: Rogue 6

    She has come to the Town for excitement.
    Notes: This is just a playtest. I am actually going to use her in a PbP game.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Main Characters

    Umbras Darkslinger, aka Umbras.
    Heh. That was fun

    Race: Human.
    Gender: Male.
    Class: Battle Sorcerer 20
    Alignment: Neutral Happy (Neutral Good)
    Faith: None. He knows the gods are there, he is just apathetic about it all.
    Languages: Common, Elven, and Infernal.
    Temperament: Generally happy, you will almost always see a grin on his face. Try not to get him angry, he is a bit psychotic when that happens.
    Age: 19
    Birthday: 1st of April.
    Height: 6'5''
    Weight: 150lbs
    Hair: Brown, shoulder length, and generally very messy.
    Eyes: Pale green/Grey
    Weapons: A rapier made from a pure white crystal- it has a lot of personal significance, and merely touching it without permission makes Umbras get incredibly angry. Which makes sense, seeing as it is his soul. Apart from that, his rather powerful magical ability is always a help in a fight.
    Speech: Sandy Brown

    Backstory: Umbras doesn't really care about that. He has had a rather dark past, and doesn't like being reminded of it.

    Common Knowledge:
    -Umbras will talk to anyone, no matter what race, gender, age or class.
    -If asked he is fairly easy going about his soul- on his first day meeting people he let 2 strangers handle it.
    -He is known to flash-back to his past from time to time. This is very frightening for him.
    -He sometimes forgets to put on all his clothes.
    -He is responsible for disallowing Mychasi to say the word 'duck'
    -He appears extremely wealthy, but seems not to care about it- he has given away two artifacts since arriving.
    -Doesn't like the way the legal system is run.
    -Believes incredibly strongly that killing when you can avoid it is despicable. He feels that there is nothing alive that is evil that cannot be redeemed, which is a far preferable choice to killing them

    Ongoing Story: After arriving at the Town and giving away two powerful artifacts, Umbras became friends with Baeleck and Elune, and offered to help them on their quest. After finding out that one of the drow that was searching for the Phoenix Stone was dead, he decided to go out of his way to find the one who killed him. Which he did. He has since kindled a relationship with Elune Sharrowdale. He and Elune are currently planning their friend Baeleck's wedding together.

    Sunn, sometimes known as the God of Creation Undone.
    Awww, Damn! It's boring here, too!

    Race: Whatever the hell she wants, although she strongly prefers the form of an elf with wings and is completely happy with it. Consider it the default.
    Gender: Gender is a complicated issue with Sunn. She is currently female, prefers to be so and will remain to be so.
    Class: The best description would be a Reality Hacker.
    Alignment: Extremely Chaotic Neutral, leaning towards good.
    Faith: Seeing how she effectively is more powerful than a god, she doesn't believe.
    Languages: All of them
    Temperament: She used to have moodswings, but now her temperament has stabilized to being very kind and generous. And will remain that way, hopefully. She also has a preoccupation with things being interesting.
    Age: Effectively eternal
    Birthday: None.
    Height: Whatever the hell she wants, although her preferred form is about 5'5"
    Weight: Whatever the hell she wants, although her preferred form is about 100 pounds, if you don't factor in her wings.
    Hair: Generally any, but again, her preferred form has long brown hair.
    Eyes: Always incredibly vivid green, no matter what form she takes. This is, however, a personal choice, because she likes the colour green and being recognized.
    Weapons: The ability to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe to do pretty much anything, in a process she calls The Fury.
    Speech: Slate Grey

    Backstory: Sunn is a unique being. Born an eternity ago, in a different universe as a mere mortal, and not even he knows how or why she got her powers. After spending an eternity roaming from universe to universe, and destroying and reconstructing a few, she came to a place she considered wouldn't be boring: The Town.

    About The Fury: The Fury is Sunn's major power. With it, she can manipulate the fundamental forces that underly reality, which effectively gives him near limitless powers; not to the extent of Gent, but still quite powerful. It is analogous to Aesa's Seid, although it is rather different. However, she can use it in incredible ways.

    She specializes in using the creative energy fundamental to reality. Although she is equally good with all other fundamental forces, she focuses on creative energy, seeing it as his gimmick. She can use this power to create things, and in a sinister fashion, deconstruct an object into the creative energy that was used for it to come into being, which she can then use to construct something else. She has mentioned that she has done this to an entire universe, reshaping it to her will, but he has no actual proof.

    Please note that the Fury is essentially magic taken from a different angle; while the methodology is different the effects are the same and can be treated as magic. Anti-magic fields shut it down and so forth. Just ignore the fluff. Treat it as if it were magic.

    Notes: If she is bored, he will jump into the future until he finds a point in time more interesting. She is incredibly nice, and won't fight with her full power, she thinks it is more fun to have someone fight a duplicate of themselves that she controls. In combat she is fairly easy to defeat- she will immediately give up if she loses interest, and is incredibly vulnerable to psionics. Her home universe never had them, so his mind is easily manipulatable. Also, if someone else has dominion over the forces from which he obtains his power, she is useless. For example, in a plane made by Aesa, or Gent, she would be useless because they have full control over what she uses to power herself. She also has an obsession with the colour purple.

    Ongoing story: Upon arriving in the Town, Sunn had a bit of a look around at first, trying to find anything interesting. She then went to Random, who she considered to be the most interesting person in Town. From there, she joined KNAVES, which is where she met her adopted little sister, Tabitha. Strangely enough, she was assigned to torture her, but they bonded and are now incredibly close. She also met her best friend here, Aesa, who she is on very good terms with. However, the person she is closest too she met in Trog's- Gabriel. After rescuing Gabe's little sister, Lakshmi (who is another of Sunn's adopted sisters, having become close due to similarities in temperament), from a being made from shadow, they bonded and fell in love. They are currently in a very loving and fun relationship. Sunn is also planning an assault on the KNAVES stronghold with Tabitha and Aesa- Gabe offered to help but she refused, so he doesn't get hurt. They went through with the assault on KNAVES which turned into what was essentially a massive party. The day after, she went over to Aesa's, got drunk, got kissed, and started a happy, loving relationship with her. Much to the awkwardness of Tabitha.

    I love thee, my brother, may thee have peace!
    Race: Personification, but appears to be human.
    Gender: Alastor is male.
    Class: Living personification of vengeance.
    Alignment: Despite a devotion to law, he is true neutral.
    Faith: Although he isn't actually divine, he is close to being a god, so he doesn't expressly believe in any other god apart from acknowledging that they are there.
    Languages: He seems to understand you no matter what language you speak in and you can always understand him. Perhaps he has a babel fish.
    Temperament: Reserved, without showing much emotion. At his core, however, he feels a lot of self-loathing due to what he is and he continuously feels trapped by his nature, which he would love to be free of.
    Age: The force from which he has sprang is eternal, although he has only had an existence as a person for a few days.
    Birthday: He was summoned, not born, so essentially none.
    Height: 6'1".
    Weight: About 100 pounds, he is very light.
    Hair: Long black hair, that reaches down to the middle of his back. May be bloodstained from time to time.
    Eyes: His eyes have no iris, only a pupil, that looks as if it is on fire.
    Weapons: A lance that is an extension of himself. His skill with this weapon is nigh unsurpassed- he defeated the Chief of Police in a duel of skill, and she evaluated that an army of solars, even if they bum rushed him all at once, would be massacred.
    Speech: Sienna
    Backstory: Alastor is the latest result of State's desire for a living weapon. The first was who he considers his brother, Revenant. Summoned in an elaborate ritual and bound to State's will, Alastor's first task was to attempt to kill Maph'tey, who survived. The Angel of the Scale then crashed the party, and Alastor and he fought. The Angel fled, and Alastor went immediately to warn the man he considers his brother, Revenant, that he was at risk.
    *Alastor cannot let anything go. If he does something that saddens him, he will live with that sadness for an eternity.
    *He despises what he is, and wishes he could live a life as a normal person, not just a harbinger of death. This leads to one of the major aspects of his relationship with his brother, who was created for much the same reason. That Revenant has escaped why he was created has given Alastor hope for himself.
    *He cares for people, even those he is attempting to kill. That he kills them makes him feel even worse.
    *He is over-protective of both Revenant and Iris- Revenant because he is his brother, and Iris because of her relationship with Revenant. Should either get hurt, he will feel an incredible guilt due to the fact he wasn't there to help them, which he would never get over.
    *He defines who he is based on his brother, who he he cares for incredibly. His thoughts of himself are: I'm the personification of vengeance. I make things die. And I'm Revenant's brother.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Tereal Barcanson


    species: human

    Hair: brown

    equipment: sword past down from his grand father, an amulet and a cat.

    occupation: chamberlain at castle silver thorn.

    Back story: His father and grandfather were Generals in the army and trained him from a young age to fight. but he found war uncivilized. He came to town and now works at silver thorn and is the head of S.E.P.T.


    Age: unknown

    Hair: none

    Species: half orc

    Back story: He was the strongest orc in his tribe. by the time he was 10 he was as strong as an adult. He was exiled for accidentally killing his Hanga (the biggest and strongest member of the tribe)when he was 12. He Traveled the world eventually settling in the town.

    Paul blood

    Age: Late 20s

    Hair: white

    species: human

    Back story: When he was three his he was found starving on the street by a newly married couple. Thy took him in but he killed Them before thy could name him. He took the name Paul after his adopted (If only briefly) father, and blood after most of what was left of him. His murders are in the hundreds and he has been arrested for each one, although none of the cops that did it lived More than a week after it.


    Age: ?

    Hair: none

    Species: half human, half fish.

    Back story: He does not remember much. All he remembers is the day he as found buy three construction workers that were working extending the sewers. He was lying on a metal table. One of them reached over and poked him with his shovel. This woke him up and he snapped the mans neck. He took the mans shovel and beat the other two to death with it. He wandered the sewers for days, and eventually found a way out. The first thing he saw was a see food restaurant called "Barracuda Dan's", and the took the name Barracuda. After living in the town for many months he learned he was expert mechanic and a great shot with a gun. One day day he was in Trogs and he met a man named Samson O'rily, and joined his group the order of anarchy. He is now second in command.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Time to get into The Town, methinks.

    Karathis of the Grey Tome
    “Light... It is a beautiful thing, is it not?”
    [Stats and Description]
    Race: Human
    Class: Abjurer 5/Master Abjurer 10/Archmage 5
    Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good, Slightly (too) Sarcastic, Quite prepared to fight for his ideals. Affairs are typically in order. Particularly enjoys light-based magics.
    Age: 55
    Height: 5'12”
    Weight: 130lbs
    Hair colour and length: Grey, long.
    Eye colour: Blue
    Equipment: Staff of the Magi, Silver Dagger, Heavy Notebook, Even Heavier Spellbook, Assorted magical gear, more scrolls than it's really healthy to be carrying.

    Description: Seemingly conflicting with the aged abjurer's interests, Karathis is garbed in a plain grey robe and wide brimmed hat, save for a thin weave of blue around the rim of his hat and the infinite loop woven into the back of his robe. On his left hip, an ornate silver dagger is sheathed, its hilt an intricate weave of the precious metal, studded with a single sapphire at the pommel. On his other hip is a spellbook, hanging by a golden chain (or, more accurately, a gold-covered adamantine chain), its hard leather cover trimmed with gold and what looks to be a complex lock holding it shut. On its front cover, there is a complex, interweaving circle comprised entirely of arcane runes, incomprehensible to all except Karathis. (Mostly because the actual symbols were chosen for appearance, and don't mean anything)

    Karathis has recently moved to the town, seeking a change of pace from his old residences in a city whose name he cares not to remember – a place of vicious crime, where rogue arcanists ran amok. There he was in employ as a security mage, setting down permanent defences for high-paying customers. Eventually, he decided he had enough of the high-risk lifestyle of a wizard-for-hire and resolved to himself '[COLOR=”RoyalBlue”]If I wake up one more time with a pile of dust and a dagger next to my bed, I'm moving.[/COLOR]”. Sure enough, the very next morning there was the disintegrated remains of some assassin-to-be and a poisoned dagger.

    As a result, he has now moved to the Town seeking both a more interesting life and to get a change of pace.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Karathis is a highly skilled Abjurer and is known for his immense skill in suppressing magic, turning it upon its caster, even.

    Applying for membership in Saurous' guild.

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    Chasing down Paul Blood.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Ras Sha'Akhamen
    Race: Mummy
    Gender: Male.
    Class: A lot.
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral. His laws, but he believes they apply everywhere.
    Languages: Permenant Tongues spell.
    Temperament: Cynical, bitter, elitist, arrogant, selfish.
    Age: A lot.
    Birthday: December 27th
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 90lbs
    Hair: Mummified.
    Eyes: Glow a bright blue-green colour
    Weapons: Scimitars, hookswords, khopeshes, spears, pikes, most ancient weapons, relaly.
    Speech: Lime

    Backstory: Thousands of years since his revival, he's made and lost kingdoms, fought duels with heroes and villains, stood at the front of massive hordes and atop the walls defending brave, outnumbered men. Taken a stand for what he believes on both sides of the law.

    Common Knowledge:
    -He is undead. The fact that he's mummified gives this away.
    -He's forgotten more magic than most wizards, lich or otherwise, will ever learn. He generally just leaves if a caster tries to pick a fight with him because he considers it unfair.
    -He enjoys being referred to by any any honorific title, especially ones he doesn't deserve.
    -He beliebes the purpose of all wealth is to be spent, gambled away, or otherwise lost.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name - Arthuai
    Race - high Elf
    sex - male
    class - ranger
    alignment - chaotic good
    Languages - common, elf, draconic, and goblin.
    height - 6'2"
    weight - 120 Lb
    hair - blue
    eyes - green
    equipment - Two magic short-swords, a long bow, plate armor, and his horse Mjolnir

    A rather good tempered elf, he was sent from his forest homeland to investigate several missing elves. He found them dead, and only a few minutes after finding their bodies, he found the cause of their death. A pack of wargs attacked him. Killing as manny as he could, he ran back to his horse, charged it on, and passed out. The horse took him to the border of the town. Not knowing how far away from home he was, he went in to the town.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    See "The Master"
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Shump
    Race: Orc
    Class: Psychic Warrior
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Age: Not entirely sure on a number, but a young adult Orc
    Height: 7'0''
    Eyes: Black
    Hair: Black, and long, in dreadlocks
    Skin: Red. but when in combat, Shump's skin changes to black, as his skin of the defender is activated, although the skin is not always balck, the colour is controled by Shump.
    Clothing: wears Studded leather armor.
    Weapons: Shump's weapon of choice is his Great axe of Coup de grace, he also carries a glaive, and a heavy crossbow, which he is amazingly proficient with.
    Backstory: Shump is one of the few surviving chaos orcs, you can tell this by the red skin. Abandoned by his parents and found by two elderly humans, and raised by them. The elderly husband of the couple was an old psion, nothing major, but he taught Shump what he could remeber, Shump, being an orc, is combat orientated and so channelled the psychic energy into his fighting. He met a medly of friends while in a snall town, and helped them escape when things started to get bad. He has immense strength, and is not as stupis as you would expect and orc to be, and wise cracks or jokes about his intelligence will be met with extreme force, you have been warned. There is also a small half visible cat-like creature that is often seen whith shump. for those who are slightly psionic, they will see a creature that resemebles a cat, it is a glowing gold with shining purple eyes, long ears with purple tufts on the top, and is seen sitting on Shump, either on his head or shoulders, the cat is referred to by Shump as "kitty".
    Speech: Purple
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Gray
    Eyes: Gray
    Hair: Gray (his parents were very unimaginative)
    Race: Human-ish (at this point, he's gone through so many biological, magical and what can only be described as category 'other' changes (some of them self-induced, some of them otherwise) that it's easiest to just say that he looks most like a human if it were to come down to name-calling.)
    Age:Depends on how you count it, he's had his share of strange pocket universes and separate time-wavelengths. He's old though. And I'm talking 'wasn't there a galaxy here?' old.
    Height: 8'1 (again, human-ish)
    Occupation: Magical theorist, geographical and thaumatographical expert, resource analyst and goods citer and provider for a multiversal trade network.
    Class: Sorcerer/Fighter, in a generalized sense. Again, if you had to put it down to classifications.
    Clothing: He favors loose, unrestrictive clothing. It tends to be fairly standard fare for travel, leather boots, brown cape/blanket/functional windbreaker, baggy brownish-white pants, and a brownish-white shirt. He'll often wear leather armor, but an oddly casual sense of paranoia is his main means of protection.
    Weapons: One reddish-black ceremonial dagger with a frighteningly malicious aura occupies a miniature sheath on a strap on Gray's chest. One heavy-looking scimitar composed of a sand-colored metal he keeps sheathed on his back. And strapped across his back he keeps a reassuringly unimposing staff, that when drawn becomes a much less reassuring scythe with a black blade and an aura that screams, "you better damn well hope I'm for grass."

    Background: Complicated. Long. Filling in later.
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