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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Sinoda
    Race: Human
    Clothes: Tattered, old and dirty.

    BackStory: After the Third War of the Hat, Sinoda turned to videogames as a mean to forget the horrors of Evil, and what he was forced to do before he joined the Companionship. He lost everything, and his wife left him. In the end, he was found half asleep having a seizure playing World of Warcraft. After that he went into a rehibilitation clinic to try and recover. Now he has returned to his hometown to try and find out what has happened since the War.

    Common KnowledgeOriginally worked as a FezGhoul for the Lord of the Hats. Eventually betrayed to become the Companionship of the Hat's Pathfinder. Has been gone for a long amount of time. Wears Boom-Headshot shirt. Often confuses RL for IG.

    NotesWears Boom-Headshot shirt. Often confuses RL for IG.

    Tell me if I did anything wrong.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Mauron, Lord of the Hats
    Race: unknown
    Class: Evil Overlord
    Alignment and Temprament: Evil, in all its delicious flavors.
    Age: ancient beyond words, or something like that.
    Height: 8 feet, 6 inches
    Weight: 330 lb.
    Hair colour and length: unknown
    Eye colour: red
    Equipment: The Lord of the Hats prefers to let his minions do his dirty work, but if pressed he wields an enormous mithril mace in combat. He always wears a suit of spiky, terrifying mithril armor, so be careful giving him a hug.

    The dreaded Lord of the Hats is a fragment of El Jaspero's soul, powered by the evil One Straw Boater to Rule Them All. He is bent on recovering his Hat, as it is the source of his power and might.

    [Common Knowledge]
    -Mauron is, in fact, not all that great at this Evil Overlord business. He lost the Third War of Haberdashery for any number of reasons, most of them his own.

    -Mauron's Forces of Darkness are actively recruiting. He can typically be found in the Mirror Town Tavern; talk to him or his chief lieutentant, Malachi the Lich King.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Malekith
    Race: elf
    Gender: Male
    Level: Fallen paladin 8/blackguard 10
    (yes technically that makes me blackguard 18...)
    Title: the necro-knight
    not much has happened to him yet, except the reason he came to the town, he used to own a shop where he sold zombies, until a cleric came in and went turn undead crazy and wrecked the whole place with his warhammer, of course malekith immediately killed him and zombified him, but his shop was in flames and his reputation for low, low prices burned with it, so he set out across the plains, enslaving small communities as zombies then sending them to gather food, until paladins came and he was forced to flee, (repeatedly) he has come to the town to make a NEW necro-shop.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Bruno
    Race: Human
    Class: Ranger
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Short
    Eye colour: Blue
    Weapons: Bow and arrows
    Companions: Flash, his lovable and fiery horse

    On-going Storyline: A freelander ranger, Bruno is just trying to make his own way in the world.

    Bruno's Backstory
    At a young age he ran away from home, leaving behind the dreadfull farming life the rest of his family had accepted. Not able to find the fit life for himself, he resorted to pickpocketing and learned a great skill from it. One night in a tavern close to The Town he accidentally pickpocketed a high ranger, but was caught in the act.

    The ranger was impressed at the young Bruno's skill and offered him a hard and risky apprenticeship of the ranger life, or be handed over to the guards. Not wanting to be in any sort of custordy, he apprenticed the ranger and learnt skills he never dreamed of as a pick-pocketer. He was given a bow, which he trained with vigorously. Though he found the ranger's ponies small and puny.

    One day, after many years of training, he graduated, and was relieved of his master. Believing that the ranger life was full of too many rules, he didn't continue in their order, and also left his pony. He became a freelander ranger, helping those in need to gain respect and his gold.

    Through travelling, he stumbled across a trainer who was hunting a flame covered horse and her calf. He watched from a distance, not wanting to interfere, yet. He saw how roughly the trainer was beating the mother and calf, and he interefered.

    The trainer thought that Bruno had no business interfereing, and attacked him. Bruno easily shot him down with a quick arrow, and hurried over to the mysterious horses. The mother was beyond helping, but the calf showed hope. At first the calf would burn Bruno, but after much soothing he allowed Bruno to help him.

    Thus started the great relationship between Bruno and Flash, in which he named the horse. Bruno found that the fires on Flash, were tolerable only to those it trusted.

    Travelling together, they eventaully came to the busy and danger filled area of The Town, and decided that such a place always needed heroes.

    The modified versions are my own.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Alton Tealeaf

    Race: Half fiend halfling

    Class: Ranger

    Age: Early twenties

    Alignment: Chaotic good

    Personality: Alton is a loner, although he is very loyal to the few friends he have. He is quit and every word he says is very well considered. He trust few and fewer yet trust him. He tells his tale only to the people who have earned his trust.

    Looks: Alton stands about three feet tall and appears slim. He is wearing a rather thin leather armor allowing him complete freedom of movement. A couple of red, scaled wings springs from his back, and on his scaly, red face is a couple of horns about 1 inc in lenght. At his side left side hangs a sling and on his right side a shortbow of elven making. If one spent a few minutes looking at him, they might notice a couple of short scimitars strapped to his wings. His eyes are blue and very halfling.

    Backstory: Born into a hafling village Alton was always a little stronger, a little smarter, a little "ahead" of his friends and never liked it much. When the halfling village moved on he carried even more than the adult halfling. The first twelwe years of his life was any other halflings. But shotly after his 12th birthday He started to develop wings and horns, even his skin started to become scaily. The other halflings started avoiding him and talking behind hi back. The word "demon" was on the lips of everybody in the village. The other halflings fear soon became anger, the anger soon became bloodlust. One week before he would celebrate his 14th birthday he sat with his mother in their small hill. She told him why he was... As he was. She had been in the forest gathering berries, when a demon had appeared. It had raiped her. She newer knew why. Suddenly the door had been swung open, and an angry, heawily armed mop had stood outside. "Give us the demon." Alton reconigsed the voice of Osborn. His best friend for years. "You cant hurt my son." Then the sound of a weapon being drawn, moments later the dampened sound of his mothers body hitting the carpet. Alton maked his escape through the back door. And has been traveling the world thin ever since. Avoiding company of thoose judgemental of him.

    Common knowledge: Nothing my friends

    Ongoing Storyline: Nothing at the moment..

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)


    Name: Machinus
    Race: Construct
    Class: Fighter
    Alignment and Temperament: Neutral Good; sad, feels lost, friendly, loyal, honest
    Age: Unknown, approximately 10 years, but could be as much as several thousands
    Weapons: Machinus uses his fists as weapons mostly, as his immense strength alone can cause serious damage. He does have a mechanism that allows him to temporarily exchange his right hand for a blade.

    Machinus looks like a man made out of rusty metal. He often creaks while moving, though he doesn't have much difficulty doing so. His eyes look surprisingly human, though sad. He also speaks with a realistic, though deep human voice.


    An abandoned project of an unknown wizard, Machinus doesn't know much of his early life. In the beginning, he was nothing but an automaton, but his creator decided to grant him the gift of intelligence. Machinus was eventually discarded, as the wizard had more pressing issues.

    He found himself in a forest, and eventually stumbled into the city. Here he has survived, working as a freelance bodyguard, for about 10 years.

    Machinus feels a great emptiness in his life. He has always been a loner, but not even knowing who granted him the gift of life greatly increases the feeling of loneliness. He sometimes questions how he can be a thinking individual, and sometimes even his very existence.
    Machinus has yet to find someone he is truly comfortable being with.

    [Common Knowledge]
    - Extremely strong, and an excellent warrior
    - A construct, though no one knows who built him


    Speaks in grey.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    --see Vael--
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name Elvenbane
    Race Half Human/Half Elf
    Class Warrior (Denies his wizard abilities but they are there and very strong)
    Alignment and Temperament Lawful Good. Untrusting of elves, otherwise friendy, slow to anger. Will die to save any woman in duress.
    Age 30
    Height 6 feet, 2 inches
    Weight 180 lbs
    Hair colour and length Strawberry Blonde, always covered by a crown.
    Eye colour Vibrant and deep blue
    Weapons:Sword forged from star metal of an unknown age. Has additional surprising properties not associated with star metal. Named Kulak meaning the fist.

    His mother, a human queen ruling the land of Vyborg, was traveling the forest with her army when they were ambushed by an army of rogue dark elves. Their leader took a fancy to Elvenbane’s mother, and forced himself upon her. She eventually escaped, but had no where to return to, her kingdom having been destroyed by the elves. She became lost, and lived many months alone in the forest. Knowing of her pregnancy, and her impending delivery date, she searched for any civilized group of people. When labor hit, she was alone in a small clearing. The gods had mercy on her, and sent an unlikely aid, a female Ogre. She cared for the woman and her baby until the boy was old enough to fend for himself. The ogre was old, and passed away. The other ogres chased the boy and his mother from the area. Elvenbane, who was named Illiad at birth, left his mother in a quiet town and began his life quest to punish the elves who were responsible of his very life.

    Illiad swore an oath to kill all those evil elves, the gods changed his name to Elvenbane and sent him on his first adventure where he won the sword Kulak. Living with the ogres, Elvenbane is very strong, having had to defend himself from the ogre children.

    His mother was a sorceress, and his elf father a warrior wizard, Elvenbane is cursed with powers that he shuns. Elf magic can not harm him only affect the space around him. All elves recognize this but do not understand, and invariably test their theories without first checking to see if it is ok. Because of this, and because of his life quest, Elvenbane loathes all elves.

    Elvenbane was recently in a fight to the death with an elf who was part of his “father’s” army, and who would be able to lead him to his father. Before Elvenbane could deliver the killing blow, the elf ripped a hole in the fabric of space around him and sent him to the Town.

    One of the powers that Elvenbane has is the uncanny ability to locate precious gems, and is therefore very wealthy.

    Elvenbane is being cautious in this new land, he does not know anyone, and therefore trusts no one, other than the chosen ones of the gods, he himself being able to sense their presence.

    He also has a very strong sense of humor, and a mischievous streak which sometimes gets him in trouble.

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    Default Aterious Levicious

    [Stats and Desciption]
    Aterious Levicious
    Vampire (former human) [Undead]
    Paladin 6/ Fighter 2 (ECL = 16)

    Alignment: LN

    28 Str +9
    17 Dex +3
    -- Con
    15 Int +2
    17 Wis +3
    22 Cha +6

    Base attack bonus: +8/+3

    AC: 37 =10+10+3+10+4

    Hp: 57

    Fort N/a
    Ref 12=+2+3+5+2
    Will 10=+2+3+5

    Initative mod: +7


    Silver: +2 Holy Silver Undead-bane Greatsword +20/+15 2d6+13 (+1d6 to Evil)(+2d6+2 to undead)

    Slam attack: +17/+12 1d6+9 deals 2 negative levels

    Wisp +2 Ghost touch Mighty Composite longbow (strength bonus+6) +13/+8 1d8+8 (incorporeal)

    Grapple +17

    +2 Mithral Plate of Speed

    Ring of protection +4
    Ring of Evasion
    Amulet of natural armor+4
    Vest of resistance +5
    Cloak of Shades
    Belt of Giant Strength (+6)
    Portable hole
    Arrows 200 (50 in quiver)
    Scabbard of Keen Edges
    2 Potions of Inflict Serious Wounds


    Weapon Focus (Greatsword)
    Power Attack
    Mounted Combat
    Ride-by attack
    Great Cleave
    Combat Reflexes
    Improved Initiative
    Lightning Reflexes


    Diplomacy 15=9+6
    Heal 8=5+3
    Sense motive 19=8+3+8
    Ride 9= 6+3
    Intimidate 10=4+6
    Bluff = 0+6+8
    Hide 11=0+3+8
    Listen 11=0+3+8
    Move Silently 11=0+3+8
    Search 10=0+2+8
    Spot 11=0+3+8

    A grey skined man, swathed in a cloak of shadows stands before you. His eyes are cold, dark and feral, but somehow, maybe it's just the light, there is something good in them. A large sword, with a cross as it's pommel is straped to his back, next to a leather quiver that seems full of every projectile imagined. His hair is black, matted, coarse and brittle; His cold skin is pulled gauntly around his cheaks. His clothes are tatterd and weathered, like the rest of his body. His stare is cold. This is Aterious Levicious.

    Aterious Levicious was, long ago, a human paladin. Coming from a long line of noble knights and chivalric champions, he was a paragon of justice, piety and love. He left his town and barracks and traveled the world seeking to set right injustice and to serve as an example of good life. He joined and lead a party of like minded fellows to help purge the world of evil. They called themselves the Rods and Axes.

    Through the years he fell in love with a fellow party member, a human sorceress, Rebbeka Heidale, and the two were soon married. He was a good man, a courageous fighter, and most of all a loving husband. However, love comes with it’s price.

    Not long after their marriage, an ancient vampire lord, Lucious Liephier resurfaced from a long stint in the Underdark, and began enforcing his iron will on the land. Aterious, Rebbeka and the other members of the party reunited to fight this horrible evil that was sweeping their land; they had no Idea what they were up against.

    After months of hunting and defeating group after group of Lucious’ undead minons, the rods located Lucious’ lair and began the arduous trek to his mountainous keep. When they arrived, they were met by an army of the strongest ghasts and wights that could be found. They hacked their way through the crowds, defeating scores of undead. But the charge was no without loss, Thime the Elvin rogue died, drained of life force, on the cold stone steps of the Vampires inner keep. The Rod’s meddle was hammered thin.

    They were unprepared for the Blackguard who lay inside. Though nearly defeated, Aterious faced the lesser knight down, and in his last burst of strength, fell his opponent before falling unconscious. The other party members, Rebbeka included were soon after captured and imprisoned as fodder for Lucious. Aterious, through his divine aura was too dangerous to imprison, and yet too powerful to let live. And so he was left unconscious on the hall.

    When he awoke Lucious stood before him, holding a key. He spoke in cold verse:

    “One hour you have to save them
    To a key their locks do bend.
    One lock leads to Rebbeka,
    The other ensnares your friends,
    Or you can try pursue me,
    A witness to both their ends.”

    He droped the key and vanished into thin air before the paladin could stand.
    Lucious grabbed the key and hurried in search for his imprisoned companions. He found them, with not more than ten minuets left in the hour. The prison block they were in was slowly filling with water, and as the vampire’s riddle announced, only one of the doors could be opened. Distraught, Aterious tried to free his companions, but could not. Frought with the hard decision, he choose to save Rebbeka, and then, with cold deference, he turned his back on the last breaths of his other companions. From then on, his holy radiance faded.
    The pair of Aterious and Rebbeka then sought out the vampire lord, finding him in the inner sanctum of the dark keep. It was here that Aterious died. Without his aura of rightousness, Lucious was quickly able to handle Aterious’ martial skill. But it wasn’t until he held Rebbeka as a hostage that Aterious finally relented. He was defeated.

    Lucious wasted no time replacing his former Lieutenant. Aterious became a vampire. In his reawaking, his blood lust was insatiable. Yet chained to the wall he was tortured by his new, darker self. After 3 days of eternal hunger, Lucious, his master returned to him, bringing along a fresh meal—Rebbeka. Standing just out of reach, Lucious slit her throat, allowing her warm blood to sprinkle on Aterious. Overcome with dark lust for blood, he ripped out the chains from the wall and leapt towards his former love. She died in his arms, as he lapped her blood from her neck.

    For hundreds of years Aterious has lived this life, of shame and darkness. Wishing in his conscious hours only to give in to death. But he couldn’t; the beast within him wouldn’t die so easily. Eventually Aterious grew accustomed to his new self, and repressed his dire urges for blood. He managed to help a party of adventurers kill Lucious; the group spared Aterious after he begged for the sword. They left him there, in the keep that ruined both his lives.

    Now he travels the world, trying to atone for his past sins, and the lives that he destroyed, including his own. He wishes only to be allowed to die, to perish and never return. But some wishes never come true.

    [common knowledge]
    Aterious is a vampire, who seems oddly neiter afraid of the sunlight, nor evil. He is quite the enigma.

    His cloak of Shades constantly wreathes him in shadows, allowing him to stay out in even true sunlight without any harm. Without the cloak however he is as limited as a normal vampire.
    He carries his coffin in his always partially open portable hole.

    [Ongoing Storyline]

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Lord Gaheris Trollbane of the Church of Tyr

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Gaheris Trollbane
    Race: Human, with faintly elven build and facial features
    Class: Rogue 7/Paladin 11
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Easygoing, detests the Lawful Stupid stereotype.
    Age: 29 years
    Height: 5' 11"
    Weight: 176 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Red, shaggy but not too long.
    Eye colour: Green
    Weapons: Holy longsword, composite shortbow, blackjack, thrown knives, iron bands of Bilarro.


    Gaheris was born to unknown parents in Westgate, on the plane of Abeir-Toril. An orphan, he grew up on the streets and in the slums of the city, fending for himself through scavenging and petty thievery.

    This all changed one day when he made the mistake of burglarizing a shop at the same time that a crew from the Night Masks thieves' guild, which had recently gained control of the city's underworld after a decades-long shadow war, came to shake down the shop's owner for protection money. Gaheris managed to kill the Masks, and was forced to flee the city a hunted boy.

    Stowing away on a ship to Sembia, the young Gaheris soon found himself pursued across the Merchant Kingdom by assassins. They caught up to him in the northern grasslands as he fled from the coast. An all-night chase followed, culminating in Gaheris falling outside a small stone structure, a crossbow bolt lodged in his back.

    He should have died, but he did not. His eyes opened the next morning to take in the beautiful stone form of a perfectly shaped sculpture of an astral deva gleaming in the morning sun. Raising himself up on his elbows, he saw that he was within the stone walls of the building he'd fallen outside, and was surrounded by men in armor, their tabards marked with a set of scales balanced atop a warhammer.

    He had come to the Chapel of Resounding Justice, and it would forever mark his life. He was taken in by the Chapel, and was trained as a warrior. He earned the moniker of Trollbane when he first displayed the potential of a paladin, channeling the righteous wrath of Tyr into his dagger out of sheer instinct as he leaped onto the back of a massive troll that had attacked the shrine.

    He was trained further in the path of the righteous warrior, but never forgot his roots. Uncomfortable in plate mail, he took up his old leather armor and set out to wander the world. After a rather typical adventuring career spanning about four years, he decided that it was time to take up a more concrete duty to Tyr than haphazardly taking the fight to random evil creatures. Evaluating his skill set and the needs of the church, he hit upon the idea of a new kind of holy order: One to bring justice to the streets and back alleys of cities. A typical paladin, while well suited to ride down enemies in the field and to provide just rule and judgment to the common folk, was not at all adept at fighting a shadow war, and that was just what was needed to bring down entrenched thieves' guilds... like the Night Masks. And the Shadow Thieves, and Shadowmasters, but although he barely admitted it even to himself, his reasons for wanting to create such a tool to battle insidious evil were not entirely selfless.

    He petitioned the high justiciars of Tyr's church to allow the creation of his order within the church hierarchy, but was refused by the orthodox clergy, though some of the more broad-minded clerics were not unsympathetic. Gaheris, having long before decided that his organization must become a reality for the good of the downtrodden, didn't take long to go over their heads. He created the Vara'Dome, literally meaning Guardians of the Night in the tongue of the elves, through appealing to the churches of other gods in the pantheon, bringing together a wide array of misfit paladins of all faiths as well as men and women of other professions and good heart, and effectively creating a broad-based interfaith knightly order, forcing the Tyrran heirarchy to accept it as a fait accompli.

    Chapters were dispatched in secret to all manner of cities across the continent, but though Gaheris helped several in turn, it did not take him long to assume personal command of the chapter in Westgate.

    The Vara'Dome's Westgate chapter was one of the biggest and most effective in the order, but it was against a frighteningly competent thieves' guild, and could not imagine at first what it was really facing. The Night Masks were a front and a tool for a coven of vampires, long since taken over from the inside as a tool to advance the Night King's agenda of bringing about a kingdom ruled by the creatures of the night, where the living would be used as mere cattle. Gaheris and his closest companions penetrated the Night King's plots after many years of investigation, but in the battle with the vampire, who was a powerful archmage in his own right, Gaheris was exposed to a teleportation circle forced awry by the vast arcane might being thrown around the sewer lair, and was transported to the Town. He does not know where he is, but he is determined to get back to whence he came. While here, though, he will not shirk his duties as a paladin.

    [Common Knowledge]

    * Gaheris does not hail from this area, or perhaps even from this plane of existence.
    * He is a mysterious figure, though it is possible to get to know him.
    * Watch the skies if you end up fighting him. His mount is a gryphon named Percival, and he's fond of diving out of the sun onto his enemies.


    Gaheris has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as an 11th level paladin and a 7th level rogue. In simple terms, this means that he is adept at avoiding damage from most magical sources, is immune to disease, can heal himself and others by touch, is very difficult to take by surprise, and has great skill at picking out and attacking vulnerable parts of an enemy's anatomy when fighting.
    * Summoning of his special mount, in this case a powerful gryphon.
    * Capable of limited flight, thanks to his winged boots.
    * Great skill at parrying the attacks of his enemies, represented in D&D game terms by the Dodge, Mobility, and Combat Expertise feats.
    * Limited spellcasting ability, with a favorite being a teleportation variant that whisks him behind an enemy in the blink of an eye.

    A very important note: If anyone tells me that paladins cannot be rogues or that a paladin cannot use sneak attack without falling from grace, we need to have a talk.

    [Associates and Agents]

    Gaheris now has a small contingent of agents and knights of the Vara'Dome in Town and at his disposal. These include the following individuals:

    Kern Longstrider: A ranger and paladin of Mielikki, Kern hails from Starmantle in the Realms. He's quiet most of the time, but quite friendly when among those he trusts. Kern is exceptionally agile and fleet of foot, able to outrun almost every non-monk in the Vara'Dome. While an expert shot with a bow, Kern specializes in fighting with his paired short and long swords. Lawful Good.

    Aleena Brightstar: Aleena is a cleric of Tymora as well as a rogue. She is quite cheerful, with a ready laugh, and is fervently devoted to Lady Luck. She is a skilled cardshark and gambler, as are many of her faith. Aleena is Gaheris' current love interest. She is very skilled at getting information out of people without resorting to intimidation, or indeed often without them even realizing that they've given anything away. She is never without her augury chips, and will use her divine power to confer with Tymora when unsure about the auspices of a course of action. (In other words, she's fond of casting augury.) When she needs to fight, she uses her short sword, backed up by her clerical magic. Chaotic Good.

    Borin Hammerbammer: Borin is a skilled blacksmith and metalworker, possessing a shop in Town that also serves as a safehouse for the Vara'Dome. The dwarf is also a masterful second-story man. At a young age, he was trained as a divine seeker for the dwarven god of nonevil thieves, but he converted to Moradin's faith and now will not use his skills for theft for personal profit, though the Vara'Dome finds plenty of work for him in breaking into the installations of their enemies for surveillance or sabotage. Borin owes Gaheris a life debt, but it isn't something the two of them often bring up. The dwarf doesn't fight with the traditional weapons of his people, preferring the short sword and hand crossbow to the warhammer and thrown axe. Lawful Good.

    Earin Duskwalker: A bard of no small ability, Earin hails from Shadowdale and is a devotee of Milil, Faerûnian god of music. He specializes in flutes and other wind instruments of that nature. He makes a living as a freelance performer, occasionally in the company of Mern Gerling, using both mundane and magical means to eke out information useful to the Order. When he must fight, which isn't often, Earin relies on his rapier while using his magical skills to misdirect the enemy long enough for him to make his escape. Neutral Good.

    Garnoth: This half-orc is a street thug by birth and trade, though he is a highly unorthodox one. He pretends to be stupid even though he is not, to lull those he is seeking information from into believing him easily fooled. Like Aleena, he specializes in information gathering. Unlike the soft-spoken and friendly cleric, he uses brutally direct methods, never torturing, but quite willingly putting the fear of the gods into whatever hapless fool has aroused his ire. Garnoth is a nonstandard devotee of Tempus, following the war god because he's left with no one else to follow. He possesses a masterwork battleaxe that he wields two-handed, but often leaves it behind in the safehouse in favor of carrying a less conspicuous, but more magical, club. He conceals daggers on his body. Neutral Good.

    Joros: An Ilmatian monk, Joros is a devoted follower of the god of suffering and perseverance. He has a supremely serene demeanor, and lives to relieve the suffering of others. To this end, he fights to free the oppressed, and joined the Vara'Dome as the best means available of achieving that goal. He is an expert at close quarters combat, specializing in tripping and grappling his opponents. He fights with no weapons, using only his mighty fists and skill at unarmed combat. When he must meet an opponent at range, he uses a sling that he carries, but it is not often that he meets an opponent that he cannot catch on foot. Lawful Good.

    Kaer Andorsal: Kaer is a brash young junior operative, a devotee of Tymora and almost reckless surveillance expert. Known for taking chances in the field that usually pay off for him, Gaheris tends to compartmentalize him out of any sensitive plans unless he absolutely needs to know, for fear of his capture, which the paladin lord thinks is bound to happen sooner or later. Kaer thinks Gaheris worries too much, and refers to him as "the old man" when he thinks his boss isn't listening. The teen is working on building a network of informants in the slums like the one he had in Westgate, and is well on his way to reaching that goal. Kaer's job doesn't involve much fighting, but when he engages in wet work or is forced to defend himself, the young rogue relies on his short sword and crossbow. Chaotic Good.

    Mern Gerling: A devotee of Sune and a paladin bard, Mern is an extreme rarity in his combination of skills. In fact, he, Gaheris, and Erek Fletcher, the Vara'Dome's Knight of Song, all agree that most such examples fall within the ranks of the Vara'Dome itself. Mern recruited Earin into the order and the two still perform together more often than not. Mern foregoes instruments in favor of singing when he performs. Mern's spell selection is geared more towards combat than Earin's, with magics that distract opponents to leave them vulnerable and that give him insight into making critical strikes against his enemies with his rapier. Lawful Good.

    Zian Tasck: Zian is a half-elf and a minor noble of Silverymoon. He is both a sorcerer and a consummate ladies' man, frequenting noble parties whenever possible. His spell selection is geared towards surveillance and disguise, with a few hampering spells thrown in to ease any escape should it become necessary. He packs heavy firepower among his scrolls, however, so his enemies would be well advised to not trifle with him. Lawful Good.

    [Ongoing Storyline]

    After helping to track down the serial killer of the Slums, Gaheris dropped out of sight. He took on the guise of a rogue and assassin, calling himself Gar and joining the Mafia. From within the ranks of the criminal organization, he worked to thwart their ongoing jobs and ultimately to bring down the Family itself. Unfortunately, his cover was blown during a hit, though he is not sure that word of Gar's actual identity made it's way back to the rest of the Mafia, as the avatar that Iames the Dark had been using was retaken by the Light aspect of the deity almost immediately afterwards.

    Gaheris helped Iames' cleric, Lyrak, hunt down a foul warlock named Vahlziir who had been indirectly responsible for the serial killings in the Slums, though the fiend-spawn escaped them. He then actively sought a means to return to Westgate, finally hitting upon hiring El Jaspero's ship to take him to Baldur's Gate. Once there, he found that the Night Mask menace was truly finished off in the fight he was teleported away from, and returned with Vara'Dome agents to establish a presence in the Town.

    Not long after his return, cart bombings started to occur in the Town with startling regularity, some of them heralding the establishment of a new thieves' guild calling itself the Stiletto Guild. Alarmed by these developments and fearing a third guild war, Gaheris secured the assistance of the Lady Amiria in constructing a portal back to Faerûn so that he could quickly move more powerful members of the Vara'Dome as well as equipment back and forth between Town and the Realms if need be. The portal was recently completed, allowing several of the Vara'Dome's high-ranking members to come to Town and join in their commander's efforts. (See below.)

    D&D 3.5 stats

    The beginnings of a short novel I'm writing starring Gaheris.

    Erek Fletcher, Knight of Song

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Erek Fletcher
    Race: Half-elf
    Class: Bard 7/Paladin 5
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good.
    Age: 35 years
    Height: 5' 9"
    Weight: 159 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Blond, shoulder-length. Usually worn in a ponytail
    Eye colour: Blue
    Weapons: Keen rapier, composite shortbow


    Erek, a native of Baldur's Gate, is the Vara'Dome's Knight of Song and second in command. (The two positions are unrelated; the second commander could as easily be any of the other head Knights.) He is devoted to Sune, Faerûnian goddess of beauty. He maintains his personal appearance even more carefully than his cover, despite being nearly fanatic about the latter as it is.

    Erek is a veteran infiltrator and undercover operative, despite being the least skilled at combat among the Order's leaders. He commanded the Vara'Dome's expedition to Dambrath for some time, despite the fact that as a non-drow half-elf, he would be killed on sight if recognized for what he was. His magic combined with his more ordinary skill at disguise allows him to pass as almost any variety of humanoid. His most frequent pursuit when information-gathering or simply laying low is to seek work as a musician. He's quite daring in this; in Dambrath he often disguised himself as a Crinti half-drow and performed in upscale establishments catering to the Crinti nobility, any of whom could and would have had him killed if his disguise was penetrated.

    The expedition to Dambrath ended in partial success in the Year of Rogue Dragons. The Order had managed to severely disrupt the Crinti government, but could not topple it, and many of the agents were forced to flee the country as hunted men after a failed attempt to kill the country's queen. Erek, along with Bearach Weir (see below), were among those who escaped before being captured. Erek went on to take command of the Baldur's Gate cell of the order. There he oversaw low-level operations against the Shadow Thieves until Gaheris called him into service in the Town. He has just arrived, and intends to find out as much as he can about this strange place before taking serious action.

    [Common Knowledge]

    * Erek is new in Town, and is a very skilled bard. He seems outgoing and friendly, and often spends time talking to appreciative members of his audiences after he has finished playing.
    * He tends to avoid confrontations, usually attempting to talk down anyone who's aggressive towards him rather than going for his blade.
    * He is usually friendly with everyone he meets, even after they have given enough reason for most people to not be. He will frequently dispense advice on aesthetics and fashion to any who will listen.


    Erek has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as a 5th level paladin and a 7th level bard. In simple terms, this means he is a skilled performer, in his case with the lute, and can work magic with his music. At the most basic level, he can fascinate crowds and exercise limited ability to alter thoughts and implant motivations. He can also inspire individuals to great acts of heroism and skill. He can also detect evil within others, inspire courage with his mere presence, smite the wicked with holy wrath, drive off undead creatures, and heal with his touch.
    *Summoning of his special mount, a light warhorse named Finola.
    *Skill at disguise, oratory, the arts of persuasion, and double-talk.
    *Spellcasting abilities as a bard; favorites include spells of disguise and concealment. He casts undetectable alignment every day.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats

    Bearach Weir, Knight of the Hunt

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Bearach (BAHR-akh) "Barry" Weir
    Race: Human
    Class: Paladin 7/Ranger 6
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Taciturn with strangers, grim towards enemies, and confident in his own abilities.
    Age: 27 years
    Height: 6' 1"
    Weight: 189 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Brown and messy, tied back with a simple cord.
    Eye colour: Brown
    Weapons: Flaming composite longbow, longsword, lance.


    Bearach is a native of Cormyr who follows Mielikki, a Faerûnian goddess of forests and forest creatures. He's unusual among the Knights in that he doesn't command any specific city's chapter; rather, he nominally commands those who track criminals between cities, hunting bandits and fugitives alike. He personally usually operates in the North of Faerûn, opposing bandits, Zhentarim agents, and the machinations of the Arcane Brotherhood in Luskan.

    He accompanied the Dambrath expedition until 1373, lending his expertise in horse handling to the mission in a country that depends on the horse trade. He is an expert archer, adept at firing his bow from horseback. He's by far the most independent of the top-ranking knights, as befits the nature of his station; he will often engage in outside work unrelated to the Order. He came to Town through the portal with Erek, and is currently engaged in learning the ways of the wilderness surrounding Town along with his subordinate, Kern Longstrider.

    [Common Knowledge]

    * Bearach likes to disappear alone into the wilds, sometimes for days at a time.
    * When in Town, he frequents taverns, where he typically drinks in silence.
    * When not otherwise occupied, he is willing to put his skills as a scout to work for the right client. He carefully evaluates all potential employers, and will not take any jobs that might potentially serve evil.


    Bearach has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as a 7th level paladin and a 6th level ranger with the archery specialization. He's an able tracker and a master archer, able to hit his mark even from the back of a galloping horse. In addition, he has all the paladin abilities described for Gaheris.
    * Summoning of his special mount, a light warhorse named Whitehoof. Whitehoof has all the abilities of a ranger's animal companion as well as those of a paladin's mount.
    * Skill in animal handling, as well as expertise in combating undead and evil outsiders.
    * Limited spellcasting, mostly focused on spells to enhance his speed and the deadliness of his weapons.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats

    Quinlan Lyall, Knight of the Spirit

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Quinlan Lyall
    Race: Human
    Class: Monk 8/Paladin 5
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Serene and friendly, always willing to help those in need.
    Age: 31 years
    Height: 6' 0"
    Weight: 180 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Shaved
    Eye colour: Brown
    Weapons: Unarmed fighting, sling


    Quinlan hails from Calimshan, where he was trained as a monk at the House of Bound Hands in Calimport. He came to oppose Calimshan's entrenched system of slavery, and found himself driven from the country after his outspoken public views on the subject drove him to take personal action at the beginnings of his calling to paladinhood. Fleeing north, he changed his name to a Northern one to avoid having his past come back to haunt him and took up the life of a wandering Ilmatian monk.

    He met Gaheris when his travels took him through Sembia. At the time, Gaheris had no conception of the order he would one day found,

    [Common Knowledge]

    * Quinlan is a skilled healer and a compassionate soul. The only thing that seems to anger him is suffering inflicted on others. He spends most of his time in the slums, aiding the poorest of the Town's citizens with food and medical attention.
    * He seems to project an air of serene calm at all times. This is completely nonmagical; he simply has a strong calm and calming personality.
    * Quinlan never seems to carry weapons, though any who think to attack him in the back alleys of the slums quickly discover that he is never defenseless.


    Quinlan has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as an 8th level monk and a 5th level paladin with the charging smite alternate class feature. In simple terms, this means he is adept at unarmed combat, moves with great speed when he wishes to, and has a variety of abilities related to self-protection, purity of self, and stealth. He can also channel holy wrath to smite his foes, heal others with a touch, and inspire courage in those around him.
    * Possesses magical items that aid in healing.
    * Has an extremely forceful personality when angered, though no one in Town has witnessed it yet.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats

    Ciaran Roche, Knight of Shadows

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Ciaran (Kieran) Roche
    Race: Human
    Class: Rogue 6/Paladin 6
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Coolly professional.
    Age: 23 years
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 171 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Black, cut short.
    Eye colour: Brown
    Weapons: Keen rapier, array of magical daggers, composite shortbow of frost, and a grapple-launching crossbow


    Ciaran hails from Waterdeep, where he grew up in the Dock Ward. He was taken in by the clerics of the Hospice of St Laupsenn in the North Ward of that city after nearly being crushed to death in a dockside accident involving some mis-stacked cargo crates. He took up Ilmater's faith after that incident, though it was not until years later that the Broken God chose this unlikely man to stand among his paladins. He is unsure of just why Ilmater selected him for such a lofty calling, but he is beginning to believe that the Vara'Dome is that reason. Erek recruited him soon after the Order's founding. He quickly rose to lead Waterdeep's fledgeling chapter, and though he has earned the title of Knight of Shadows, he still struggles to establish his chapter in the rapidly changing landscape of the City of Splendors' underworld, a task made far more complicated by the recent split of Waterdeep's Harpers and the decision of the leader of the faction loyal to Twilight Hall to move to open operations.

    Since Gaheris' initiative to spread the order into Town, Ciaran splits his time between the Town's slums and Waterdeep, facilitated by the portal in Borin Hammerbammer's basement.

    [Common Knowledge]

    * A new cloaked figure haunts the alleys of the Slums. He seems to have a primary interest in opposing the Town's organized crime elements, though no one has thus far divined his identity or true motivations.
    * Ciaran frequents several of the Town's taverns. He acknowledges no connection to any of his cloak-and-dagger activities in the slums, and seems to all appearances to be just another adventurer and possible sword for hire.


    Ciaran has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as a 6th level rogue and a 6th level paladin. See Gaheris' list of general abilities above for further details.
    * Ciaran has no mount. Instead, Ilmater has blessed him with a guardian spirit. This celestial entity can heal wounds or imbue those it touches with holy fervor, though it cannot attack or be attacked itself.
    * Like Gaheris, Ciaran has a defensive style of fighting, represented in D&D terms by Dodge, Mobility, and Combat Expertise.
    * When Ciaran uses his smite powers and strikes a vital spot with the same attack, the holy energies entering into the target's vital organs can stun the creature temporarily.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats

    Amargein Ross, Knight of the Spell

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Amargein Ross
    Race: Human
    Class: Paladin 4/Sorcerer 10
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful Good. Inquisitive, slightly arrogant, and possessed of an extremely forceful personality.
    Hair colour and length: Intense blonde, not quite shoulder length. Usually tied back.
    Eye colour: Brilliant green
    Weapons: Quarterstaff


    Amargein is a devotee of Mystra, though he traces his sorcerous heritage back to a gold dragon servitor of Torm, and hence pays homage to the god of duty as well. Unlike all of the other ranking Knights of the Vara'Dome, Amargein started off as a paladin; his sorcerous potential did not manifest until later in his life.

    The sorcerer commands the Silverymoon chapter of the Vara'Dome. This position doesn't entail much in the way of duties within the capital of the Silver Marches itself; Silverymoon's chapter spends more time opposing Luskan-based bandits and the Arcane Brotherhood.

    Gaheris brought Amargein to Town after the disappearance of the KNAVES stronghold. He is working on magically tracing the destination of the organization responsible for bringing the Fourth Empire's attacks upon the Town, and in the meantime is assisting in the effort to find the Slums' latest serial killer.

    [Common Knowledge]

    * Amargein seems like a typical arcanist at first glance. He is supremely confident in his magical power, almost to the point of arrogance, though he is still a charming individual for all that.
    * He bears a strange, black staff inscribed with patterns of daggers, domino masks, and symbols used to leave back-alley messages in graffiti. The staff seems to have no bearing on his demeanor or activities; if anything it seems likely that he captured the item.
    * Though he is obviously a sorcerer or wizard, someone skilled at judging combat ability might notice that he carries himself like a warrior, and that the grip on his staff is that of someone ready to use it as a weapon, not a walking stick.


    Amargein has the following capabilities:

    * Class abilities as a 4th level paladin with the Mystic Fire Knight substitution and a 10th level sorcerer. In simple terms, this means that he can smite his foes with holy wrath, detect the presence of evil, heal with a touch, inspire courage, and is immune to disease. He also has a wide selection of magical spells, in his case focusing on spells to enhance himself and his allies and that enhance his own mobility.
    * Trademark spells include an incantation that causes him to sprout dragonlike wings and fly, a conjuration that encases him in mithril plate, and a teleportation spell that permits him to make many small teleport jumps over a prolonged period.
    * Amargein possesses the runestaff of the shadow war, a formidable item that permits him to use magic of disguise and stealth, including a powerful spell that gives him several of the abilities of a rogue for a short time.
    * In addition to his spellcasting, Amargein is a skilled combatant with the quarterstaff. In addition to it's spell-granting properties, his runestaff is also a formidable weapon, and he is skilled in using it to both attack and defend himself.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats

    Gror Hammerbammer

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Gror Hammerbammer
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Paladin 15
    Alignment and Temperament: Lawful good. Personable for a dwarf; enjoys his ale.
    Age: 70 years
    Height: 4' 4"
    Weight: 186 lbs.
    Hair colour and length: Red, midlength on the head, long beard.
    Eye colour: Green
    Weapons: Holy warhammer, lance, composite shortbow of frost.


    Gror is a cousin to Borin Hammerbammer

    [Common Knowledge]


    * Class abilities as a 15th level paladin.
    * Gror's special mount is a black gryphon named Gorewing. Gorewing is an even more formidable specimen than Percival, Gaheris' mount; the two gryphons often work together.

    [Ongoing Storyline]


    D&D 3.5 stats
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Asyth of the wildshapers
    Class: 7 Druid/5 Warshaper/5 Nature's Warrior
    Race: Halfling
    Alignment: True Neutral, impartial with most things that happen around him unless directly connected to him.
    Age: 38
    Height and Weight: 4'1", 49lbs
    Eye Colour: Yellow
    Hair Colour: Brown
    Weapons: Almost always has hands formed into Claws (warshaper ability). Mouthpick/Shock Scimitar. (Mouthpick lets him wield his sword in his mouth when he forms it into a bite attack or wildshapes into an animal with a bite attack.)
    Animal Companion: Herryn, a Hawk which is now large size (he can ride her, yay!)

    Asyth was always interested in Nature. As a child, instead of roaming the streets with the other halfling and human kids he would run through through the forests, making animal friends and climbing trees.
    He grew apart from the halfling society as he lived more and more among the trees.
    He hardly visited the village anymore as a young adult.
    He became particularly good friends with a Hawk which he gave the name Herryn.

    They went on adventures together and grew experienced in fighting together. Asyth developed his abilities over time, and now stays in the shape of a wolf quite a lot, when not in this shape he rides on Herryn's back.

    After many years of adventuring together, Asyth and Herryn found their way to The Town and are living in the outlying forests...

    [Common Knowledge]
    Asyth never goes anywhere without Herryn...
    He is short
    He isn't bothered by many things...but he is bothered by, and will get extremely angry about, the destruction to, or corruption of, any form of Nature.

    Don't kill plants...(??)

    Ongoing Storyline:
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Tussy the Druid and Argrek Shadowscale (the snake)
    Race: Lizardfolk (and a snake)
    Class: Druid 20.
    Alignment: Neutral. He'll do what ever he wants, act however he wants. Sometimes can be kept to himself, thinking to himself, other times, is a very outspoken and is crazy.
    Age: 35
    Height: 5' 10''
    Weight: 224 pounds of pure muscle.
    Hair: None, but he has spike-fins going along his spine.
    Eyes: Dark red, when casting spells, they start glowing greenish white.
    Weapons: Tussy's weapon is magic. If his magic fails, Argrek comes in to do the damage. Also, Tussy has magically enchanched teeth and claws that do lots of damage. Tussy also is a weretree. Able to command all tree in almost an circumstance, and able to shapeshift into a tree at will.

    Tussy was born by the trees. He has no parents, and he is of the trees. The trees sent him to the Strongscale tribe so he could learn the arts of the druid and protect those who birthed him. Even Tussy doesn't know the location of his birth.

    Tussy The Druid was high druid of his tribe, the Strongscales. Tussy's formal name is Tusserte Strongscale. He was the leader's chief spiritual advisor. he always led his tribe towards victory when attacking enemy tribes, and kept his tribe at peace when needed.
    One day, a band of trolls raided Tussy's tribe. He tried to fight and defend his wife, Raklia Strongscale, but the trees grabbed him and shoved him into the trees, protecting him from the onslaught. Tussy watched helplessly as the trolls killed every single one of the tribe members. Except his wife. The trolls took his wife and showed her to all the trees, trying to provoke Tussy to come out. Tussy tried and attempted, but the trees held him back. The trolls walked away with his wife unconcious. The tree told Tussy that the trolls were after him, and if he hadn't stayed in the trees, he would have been slaughtered. Accepting the trees wisdom, he still valued them highly and set on his mission to rescue his wife.

    Common Knowledge:
    -Tussy is a powerful druid and isn't afraid to use his powers.
    -Tussy has a strong prejudice towards trolls, but is not completely blinded by it.
    -Anyone who harms his trees in a great measure (such as cutting an entire forest down) he will try to hunt and kill.
    -Tussy does not mind a tree or two being cut, as he understand the circle of life.

    Storyline: After destroying a tribe of trolls, and nearly loosing his life, he found that they killed his wife. Dismayed, he wondered the forest, and eventually he stumbled upon Town, where he hopes to settle down from his long quest of hunting trolls. Tussy spends most of his time in his tree, wandering to the streets of town, or enjoying some alcohol in the tavern. He doesn't belong to any particular storyline.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and description]

    [space reserved for future art]

    Name: Cherry Vannusi
    Genre: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Rouge 3/Figther 2
    Alignment and Temperament: NN / friendly, very distracted when not in a mission, very dificult to see him angered but can become a cold blooded psicopath when the time needs (and have fun with it)
    Age: 20
    Height: 1,75 m
    Weight: 69 kg
    Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Short and Spiked
    Eye colour: right Brow, left Yellow
    Speaks in: Blue
    Weapon: Gatsukamui, a magical weapon he got afther his first mission. (see stats on final part of post)

    Armour: None, he usualy try to find magical itens and try to dispose his target in a simgle bow.


    An &quot;information mercenary&quot;, usualy spying someone and selling information specialized in what he like to call &quot;trades spy&quot; because usualy he steal some secret rotes, goods and documents for merchants and business man (Heh, this profession has too much future ahead! is what he say all the time) to sell on black market and goverment but some times he work for wizards and do some Dungeoncrawling.

    His searching skills are a little low because (at least he says) something always happen, making the search much slower.

    Started to train by himself after he got his sginature weapon, and seens to have some sucess.

    He don't like to talk about his past or himself, and his friends only know he are the only survivor from his city and that's all.

    In one mission he managed to help a child red dragon named Fayani to befriend again with her mother and earned her thanks, learning Draconic and a bit of red dragons habit. He treat her as if she are his younger sister, altough they have about the same age (he get's mad when someone say they are a &quot;couple&quot;).

    His best friend are a alchemist called Albert Elfridge, a true genious at inventions with machines and &quot;tecnoblable stuff&quot;. Altough he are not a alchemist, he usualy undestand what his inteligent, yet a little crazy, friend says and what he can touch or not.

    He like to say his eyes are &quot;magical&quot;, but acording to his friend, it's just a &quot;genatilicalsomething damage&quot; whatever it's means. Well, maybe the only &quot;magic&quot; the eye have are to atract woman attention to him (not that he will complain...)

    [Common Knowledge]
    -Fayani own a restaurant where he usualy go to eat.
    -He are new to the town
    -By some weird reason he can't taste pepper unless in ultimate cosmic epic levels (his alchemist friend have the recipe)
    -He like to try to find a girlfriend to his alchemist friend

    Damage: 1d8 +2
    AC bonus when used as a shield: +2
    Especial: Indetectable (and don't looks like) as a weapon until activated, can use Detect evil 3 times per day. Can not be activated by anyone other than the actual master, if he die the first one who put the weapon becames the new master. Unless put on the right arm, it's only an piece of worthless metal.
    Notes: Looks like the weapon Chipp use in the Guilty Gear series(tm), but when are not in the weapon mode looks like a silver armband. Also, thanks to Dalmarian_Ranger
    for some tips in the creating the weapon.

    His D&amp;D stats

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    He just dropped (literaly) in the Town. And he's hungry.

    Albert Elfridge

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    So after a long break I am back, maybe. All old characters gone most likely. A write up of new ones or one should be here shortly.

    Age:87 looks like 17
    Race: Some rare demon type
    Alingment: NCE... (I hate the bi-axle alingment system so she is more neutral then chaotic and more chaotic then evil.
    She has a blue green mermaid like tail, but not replacing legs, she does have legs. She also has unnaturally long and fin like ears. Her skin is well tanned and on the whole she is pretty damm attractive, if your into tails. Her left arm seems to have something wrong with it, she doesn't seem to want to move it if she can help it. She tries to hide this fact whenever she can. Her left hand has obviously been severaly damaged and never allowed to heal correctly as it has been reduced to uselessness.
    Weapons:She carries a small blade that looks more useful for cutting food then people. Other than her clothes on her back she doesn't seem to have any equipiment.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Rapheria Lethanti



    Class: Rogue/assassian

    Alignment: CN, slightly leaning towards evil. She's more likely to slit your purse (or throat) than help you unless the price is right.

    Appearance:Rapheria stands an unimpressive 5’3”. Her grey body is typically covered in a dark array of material. A black robe flows around her shoulders and waist. Her porcelain-white hair flows down to the small of her back when fully unbound. Typically, she wears it braided up near the center of her head underneath an ashen veil. Underneath the robes, Rapheria is actually quite lithe and limber. While her displayed physique discourages interest, underneath the costume her body exudes a raw beauty. Above her heart, one may find a distinct blue, star-shaped birthmark.

    Skills:Rapheria’s small frame enables her to slip in and out of places many would overlook. He nimble fingers enable her to pick almost any common lock. For the more resilient locks she carries a small tool kit. The grey tone of her skin helps her fade away into the shadows. Her magical abilities are limited to rudimentary spells of concealment, opening locks, and mild mind control. Her ability to control minds extends only to making others slightly more open to suggestion and amplifying existing emotions. She has not had any formal training in fighting, but has developed her own forms of dueling including with daggers and unarmed combat. She possesses extenisive knowledge of alchemy and potions, but rarely takes the time to make them.

    Personality:True to her drow upbringing, Rapheria shows little mercy and be quite cruel. She is willing to talk and take on jobs if the price is right. She lacks social graces and is quite commonly caustic and crude in her remarks to others. Simple minded beings annoy her. Rapheria hardly ever acts in rage. She is cold and calculating; she strikes from the shadows when it is least expected. She has a hatred for many people seriously involved with religious orders.

    History:Rapheria never knew her mother. She died bringing Rapheria unto the world. Left only to her brusque father, she never learned proper manners. They lived a harsh life out in the streets. A drunken band of humans chased them down one night. Her father died while trying to defend her. She ran to a temple in hopes of a rescue, but her cries were to no avail. None issued forth to save her. From that day on she has hated the church for bring hypocritical and not helping in a time of desperate need. In order to survive, Rapheira used the only coin she had to earn food, her body. The harsh life as a harlot only increased her revulsion with the religion. This abhorrence lead her to a life of crime. She soon learned ways to get many men to do as she wants. Her experinences with a few kind souls has somewhat diminshed her blind rage towards religion, but she is still particualrly quick to anger.

    Weapons:Rapheria conceals three daggers upon her body. One was within her left sleeve; one was strapped to her right leg, and one on the coil around her neck. The one around her neck is slightly coated with a potion of her own creation. It amplifies the feeling of physical attraction. By using it her victims become extremely happy; so much so, that in extreme cases hearts have burst. Oftentimes she considers her body to be a weapon of distraction.

    Other:Rapheria cannot swim. She has an inordinate fear of drowning

    Common Knowledge: She is willing to do almost any job if the price is right.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)




    Class: barbarian/fighter

    Alignment: CG; he maybe crazy and looking to fight but all in all he has a good heart/

    Appearance: J'gorl stands about 3'4&quot; and weights about 40 lbs. He defitnly looks more like a short dwarf than a gnome. He has blonde hair and blue eyes but a crazy look in his eyes.

    History:J'gorl was actually orphaned as a baby. His parents were traders who were killed by a group fo bandits if it wasn't for a barbarian tribe fighting away the bandits J'Gorl also would be no more. He grew up the same as any other barbarian, making him very competitive and loving the call for battle. Even though he was looked down on alittle for his small size he worked hard to overcome this.

    Weapons: J'Gorl duel weilds a Hammer that is obviously to big for him but he holds it as if it was a perfect fit and a long sword. (IE Oversized TWF + Monkey Grip))

    Motto: &quot;Crazy beats strong any day.&quot;

    Everlight Dungeon Crawl: Eberk Battleheart
    D'Emrenius Keep: Aramil

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Stats and description:

    Name: Jim Rellington
    Race: Human (although a bit elvish)
    Class: Cleric 5
    Age: 24
    Height: 186 cm (6 feet, 2 inches)
    Weight: 68 Kg (about 150 pounds)
    Allignment: Lawful Neutral

    Basic physical/metal abilities:
    Quite unwise, but quite agile and intelligent.

    Notable features:
    Scruffy browny-reddy hair, quite messy.
    Hazel eyes (A brown/green colour).
    Middle finger missing on left hand.

    Slightly damaged clothing.
    Chain mail armour protecting most of his upper body.
    A white cloak that looks like it's worth more than the rest of his attire combined.
    A blessed hand-crafted wand.
    An uncursed (yet possesed) mace.


    Ever since childhood Jim's been curious. That curiousity has now become a &quot;rush in to trouble&quot;-like behaviour pattern that becomes quite obvious after spending a few hours with him.

    He got in to the cleric &quot;business&quot; because healing spells are very interesting to him. The spells also prove useful when running out of recently-ran-in-to trouble. Many of his friends think he wouldn't of survived to see adulthood without the spells of other clerics and later, his.

    This is also why he has 9 fingers. He's known never to pet a kobold for 10 years now.

    He came to &quot;The town&quot; when he turned 23, after studying the priestly ways for 6 years and learning a few spells.

    Common knowledge:

    Jim Rellington has never been married, he's never been the greatest relationship-starter.
    He knows very few spells but healing or HP related ones.
    He is rarely in the same place doing the same thing for long ammounts of time.

    Current storyline:

    Jim is investegating Clover's wierd behavior, and may participate in the great battle that's about to commence.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Zimbraw par Rallouq
    Race: unknown
    Alignment and Temprament: chaotic evil
    Age: unknown
    Height: 7ft 9ins
    eye colour: white with pin-prick black pupils
    Hair colour and length: unknown, hidden beneath balaclava.
    Weapons: unknown
    clothing: Zimbraw wears a simple sand-coloured tunic underneath a green lizardskin cloak. He also wears a sand-coloured balaclava at all times.

    Zimbraw was born in another world, the son of two eccentric wizards who's life revolved around trying to travel between worlds.

    When Zimbraw was only thirteen, one of their experiments went wrong, and their home was destroyed. In the process, Zimbraw and his parents were thrown out of their world, and into three totally different ones.

    When Zimbraw came to, he found himself in the care of a kindly elderly gentleman, who also happened to be studying the field of interdimensional travel.

    The man took Zimbraw on as his assistant, and together, they made various attempts to return Zimbraw to his own land. One particularly disaterous attempt left the two stranded in a strange world, with the man lying severely wounded.

    As the man lay dying, he confessed to Zimbraw that, when he had first appeared, he had run tests on Zimbraw, and discovered that he had dormant powers that would allow him to create portals to other worlds of his own will. He handed over a list of instructions on how to access this power, and promptly died, before Zimbraw could react.

    Angry that the man hadn't mentioned this before, Zimbraw turned his back on the instructions, and left the man's body to rot, intending to remain in that world.

    However, he was shunned by their society, and became increasingly bitter and twisted. He fell in with a group of thieves, who taught him how to survive through thievery. Over time, he became a very proficient thief, and developed a rather disturbing level of greed and lust for money.

    After a few years of this, he became so greedy, that he began working for his own means, rather than those of the group, who had always encouraged supporting each other. Eventually, he became so selfish that the group threw him out.

    By this time, however, he had grown tired of the meagre amounts he was able to obtain anyway, and began reconsidering those dormant powers. Using the old instructions, he learnt to use the powers, and became an interdimentional thief, roaming from world to world stealing from the richest people he could find.

    Eventually, his undoing came when he attempted to steal from a very powerful wizard, who caught him, and cursed him. However, this wizard wasn't particularly vicious with the curse, and simply turned him from a thief into a trader, at the same time chaging his greed to generosity.

    Zimbraw then continued his travelling, using his powers to trade between worlds, and eventually established himself as a succesful trader, famed for being able to locate whatever anyone asked him for, specialising in rare and powerful objects and artifacts.

    Many years later, the curse began to wear off, and his methods of obtaining objects became less honest, though he remains generous.

    After a while, he began to attract the attention of several Authority figures, and decided to chose a location where it would be less likely for him to be traced. He selected a world with unusually high levels of evil, the mirror world's Town, and set up his base there, in a mountain cave. Over time, he learnt of the 'mirror world' situation, and set up an identical cave in the 'real' town as well, creating it in such a way that it was linked directly into the original, making it pretty much an extention of the world.

    Since then, he has used this as his base of operations.

    [Common Knowledge]
    [Notes] Lives in a cave in the mountains.
    [Ongoing Storyline] none so far.
    Val's second account.

    Zimbraw par Rallouq, Xer Dzu and Mirror Val

    Avatar credits:
    Zimbraw: Vael, Dzu: cult_of_the_raven

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [ Stats and description ]

    Name: Zed (pc)
    Race: Gnome
    Class: Wizard 20, Rogue 5

    Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Good , doesnt like to be commanded, has a good nerves ( its hard to make him angry), likes helping people and making friends

    Age: 40
    Height: 3 feet, 4 inches
    Weight: 100 lbs

    Eye coulour: green
    Hair color: dark brown

    Equipment: Robes, leather boots and gloves, helmet,
    battlestaff, magic bag, 5 scrolls of healing, 5 scrolls of mana, personal journal


    Zed was raised in the gnome village Antora. There he learnt the ways of magic. Since gnomes have some very deep connections with dwarfes, he believes in a dwarf god Klunx, keeper of all low height races, also including short humans. In Antora academy, he had showed as a great wizard. He also likes some ways of a rogue, hiding and waiting for a right time to attack with his battlestaff .He learnt the rogue skills only by practicing it alone, without any academy. He survived many encounters thanks to his great tactics and sneaking. When he was 20, he started adventuring. Humans didn't liked him at all, like most of other gnomes. But he made some money robbing people in woods by sneaking on them. He decided to come in this town because of stories of its kind people who accept all races.

    [Common Knowledge]

    Zed uses enchanting spells oftenly, Strenghtening himself to fight better with battlestaff. He uses attacking spells to, but it wastes a lot of energy for a wizard to do this. Sorcerers are specialized in this. And, he only has few attacking spell per day.


    Gnomes are separated class, often not liked by others. Most of them are magical users with no real friends, but Zed tries to be friendly

    [Ongoing storyline]

    Another reason of his arrival is Legendary Red tiger.
    Xavier is his chief, giving him tasks to do when he need some gold.
    This is the biggest task yet. Xavier hates this tiger because he killed his family. Zed will get over 10 000 gold for bringing its skin.
    The problem is this tiger has been seen in this part 2 years ago. It will be hard to find information.


    Name:Xavier (npc)
    Race: gnome
    Class: Sorcerer 20
    Notes: Xavier is 60 years old, and needs some1 to work for him. That is you. His biggest sorrow is death of his family by legendary red tiger

    &&My msn: [email protected]&&

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Stats and Description:

    Name:Tharielle Machie
    Class: Mage 5
    Allignment:Lawful Neutral
    Age: 24
    Height: 94cm (3 feet 2 inches)
    Weight: 26kg (57 pounds)
    Appearence:Eye colour: Blue Hair colour: Brown
    Attire:Staff of Wizardry Very clean clothes

    Tharielle is one of 13 siblings and had to live on the street for 9 years. she tried to make money by studying under a wizard of high power to start a career as a wizard for her 12 younger brothers/sisters.

    Once she became a wizard at the age of 16 she stopped her studies to gain money as an entertainer, entertaining the townsfolk with various cantrips.

    When her siblings were old enoughto take care of themselves, she decided to come to the town to persue a better life.

    Common knowledge
    Tharielle has little money
    Tharielle knows the cantrip spell
    Tharielle is good at surviving without neccesities.

    Current story/quest

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    *Played by Cathrindir
    Random NPC Cleric #213

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: 213.
    Race: Human.
    Age: 26.
    Hair: Brown.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Height: 5'11.
    Weight: 175.
    Class: Cleric 11.

    Random NPC Cleric #213 was one of the Clerics transferred from Cathrindir's old Monastery to Zamrel to the Temple of Zamrel after he created it. He lived happily for a month or two, until having a knife held against his throat and several threats directed at him by Traven, clearly stating that he would have a six-inch dagger in his heart. Realizing how dangerous being an NPC was, he left with another Temple-Goer, 166, to fight for NPC Rights.
    ((More to come later))

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]

    Name: Sapphire Re'Drack
    Race: Fallen Angel
    Class: Paladin 15/Blackguard 10
    Alignment and Temprament: Neutral Evil.
    Age: 15
    Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
    Weight: 48 kilos
    Hair colour and length: Long Ponytail, Black
    Eye colour: Light blue
    Weapons: Magic and Enchanted Bastard sword.

    -It's on it's way!

    [Common Knowledge]
    -Be here someday ;D

    -See above

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    None insofar.


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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Arha
    Race: Human
    Class: Wizard 5/Blood Mage 10/Cleric 5/Soul Knife 5/Cleric of Iames 1 (domains, Destruction and Passion)
    Alignment and Temprament: NE-N, completely out for her own gain and of course she likes to twist men around her little pinkie finger
    Age: 25
    Height: 5 feet, 7 inches
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Eye color: green
    Hair Color: red
    Weapons: Daggers of life stealing

    Arha was traveling and was set upon by bugbears. A group of do gooders came along and rescued her. She traveled with them for a while for safety and aided them in their quest so long as her life was not endangered. She found that they were traveling to defeat the Black King, she thought that concept was interesting so stayed with them. After one of their battles she animated a hill giant and several other monsters to do her bidding. They entered the Black King's demesne and defeated the undead surrounding the castle, the Black King came out. She saw just how evil he was and desired to join him and started to attack the druid in her party. The other members of the party attacked the Black King. Eventually Arha was killed by the druid and the Black King was killed by Grundar (1/2 orc sorcerer).

    Arha corrupted Kyrian, convinced him to kill people for her, including Lyrak. She left him once he was caught, soon after that the Town Police captured her as well. She served her time, and has since fallen in love with Lyrak. She gave up her True Necromancer class for the Soul Knife class and has gained a level of Cleric (Diety-Iames). She lived at the Temple of Iames with him until they both died. They were killed by Lyrak's undead father and they both ended up in Iames' Planar Realm. They were given a house and Tehanu promptly took him inside and they haven't been seen since. The door is locked and the curtains are all closed.

    Iames returned them to life and Tehanu paid for the rebuilding of the Temple of Iames. Lyrak asked her to marry him and she didn't respond for several days. She finally responded with a "yes, just for you." They were married by Lord Iames on the 18th of May 2007.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Human Male

    Psion (Clairsentience) 9/Cleric 5

    Lyrak is the founding (and only) member of the Iames Fanclub. Feel free to harass him and perform minor acts of vandalism on the clubhouse, which is also the multiverse's first Temple of Iames. Iames won't mind too much, I promise.

    Lyrak was intended to be very much the annoying sidekick comic-relief type of character, forever tagging along with his hero and ending up in situations far beyond his abilities. Unfortunately, he has morphed into a more serious character, despite my intentions.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Mystweaver
    Race: Halfling
    Class: Sorcerer lvl17
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral
    Age: 19 (Going on 119 from his looks)
    Height: 2' 4";
    Weight: 78 lb.
    Eye colour: Faint Red
    Hair colour: Brown
    skin colour: Fair
    typical clothing: Red and Black robes
    Weapon: A Staff of Ultimate Cosmic power. Offensive and defensive capabilites are generally turning people into frogs.

    Mystweaver is a nasty looking halfing who has only just come to town as a result of a malfunctioning teleport spell. He is dressed in a red robe with black trimmings and carries a staff that glows with powerful magic and backpack. His face looks old pale and gaunt. He does not look like a nice guy. Around his neck hangs a skull amulet that pulses with evil.

    Mystweaver is also exceptionally short, even for a halfling. He used to be called halfpint at school, even by the other halflings. That was until of course his father taught him baneful polymorph and he turned them all into frogs.

    Mystweaver is young but not without power. He was born into the bloodline of Ixtrandrix - that of an Evil sorcerer from a long ago age. This bloodline is cursed by the laws of heaven as Ixtrandrix was the bane of the forgotten ages. All that is known of him is that every few decades he returns in one form or another in attempts to recruit or slay his linnage and conquer all the free peoples of land. His recent incarnation was that of a powerful Lich King. Mystweaver tracked him down and defeated him, but never found his phylectary.

    Mystweaver was trained by his father, a powerful and wicked sorcerer who taught him all he knew. He grew up in the town of Sandroc. Sandroc was near the coast and the sorcerers tower claimed tribute from a few small villages and towns local to it.

    Mystweaver was always in two minds about his father and never really liked the nasty things he would do to the peasants. However, he learnt without question and the powers he gained were invaluable.

    Only two years ago, he set out from his home as he was told that to learn more he must experience the real world and the dangers there in. Quickly he found himself in the company of a group of other young adventurers and they in turn sought out riches, power and all sorts of funky magical items.

    For these years he plotted ways of becoming even greater than his fellow travellers. This came to fruitition quicker than he expected however when they crossed a Red Dragon who was not too happy to see them. Its hoard behind bedazzled his &quot;friends&quot; but Mystweaver was not stupid and proclaimed obediance to the dragon. At this point, the half orc went into a crazy rage and beat Mystweaver to an almost bloody pulp.

    Fortunately his contingency went off and POP! He ended in a cemetary far from home in and unknown place.

    This is a character I have played for over a year in table top dnd 3.5.

    [Spell List]
    0: Acid Splash, Mage Hand, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Daze, Message, Flare, Detect Posion, Mending
    1: Sleep, Magic Missile, Expiditious Retreat, True Strike, Shield
    2: Flaming Sphere, Pyrotechnics, Web, Cats Grace, Alter Self
    3: Fireball, Haste, Hold Person, Invisibility Sphere
    4: Greater Invisibility, Polymorph, Scrying, Stone Skin
    5: Cone of Cold, Dominate Person, Hold Monster, Baneful Polymorph
    6: Chain Lightning, Disintegrate, Contingency
    7: Bigby's Grasping Hand, Teleport Object, Greater Teleport
    8: Polymorph Any Object, Moment of Prescience

    Spells per day:
    0x8, 1x8, 2x8, 3x8, 4x8, 5x7, 6x7, 7x7, 8x5

    Charisma = VERY VERY VERY HIGH

    [Common Knowledge]
    People see him and think he is a necromancer. He looks like one but does not act like one. Although he ommits great evil, he done nothing to suggest such. If you ask him he might tell you what the deal is with that...

    [Onging Storyline]
    Mystweaver has just been transdimentionally brought to town by a teleport spell that went drastically wrong. So far, he does not know where he is, what plane he is on or what time it is. He is, at present confused as to what in heck happened but is happy to be safe.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Race: human/ were-raven
    Class: sorcerer 19
    Alignment and Temprament: gone mad. Which makes her chaotic neutral, bordering on evil.
    Age: 25
    Hair colour and length: Black with silver highlights, shoulder-length.
    Eye colour: black
    Weapons: magic, talons, beak, and daggers.

    Kaki is now usually found in half-breed form, lurking in the shadows of the streets. when she has to deal with humans, she shifts into her original form, a stunning lady clothed in blue with a turqoise bracelet decorating her right wrist. occasionally, she flies in her raven form, which is simply that of a raven with a bright blue band around it's leg.

    Backstory: Kaki was born in a small villaige secluded from most society. when she was but five years old, she was afflicted with the lycanthropy curse and was run out of town, to live in the woods. there she stayed, keeping to raven form, for seven years. she roamed the woods, looking for some sign of a human who would not shun her as a monster.
    eventually she happened upon an old sorcerer who recognized the silent raven for what she truly was, and invited her into his home. he was kind and gentle to her, and grew to respect him as her own father. under his tutelage, she learned how to use her (up until then) latent powers, and came to be a strong spellcaster.
    for the last three months she has been quietly going insane, looking for a gemstone necessary to free her old master from a deadly prison. she has not shown her face in town since the day she came there, for a strange reason known only to her. now, though, she has discovered that her master has died waiting for her action. that was the stroke that set her sanity to it's grave. She looks only for revenge, on who she knows not. if someone could show her compassion, she might regain some of her lost sanity, but she values no human life now that her only human friend has met his end.
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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and description]
    Name:Giravon Dragonstone
    Class:Sorceror 7, dragon disciple (black)2
    Alignment:Chaotic neutral
    Hair colour:Black
    Eye colour:Almost black
    Weapons:Longsword, longbow

    56 generations ago, an elf villige was destroyed by a black dragon. For reasons unknown, it left one female alive and took her back to his lair where she was raped. Somehow, this woman escaped and found a small elf village. She began to live there and gave birth to twins. Because they were half-dragon she kept them secret. When they were discovered, they did not leave, but took over the village. Soon everyone in the village had dragon blood in them. They took the last name &quot;Dragonstone&quot;.

    Then, 52 generations later, Giravon was born. He hates all evil dragons, though not the epitome of good himself, and wants to kill them all. He has started training as a sorceror, and when he is powerful enough, wants to go on a quest to kill as many evil dragons as possible. He is not above using his own dragon blood to accomplish this task.

    [Common knowledge]
    Dragonstone family are related to black dragons

    All his sorceror spells are evocation or necromancy, except for summon monster II and explosive runes.

    [Ongoing storyline]
    None yet.

    Click for spoilers on my site!

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    Name: Jimbal Jambal
    Race: Halfling
    Class: Rogue 10/ bard 10
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral
    Age: 19
    Height: 3' 4&quot;
    Weight: 78 lb.
    Eye colour: Light Green
    Hair colour: Green hair
    skin colour: Fair
    typical clothing: Black cape with a dark brown top and greyish trousers
    Weapon: Piccilo(flute) blue/green short sword

    Jimbal Jambal is a cheery looking halflin with loud spikey green hair, he likes to dance and and play his piccilo and he's always got something to say about nothing at all.

    Aiding a fellow adventurer, he got caught up in something he didn't want to be dealing with, But due to skill and loads of luck he's ended up in the taven.

    [Common Knowledge]
    He has just fallen from the sky at the door of the taven lookin burnt clothed and like he's been to hell and back. neither the less he's still cheery

    [Onging Storyline]
    Myst is brand new to town.

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [Stats and Description]
    Name: Centurion, Book Slayer
    Race: Human
    Class: Fighter 7
    Alignment and Temprament: Lawful Good.
    Age: 29
    Height: 6 FT, 4 IN
    Weight: 187 Lbs
    Hair colour and length: Dark Brown, Long-ish and Spikey.
    Eye colour: Green
    Weapons: Greatsword, Heavy Crossbow

    Centurion was born to Hansel and Loretta Fitzgerald but was put in a forest at the age of 2 monthes where he was found by a tribe of Wild elves and was raised there for 3 years when the tribe got slewn by Hansel when he was coming back for his child after loretta died, he was braught back to the town where he was put into Fighter Training at the age of 6 and has been training ever since, Hansel Died shortly after his 10th Birthday so he then lived with Brother Swarncen Hanker until now.

    [Common Knowledge]
    Centurion learned to not Sleep as the Elves did when he Lived with them.
    He speaks Common and Elven

    I have no Notes

    [Ongoing Storyline]
    I do not Have one at the moment

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    Default Re: Characters of the Town (OOC)

    [stats and description]

    Name: Aereshaa Watson I, Animar of the north wind.
    Race: Lampade (when in solid form)
    Class: Fighter 15/Sorcerer 10.
    Alignment and temperament: Neutral Good. Vengeful, Judgemental, and easily made angry.
    Age: looks 30, is 6,000 or so.
    Height: in solid form, 6 feet.
    Weight: In solid form, 20 pounds.
    Hair color and length: Black, goes down to shoulders.
    Eye color: yellow.
    Weapons: a +5 masterwork bastard sword, a staff with a sapphire on top.
    Aereshaa, when he was first living, was the lord of the realm of Tieragua. He was a just, but vengeful leader, with a taste for demon blood.

    He was one of the magical Lampades, who were master sorcerers, long-lived.

    When he was in his 3000's, a demon onslaught came to his realm, headed by the newly-reborn Xtchlt spider. He died fighting for a good cause, and for that he was given immortality, as a creature on the wind, whispering, chanting; but also the wind is his blade, and he can cut through evil flesh as easily as a knife cuts through butter.

    When he chooses to take a solid form, he appears as he does in my avatar, in his mortal form. Otherwise, he is an invisible force, driven by his lust for demon blood, and his urge to protect the realm.

    He left the realm after the coronation of his son, and wandered through many multiverses, chased by angry demons. When he visited Eberron, he managed to shake them off his trail.

    [Common knowledge:]
    As an animar, Aereshaa can be killed only by one thing, and only he knows what that is.

    Aereshaa: Ubuntu user, C programmer, incompetent student.

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