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    Default '11 Western Marches Advice.

    Ok so i am thinking of running a Western Marches style game in the new year and i figured i would ask the playground for some advice/input.

    I want to do Western Marches style game for 3 main reasons;

    I have a lot of people who want to play with me and i strugle to get them all involved otherwise.

    I get the feeling my players have gone a bit brain dead lately and just mindlessly follow the plot i present.

    I feel like playing a dice in the open style game where the players know they dont have even the slightest level of plot armour.

    I am planing on running the game in 4e for a couple of the reasons (please no edition flame wars);

    Most of my players know the system.

    I find it much more balanced then earlier editions of DnD.

    What i am asking for from the playground is for you to share any advice/experiances you have had with this style of game.

    Have you run/played in one previously or are you in one now?

    how did or is it going?

    Any potential pit falls i may encounter?

    Any stories both positive and negative.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Aside from "have fun", i think the key to GMing is putting your players into situations where they need to make a choice that has no perfect outcome available. They will hate you for it, but they will be back at the table session after session.

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