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    Default Nk'rulsh: Pact-blooded (PEACH)

    Based off the idea of creating a fiend-like race made that way not by mating with fiends, but by the use of Infernal pacts.

    A race of humans infused with devilish essence, Nk'rulsh are commonly known as being powerful spellcasters and exceedingly persuasive talkers.

    In ages past, a mortal noble named Imadrigal Correalis discovered a gromoire now known as the Tome of Correalis. Past down to him by his father after the late Sir Correalis was struck down by a mysterious disease, the Tome contains spells, incantations, and instructions on how to summon, bind, and make pacts with Devils as well as how to utilize investitures. [DC 20 Knowledge (History) or DC 25 Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)]
    Imadrigal used the spells contained within the Tome to bring himself great wealth and power, eventually forming a cult of diabolists that, through a pact with a particularly powerful devil, became the first Nk'rulsh. [DC 25 Knowledge (History) or DC 30 Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty)]
    The devil to whom Imadrigal had contacted is Ronove, an ancient and powerful Falxugon (20 HD Harvester Devil with the effective spellcasting ability of a 25th level Sorcerer) who originally wrote the Tome of Correalis, drew up the bloodline pact that created the Nk'rulsh, and was the devil-patron of Imadrigal's cult. [DC 35 Knowledge (History) or DC 40 Knowledge (the Planes)]

    Evil Nk'rulsh commonly worship Ronove, a secretive, yet powerful devil-deity that has a special interest in the Nk'rulsh race.
    Ronove (LE)
    Lesser Deity/Devil
    Devil of pacts, dark magic, investitures, and devils. Patron of blackguards (DMG), evil binders/sorcerers, and the Nk'rulsh.
    Domains: Diabolic (FFII), Magic (PH), and Pact (SC).
    Favored Weapon: Barbed Dagger (CA).

    Nk'rulsh Traits:
    - +2 Charisma.
    -Medium size
    -Humanoid (human)
    -Black Tongue: +2 profane bonus on all Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks.
    -Pact-Blooded: Character counts as possessing the Baatezu subtype and may cast spells/activate items that require the Nk'rulsh to be a fiend/Devil. Also, when determining which feats a Nk'rulsh character qualifies for, the Nk'rulsh may count as possessing a Lawful Evil alignment without actually being such.
    Lastly, Pact-Blooded lowers the caster level of any spell or effect possessing the [good] descriptor a Nk'rulsh casts/utilizes in any form (including good magic items) by 1 (to a minimum of 0) and increases the caster level of any spell or effect possessing the [evil] descriptor by the same.
    -Bonus Feat: All Nk'rulsh's gain Devil's Favor as a bonus feat, whether they meet its prerequisite or not. In addition, the Nk'rulsh gains an additional Devil-touched feat (FCII) to which he meets the prerequisites.
    -Silver Vulnerability: Silver weapons deal 50% more damage to a Nk'rulsh character. A Nk'rulsh that comes into contact with Silver in any way must make a DC 16 Fortitude save or become nauseated for 1 round.
    -Devil Vulnerability: All Nk'rulsh take a -2 on saves against the spells and effects (including supernatural abilities) of Evil Outsiders.
    However, no matter what the circumstance, a Nk'rulsh does not take the increased penalty versus spells and effects that originate from a creature possessing Nk'rulsh blood (ex: a Nk'rulsh under attack by a Half-fiend Nk'rulsh casting a corrupted fireball would not take a -2 penalty on his save).
    -Automatic Languages: Infernal and Common; Bonus Languages: any.
    -Alignment: Any; usually lawful evil.
    -Favored Class: Sorcerer and Binder (ToM).
    -Level Adjustment: +0

    Devil-touched/Racial Feats:

    Devil's Magic [Devil-touched]
    Pre: Caster Level 3+, Devil's Favor.
    Benefit: When casting a spell, a character with this feat may choose to cast that spell as a supernatural ability rather than as a spell. This may be utilized a number of times per day equal to the number of devil-touched feats the character possesses + Charisma modifier.
    In addition, the character gains a +1 profane bonus on all caster level checks to penetrate spell resistance.

    Devil's Might [Devil-touched]
    Pre: Str 15+, Devil's Favor feat.
    Benefit: As a free action, a number of times per day equal to the number of devil-touched feats he possesses plus his Charisma modifier, the character can draw upon infernal strength, gaining a +4 profane bonus to his strength score. These bonuses last for a number of rounds equal to 3 + number of devil-touched feats.
    In addition, the character gains a permanent +1 profane bonus on all strength-based skill and ability checks.

    Devil's Resilience [Devil-touched]
    Pre: Con 16+, Devil's Favor feat.
    Benefit: The character gains Damage Reduction x/Silver. The Damage Reduction granted is equal to 2 times the number of devil-touched feats the character possesses.

    Infernal Spell Power [Racial]
    Pre: Caster level 1+, Cha 15+, Nk'rulsh.
    Benefit: A Nk'rulsh with this feat may tap into the infernal power within his blood, allowing him to increase the power of his evil spells. A number of times per day equal to his Charisma modifier, this feat may be utilized to grant any spell the Nk'rulsh casts possessing the [evil] descriptor a +2 profane bonus to Spell DC. This bonus stacks with other bonuses that increase Spell DC (such as the Spell Focus feat).

    Resist Silver Vulnerability [Racial]
    Pre: Base Fort save +3, Con 15+, Great Fortitude feat, Nk'rulsh (or Silver Vulnerability).
    Benefit: You take 25% more damage from silver weapons rather than 50% more. You are sickened, not nauseated, after failing the save for touching silver. This supersedes the original negatives described under the Silver Vulnerability special quality.

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    Default Re: Nk'rulsh: Pact-blooded (PEACH)

    Uh.. didn't you post another thread earlier this year for this?

    Nevertheless, I like the addition of the feats.
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