Okay, I have an idea for the first plot point of a D20 modern campaign.
Requires a modern enough setting to have all history recorded electronically, all paper records are either too old or have been destroyed for some reason.

A computer hacker goes around and changes history (literally) by hacking into all the available records of the past. Also, either he, or someone else, goes around and assassinates all the people that know the history that is correct.

The plot hook is the players somehow learn of this and try to stop him, I guess.

But there are some questions I can't come up with answers to.

Why is he doing this?
Who paid him/coerced him into it?
What does he get out of it?
What kind of person would benefit from a different history than the real one?
How far back do the changes go, and how drastic are they?

Just wanted to throw this out there, either for y'all to use, or in case you thought it was interesting and wanted to help flesh these ideas out for at least someone to use.