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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Grimaldus' rant (Long Version)

    "Do you see that?"

    (The Defenders are silent)

    "I said... DO YOU SEE THAT?!"

    (Still silent)

    "ANSWER ME!"

    (A few in the crowd says Yes sir)

    (Grimaldus starts laughing maniacally)

    "Are you all as insulted as I am? THIS is what they send against us? This RABBLE?! We hold one of the mightiest cities on the face of this planet. The fury of its guns sends all skyborne enemies to the ground in flames. We stand united in our thousands, our weapons without number, our purity without question and our hearts beating courage through our blood. And THIS is how they attack us? Brothers and sisters... A legion of beggars and alien dregs wheezes its way across the plains. Forgive me when the moment comes when they whine and weep against our walls. Forgive that I must order you to waste ammunition upon their worthless bodies. I have heard many speak my name in whispers since I came to Helsreach. I ask you now: Do you know me?"

    (A few yes's are heard in the combination of Marines and Steel Legionnaires)

    "DO YOU KNOW ME?!"

    (Yes's get louder)


    (loud cheers follow but they aren't really that into it)

    (Grimaldus kicks it up a notch)

    "Never again in life will your actions carry such consequences. Never again will you serve as you serve now. No duty will matter as much and no glory will taste as true! We are the defenders of Helsreach! On this day we carve our legend in the flesh of every alien we slay! WILL. YOU. STAND. WITH. ME?!"

    (thunderous cheering)


    (more thunderous cheering)

    "Sons and daughters of the Imperium! Our blood is the blood of heroes and martyrs! They DARE tread the sacred soil of our world?! We will throw their bodies from these walls when the final day dawns!"

    (ravenous cheering)


    "OUR CITY! OUR WORLD!" - the defenders reply

    (Grimaldus turns to face the horde of orks. Laughing)


    "BLOOD AND FIRE!" - defenders


    "FOR HELSREACH!" - defenders


    "FOR HELSREACH!" - defenders

    (the shouts have broken the glass of several nearby buildings)


    "HELSREACH!" - defenders



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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Hello, people of the future!
    This is a repository of quotes, phrases, and other stuff that is a bit to long for my signature. It is a Long Signature(R).

    Spoiler: Other people

    Quote Originally Posted by Honest Tiefling View Post
    "In other news, yet another unemployed musician has been sighted entering the White House. He has been declared the Chief of Staff earlier this afternoon. The president has also declared the man to be officially 'awesome'."
    Quote Originally Posted by Inevitability View Post
    Also, debate on whether 0.5+0.5=0 should perhaps be moved to another thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    I saw this, got all excited to make a joke about Latin, and then realized it was already talking about Latin.
    Quote Originally Posted by DataNinja View Post
    Threads are like cats. They go where they want, and never listen to what you want them to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aka-chan View Post
    Vampire may take Friend of Talky-Man's life, but he will never take Friend of Talky-Man's freedom!
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would probably have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."
    Quote Originally Posted by KorvinStarmast View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    English: so broken, you technically cannot use it wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    Optimisation stops being practical and starts being theoretical when your damage per round is measured in spiked gauntlets instead of hit points
    Quote Originally Posted by rbetieh View Post
    With that kind of money, the Barber could upgrade his Dwarven Waraxe with magic to dispense shaving cream and hot towels! +2 Hot Towels for sure!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam K View Post
    Although being realistic, what the playground would ACTUALLY do is find the guy, then explain to him how fireballs are suboptimal and help him pick more optimal spells for terrorizing people. And we'd probably argue over what alignment his terrorizing was.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kazyan View Post
    Playing a wizard the way GitP says wizards should be played requires the equivalent time and effort investment of a university minor. Do you really want to go down this rabbit hole, or are you comfortable with just throwing a souped-up Orb of Fire at the thing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jarian View Post
    Schrodinger's Rogue vs. Schrodinger's Wizard. One has the perfect spells for all occasions. The other, the perfect magical item. Who. Will. WIN?

    Hint: It's the Wizard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    This just in, [option being discussed] isn't as powerful as [the most powerful options in the game]! [Build] loses out to Tier-1 persistomancy! News at 11!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Jake View Post
    [Advice to live by:] An apathetic person might be boring, but they're usually easy to get along with at least. It's the ones that give a damn about something that get unpleasant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red, OSP
    If you tell your audience there's a bomb under the table, and then your character gets stabbed by a killer clown, you don't win
    Quote Originally Posted by Dame_Mechanus View Post
    He has allies martial, psionic, and most puissantly magical,
    He demonstrates command of subjects doctrinal and national,
    As well as divine mastery of magic most demonstrable.

    He's also very versed in the matters of theology
    And once-forbidden knowledge that was hidden rather thoroughly;
    He seeks a form of power for his people quite congruously
    Though once his brother rather advocated for apostasy.

    His actions of great notice are most often diplomatical,
    He is the very model of a goblin theocratical!

    The entire playground took Latin in high school, looks like.

    Spoiler: Me

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    Ask Caerulea, they look like they got it together.
    Quote Originally Posted by jwhouk View Post
    Well, obviously, the answer should be Caerulea... but I assume that someone in the comic is the intent of the query... ;)
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Caerulea also put it nicely.

    Spoiler: Mafia + Message Board Games
    Quote Originally Posted by BasketOfPuppies View Post
    Sorry I couldn’t get on yesterday, personal stuff happened. Why are we lynching a boat?
    Quote Originally Posted by Duck999 View Post
    The plan was whoever was lynched first would be declared as the head and the first one to vote for them would be the new head, and it would be passed on in the same way. Then you lynched a boat
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    Under my leadership, the Illuminati immediately emerged victorious.

    It turns out the real April Fools were inside of us all along.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    And I’m sure that time you Russian capybaras killed the narrator was strictly necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    "Xihirli was plotting against us!"
    "Or was I!?"

    Yes. Yes you were, and yes you are. You're plotting against us right now, aren't you?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    Either way, the only reason we tried to kill you was because we thought you were plotting against us. Which you were.

    Spoiler: Outstanding Wagers and Debts
    I've bet Peelee a cookie (chocolate chunk) things turn out like this.

    I scammed Peelee out of his gold.

    100 quatloo bet with Lexical, about Belkar's look being related to not tripping the protection from evil glyph in 1152. I won!

    I have 100 quatloos and 10 gold.

    Old Avatars:

    Wizard by Linkele

    (image has been lost) Black Cat by me.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Shameless self-aggrandizing:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This, exactly.
    Quote Originally Posted by D.One View Post
    FANTASTIC! OotS-ish even in the punchline.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    This is why I love you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Fyraltari pretty much nailed it.
    Quote Originally Posted by martianmister View Post
    Fyraltari basically end the thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    I wish mods were allowed to give out fancy medals or something because I would give them all to you for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mightymosy View Post
    Specifically, sometimes I need to assure myself that out there there ARE still people who *get* ethics. In the way you do. Thank you for living.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard_Lizard View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hroţila View Post
    Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with all of that and agree with Peelee and Fyraltari.
    Generally the most entertaining result is gained that way.
    Quote Originally Posted by kinglinus1 View Post
    Watching Fyraltari and Peelee argue is like watching mom and dad fight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luna_Mayflower
    My doubters will face an exaction.
    You, however, shall be anointed as a priestess of the Mayflower.
    I, Luna_Mayflower, do upgrade you into this new form with a whim!
    Quote Originally Posted by hroţila View Post
    100% agreed with Fyraltari.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ionathus View Post
    Incredibly well said. Do you write essays? I would read them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post
    sounds like the best rpg setting for star wars I've ever heard. lots of enemies, open sandbox, lots of potential plothooks and places to go rather than than just one republic or empire, there is a lot you can do with that.

    Other gems:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    For people who say "they're just words, toughen up," y'all seem to have very strong reactions to a bunch of words on a forum and webcomic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post

    Oh gods, it's like reading twitter. Tolkien predicted Twitter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Actually finishing a seven-book series of fantasy novels is a better dig at ASOIAF than any in-strip parody could be.
    Quote Originally Posted by hroţila View Post
    For second best elf I'd like to nominate Mablung who keeps showing up late for everything but never stops running, bless his soul.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Just a helpful hint: your complaints about the comic might be better received if you depicted it accurately! [...] Yes, the plot was written so that the villain would lose. What awful storytelling.
    Quote Originally Posted by hroţila View Post
    No discredited Victorian medievalist memes in this forum, please and thank you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dion View Post
    Agreed. The whole concept of good and evil was pretty new in 1974, and was mostly an academic discipline limited to a few French university professors.

    it’s really a pretty amazing thing that Gygax had even heard of it.

    I think we owe a debt of gratitude to Gygax for introducing the concept of good and evil to all of us.
    Quote Originally Posted by BisectedBrioche View Post
    Those who forget the pasta are doomed to reheat it!
    Quote Originally Posted by hroţila View Post
    You sound awfully confident about something that's quite clearly not in the text you linked to.

    Pending bet:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    the Vector Legion [is the IFCC's new pawns], mark my words. Way too much unfinished business there and they already know about the Gates.
    I'll take that bet.
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    Forum Wisdom

    Mage avatar by smutmulch & linklele.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Samduke's Extended Signature

    Wreck OOC
    Wreck IC
    Wreck dice rolls

    Drow OOC
    Drow IC
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Squire Doodad's Extended Signature: Because 500 characters runs out faster than you'd expect.

    For the most part:
    Purple is humorous descriptions made up on the fly
    Green is serious talk about hypothetical
    Blue is irony and sarcasm

    Spoiler: Evidence to suggest the world is epic

    Spoiler: Funny quotes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    It shall be swift and ruthless. Unless any Ruths intend to join, in which case it shall be ruthful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Lampert View Post
    The moon is 11,398,464' in diameter. That would be 17 categories above colossal, for a whopping +84 to spot.

    The distance penalty is minus over 250 million. You can not see the moon.
    Quote Originally Posted by understatement View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Squire Doodad View Post
    No reason to bother destroying it. The bugbears probably like it just for what it adds to the scenery.
    Xykon has yet to destroy it by virtue of not being bored enough to burn a spell slot on it when there's work to be done.
    Also, it's fun to draw on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Worldsong View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dancrilis View Post
    It is possible that there was no 8th level spell and he simply bluffed them.
    Sorcerer Lich secretly makes the most epic Bluff check in the history of the setting and convinces paladins that they're homicidal lunatics now.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rijan_Sai View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Slipperychicken View Post
    But if we're using crystals as material components, how am I going to find excuses to throw tarts at people and eat live spiders in combat?
    Why do you need an excuse for that? If it's what you enjoy doing, then I say go for it!

    Spoiler: Deep, meaningful quotes that act as a commentary on the pointless universe we dare strand ourselves within

    I guess something Camus said?

    Spoiler: Ideas I have come up with!

    What if you had french toast, but you dipped in pancake batter instead of maple syrup

    Prototype rules for making earthquakes by smashing the ground

    Spoiler: Quatloo wagers

    Not a single one of these is going to be "collected". It's all just some silly fun on the forum, nothing more.

    RatElemental owes me 1000 Quatloos

    I owe Max_Killjoy 10 Quatloos

    "I think, therefore I am,
    I walk, therefore I stand,
    I sleep, therefore I dream;
    I joke, therefore I meme."
    -Squire Doodad
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    An explanation of why MitD being any larger than Huge is implausible.

    See my extended signature here! May contain wit, candor, and somewhere from 52 to 8127 walruses.

    Purple is humorous descriptions made up on the fly
    Green is serious talk about hypothetical
    Blue is irony and sarcasm

    "I think, therefore I am,
    I walk, therefore I stand,
    I sleep, therefore I dream;
    I joke, therefore I meme."
    -Squire Doodad

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Work In Progress Ext. Sig


    Spoiler: Characters

    Spoiler: Animated Cloak

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    Such a ţorn in my side

    Extended Sig

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Tearing of the Weave IC, OOC, William

    Keep on the Shadowfell IC, OOC, map, Gagan

    Candlekeep Mysteries IC, OOC, Eleazar

    Red Hand of Doom IC, OOC, Bade

    Six Dragons Walk Into A Tavern IC, OOC, Brilliance

    Deep Horizon IC, OOC, Elwenath
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    Avatar by Meltheim: Eveve, dwarven battlemind, 4e Dark Sun

    Current games list

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    Default Thurbane's Extended Signature of 3.5 Stuff

    My lists/indexes:

    Favored Class List

    List of Online Prestige Classes

    List of PrCs with "nonstandard" levels

    Full BAB, 6+ Skill Points

    Who Uses Spellbooks?

    List of Additional Epic PrCs

    Epic Feats Outside the ELH/SRD

    Weapon Finesse +

    "Replacement" Feats

    Those Pesky Req feats, and (Somewhat) Painless Ways to Get Them

    List of All Skills

    Skills skills skills

    Iaijutsu Focus - Classes

    Guilds/Organizations list: part one | part two

    List of "Other" Summoning Spells

    List of Optional Material Components

    List of Ioun Stones, Figurines, Feather Tokens

    Magic Item Slots For Various Creatures

    Items for Nonhumanoid Creatures

    LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

    Monster Manual VI - Online Monsters

    List of Goblinoids

    List of Half-Dragons

    Templates That Don't Increase CR

    Type Change by Class, Spell & Feat

    Fiend Touched Compendium

    Undead Adjacent Monsters

    Lizardfolk Names

    Other very useful lists, indexes, handbooks and links:

    Ability Damage Resource 2.0

    Alchemical items

    All Spell Trigger Items

    Alternate Uses of Move Actions

    Alternative Class Features

    Alternative Ways to Get New Class skills

    Appraise This! A Reference for the Appraise skill

    Arsenic & Old Lace: The Poison Handbook | Poison (the end-all information list with Poison lists)

    Best Feats of 3.5

    Celestial Compendium

    Cleric Domain List | Cleric Planar Domain List

    Complete list of Innate Spellcasting

    Complete List of Languages

    Complete List of Possible Familiars (updated version)

    Comprehensive Deity Database

    Comprehensive List of Ways to Augment Attack Roll

    Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide

    D&D Adventures: A List of Obscure 1st Party Sources

    Disease - An Index and Analysis

    Enworld Creature Catalog Index

    Exotic Weapon Proficiencies and Changing Weapon Categories

    Extra attacks, natural attacks, AoO

    Evasion Index

    Feats that Grant SLAs

    Fey Compendium

    Fleshwarping: A List of Grafts, Symbionts, and Related Goodies

    Gotta Catch em All: Optimizing Wild Empathy

    Handbook of Feat-granting Items and Effects

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Listen Skill Reference

    Increasing Size, Effective Size, Unarmed Damage, Reach

    List of All Prestige Classes That Progress Spellcasting

    List of (almost) all way to change form!

    List of Artifacts

    List of Feat Granting Items/Locations/Grafts

    List of free Persist Metamagic

    List of Metamagic Feats [Metamagic and You: A Thesis]

    List of Meta-spells

    Lists of Every Playable Monster by ECL

    Lists of Necessary Magic Items

    Lists of Stuff

    Master +0 LA Race List III | Every playable race in 3.5 D&D without a level adjustment

    Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Aboleths Oh My

    Monster Lore Compendium

    Multiclassing Feats

    Races With Bonus Feats Cheat Sheet

    Raising Caster Level

    Saboteur's Cookbook: Masterwork Disable Device tools

    Shax's Indispensable Haversack (Equipment Handbook)

    Special Materials Index

    Summoner's Desk Reference | d20 Stat Blocks for Summon Spells | Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List

    Survival Skill Survival Guide

    The Library of Knowledge: Getting the Most out of Your Studies

    The Monster Compendium

    Tome of Battle Q&A

    Uncle Kitty's Guide to Template Based Shenanigans

    Vermin Handbook - A list of all vermin in 3.5

    Visual Lies: A Reference for the Disguise Skills

    Ways to Expand a Spell List | Ways to Expand a Spell List | Ways to Expand a Spell List

    Ways to get Pounce or Free Movement

    Weapon Special Abilities Thread

    WeaselGuy's Index of Handbooks and Guides

    X Stat to Y Bonus
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Schroeswald's extended sig, because he finally found something worth making it:

    Funny Stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeswald View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Squire Doodad View Post
    "A sufficiently big wedge of cheese is indistinguishable from an aircraft."
    Doodad’s Law of Cheesery
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    "No. You get hit with the plot rock."
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    The main comic discussion thread is really where general Star Wars conversation should go.
    Last edited by Schroeswald; 2020-11-26 at 09:39 AM.
    Arrrgh, here be me extended sig!
    Spoiler: Read this if I've posted a theory in the post above

    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeswald View Post
    I recognize that Conservation of Detail is Overrated, but I find the event that I am using as evidence for my theory above important enough/given enough focus to qualify for what I call Elan’s Exception, “Who wastes perfectly good foreshadowing like that?”. Also I have never correctly predicted any event in any piece of media so take this theory with a grain of salt (I call this Peelee’s Ye Old Reminder).

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    A sentence is sarcasm IFF it has a /s at the end.

    See edits on almost all of my messages? It's because I'm a perfectionist and find flaws with what I'm saying after I've submitted my post.

    Use colored text? These forums don't have a dark mode so I use an extension to make one. As a side effect, all non-formatted text is white, even if you set it as a different color.
    UPDATE: I now use blue text if it's not serious (as per conventions) but not sarcasm, but I also use strikethrough.

    Fact checking the crayon drawing in Start of Darkness
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    My extended signature

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Dictionary definitions never win debates, unless the topic up for debate is "what does the dictionary say about this"

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    Default My judgements and medals!

    This is a list of my medal winning entries and my judgements of the competitions in which I've participated on these forums. Also included are some thoughts.

    Spoiler: Iron Chef:
    My favorite competition happens to be the one I'm worst at, I think. Still, I'm quite proud of the work I've done here, both as a chef and as a judge. Without further ado, here are my medal winning builds and my history of judgments.


    In the Atavist round:
    Kalshtar Jones, bronze medal and Anidina the Mad, silver medal.

    The competition had very low participation, which is why I managed to sneak away with two medals. If we're being honest neither of these is very good - they're very early work, and I've learned a lot since the time I created these. Then again, I keep learning every day I'm on these forums, and hopefully I'll see my current work the same way some day. I'm still a big fan of the fluff on both of these though, especially Anidina. I think it's worth a read.

    In the Tattooed Monk round:
    Captain O, bronze medal.

    Mechanically, this is probably my least favorite build I've ever created. It is basically the result of me being salty about my on inability to create a build that could score well and be interesting at the same time. I guess you could find something to like about this build, but to me, it is like the fluff I wrote for this one says: Captain O has no soul. Still, it won a medal, so it gets to be here, while Frough-Gee and Faderyn have to stay out. Such is life. As I'm writing these letters, this is the third and last build on the list for this competition; hopefully, there'll be more in the future.

    In the Thayan Gladiator round:
    Five-Punch Man, bronze medal

    Very happy to have edged out a medal here, and so close to silver, too! This round was huge, the biggest in many years, with 20 entries. I feel honored to have placed here, and this is one of my favorite builds I've done. I thought it was creative and effective, though not super powerful by any means. It started with asking myself how I could get a metal natural weapon, to combine thayan gladiator with disciple of dispater, and kind of grew from there.

    In the Imaskari Vengeance Taker round:
    Alkathira Hamerubot, bronze medal.

    Can't complain about bronze! I was pretty happy with Alkathira, though I did mess up by not having 5 levels of Abjurant Champion - I misremembered martial arcanist as applying to the class that AC was advancing, and I ended up with 19 CL when I could have had 30. Oh, well. I probably would've scored lower with only 9 levels of the SI, anyway, but see my post here for cool mid-op gish builds. As I said, I like this entry, and think it deserved the spot it got. I truly feel like I'm getting slightly better at this.

    In the Arcane Duelist round:
    Whitefeather, silver medal.

    Bah, I really thought I had something nice going there with dervish, but I was misreading the ability. This really turned me off from the build, because there's not one big clever idea here: what I thought was clever about it were the 100 little synergies, and if those break apart... Well, it still won silver, best I've done since my very first round participating (in which I only beat out one competitor) Good for me! One of these days I'll get gold.

    In the Berserk round:
    Anvil, silver medal

    My most fun Iron Chef entry, I think. I owe a lot of its success to Zaq and Daremetoidareyo, as I explained in the post-reveal discussion. It's an undead dragonborn ex-azurin who lives their life as a giant whale just to mess with the rules, and it ends up being the best tank I've ever designed - though I've since figured out less shenanigans-prone ways to achieve the same goal. I was really, really close to finally getting gold with this one, but Whambamsam won out by a quarter of a point. One day. EDIT: Unfortunately, I've since found out that rules compendium clarifies "spellcasting creature" in a way that pretty much cancels this idea. Damn. The boring alternative is still viable, but this build unfortunately doesn't work.

    In the Ballisteer round:
    Goliath of Gath, gold medal,
    and Queequeg, Silver Medal

    My first gold in Iron Chef! Goliath is a sling user throwing colossal++++ damage boulders and doing double damage on a full attack, while Queequeg is meant to be the ultimate harpoonist. Both of these builds have a lot of issues. I ****ed up big time reading expansion for Goliath, and I messed up the order of operations on Queequeg prrtty bad. Still, as of writing these words, I'm happy with both of them. On a 10-entry round, gold and silver isn't bad, too.

    In the Demonologist round:
    Aries Darantas, Honorable Mention!

    This entry got last place, but it's my first honorable mention! Well, first one to not be disqualified by winning another medal. It's wild, even if I do say so myself. I bent spellthief backwards in order to be able to enter demonologist with no other classes, which allowed me to create a build that can summon demons, and steal their spells to summon more of those demons, ad infinitum! I'm very happy with Aries, even though it's probably the messiest build I ever submitted. Give it a read!


    Judging Psion uncarnate: This was my first time actually engaging with the competition. I had very little knowledge of the system at this point outside what has been translated to Hebrew (only the 3 core books and 4 of the completes) but I like to think I managed to do a good job despite it all. This competition featured 3 excellent builds, including Zaq's Tapestry Whale, which remains one of my favorite dishes ever submitted.

    Judging Disciple of Mammon: Judging solo is very stressful, and that was a big competition. This ingredient didn't really bring out the best the chefs can do, in my opinion, but it did get us wide participation and a very diverse group of builds. I had to rank my favorite builds pretty low, and there was one incomplete entry I got genuinely upset with - partly because had it been completed, it would have swept the competition in my opinion. It also brought to my attention the urgent need for financial education among many of our esteemed chefs. How could you guys miss INFINITE MONEY as a class feature?

    Judging Crimson Scourge (Part 2 is here): This was an excellent round, in my view, though I was not a fan of a couple of the builds. A lot of creativity on display. I recommend reading through these entries.

    Judging celebrant of Sharess: This was an excellent ingredient, mechanically, though it has very disturbing implications. There was some good work on display here. This was a less thought out judgement than my usual style, and I'm unhappy with the way I treated one of the builds - but such is life. I think I should work on something in between my usual style and this one, if I want to judge more.

    Judging Shining Blade of Heironeous: But then, everything changed when The Viscount attacked.
    Extremely difficult round, that managed to get many inspiring entries in. This was an incredibly tough nut to crack, and many tried and failed - hence the terrible scores I handed out left and right. This was a huge amount of work, but I'm glad to have done it.

    Judging Dragon Descendant: A very contentious judgement of mine.

    Judging Umbral Disciple: I didn't know what to do with this as an ingredient. I've considered slapping 3 levels of UD on plenty of builds before, but I truly felt lost when faced with it as a challenge. Yet our competitors rose to the challenge! Shout out to Loky1109's Catoichi, my fave entry in this excellent round.

    That's it for the Iron Chef (for now). Coming up next:

    Spoiler: Villainous Competition:
    The VC isn't just a good concept for a competition in my opinion; It also opens up entire areas of play and rulesets which simply aren't accesible on ECL based competitions. I like it a lot, and I like running it. I did manage to judge it twice and compete once before taking over as chair, so here it is:


    In the Spooks and Spectres round:
    The Ghost Next Door, gold medal.

    My first time submitting an entry to the competition (my only time, when writing these letters) and I got a gold medal. Yay for me! At the risk of sounding boastful, I think I deserved this win. This was a Halloween round, and I really like my fluff here. My advice: DON'T READ THE CRUNCH BEFORE YOU READ THE FLUFF! I promise you, it's worth it. And... that's it. I don't wanna spoil anything.


    Judging Yin and Yang: An open request for judges for this round is how I found myself joining the competition. People had a few grievances with my judgment of this round, but rereading it, I stand by it. Very small pool of entries, which is a shame - I thought the basic idea behind the competition was very cool.

    Judging Sorta Pseudo: This competition featured some awesome fluff and a very diverse set of ideas, given how restrictive the ingredient seemed on the face of it. One entry was the obvious winner in my eyes, but the others were very well done as well. I really enjoyed judging this one, though I did delay a bunch.

    Judging Controller: A round guest-chaired by Venger. I didn't really want to judge it, and had a hard time doing so, but there was no one else for far too long. Still, the entries are fun and certainly worth reading through.

    That's it for the VC, for the foreseeable future. Up next...

    Spoiler: IC: E6 appetizer edition:
    I like E6 a lot. As you maybe know if you've read my posts on the subject, I'm a big low magic guy. E6 brings the diversity and comfort of 3.5 while allowing worlds which feel like classic fantasy settings. The competition, however, is hard for me. I find it very challenging to judge these entries, which is why (as of writing these words) I haven't. I found myself participating twice so far, and was lucky enough to win medals on both instances. I hope to participate more and judge this competition in the future.


    In the signature spells round:
    Braza, silver medal.

    I thought I'd try to join this competition, but couldn't come up with anything. Braza came to me while fine tuning an NPC in my head during a walk in the desert. I PMed the chair asking for an extension and got her down as soon as I got home. She's unconventional, cool, and she does fine power wise. I like her, and I'm glad the judge liked her too.

    In the Any Prior Ingredient Round:
    Laerlor, gold medal

    Whoof, I really messed this one up. Lucky for me, this was a high originality round, so I could sneak away with a gold medal I'm very happy with. I have a really clear image of who Laerlor is in my mind, and I like them a lot - which is why it's such a shame I didn't manage to write good fluff for them. I ran out of time (like Braza, this was a last minute idea), and in the end I just wrote something I hoped showcased their unique approach to life. Mechanics wise, yeah, I messed up - but I'm still happy with the idea.

    In the Barbarian round:
    Ka'assani, gold medal

    My spellscale middle aged druid who can't cast spells and barbarian with 3 Con. I was very happy with this entry upon submission. Sadly, I missed the fact that sleeping ruined my whole thing. Fixable with an item, but still sad. Highly recommended reading, still one of my favorite entries I've put out there. Would've been my downright favorite ever if it wasn't for the sleep issue.

    It's also my third entry into the E6 competition, and my third entry to win a medal - second in a row to win gold. 3/3 so far, hope to keep this streak going.

    In the Crafted Henchmen round:
    Mylf, silver medal.

    The round's idea was that we needed to create minions whole cloth. Lots of very fun entries were entered. My approach was to utilize the rules for kobold reproduction and an exotic curse to create an army of descendants that make you evil if you harm them. Pretty fun, give it a read.


    Judging Flight: Fun round. Flight seems like a very restricted ingredient in E6, and the raptorans, dragonborns and wildshape I expected did show up plenty - but it was nevertheless a good round, with a lot of creativity on display (even if a lot of said creativity failed to follow the rules.)

    Judging Skill Tricks: Interesting round, and pretty complex to judge. Many of the entries focused on areas of play I didn't see coming at all - whirlwinds, siege weaponey, feinting - so I think it proved to be a good ingredient.

    Judging Fire: Pretty cool round. I felt like there were more rules issues than usual, but maybe that's just me. Some things I easily saw coming - blasting, persistent fire spells, desert wind focus... Some things, however, I certainly didn't.

    That's it for E6. Up next...

    Spoiler: Junkyard Wars:
    Junkyard wars is a strange format. I'm not quite sure what I think about it. The amount of creativity one could have seems to shift drastically between rounds, and it is far more free form than any other ECL-based competition currently active here. I'm waiting to see more of it.


    In the Soul Eater Harvester of Souls round:
    The Nightmare of The Iridescent Grove, silver Medal

    I like Nightmare a lot, and I was glad to receive silver here - even though it's still a bronze medal in my eyes, given the fact that the next entry was given an unjust penalty because of a rules misunderstanding.

    This was an opportunity to build a version of something I've been pondering for a while, and in my opinion it turned out great. It's not the most powerful thing I've ever built, but for having no caster levels and 5 la, I think she does tremendously well.

    In the Complete Madness round:
    The Question, silver medal and Alnabi The Desert Wind, gold medal.

    This was, in my opinion, a truly inspired choice of round limitations, which inspired some real creativity. Out of seven entries submitted, I took the top 2 spots. I am Immensely proud of this achievement, and I feel it was well earned. The Desert wind manages to make hexblade pack a real punch, and does so with a lot of style, in my opinion. The Question is in my opinion the best entry I've ever made on these forums. It's sleek, powerful, and fun, and it has 10 levels of initiate of the order of the bow. It's unfortunately far too similar to Piggy Knowles' Zen Archer, which I've talked about after the reveal. Even if someone else thought of a lot of this stuff before me (and better, if we're being honest) I'm still very, very proud of The Question.


    Judging Giddy-Up!: This was a small round, with only 4 entries (and 3 chefs). I enjoyed the entries, mostly. Special shout-out to Bearstack, for shapeshifting both himself and his mount into bears. It doesn't work, but it's still great.

    Judging Binderless Binder: Extremely tough round, with only two entries. Both were creative, one had a ton of potential.

    Judging Not-Druid: Great round! I'm not typically a fan of full caster optimization, but this was really nice. The idea was having spellcasting and natural weapons without taking druid. My focus as a nudge here on UoC was how well the two were combined. This round featured a lot of weird tricks, and I highly recommend giving it a read.

    Spoiler: Apple Corer
    I'm looking forward to seeing what this one develops into. I don't think it's really for me, but I can see myself judging it every once in a while, and I might participate if some round ever really inspires me.


    Judging Champion of Corellon Larethian:

    I wasn't too impressed with the entries this round, from a mechanical standpoint - but then again, it's a brand new concept, and the rules are very wonky. I still think it's worth looking at, if only for the novelty of lookingat what people go for when they're allowed to ignore prerequisites.

    And... that's it, for now. Thanks for reading!
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    Screaming defiance with the last breath

    It would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

    My judgments and medals!

    The Iron Chef Optimization spreadsheet!

    Song, Sword, and Sorcery: my 5E homebrew half-caster bard (Version 2.0!)

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    Post Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: quotes I'd like to keep in my normal sig but can't because character limits

    Wizard of all that is Light and Cold, and of the Blue Flame that considers Bats that are friends with Cats good luck when wearing Hats. All shall love me and despair!

    I have no clue what I’m doing, but you still shouldn't trust me.

    "When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable" ~ Nikolai Lantsov

    Spoiler: Detailed WW/Mafia stats

    1. Red Atlantic Cruise - Coordinator of Russian spies (town with additional win conditions) - survived and won
    2. SpongeBob Squarepants Season 100 - Mrs Puff (town) - survived and won
    3. X-Mafia - Mystique (wolf) - survived and won
    4. Midwest Mafia - wolf - survived and won
    5. Harry Potter Werewolf - Albus Dumbledore (town) - killed night two for being the Seer - won
    6. Crazy Idea - Survivor Seer - horribly murdered by Valmark,
    Xihirli and Lord Athos for no particular reason night one - lost
    7. Evil Villains Werewolf - Evil Mastermind (narrator) - died night zero - had no win condition
    8. Beware of Bites - Redempted Cultist (town) - survived and won
    9. Jellicle Ball - Silhouette (town) - killed night one for failing at crazy plans - won
    10. Dungeons & Doppelgangers - Wizard (town) - survived and won
    Witch Hunt - Martyr (town) - left because of IRL stuff - technically won but not counted in my stats
    11. Percy Jackson Mafia - Child of Iris Ariadne Aphrodite (wolf) - surrendered day five due to being utterly screwed - lost
    12. Craziest Idea Mafia - Serial Killer Spy - executed/drank poisoned wine day four due to being an outed SK - lost
    13. Afterlife - ghost (town) - killed night two for never being partnered with the flipped wolf - lost
    14. Love Letter Mafia - Prince, King, Guard (town) - endgamed - lost
    15. UPick 2 - Nikolai Lantsov (mafia) - collapsed of exhaustion day four because I didn’t have enough role names - lost
    16. Afterlife 2 - vanillager - endgamed - lost
    17. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Camula, Vampire Mistress of the Shadow Riders (wolf) - lynched day four for not being lynched day three - won
    18. Dead of Winter Mafia - villager - survived and won
    19. Fallout 2 - Synth Patroller (town) - killed night four because I asked nicely - won
    20. Words of Power - Words Will Never Hurt Me (Survivor) - survived and won
    21. Among Who? Among Us! - imposter (wolf) - ran out of oxygen night two - won
    22. Wilder West Werewolf: Wait, Who Shot The Sherriff - County Clerk (town) - killed night one for being counterwagon to a dead wolf - won
    23. Afterlife 3 - Undercover Cop (town) - killed night six for being the only player undead - lost
    24. Percy Jackson Mafia 2 - Child of Apollo (town) - killed night one for being impossible to mislynch - won
    25. Wolf Coin: A Dresden Files Mafia Game - Chandler (wolf) - survived and won
    26. Mysterium Mafia - town - killed night four for being the only consensus townie who was actually town - lost
    27. The Tarot Club - Prisoner of the Chained Pathway (Serial Killer) - killed day one because wolves were scared of me - lost
    28. Utropia - Retired General (neutral) - outgambitted and torn apart by my own dragons because of a bastard mechanic night one - won
    29. Candy-Coated Werewolf - wolf - killed day eight because everyone else was cleared by the Thing - lost
    30. Harem Comedy: Busted Season One - Theatre Girl (town) - killed night one for causing the day one mislynch - won
    31. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Akiza Isinksi (town) - survived until "endgame" - lost
    32. Deal with the Devil - Poet (town, with a possibility to turn evil that never materialised) - survived and won
    33. Raging Loop - monkey (town) - survived and won
    34. Tarot Club II - Assassin/Instigator of the Demoness Pathway (town/neutral) - killed night two for being myself - won
    35. Mutants WW II: Revenge of the Fallen - Observer, granted the Authority of Lady Sustenance (town) - killed night three for being one of two townies alive - won
    36. Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL - Nistro (town) - survived and won
    Dead of Winter 2 - town - survived and won
    37. Aces and Eights - Outlaw (wolf) - killed day three for being too powerful and too burnt out - lost
    38. Long (?) Live the Mayor - Lobbyist (neutral) - replaced out temporarily night one and was eliminated day two before my return - lost
    39. Pokemon: Revenge of Blastoise - Clefairy (town) - killed night three for getting two wolf pelts (and still did more damage to town than good) - lost
    40. The Wizard's Tower - village druid and tavern owner (town) - killed night two for being a claimed voider - won
    41. Isle of Chaos - Mayor of Chaos, Switcher (narrator) - killed night zero because my role said so - lost
    42. Mountain Time - The New Lancaster Nothing (town) - eliminated and also daykilled by wolves day three - won
    43. Mice and Murder - Matilda Molesley (town) - killed night two despite being spectacularly wrong - lost

    Spoiler: check of my stats (in progress)

    Games won: Red Atlantic Cruise, SpongeBob SquarePants Season 100, X-Mafia, Midwest Mafia, Harry Potter Werewolf (5), Beware of Bites, Jellicle Ball, Dungeons and Dopplegangers, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Dead of Winter Mafia (10), Fallout 2, Words of Power, Among Who? Among Us!, Wilder West Werewolf: Wait, Who Shot the Sheriff?, Percy Jackson 2 (15), Wolf Coin: A Dresden Files Mafia Game, Utropia, Harem Comedy: Busted Season One, Deal with the Devil, Raging Loop (20), Tarot Club II, Mutants WW II: Revenge of the Fallen, Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL, Dead of Winter 2, The Wizard's Tower (25), Mountain Time = 26

    Games lost = 43 - 1 - 26 = 16

    Games as town: Red Atlantic Cruise, SpongeBob SquarePants Season 100, Harry Potter Werewolf, Beware of Bites, Jellicle Ball, (5) Dungeons and Doppelgangers, Afterlife, Love Letter, Afterlife 2, Dead of Winter Mafia, (10)Fallout 2, Wilder West Werewolf: Wait, Who Shot the Sheriff?, Afterlife 3, Percy Jackson 2, Mysterium Mafia (15), Harem Comedy: Busted Season One, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Deal with the Devil, Raging Loop, Mutants WW II: Revenge of the Fallen, (20)Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXaL, Dead of Winter 2, Pokemon: Revenge of Blastoise, The Wizard's Tower, Mountain Time (25), Mice and Murder + half of Tarot Club II = 26.5

    Games as wolf: X-Mafia, Midwest Mafia, Percy Jackson Mafia, UPick 2, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (5), Among Who? Among Us!, Wolf Coin, Candy-Coated Werewolf, Aces and Eights = 9

    Games narrated: Evil Villains Werewolf, Isle of Chaos = 2

    Games as neutral: 43 - 26.5 - 9 - 2 != 6.5
    Last edited by Snowblaze; 2023-12-19 at 10:52 AM.
    I'm writing stuff, come and read it!
    Werewolf games won: 24
    Werewolf games lost: 14
    Games as town: 23.5
    Games as neutral: 5.5
    Games as wolf: 9
    Games narrated: 1
    Deaths: 17

    Extended Signature

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Rogan and the Mafia

    Games played: 17 (11/5/1)
    Games won: 9 (6/2/1)
    Deaths: 9,5 (6,5/3/0) (twice at endgame)

    (Town, Mafia, Neutral)
    The half death was a suicide after the wolves surrender, which allowed a neutral to win as well. Not included is a game where I got sick d1 and subbed out. Technically lost as scum.

    Opinions of other players
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Popo View Post
    Rogan is the lawful paladin to my chaotic evil genie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    Having stared at Rogan's first post for a while, I've reached a few realisations:
    a) I don't know how to read Rogan
    b) I have little to no confidence in my reads or my POE any more
    c) there's a lot of IRL stuff I should be doing which is more productive
    Quote Originally Posted by Metastachydium View Post
    I don't trust Rogan at all, but even if he's a hostile, he's pulling his weight around here and provides us with an ample amount of opportunities to keep an eye on him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bladescape (in Discord)
    Rogan, honestly, when you're allowed to play for longer than a single day you are a pretty good town player
    If you want me to include your opinion, let me know

    Other quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Book Wombat View Post
    Rogan becoming the thing he swore to defeat.
    You mean Xihirli?
    Some games later...

    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    I became the very thing I was sworn to destroy... Rogan.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Time to create one of these to catalogue my WW/Mafia games stats somewhere!

    1. Upick2: Electric Boogaloo and Revenge of the Upick: Survivor win
    2. Afterlife 2: Wolf win
    3. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Town loss - Got my very first lynch for Christmas!
    4. Dead of Winter Mafia: Town win - wolves surrendered
    5. Fallout 2: Survivor win
    6. Words of Power: Town win
    7. Wilder West WW: Wait Who Shot The Sheriff?: Town win
    8. Afterlife 3: Town loss
    9. Utropia: Neutral win
    10. Highschool Harem Comedy: Busted! Season 1: Wolf loss
    11. Raging Loop: Town win
    12. Mutants WW II: Town win
    13. Aces & Eights: Town win
    14. Long Live The Mayor!: Town loss
    15. The Wizard's Tower: Wolf loss


    1. Candy-Coated Werewolf
    2. Murder on the Orient Express
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    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Villainous Competition medals.
    Creeping Ghoulification - VC XL BRONZE
    Xokhtohm - VC XL+1 BRONZE
    ⟨ ǂʃǂǃǃǀǁǁɕʃ ⟩ - VC XLII SILVER
    Tomas Stone - VC XLII BRONZE
    Long Tentacle of the Law - VC XLIV SILVER
    Noname Sword - VC XLVI BRONZE
    Naught - VC XLVIII GOLD
    Ddernyn Siotta - VC XLVIX SILVER
    Tessai & Spangle - VC L SILVER
    Bringer of Discord - VC LII BRONZE

    Spoiler: Junkyard Wars medals.
    Tsujigiri - JW XXXIV GOLD
    Aoth Siahores - JW XXXV HM
    Yuiry - JW XXXVI GOLD
    Master Lying True - JW XXXIX BRONZE
    Gorodan Ashsand - JW XL GOLD
    Grakk "Halfdead" - JW XLI SILVER
    Alfred - JW XLVI GOLD

    Spoiler: Zinc Saucier medals.
    just Luke - ZS XXXVIII GOLD (Sole contestant)

    Spoiler: Iron Chef medals.
    Dril’jhael Vralice - CXVII HM
    Simon - IC CXVIII HM
    Naughty Loafer - IC CXXI BRONZE
    The Pack - IC CXXIV HM
    Chaka - IC CXXVI HM
    Catōichi - IC CXXVII BRONZE
    Abigor the Tormentor - IC CXXIX BRONZE

    Spoiler: Iron Chef E6 medals.
    Wrath of the Tempest - IC E6 XXXVII SILVER
    Gromorth - IC E6 XXXVII BRONZE
    Simon the Fire Lance - IC E6 XXXVIII GOLD
    Master Necromancer Xul - IC E6 XL GOLD
    Duncan Aotrom, Candle of Shadow - IC E6 XLI BRONZE
    Monkey - IC E6 XLII GOLD

    Spoiler: Monster Mash medals.
    Necahualeztli - III GOLD
    Chirp - MM V GOLD
    Rainbow - MM VI GOLD
    Lachlan the Frozen - MM VII SILVER
    Aly "the Peanut" - MM VIII GOLD
    Sand Tentacle - MM VIII BRONZE
    Renegade - MM IX GOLD
    Drakkar - MM X SILVER
    Pinkamena Diane Pie - MM X BRONZE
    Boy and his Master - MM XI SILVER
    Dolgrim - MM XI BRONZE

    Spoiler: Apple Corer medals.
    Ermak - AC I GOLD
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    If you could make anything and everything welcome to the Zinc Saucier XLV: Figaro

    My competition's medals.

    Spoiler: For purposes of clarity
    1109 is September, 11 - my birthday.

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    GitP, obviously

    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    I took a level in Jester!

    Testing builds from various TTRPGs.

    Check out this awesome Spriggan by Just to Browse!

    My Mediocre Homebrew

    Got some time to read?

    Pleasant Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by KorvinStarmast View Post
    I am simply gonna steal this. Nicely put.
    Quote Originally Posted by Segev View Post
    Accuracy in communication is crucial, and difficult in forums, so anything I can do to improve it on my end is something I should strive to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sparky McDibben View Post
    That's because you, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    Yours is indeed vastly superior.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    St Fan's extended signature

    This is the full signature I intended to include before finding out it was limited in size:

    Sleep Mask of Restful Slumber

    Price: 2,880 gp
    Body Slot: Face
    Caster Level: 8th
    Aura: Faint; (DC 16) enchantment
    Activation: standard (command)

    Donning this eye mask and speaking the command word (“good night”) activates a restful slumber spell on the wearer for the next 8 hours. It only works once per day.
    As a side-effect, the user is considered blind as long as wearing it.
    Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, restful slumber.
    Cost to Create: 1,440 gp, 115 XP, 3 days.

    Yagor: Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the magical eye mask you crafted wasn’t a nice gift...
    Myeline: Well, you’re so often complaining about having such a hard time finding proper sleep, I thought that would be an interesting arcane experiment.
    Yagor: You try growing up in the streets with your alleged “companions in misfortune” ready to stab you in your sleep for a bigger part of the loot, and we’ll see if you don’t end up with insomnia as a flaw. No, I’m just surprised... you’re usually so stingy with your gold... or components... or magical items...
    Myeline: That is a blatant lie! I’m the very model of generosity.
    Yagor: Seriously? How many times have I heard you grumbling about how much you paid for your so-called “ancestral relic”?
    Myeline: I’ll let you know that 400 golds is the exact, genuine market price for a masterwork elven thinblade.
    Yagor: Except that, current looks notwithstanding, you’re not an elf but a changeling. So how come it could be a family heirloom?
    Myeline: It is! It belonged to my father!
    Yagor: Who was using it as wall decoration, I guess? But if it’s really your heritage, why did you have to pay for it?
    Myeline: BECAUSE MY DAD IS A FREAKING MISER, THAT’S WHY! Honestly, I had to haggle...
    Yagor: Eh... shouldn’t be a surprise coming from a half-dragon... like father, like daughter...

    DM: At the end of the meal, the innkeeper is bringing you the cheese plate. Roll for initiative.
    PC: Excuse me, what?
    DM: I said, roll for initiative. They like their cheese really ripe in these parts. They have the ooze type.

    "Excuse me, but... is it a GOOD or a BAD thing when the DM can't help bursting into laughter every time he hears the phrase 'level-appropriate encounter'? No, just curious..."

    Extended signature

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread


    Quote Originally Posted by Rogan View Post
    If this is a wolf move, it's crazy!
    Quote Originally Posted by Rogan View Post
    Caedorus is town or a wolf so bold, he deserves to win. I'll never vote there again.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post

    Currently awaiting start of "Mice and Murder" by Xihirli. You can still join!
    Detailed w/w statistics are in progress.
    Spoiler: Details

    Spectated Candy-coated Werewolf.
    Played as town in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds!, lost n1(neutral victory)
    Played as Hero in Deal with the Devil, died d1 (revived), won d3?
    Spectated Raging Loop.
    Played as Wolf in The Tarot Club, lost and died d4
    Spectated Mutants WW
    Played as Town in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZeXal, died d1 <get more info>
    Played as Town in Dead of Winter Mafia, won d4?
    Spectated Aces & Eights
    Spectated Long(?) Live the Mayor
    Played as Wolf in Mafioso Pokemon Edition, died d2, won n4
    Spectated The Wizard's Tower
    Played as Neutral in Isle of Chaos, died d2, lost
    Played as Town in Mountain Time, died d2, won n6
    Played as Town in Upick TV tropes 6: Time Warp, lost day 9 (or something time wasn't in order)

    I'm missing something I feel it.
    A list of all names I've been called so far:
    Spoiler: Names


    Earn your spot in the list above by thinking of another novelty spelling of my name!

    Spoiler: Alignment test results:
    I Am A: Neutral Good Human Wizard (1st Level)
    Ability Scores:
    Alignment: Neutral Good A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias for or against order. However, neutral good can be a dangerous alignment when it advances mediocrity by limiting the actions of the truly capable.
    Race: Humans are the most adaptable of the common races. Short generations and a penchant for migration and conquest have made them physically diverse as well. Humans are often unorthodox in their dress, sporting unusual hairstyles, fanciful clothes, tattoos, and the like.
    Class:Wizards are arcane spellcasters who depend on intensive study to create their magic. To wizards, magic is not a talent but a difficult, rewarding art. When they are prepared for battle, wizards can use their spells to devastating effect. When caught by surprise, they are vulnerable. The wizard's strength is her spells, everything else is secondary. She learns new spells as she experiments and grows in experience, and she can also learn them from other wizards. In addition, over time a wizard learns to manipulate her spells so they go farther, work better, or are improved in some other way. A wizard can call a familiar- a small, magical, animal companion that serves her. With a high Intelligence, wizards are capable of casting very high levels of spells.
    Find out What Kind of Dungeons and Dragons Character Would You Be?, courtesy of Easydamus

    I agree with the above results.
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    I play W/W Mafia! I still claim I was Town all along! Believe me!
    Spoiler: Idea stolen from Snowblaze

    W/W games lynched d1: 3
    W/W games played (excludes spectating) total: 9
    W/W games won: 5
    W/W games lost: 5
    W/W games narrated: 0
    W/W games spectated: 4
    W/W games as wolf: 2
    W/W games as Town: 6
    W/W games as Neutral: 1
    W/W games as Other: 0

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Here a list of my released (mostly TO) showcase builds on the forum:
    (including many adaptations from manga, anime, cartoons & comics)

    Bane's Chosen "Pawn of a Spawn" - a Halloween Special

    Glaive'ur, the last Eldritch Knight of Bane

    PACMAN, the Southern Beholder Mage (accelerated spell progression + double 9s)

    Optimus Urbana Hierophantus - a Mobile Suit Gundam / Mech / Transformers build

    Orko, He-man & Battlecat (a Dragonfire Mount's Ubermount and its Ubermount)

    Giant Dwarf, the Rock Superstar (a War Chanter build)

    Lion-O & the Thundercats (an Uber-Spellguard build)

    Reptile a Warblade (20) of the Perfect Order

    (U) Can't Touch This (Gnome) - a Shadowcraft Warlock

    Croesus the Merchant Prince - a "PAY2WIN"-build/guide

    Nest of Bees - TO Quiver(s) of Anariel

    The Hellspawned Rider (a Warlock & his Ubermount)

    Gaara of the Desert aka Mumm-ra the Everliving

    "I am the BORG" - the BORG-Queen

    Sakon & Ukon (from Naruto)

    Uchiha Itachi - Master of the Sharingan

    Cooperative Dvati Sorcerers of the Arcane Legions

    Master of Dragonfire Flies

    Orochimaru the ultimate villain

    El Mariachi - dual double-handcrossbow action

    Papa Smurf - a Redcap Lion of Talisid (ubercharger-gish)

    The Hellfire Escalation Glaivelock - A Killer Kobold Build

    Shivering Tornado of Death - Arcane Channeling optimization

    Hammerdin of Moradin - a guide to epic hammer throwing

    ShurikeNado - a shuriken master build

    Almighty Claw of Malar (v2-0) - a monk warlock-gish

    4 "Driving-Attack" Builds - (incl. minor BerserkManga *re-fluff*)

    BoBaFeat - "Body-outside-Body" & "Moment of Clarity" to break the game

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