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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Grimaldus' rant (Long Version)

    "Do you see that?"

    (The Defenders are silent)

    "I said... DO YOU SEE THAT?!"

    (Still silent)

    "ANSWER ME!"

    (A few in the crowd says Yes sir)

    (Grimaldus starts laughing maniacally)

    "Are you all as insulted as I am? THIS is what they send against us? This RABBLE?! We hold one of the mightiest cities on the face of this planet. The fury of its guns sends all skyborne enemies to the ground in flames. We stand united in our thousands, our weapons without number, our purity without question and our hearts beating courage through our blood. And THIS is how they attack us? Brothers and sisters... A legion of beggars and alien dregs wheezes its way across the plains. Forgive me when the moment comes when they whine and weep against our walls. Forgive that I must order you to waste ammunition upon their worthless bodies. I have heard many speak my name in whispers since I came to Helsreach. I ask you now: Do you know me?"

    (A few yes's are heard in the combination of Marines and Steel Legionnaires)

    "DO YOU KNOW ME?!"

    (Yes's get louder)


    (loud cheers follow but they aren't really that into it)

    (Grimaldus kicks it up a notch)

    "Never again in life will your actions carry such consequences. Never again will you serve as you serve now. No duty will matter as much and no glory will taste as true! We are the defenders of Helsreach! On this day we carve our legend in the flesh of every alien we slay! WILL. YOU. STAND. WITH. ME?!"

    (thunderous cheering)


    (more thunderous cheering)

    "Sons and daughters of the Imperium! Our blood is the blood of heroes and martyrs! They DARE tread the sacred soil of our world?! We will throw their bodies from these walls when the final day dawns!"

    (ravenous cheering)


    "OUR CITY! OUR WORLD!" - the defenders reply

    (Grimaldus turns to face the horde of orks. Laughing)


    "BLOOD AND FIRE!" - defenders


    "FOR HELSREACH!" - defenders


    "FOR HELSREACH!" - defenders

    (the shouts have broken the glass of several nearby buildings)


    "HELSREACH!" - defenders



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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Hello, people of the future!
    This is a repository of quotes, phrases, and other stuff that is a bit to long for my signature. It is a Long Signature(R).

    Spoiler: Other people
    Quote Originally Posted by 2D8HP View Post
    "Gosh 2D8HP, you are so very correct (and also good looking), and your humility is stunning"
    Quote Originally Posted by Honest Tiefling View Post
    "In other news, yet another unemployed musician has been sighted entering the White House. He has been declared the Chief of Staff earlier this afternoon. The president has also declared the man to be officially 'awesome'."
    Quote Originally Posted by Inevitability View Post
    Also, debate on whether 0.5+0.5=0 should perhaps be moved to another thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    I saw this, got all excited to make a joke about Latin, and then realized it was already talking about Latin.
    Quote Originally Posted by DataNinja View Post
    Threads are like cats. They go where they want, and never listen to what you want them to do.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aka-chan View Post
    Vampire may take Friend of Talky-Man's life, but he will never take Friend of Talky-Man's freedom!
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would probably have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."
    Quote Originally Posted by KorvinStarmast View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post
    English: so broken, you technically cannot use it wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    Optimisation stops being practical and starts being theoretical when your damage per round is measured in spiked gauntlets instead of hit points
    Quote Originally Posted by rbetieh View Post
    With that kind of money, the Barber could upgrade his Dwarven Waraxe with magic to dispense shaving cream and hot towels! +2 Hot Towels for sure!
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam K View Post
    Although being realistic, what the playground would ACTUALLY do is find the guy, then explain to him how fireballs are suboptimal and help him pick more optimal spells for terrorizing people. And we'd probably argue over what alignment his terrorizing was.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kazyan View Post
    Playing a wizard the way GitP says wizards should be played requires the equivalent time and effort investment of a university minor. Do you really want to go down this rabbit hole, or are you comfortable with just throwing a souped-up Orb of Fire at the thing?
    Quote Originally Posted by Jarian View Post
    Schrodinger's Rogue vs. Schrodinger's Wizard. One has the perfect spells for all occasions. The other, the perfect magical item. Who. Will. WIN?

    Hint: It's the Wizard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grod_The_Giant View Post
    This just in, [option being discussed] isn't as powerful as [the most powerful options in the game]! [Build] loses out to Tier-1 persistomancy! News at 11!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Jake View Post
    [Advice to live by:] An apathetic person might be boring, but they're usually easy to get along with at least. It's the ones that give a damn about something that get unpleasant.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red, OSP
    If you tell your audience there's a bomb under the table, and then your character gets stabbed by a killer clown, you don't win

    Spoiler: Me

    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    Ask Caerulea, they look like they got it together.
    Quote Originally Posted by jwhouk View Post
    Well, obviously, the answer should be Caerulea... but I assume that someone in the comic is the intent of the query... ;)
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Caerulea also put it nicely.

    Spoiler: Mafia + Message Board Games
    Quote Originally Posted by BasketOfPuppies View Post
    Sorry I couldn’t get on yesterday, personal stuff happened. Why are we lynching a boat?
    Quote Originally Posted by Duck999 View Post
    The plan was whoever was lynched first would be declared as the head and the first one to vote for them would be the new head, and it would be passed on in the same way. Then you lynched a boat
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    Under my leadership, the Illuminati immediately emerged victorious.

    It turns out the real April Fools were inside of us all along.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xihirli View Post
    And I’m sure that time you Russian capybaras killed the narrator was strictly necessary.
    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    "Xihirli was plotting against us!"
    "Or was I!?"

    Yes. Yes you were, and yes you are. You're plotting against us right now, aren't you?!
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowblaze View Post
    Either way, the only reason we tried to kill you was because we thought you were plotting against us. Which you were.

    Spoiler: Outstanding Wagers and Debts
    I've bet Peelee a cookie (chocolate chunk) things turn out like this.

    I scammed Peelee out of his gold.

    100 quatloo bet with Lexical, about Belkar's look being related to not tripping the protection from evil glyph in 1152. I won!

    I have 100 quatloos and 10 gold.

    Old Avatars:

    Wizard by Linkele

    Black Cat by me.

    I have a brute. It is here:
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Shameless self-aggrandizing:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This, exactly.
    Quote Originally Posted by D.One View Post
    FANTASTIC! OotS-ish even in the punchline.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    This is why I love you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Fyraltari pretty much nailed it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    I wish mods were allowed to give out fancy medals or something because I would give them all to you for that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mightymosy View Post
    Specifically, sometimes I need to assure myself that out there there ARE still people who *get* ethics. In the way you do. Thank you for living.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wizard_Lizard View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hrožila View Post
    Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree with all of that and agree with Peelee and Fyraltari.
    Generally the most entertaining result is gained that way.
    Quote Originally Posted by kinglinus1 View Post
    Watching Fyraltari and Peelee argue is like watching mom and dad fight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luna_Mayflower
    My doubters will face an exaction.
    You, however, shall be anointed as a priestess of the Mayflower.
    I, Luna_Mayflower, do upgrade you into this new form with a whim!
    Quote Originally Posted by hrožila View Post
    100% agreed with Fyraltari.

    Other gems:

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    For people who say "they're just words, toughen up," y'all seem to have very strong reactions to a bunch of words on a forum and webcomic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grey_Wolf_c View Post

    Oh gods, it's like reading twitter. Tolkien predicted Twitter.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Actually finishing a seven-book series of fantasy novels is a better dig at ASOIAF than any in-strip parody could be.
    Quote Originally Posted by hrožila View Post
    For second best elf I'd like to nominate Mablung who keeps showing up late for everything but never stops running, bless his soul.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ruck View Post
    Just a helpful hint: your complaints about the comic might be better received if you depicted it accurately! [...] Yes, the plot was written so that the villain would lose. What awful storytelling.
    Quote Originally Posted by hrožila View Post
    No discredited Victorian medievalist memes in this forum, please and thank you.
    Last edited by Fyraltari; 2020-10-01 at 07:14 AM.
    "Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced."
    Gehm's corollary to Clarke's Third Law

    Forum Wisdom

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    the Vector Legion [is the IFCC's new pawns], mark my words. Way too much unfinished business there and they already know about the Gates.
    I'll take that bet.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Last edited by samduke; 2020-10-21 at 10:10 AM.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Squire Doodad's Extended Signature: Because 500 characters runs out faster than you'd expect.

    For the most part:
    Purple is humorous descriptions made up on the fly
    Green is serious talk about hypothetical
    Blue is irony and sarcasm

    Spoiler: Evidence to suggest the world is epic

    Spoiler: Funny quotes!

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    It shall be swift and ruthless. Unless any Ruths intend to join, in which case it shall be ruthful.
    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Lampert View Post
    The moon is 11,398,464' in diameter. That would be 17 categories above colossal, for a whopping +84 to spot.

    The distance penalty is minus over 250 million. You can not see the moon.
    Quote Originally Posted by understatement View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Squire Doodad View Post
    No reason to bother destroying it. The bugbears probably like it just for what it adds to the scenery.
    Xykon has yet to destroy it by virtue of not being bored enough to burn a spell slot on it when there's work to be done.
    Also, it's fun to draw on.
    Quote Originally Posted by Worldsong View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by dancrilis View Post
    It is possible that there was no 8th level spell and he simply bluffed them.
    Sorcerer Lich secretly makes the most epic Bluff check in the history of the setting and convinces paladins that they're homicidal lunatics now.

    Spoiler: Deep, meaningful quotes that act as a commentary on the pointless universe we dare strand ourselves within

    I guess something Camus said?

    Spoiler: Ideas I have come up with!

    What if you had french toast, but you dipped in pancake batter instead of maple syrup

    Prototype rules for making earthquakes by smashing the ground

    Spoiler: Quatloo wagers

    Not a single one of these is going to be "collected". It's all just some silly fun on the forum, nothing more.

    RatElemental owes me 1000 Quatloos

    I owe Max_Killjoy 10 Quatloos

    "I think, therefore I am,
    I walk, therefore I stand,
    I sleep, therefore I dream;
    I joke, therefore I meme."
    -Squire Doodad
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    An explanation of why MitD being any larger than Huge is implausible.

    See my extended signature here! May contain wit, candor, and somewhere from 52 to 8127 walruses.

    Purple is humorous descriptions made up on the fly
    Green is serious talk about hypothetical
    Blue is irony and sarcasm

    "I think, therefore I am,
    I walk, therefore I stand,
    I sleep, therefore I dream;
    I joke, therefore I meme."
    -Squire Doodad

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Work In Progress Ext. Sig


    Spoiler: Characters

    Spoiler: Animated Cloak

    Last edited by Arron Oberon; 2019-10-21 at 04:45 PM.

    Such a žorn in my side

    Extended Sig

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Tearing of the Weave OOC, IC, William

    Zelda OOC, IC, Nippi

    Horror in the Small Valley OOC, IC, Aranyel

    Stranded in 1650 OOC, IC, Emlin

    Scales of War IC, Dearie

    Keep on the Shadowfell IC, OOC, map, Gagan
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    Avatar by Meltheim: Eveve, dwarven battlemind, 4e Dark Sun

    Current games list

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    Default Thurbane's Extended Signature of 3.5 Stuff

    My lists/indexes:

    List of Online Prestige Classes

    List of PrCs with "nonstandard" levels

    Full BAB, 6+ Skill Points

    List of Additional Epic PrCs

    Epic Feats Outside the ELH/SRD

    Weapon Finesse +

    "Replacement" Feats

    Those Pesky Req feats, and (Somewhat) Painless Ways to Get Them

    Skills skills skills

    Guilds/Organizations list: part one | part two

    List of "Other" Summoning Spells

    List of Optional Material Components

    List of Ioun Stones, Figurines, Feather Tokens

    Magic Item Slots For Various Creatures

    Items for Nonhumanoid Creatures

    LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

    Monster Manual VI - Online Monsters

    List of Goblinoids

    List of Half-Dragons

    Templates That Don't Increase CR

    Type Change by Class, Spell & Feat

    Fiend Touched Compendium

    Undead Adjacent Monsters

    Lizardfolk Names
    Other very useful lists, indexes, handbooks and links:

    Alternative Class Features

    Alternative Ways to Get New Class skills

    Appraise This! A Reference for the Appraise skill

    Arsenic & Old Lace: The Poison Handbook | Poison (the end-all information list with Poison lists)

    Best Feats of 3.5

    Celestial Compendium

    Cleric Domain List | Cleric Planar Domain List

    Complete List of Languages

    Complete List of Possible Familiars (updated version)

    Comprehensive Deity Database

    Comprehensive List of Ways to Augment Attack Roll

    Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide

    D&D Adventures: A List of Obscure 1st Party Sources

    Enworld Creature Catalog Index

    Evasion Index

    Fey Compendium

    Fleshwarping: A List of Grafts, Symbionts, and Related Goodies

    Gotta Catch em All: Optimizing Wild Empathy

    Handbook of Feat-granting Items and Effects

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Listen Skill Reference

    List of All Prestige Classes That Progress Spellcasting

    List of Artifacts

    List of Feat Granting Items/Locations/Grafts

    Liste of Metamagic Feats [Metamagic and You: A Thesis]

    Lists of Every Playable Monster by ECL

    Lists of Necessary Magic Items

    Lists of Stuff

    Master +0 LA Race List III | Every playable race in 3.5 D&D without a level adjustment

    Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Aboleths Oh My

    Saboteur's Cookbook: Masterwork Disable Device tools

    Shax's Indispensable Haversack (Equipment Handbook)

    Special Materials Index

    Summoner's Desk Reference | d20 Stat Blocks for Summon Spells | Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List

    The Library of Knowledge: Getting the Most out of Your Studies

    Uncle Kitty's Guide to Template Based Shenanigans

    Vermin Handbook - A list of all vermin in 3.5

    Visual Lies: A Reference for the Disguise Skills

    Ways to get Pounce or Free Movement

    X Stat to Y Bonus
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Schroeswald's extended sig, because he finally found something worth making it:

    Funny Stuff
    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeswald View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Squire Doodad View Post
    "A sufficiently big wedge of cheese is indistinguishable from an aircraft."
    Doodad’s Law of Cheesery
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    "No. You get hit with the plot rock."
    Arrrgh, here be me extended sig!
    Spoiler: Read this if I've posted a theory in the post above

    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeswald View Post
    I recognize that Conservation of Detail is Overrated, but I find the event that I am using as evidence for my theory above important enough/given enough focus to qualify for what I call Elan’s Exception, “Who wastes perfectly good foreshadowing like that?”. Also I have never correctly predicted any event in any piece of media so take this theory with a grain of salt (I call this Peelee’s Ye Old Reminder).

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