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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    OneRaven: You know, at this point
    OneRaven: you're running fantasy battlestar-gallactica-the-boardgame.
    OneRaven: Have fun!
    Quote Originally Posted by Stegyre View Post
    But, but – This is the internet! Everyone argues everything. You can't just let me think I'm right. That's not how things are done in this age.
    Quote Originally Posted by BilltheCynic View Post
    Pretty weird? You can hypnotize yourself into not dying! That's...actually pretty normal by D&D standards.
    Quote Originally Posted by HuskyBoi View Post
    I just need a minute to appreciate the words 'goliath lamp-post sneak attack'. That's a thing of beauty, right there.
    DMed Rokugan ItS | Shinomen | OOC

    DMed At the Edge of Humanity | ISoH | OOC
    Peren | Rumspringa | OOC

    Past Favorites:

    Cedric Llongwen | Eastern Mountains

    Virion Waltze - Romanian-accented sharpshooter & mercenary. I wish he could be Wayne

    Samuel Shoe. - a Druid who causes as much trouble as he solves. Probably.

    (Gestalt) Loreshade Veshenthi Khan - Tauric Illumian Blood Ape // Telepath/Ardent

    Vercingetorix - Goliath rogue/barbarian. Brilliance. Sheer brilliance.

    Gisela | Dowrenland

    Andra Rose, a Caryatid Column.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    FFRP Characters

    Spoiler: Random

    How to create memorable characters?

    [*noparse][*b]Some words[*/b][*/noparse]
    [b]Some words[/b]

    Spoiler: Edits by me

    Spoiler: Female Android to Male

    - Trimmed hair (Erase tool)
    - Added sleeves (Copy & paste from upper portion of shirt, then blended together with Clone tool)
    - Enlarged right shoulder (Paint tool, black color)
    - Enlarged left shoulder + rectangled head (Pinch tool at empty space right outside neck)
    - Enlarged chin (Copy & paste from chin, then blended together with Clone tool)
    - Extended jawline (Copy & paste from jawline, then blended together with Clone tool)
    - Shrunk upper lip (Pinch tool, then readded lower lip)
    - Enlarged nose (Bloat tool)
    - Emphasized nose (Copy & paste from circuit line below eye)
    - Thickened eyebrow (Copy & paste from eyebrow, then blended together with Clone tool. This one was quite hard, as there wasn't much eyebrow to work with)
    - Emphasized rectangle cheekbone with newly-created circuit line (Copy & paste from various parts of circuit line on face, then blended together)
    - Added 5 o'clock shadow (Burn tool)
    - ???ed eyes (I can't remember. Neither Bloat nor Pinch helped to make the eyes more rectangular, so I didn't use either. Maybe it's Burn tool on the edges of the eye?)

    Time taken: 3 hours

    Spoiler: Quotes

    Spoiler: Gaming Issues

    Spoiler: Alignment

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post
    "I'm really getting tired of people saying that darkness is evil. The light can be evil too. So. Very. Evil. It wants to push us to embody our greatest ideals to a burning point, blazing so bright- that we set everything else ablaze. A little darkness can keep us all from going blind."

    "The light is entrancing, enticing, promising us a utopia. But that does not mean it is good. It only means it wants to be. Whether it achieves that is an entirely different matter."

    "No, the darkness of our souls is something very beautiful- its individuality, its our freedom, our mischievousness. The light can be beautiful to. but neither is beautiful when they grow out of control."
    Quote Originally Posted by Xuc Xac View Post
    Descriptive: You ate that baby, so you're Evil.
    Prescriptive: You're Evil so you have to eat babies.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yung Crunk on Lawful
    A strict code of personal ethics, adherence to a number of institutions (not necessarily lawful ones), a sense of duty to family and community and a reliance upon structure
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    That's exactly why I always consider the source of the code.

    Was it from an institution? Great, you're Lawful.

    Or is it a purely individual code? Cool, you're Chaotic.

    Even if it's the exact same code. Why does this matter? Because the source determines who is allowed to change your code.

    Seriously, instead of looking at code-vs-not-code, look at collectivist vs. individualist. That's what I do in my games, and it's a coherent system which allows me to separate law/chaos in a way that is consistent and makes sense.

    Consider two people acting against their own better judgement:

    Miko the Paladin: "I'm here to fight because the Order declared war on the Hoard."

    Thog the Barbarian: "thog here because ulf tell thog come here and fight and later get icecream."

    Do you want to be here?

    Miko the Paladin: "It's an honor to do my duty, though I'd prefer to be smiting a greater evil."

    Thog the Barbarian: "thog could take or leave. except ulf has big axe so not leave."

    If you were in charge, what would you do?

    Miko the Paladin: "Though my wishes lie elsewhere, I would pursue the Order's policy to the best of my ability, even unto the death."

    Thog the Barbarian: "thog hear the beach nice this time of year."

    - - -

    Basically, it's collectivism vs. individualism. Thog obeys Ulf loyally, but Ulf's policies would not outlive Ulf herself. Miko obeys her Order loyally, and the Order's policies do not die with any particular individual.

    The Chaotic person says: Thog's code of conduct is more reliable, because it depends only on Thog, and nobody can sabotage that without his consent.

    The Lawful person says: Miko's code of conduct is more reliable, because it depends on something greater than herself, and is not subject to the momentary lapses of judgement that can haunt an individual.

    Both of them have a point, but neither of them are objectively correct.
    Chaotic Good:
    Quote Originally Posted by LudicSavant View Post
    Honor systems generally exist for the benefit of a ruling class's long term interests. They're there to keep people in their place.

    Honor states that men may not gang up because nobles are individually better armed, trained, and educated, while peasants are numerous. Honor states that poison and assassination is vile, because it deals with the individual who transgresses rather than making war on their minions while they hide within their castles. Honor states that fire and swords are honorable, because castles do not burn like cottages, and steel does not slice like linen.

    The guys in power are individually better trained, better armed, healthier, and fewer in number, so of course you're supposed to let them see you coming and not team up, because then they'll win. Giving people the idea that that kind of fight is "honorable" and "fair" (even though it's anything but) gives an advantage to the ruling warrior-thug class.

    Generally, if something can make a peasant beat a knight, it's "dishonorable."

    Spoiler: Player Expectations

    Quote Originally Posted by AvatarVecna View Post
    Being tricked used to be an accepted part of storytelling, or magic shows, the idea was to let the storyteller trick you so you can have fun.
    1) The part I've underlined has been so indicated to point out that people go to those kinds of entertainment because they want to be tricked, and being tricked is necessary to the entertainment. Twists and turns in a story have their place, but they have to operate hand in hand with the audience's suspension of disbelief...and that's part of the problem. In a tabletop RPG, the players are not the audience at a play/movie/magic show, they're the performers. If a magician was going to saw me in half, I'd want to know about it before hand so I could take part in fooling the "audience" appropriately. The DM makes up the main story, but he's not the only storyteller: the players (through their characters) influence the story, and if we're not prepared for the twists and turns as players, we might stumble over them, or miss a cue, or react badly IC because it was a bad surprise OOC. Some surprises are necessary in stories because the players are part-audience as well as part-actors, but leaving them completely out of the loop is just as unenjoyable for them as if you spoiled all the surprises. There needs to be a balance, or things can go badly.

    2) Lying about an in-game thing is an issue, but lying about the basic premise of the game is a whole different story, especially in pbp where people spend days (or even weeks) putting together characters that fit well with both the world and the other party members. If we were playing 3.5, and magic options were forbidden, and it was otherwise presented as a standard D&D world (like LotR or something), I would assume that it was a no- or low-magic world; if we arrived, and (halfway through the first session) found that it was a high-magic world and we're part of a slave caste in that world, that's a very different game than what was necessarily presented to us. That can be a problem if we've built characters for a very different world, because suddenly that LG Monk stops looking so cool, or that LN ranger is almost as bad as the enemy.

    As an example, one of the characters in this game is very much the jealous type, but not romantically: anybody being capable of something that she can never be good at is somebody she can never get along with while staying in-character...and halfway through the first session, the protagonist (and I'll remind you that the goal in this Harem Comedy game is to get the protagonist to fall in love with you) is capable of magic, and magic isn't something you can learn; you've either got it, or you don't.

    3) Beyond building characters that don't fit the game we're playing because they were built for the game we were told we'd get, there's the issue of players being interested in the game only because we were given the impression that it was (or was not) a particular kind of game. If, in example with mages and the slave caste, I only joined the game because I hated high-op 3.5 stuff and wanted to have fun playing a competent non-caster, why should I stay in a game where casters rule the world? That is exactly the kind of game I was avoiding, and this game being presented as anti-magic was the only reason I joine, so why should I stay?

    Spoiler: GitP PbP

    Quote Originally Posted by 2D8HP View Post
    Because I just can't commit to enough of a block of time for face to face gaming (or even Skype and the like) PbP is the only gaming I still do, and I've only ever done PbP at this Forum (mostly 5e D&D, never 3.5), and I've never used "Roll 20" (I actually quit one game because the DM instead of just telling me the distances insisted that I log into a Roll 20, and view a map. I created an account, only to discover that to view in "mobile" I had to subscribe. Since 99.9% of my computer time is via "smartphone" that was a deal breaker)

    I'm going to assume that what works for 5e will work for 3.5:

    1) Be persistent.
    I had to try many times before I lucked into games that lasted.
    And it was luck. I can't descern any clues as to which games would last. "Past history (or lack of same) is not a predictor of future results".

    2) Subscribe via e-mail to both the "Finding Players (Recruitment)" and the "Currently Recruiting Players" threads, and be ready to jump.

    3) Have multiple character "sheets" ready to go at

    4) PM yourself lots of "back-stories" ready to copy and paste for when the DM asks you to submit one.
    Length is more important than quality, I write junk but most DM's seem to decide by word count.
    Pile on lots of dead relatives in the back story, DM's eat that "Edgelord" junk up, I'm serious don't have shame steal be inspired by Batman and Mad Max's, yes those are trite cliches but they work.

    5) Don't actually role-play out a character implied by the back-story, the "back-story" seldom fits the campaign, and it's usually disruptive if you try.

    Why do DM's demand them?

    Who the Abyss knows, but if you want to play you must pay some dues, and that includes writing some tragedy filled junk.

    6) Forget about whatever "character concept" you had before play starts, make your PC fit the game, including how your PC's interact with other PC's, which you can't really guess at first. I've seen DM's flee in terror when a game starts off with "competitive soliloquies" by the players narrating their back-stories, which soon devolved into character driven bickering.
    Nobody really cares about that mess!

    7) Steal an image for PC off the "Dreamboats" thread, or some other source and include it with the "back-story" submission. Worth at least two dead relatives in your PC's history as far as getting accepted to pkay.

    8) Don't flake and be Civil. You encounter the same people again and again, and you will be remembered.

    9) Always be applying!
    You can't guess which games will last, and if you don't have "many irons in the fire", you will be without a game.
    Yes that does mean that sometimes you will be playing more games than you want, no you don't get to flake.

    10) Did I say that you can't predict which games will last?
    Well here's an exception: Players recruiting DM games don't last.
    All games lose players, but when you lose the DM the game ends, and if it's someone else's idea for a game the DM is more likely to quit.

    11) Subscribe to the game thread via e-mail, and post fast.
    Speed is more important than quality.
    A long, well written post encourages others to do the same, it also intimidates others into not posting.
    A short and to the point post inspires others to post as well, keeping the game going, think the opposite of the back-story you wrote.

    12) Post off topic nonsense in the OOC. "Boy do I roll bad", jokes, the weather where you live, whatever. It makes it so that people recognize you.

    13) Put your characters name (and maybe even a small image) into every post, as it's easy to get confused.

    Here's an example:

    Quote Originally Posted by 2D8HP View Post
    "Liberates" one of the Goblin's shields, and continues searching the cave, stealthily when he enters a new area. I'm going to see what's further in
    Spoiler: Rolls
    14) If you need to take a break, post it!
    If you had to to take a break, and you didn't warn the other players apologize and continue. They have lives as well, and will likely understand.

    15) Be flexible, odd house rules and trying out unorthodox settings may be why the DM is running the game.

    16) Try other games.
    Non 3.5 and 5e D&D games have much better GM to player ratios.
    I'm playing a game of Pendragon, which is awesome, and I didn't have to stress about will my "back-story" be accepted among the many submissions, I'm also playing a "freeform" game where I didn't have to stress about submitting a "sheet", and I'm playing a 5e game (maybe two depending if anyone posts again) where I had a sheet and a back-story pre-made, plus a "homebrew" system (pending another posts).

    17) If you have a "snowflake" non-core class you want to play, submit all the rules.

    18) Be the DM/GM!
    Way better ratio that way.
    Too much work?
    How about a simplified system. Here's one:

    1) GM describes a scene.
    2) Player says an action that their PC attempts.
    3) GM decides if the PC has no chance of success, no chance of failure, or a partial chance of success.
    4) If a partial chance of success, GM makes up on the spot a percentage chance of success.
    5) Player rolls D100 (two 0-9 twenty-siders once upon a time).
    6) If the player rolls under the made up number their PC succeeds in attempting the task, if over the PC fails.
    7) GM narrates the immediate consequences until it's time to again ask, "what do you do".
    8) Repeat.

    I'm playing in three in-progress games (people have posted today), two maybe games (people have posted this month), and I've played many used-to-be games this year.

    Two games have lasted more than four months, one of which just had a post today, and I really couldn't have predicted which games would last.

    By patient and persistent.

    Spoiler: Just for Fun

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam K View Post
    "What's up with the orphans anyway? I mean, wouldn't it be worse to kill children who's parents might miss them?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Rebonack View Post
    while our heroes play tonsil hockey.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThePhantom View Post
    She seems much more fond of incontinence curses than deadly ones.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lex-Kat View Post
    Eewww! Seriously, I would rather just die, thank you very much.
    Quote Originally Posted by DigoDragon View Post
    Doc: “I think trying to convince Andante to change her mind is like convincing a wall that it is a firetruck.”
    Quote Originally Posted by goto124 View Post
    Convince her that she's a firewall, then.
    Quote Originally Posted by Senshi Akai View Post
    I just spilled coffee in my screen. I hope you are happy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Recaiden View Post
    Mist, you are standing there knocking on and talking to a tree.
    Quote Originally Posted by goto124 View Post
    Why does CoC have a combat system at all?
    Quote Originally Posted by Raimun View Post
    So you can try your luck against some of the smaller monsters? They understand the universal language just fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by gooddragon1 View Post
    Truenamers talk about doing it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam K View Post
    Truenames talk about doing it, but the DC is too high!


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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    -D&D PbP tips-

    DM tips:

    - DM rolls initiative twice. Once for the party once for the enemies. The winner goes first and everyone acts following their initiative bonus.
    (When combat starts, it takes too much time to ask for everyone to make an inititive check and then wait for every player to take their turn in that order. A faster method is for the DM to roll once for the enemies and once for the group. The winner faction starts and then everyone just follows their initiative bonus in order. Is best if the DM makes the rolls, as most of the time it's the DM who decides a combat has started. This also helps create a dynamic where players know when is their turn to post.)

    -Or don't follow a turn order.
    (Every player posts their actions when they can. Then it's up to the DM to either take their actions in the order they were written, or to organize them by initiative order and resume what happened.)

    -Don't punish the players for that 5 step they are away of the monster because they moved poorly.
    (If you do, next time they will wait until everyone else has posted so they have a clear view of where everybody is on the map before moving. And waiting is bad.)

    -Allow a small degree of godmodding involving the terrain/furniture but not the NPCs.
    (PbP is slow enough as it is, don't make the players ask for every little detail. Either describe it completelly, or allow them to interact with expected items that you did not mention. Like a chair on a tavern, or a torch on a mine.)

    -Avoid asking for individual spot/listen rolls. Let the DM roll it.
    (This just makes the game come to an alt until every player has posted a single roll. Instead, make a table with the most common skills, like spot, listen, search, and knowledges, and the bonuses each player has. Then just roll once and apply the individual bonuses. This speeds the game up a lot.)

    -Trust your players with spoilered information.
    (Make it clear that in PbP you expect them to not open a spoiler tag if it is not marked for them. If you can't trust a player, convice him or replace him, because this is a big time saver. Post spoliers like "If you speak draconic you heard that..." and "if Your spot roll was 15+ then..." By adding the Dc on the spoiler you let your players know if it was a failure or a success while making their posts, so they can edit them with that new information.)

    Player tips:

    -Roll attack, damage, critical threat, and extra damage in the same roll.
    (Just ignore the extra rolls if it's not a crit. Much better than having to make a double post with only more rolls.)

    Formatting tips:

    -Write the OOC actions, notes, and rolls inside a spoiler tag at the end of your IC post.
    (Instead of rolling everything on the OOC. This way the DM doesn't have to figure out which roll is for what. Always add what the roll is for. "Spot" or "Attacking the giant 2")

    -It's a good idea to start your IC posts with your characters name.
    (Either in the description of your actions "Mr.Paladin decided to..." or just plain bold before your actual post. Mr.Paladin)

    -It's commonly accepted that you use italic for your character thoughts and double inverted commas for speech.Sometimes bolded too.
    (Mr. paladin was sad. I wish I wasn't sad. He thought. "I'm so sad." he said.
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    Default Red Fel's Extended Signature!

    This is Red Fel's Extended Signature!

    And you're reading it!

    My handbooks:
    My homebrew:
    Look! These are tributes to me!
    Enjoy a feast for the senses! Now with tiers!

    My PADHerder!

    And now, a brief musical interlude!
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    My headache medicine has a little "Ex" inscribed on the pill. It's not a brand name; it's an indicator that it works inside an Anti-Magic Field.

    Blue text means sarcasm. Purple text means evil. White text is invisible.

    My signature got too big for its britches. So now it's over here!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    This is LoyalPaladin's Extended Signature

    Awesome comic with me in it, by Propagandalf!

    War stories of the lance.

    Spoiler: GitP Regulars as X

    Alternate Class Features
    Imbue (Loyal) Paladin (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Holy Flirt (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Bow of Justice (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Proclaimer of the Faith (Thanks, Socratov!)

    Heaven's Wrath (Thanks, Draconium!)

    LoyalPaladin (Thanks Elricaltovilla!)
    Palladian, The Hero of Knights (Thanks, Red Fel!)
    Paladin-Sensei (Thanks, Neopheonix0...)

    Domains & Devotions
    Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Elder Evils
    The Paladin Most Loyal (Thanks, Red Fel!)
    Loya, The Paladin (Thanks, Jormengand!)

    Evil Twins
    Disloyal Pal Dan (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Hector Loyalguard (Thanks, Snowbluff!)

    Chevalier (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)
    LoyalPaladin's Holy Cold Iron Lemonade (Thanks, Troacctid!)

    Magic Cards
    Curse of the Martyr (Thanks, Amechra!)
    Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Snowbluff!)
    Loyal, Paladin of Ages (Thanks, Draconium!)
    Mindflood Incantation (Thanks, Amechra)
    Paladin’s Dilemma (Thanks, UnseenMage!)

    Shield of Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Righteous Mope (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Stance of the Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Red Fel!)

    Loy Al Avatar of Torm (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    LoyalPaladin (Thanks, Extra Anchovies!)

    The Gaolers (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    The Para-Elemental Plane of Paladins (And Loyalty) (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Divine Affliction (Thanks, NeoPhoenix0!)
    Torm's Malady (Thanks, NeoPhoenix0!)
    Paladin's Pox (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Prestige Classes
    The Loyal Knight (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Paladines (Thanks, Elricaltovilla!)

    Reserve Feats
    Loyal Smite (Thanks, Snowbluff!)
    Loyal Protector (Thanks, Zaydos!)
    Hand of the Loyal (Thanks, Illyahr!)
    Shield of Loyalty (Thanks, Elixer_Breauer)

    Soulmelds & Veils
    Loyal Paladin's Spear of Light (Thanks, Stack!)
    Radiant Halo of the Loyal Paladin (Thanks, Stack!)

    Special Materials
    Palladinium (Thanks, Socratov!)
    Paladin's Loyalty (Thanks, SangoProduction!)
    Loyal Steel (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Loyal Paladin's Solar Bow (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Subclasses (5e)
    Oath of Loyalty (Thanks, Segev!)

    Paladesque (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    The Bow of Unbreaking Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Wondrous Items
    Sashimono of Paladinic Loyalty (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Spoiler: Jr. Tormlets
    Ordained Jr. Tormlets
    • Socratov
    • Extra Anchovies
    • Illyahr
    • Eno Remnant

    Spoiler: Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by Troacctid View Post
    Monkey Grip is not a very good feat, but I guess if life gives you badass oversized holy cold iron lemons, make badass oversized holy cold iron lemonade.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fallenreality View Post
    Remember kids. Friends don't let friends play Kender.
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    An (Ex)Girlfriend is just a girlfriend you can't get rid of with an AMF.
    Quote Originally Posted by illyahr View Post
    Party support bard, reporting in. I'm like Oprah with buff spells.

    "You get a Haste! You get a Haste! You all get a Haste! And I'm throwing in potions of Bull's Strength as an added bonus!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Nibbens View Post
    In PF, nothing stacks. In real life, nothing stacks unless you're a woman. In which case, everything stacks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    When LP talks about Paladin stuff, you should probably listen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Greatest DM
    What makes Gallant special is not the ability scores, feats, or the type and number of dice you roll, it's the paladin fervor in how you play him. Stepping into a room, pointing at the biggest, baddest evil doer around saying "I smite thee in the name of Torm, and there is nothing you can do about it" doesn't require a feat or special ability.
    Quote Originally Posted by Draconium View Post
    What're you talking about? You're the only member of the party with a sense of fashion!
    Quote Originally Posted by Illven View Post
    Sun? All I know is the blasted daystar!
    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff
    Yeah, you can do a symbiote like that.

    "My wounds are healed! Amazing!"
    "It's not like I'm attached to you or anything!"

    Spoiler: LoyalPaladin's Play By Post Character Template

    [IMG]Character Image Here[/IMG]
    "Character quote."

    Spoiler: Appearance & Personality

    A brief summary of your character's appearance and personality.
    Spoiler: Background

    A longer more descriptive background.
    Spoiler: 10-Minute Background

    Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements that you feel are important to your image of the character.
    Step 2: List at least two goals for the character.
    Step 3: List at least two secrets about your character. One is a secret the character knows, one is a secret that involves him but that he is not actually aware of yet.
    • (Known)
    • (Unknown)

    Step 4: Describe at least three people that are tied to the character. Two of them are friendly to the character, one is hostile.
    • (Friendly)
    • (Friendly)
    • (Hostile)

    Step 5: Describe three memories, mannerisms, or quirks that your character has.
    • (Memory)
    • (Mannerism)
    • (Quirk)

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    If purple is evil, bold gray is lawful good.

    Extended Signature & Homebrew Signature

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    The Lord Of Manta's Extended Signature

    The world is a strange place, and sometimes I feel lost.

    Currently Playing As:
    Dungeons & Dragons 3.5th Edition:
    Louise Gweder, the Human Factotum, in TheDarkDM's Age of Worms (IC, OOC)

    Completed Games:

    A/N: Only games that either A) Came to the proper end and conclusion of the story or B) Were stopped by unanimous agreement from the players and DM (as opposed to dying a slow death from lack of posting) or C) made it past one thread are counted.

    As DM:
    The Trailblazer's League 1: Aurum Draconiaci (IC, OOC) - The story of six heroes from a Pathfinder Society ripoff mercenary company and their pursuit of the almighty gold piece, as they attempt to track down a dragon responsible for sacking the little town of Woodshaven. Warning: Contains Fey Shenanigans, Gratuitous Monty Python References, and Kobolds.
    ​As DM: The Trailblazer's League 1.5: Downtime Adventures (IC - Stray and Brigitte, IC - "Jamie" (a.k.a. Kiriel) - The story of what three of the four heroes who made it to the end of Aurum Draconiaci did in the six months before Vespertilio Ex Inferis. The fourth took up crocheting.
    As DM: The Wellspring Saga: Aurora Tenebrosa (IC, OOC) - A Cosmic Horror adventure set in a homebrew universe, where the party must navigate the city of Gottenburg - and the continent of Teien - to liberate it from the grip of a sinister cult known as the Heralds of the Eldest.
    As Player: Felhammer's Warriors of Blackvale (IC 1, 2, 3, 4)- The adventure of a group of adventurers known as the Heroes of the Maw, as they hunt down a murderous Undine known as Baavesi and the machinations of her master, the Lord of Nightmares.
    As Player: Nefarion Xid's Peril & Fame 2: Belhaim/Andoran (IC 1 2) - An open world game that began with the players taking down a dragon threatening the quiet Taldan town of Belhaim, then splitting up to explore the vast wide world of Golarion.
    As Player: Felhammer's Sentinels of Houshen (IC 1 2, OOC) - The adventures of a Tiefling Warlock named Hei Jiafa and his exploits as a mercenary, along with a revolving door of companions. (You think I'm joking, but in all seriousness, by the time the game ended, I was quite literally the only original party member.)
    As Player: 3SecondCultist's Ironfang Invasion (IC 1, IC II, OOC) - The adventures of the survivors of the town of Phaendar, as they flee from the destruction of their town by the hobgoblins of the Ironfang Legion.

    Plus many others that I participated in as a player that, for one reason or another, died and withered on the vine before they could truly come into their own. Such is the lamentable and inevitable nature of play-by-post.

    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.
    (I started my first adventure with the PCs being part of a mercenary/explorer company, arriving in a town to investigate a dragon attack that happened two days prior.)
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    (Place Holder)

    Legecy Setting Primer

    Some Characters

    ~ Kwen'tel Hoth 'The Empyreal Flame' - Forgepriest of Ragathiel
    in: Kingzfall's Wrath of the Righteous

    ~ Mayli Ar'tel ' The Dawnhammer ' - Crossblooded Abyssal Black-blood Dervish of Dawn
    in The Mad Hatter's Dark Horizon II

    ~ Naiisif Rael ' The Black Rose ' - Stalker Pathwalker Black Thorn Knight
    in jodokast's Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Tales of the Scarecrow

    ~ 'The Kid' Lisren Crowley - Child-Soldier Empyreal Soul Hunter
    in The Mad Hatter's Dark Horizon II

    ~ 'The Burnished Light' Alari Dawn (Roslin Alari Yellana Athres IV)
    in TheEmperor's Curse of the Crimson Throne

    ~ ' The Forgotten Son ' Claudel Maxwell
    in The Mad Hatter's The Siege of Castle Caldwell:The Long Night

    ~ Gremory Del'Rose

    ~ Bechal Rossfield

    ~ Adessa Allesa

    Games I Play:

    KingFallz's Wrath of the Righteous - With Kwen'tel Hoth

    jodokast's Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Tales of the Scarecrow - With 'The Black Rose' Naiisif Rael

    The Mad Hatter's A Dark Horizon II - With Mayli Ar'tel

    The Song of Thunder and Night (A Dark Horizon II) - With Mayli Ar'tel

    TheEmperor's Curse of the Crimson Throne - With Alari Dawn (Roslin Alari Yellana Athres IV)

    A Duel of Duelists - With Alari Dawn (Roslin Alari Yellana Athres IV)

    The Mad Hatter's The Siege of Castle Caldwell:The Long Night - With Claudel Maxwell

    Tales From the Orda - Lights and Shadows

    Root's Rise of the Runelords - as Bechal Rossfield

    Forest of the Darkmoon Vale - As Tahjii Running Wind

    Old Games:

    Mornings Shattered Star AP

    The Wrath of Stars (Mornings Shattered Star; Prequel Supplement (Alpha Design)

    Dawn of Eternal Night (Mornings Shattered Star - Siegemaker (Alpha Design)

    The Last Song of Angels

    Of Serenity Forgotten

    Apotheosis of the Sleepless

    Beneath the Aphotic Veil

    (More Placeholders I like)
    JNA's Homebrew

    Red Fel's homebrew handbook

    Thurbane's Gamemastery Index

    Thou Shall Post in Third-Person Present Limited

    Thou Shall Post With Descriptive Detail

    Thou Shall Not Post Minimalist Replies

    Thou Shall Remain In-Character

    Thou Shall Not Hog The Spotlight

    Thou Shall Not Assume The Actions Of Others

    Thou Shall Not Assume Outcomes Of Actions

    Thou Shall Not Derail Gameplay

    Thou Shall Not Be Play A Murderhobo

    Thou Shall Not Combat His Fellow Player Without Approval Of Him

    Thou Shall Use The Discussion/OOC Thread
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    I QUIT
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowbluff View Post
    I call dibs, Psybomb is mine! All mine!
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Gareth
    Why similarities to Japanese and/or Chinese tropes? I think the question you want to ask is, why the similarities to Norse and Celtic mythology. After all, the Celts' big hero, Cu Chulainn, was a sexy bishounen (no, really), related by blood to wolves (no, really), with a rainbow laser sword (I could not make this up if I tried) who would get so pissed he'd turn into a demon (still not kidding) and have to either be half-drowned in the ocean to "cool off" his anger or hugged into submission by a pile of sexy women. Legendary warriors have always been, well, legendary. It's not our fault if some people have forgotten that. I certainly didn't.
    "I should refrain from casting any spells tonight, if only to give the laws of physics time to cry alone in the corner"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Forrestfire
    Optimization stops being practical and starts being theoretical when your DPR is measured in Tarrasques instead of hit points
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    I would rather have a long informational signature that has no risk of filling too far here than one in the signature bar, possibly detracting from my posts.

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    Arrow Variations.

    GENERATION 17: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. This is a social experiment.
    DEGENERATION 93: Copy this into your sig and subtract 1 from the degeneration when you first see it. This is an antisocial experiment.
    78% of DM's started their first campaign in a tavern. If you're one of the 22% that didn't, copy and paste this into your signature.
    (Started back in town from a previous adventure, due to DMing in a round. Also, I think the person who made this also made up that statistic)

    Hey, look, you can get back here from here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elricaltovilla View Post
    I always thought understanding Scottish required a fort save vs. Alcohol poisoning.
    Quote Originally Posted by Twelve.five
    Hipsterdin- Smiting Heathens before it was cool.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elricaltovilla
    See, this wouldn't happen if you were a Zweihander Sentinel Warder with Silver Crane. You'd have a 60 ft. fly speed with good maneuverability, DR and glowing pants as early as level 8.

    Pink is Neutral Evil, because reasons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Segev
    Ah, English. Following other languages down dark alleys, clubbing them over their heads, and rifling through their lexicons since medieval times.
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    I finally have enough stuff for an extended sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoleMage View Post
    Wow. I started on 3.5 edition so the flumph is something I learned of later, but this is genius.
    Quote Originally Posted by ThinkMinty View Post
    I want to buy your brain a pizza, thank you.

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    Piece of advice: If your idea for the story includes the words "I really hope that the players..." Stop. Anything that relies on the players to do something - anything - will fail. Not just might, will. Because despite the fact that any rational person can only see a limited number of outcomes or possibilities, I guarantee you that your players will come up with one you didn't foresee. And if you're relying on them to do something, you can be sure that they will do just about anything but that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Segev View Post
    High Optimization means that you've done a lot of work to tweak something to be as good at whatever you're aiming it to do as possible. This may or may not be a multi-goal optimization.

    Theoretical Optimization (TO) is any optimization you do based on theoretical application of the RAW without regard to whether it would be allowed in a given game.

    Practical Optimization is any optimization of a character, item, or other rules-made construct you plan to use in an actual game.

    They are often related in some way, but they are not dependent on each other, nor are they antidependent.

    "High optimization" is generally what people mean when they speak of optimized characters, in general. Something that is tweaked to get as much power and effectiveness as possible. It can be theoretical or practical. Practical optimization starts as theoretical, and then gets refined to fit into a given game under a particular GM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by thethird View Post
    Are gods simply very powerful wizards then?
    Don't look down on Wizards like that.

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    fight my brute! it's a lot of fun
    Quote Originally Posted by weckar View Post
    Venger, can you be my full-time memory aid please?
    Quote Originally Posted by Kelb_Panthera View Post
    How telling is it that people would rather discuss the taxonomy of tomatoes (which are delicious) than the truenamer class?
    Quote Originally Posted by ShadeBlade0 View Post
    Venger, can you be my full-time memory aid please?
    Iron Chef Medals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by weckar View Post
    Venger, can you be my full-time memory aid please?
    Iron Chef Medals!
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

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    DF Art Thread
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dire_Stirge View Post
    GITP: Combining underpowered options supposed to be strong, overpowered options supposed to be balanced, gods, and OOC-knowledge into something that makes sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by MetaMyconid View Post
    What do you mean it's not that great?

    It lets you reload your greatsword.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    But when Conan the Warbladebarian the Third dies ("stupid snake-priests"), and you're on your fourth Warblade, maybe you feel like not playing the exact same cookie-cutter character again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ursus the Grim View Post
    "Narass, what's the scouter say about their power level?"

    "**** if I know."

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    For Pathfinder, for my purposes, all Constructs are priced by CR, Clockworks lose the Difficult to Create ability, and Constructs lose bonus hp by size instead gaining bonus hp for higher Str.

    Plants List
    This is a list of 3.x plants.
    Edit: And here Jowgen did a MUCH better job!
    PF Plants List

    Construct Folding
    Applying the Squeezing rules to Constructs and extradimensional spaces.

    Dust is Lazy
    How to make and utilize dust and dust like materials. Surprisingly awesome.

    War Spells
    Thread filled with spells modified by the Dragon Magazine War Spells spell template.

    Best Generic Feats
    List of the best feats that any character can take in 3.x. Good for NPCs, minions, and monsters.

    Best Generic Feats in PF
    As above only it would seem that PF has far fewer feats that anyone could take that give you superpowers.

    Random Animal Templates
    Every 3.x Animal in random lists with every template one could apply and still leave them as Animals. For simulating animal marketplaces and buying Warbeasts (MM2).

    Every Playable Monster
    Lists of every playable monster (monster with listed Level Adjustment) from which one could roll a random monster. Oh, and they're sorted by Effective Character Level for your convenience.
    Also includes every playable template by ECL.

    List of every extraplanetary creature in PF
    Under construction indefinitely. Currently unpacking certain expandable templates and adding racial ability modifiers.

    3.x - My rendition of the Leylines of Faerun

    PF - Combining Mundane Items and New Tech Grenades

    Clockwork Mimic
    Clockwork Mimic Amalgam Doppelganger
    Doppelmancy Ideas

    3.x spells to use in PF

    Pathfinder Necromancy Options

    PF - Race Point Costs for Construction Point Abilities

    Magic Also Taketh
    Discussion/collection of economy breaking exploits and how to counter them with more than just Rule Zero.

    How to Craft a Pantheon

    Threads Informing My Constructs Obsession
    Solving a Magical Population Explosion
    Protecting the Minds of Construct Minions
    Excellent Discussion on Animating and Retained Traits
    PF - Clockwork Spacewhale Tattoos
    Optimizing Create Crawling Claw spell
    PF - Craft Construct at low levels
    Were and vampire Intelligent Magic Items.

    Shrift the Mighty

    Jumping Shark CRs

    Medieval Demographics
    Town Demographics

    Special Cloth Materials

    3.P Spelljammer

    Lets Do The Time Wrinkle Again

    Spell Modifications list

    GitP Regulars as...
    I am a Magic Item! And a Cursed Magic Item! And an NPC! And though I did not inspire it I reminded Zaydos of one of his dragons!
    And now there's a disease for me too! And another disease! And I'm a special material! And a cursed special material!
    And I was kindly transcended into a deity!! And now I have a Domain and a domain feat! (thanks Zaydos!) Now too I am a Reserve Feat!
    Now I'm an Artifact! And a Cursed Artifact!
    And I am some lesser deities!
    Now an organization! And another organization!
    And now a Vestige!

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    Flying monkeys will eat your eyes.

    Quote Originally Posted by magicalmagicman View Post
    ... You seem to be the true golem master on this forums.

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    (under reconstruction)
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    Tome of Radiance, a Magical Girl sourcebook for 3.5/PF.

    "Jamie" is fine. TH is mostly there to make sure the name would be free on any forum I'd want to register :-)

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    I don't know what I'll put in here but I have definitely wanted one of these for awhile; glad I finally found it.

    Spoiler: Favorite Quotes

    Spoiler: Order of the Stick
    Quote Originally Posted by JFour View Post
    Everyone is entitled to his opinion, but what surprises me about the reactions to this strip in particular is how negative people are about the arrival of Julio because of what it "means" about whether or not OOTS is getting out of this situation without help, and what that means to the quality of the strip overall. Setting aside the question of whether Elan's charisma is a powerful asset without which they wouldn't have Julio's assistance, we don't know yet what's going to happen! This strip has surprised us all before and probably will continue to do so.

    Many of the reactions to the strips are written in a tone that suggests the commenter believes there are no more strips coming, with pronouncements on the implications of Rich's plot or character choices. I guess that might be because people are so invested in the story and never know for sure when (or whether, god forbid, because the Giant is human after all) another will be posted, and each new posted strip is another opportunity to release pent-up anxiety about getting more story. It's hard to be patient but I suspect it's premature to make assessments of the story until it's done in four or five more years.

    I often marvel at Rich's restraint at not arguing with more of the posters when they make broad statements about strips being disappointing, or D&D rules not being followed, or whatever. I know the internet provides a new way for consumers of stories to interact with authors, but this strip must be setting records for sheer volume of commentary and discussion per page produced. What other author has ever produced something of this length while having it nitpicked and challenged (and praised) by readers literally every step of the way?

    It's kind of amazing to behold.

    Anyway I think the story continues to be engaging and exciting and my two cents are that Julio was set up a long time ago and this is just one more example of Rich planning ahead a lot more than just about anyone who writes serialized fiction.

    Spoiler: Musical Parodies

    Quote Originally Posted by Lvl 2 Expert View Post
    I am the very model of a Roguish Elven Gunslinger
    I've got my sneaky boots on and a very twitchy gunfinger
    I know the kings all hate it when I stop their fights historical
    By killing all the warriors both quickly and methodical
    I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical
    I understand trajectories, the air drag is quadratical
    I know the myth of Isis, Horus' mother and the sunbringer
    I am the very model of a Roguish Elven Gunslinger

    ****I am limited to one musical interlude per session.

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    My homebrew

    Monk guide for 5e

    Horizon Walker class (WIP but only SOME subclasses

    Kastidril race for 5e

    The Pirate class for 5e

    Broken One Warlock (subclass for 5e)

    Samurai Fighter (subclass for 5e)

    Mindslayer Barbarian (subclass for 5e)

    The Settler, a race for 5e by EnderDwarf

    Packleader 5e class (a warlock, monk, ranger using nature. Having the ability to change into a wolf or have a wolf)
    Snowman 5e class (like the stormknight but with cold instead of thunder and the mechanics are different)
    Dragonic Archer 5e class (An archer using the powers of his ancestors, having dragonic point and blinding arrow, little bit like the monk, but is using ranged)
    StormKnight 5e class (A fighter who cancels the power of the storms to kill his enemies, halfcaster)

    Sorry, I just prefer making classes above posting them, if you want to see one of these classes just send a private message, I will post that one first
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    Draconium's Extended Signature

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    by Jsketchy
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    Thanks, guys!

    Dark Red, the Voice of the Dragon

    I am a: Lawful Good Human Wizard (Level 2), Str: 12, Dex: 12, Con: 11, Int: 16, Wis: 13, Cha: 10

    Spoiler: Quotes:
    Quote Originally Posted by VirusInk View Post
    We should advertise just like that to recruit new necromancers. Like "A family activity even grandma can be involved in!"
    Quote Originally Posted by BilltheCynic View Post
    Though I would like to point out that DnD is a place where you actually do have to worry about lizard-men mind controlling people in an effort to bring about the end of the world. Worse, tin foil is powerless to stop their mind powers here. Just saying.
    Quote Originally Posted by Quiver View Post
    How much terrain does the forty foot long, flying, fire breathing lizard which may or may not have magic consider its domain?

    As much as it god damn wants.

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    NPC: Draconium (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Template: Draconian Hoardling (Thanks, Snowbluff!)

    Diseases: Hoarding Disease (Thanks, Snowbluff!), Draconium Fever (Thanks, Socratov!)

    Special Materials: Faux Dragon Scale (Thanks, Snowbluff!), Dragonshaped (Thanks, unseenmage!), Draconium (Thanks, Zaydos!), [Cursed Material] Foe Dragon Scale and Dragonscorned (Thanks, Jormengand!)

    Deity: Nidhogg, Wyrm Magnus (Thanks, IZ42!)

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    Reserve Feats: Invoke the Draconic Blood (Thanks, Zaydos!), Dragon's Breath (Also for Zaydos) (Thanks, Blackhawk748!), Draconium (Thanks, Illven!), Bolt Breath (Thanks, Elxir_Breauer!)

    Artifacts: Amulet of the Dragon King (Thanks, LoyalPaladin!), [Cursed Artifact] Amulet of Draconic Destruction (Thanks, Jormengand!)

    Organizations: The Claws of Io (Thanks, Red Fel!), Keepers of the Hoard (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    MTG Cards: Primordial Dragon and Lay to Waste (Fix) (Thanks, LoyalPaladin!), Lavaflow Dragon and Dragon's Demand (Thanks, Blue Ghost!), Dragon's Hoard (Thanks, Guigarci!) [Picture Link currently broken],
    Dracorage (Thanks, unseenmage!)

    Vestige: Draconium, Covetous Stretched too Far [Vestige Mastery] (Thanks, Zaydos!)

    Magic Items (Wondrous Item Set): Draconium Apparel (Thanks, BilltheCynic!)

    Spoiler: I also requested for Zaydos to expend some homebrewed content based off of me...
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    Dark Red, the Voice of the Dragon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quiver View Post
    How much terrain does the forty foot long, flying, fire breathing lizard which may or may not have magic consider its domain?

    As much as it god damn wants.
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    Extended Signature:

    ... you need supreme, ultimate abilities, then you need a tier above that so a character can kick logic to the curb and row row fight the power with a wicked heavy metal leitmotif in their crowning moment of awesome, then you need a tier above that to maintain the mystery and wonder, to keep the flame of ambition alive so that one always has something to strive for, even if it is beyond the bounds of the current story being told... then you need a tier above that because I hate spellcasters.
    -Squished and edited version of a quote by Xefas to fit the character limit of my sig, but now I can't find the original quote.

    Quote Originally Posted by ErebusVonMori View Post
    "As you can see fear of a thing can grow to be more powerful than the thing itself."
    Quote Originally Posted by dascarletm View Post
    Batman isn't really that high-op, his player just plays smarter than anyone else. Superman is the high optimizer.
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    So how do I link to an individual post?
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    The best way to get information isn't to ask a question, it is to post the wrong information and wait for someone to correct you (often angrily).

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    Ironfang Invasion (IC), (OOC)
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    Many thanks to Ceika for the Custom Avatar!

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    My current games:
    As GM:
    Threats to the Nentir Vale (5e) IC|OOC

    As player:
    Road to Redemption (5e) IC|OOC
    Chronicles of Nentir Vale (4e) IC|OOC
    Warcraft: Quest for the Prismatic Blades IC|OOC

    At hiatus:
    The Running Man (5e) IC|OOC
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    My current games:
    As GM:
    Threats to the Nentir Vale (5e) IC|OOC

    As player:
    See extended signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiantnight View Post
    So how do I link to an individual post?
    Use the world symbol and then put the http of the single post into your signature I think

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