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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    some weird sigs here ^^

    mines simple but still makes you think for one sec! did he just do that...
    yes, yes I did!


    "Use the force Harry!" - Gandalf

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    {table] |
    Current Characters:
    |Color| |
    The Necromancer's Tower|Mishiel|Teal|IC|OOC
    Long Term Game|Kirinith|Magenta|IC|OOC
    Taking Back Dra-Duum|Dirk Magnus|DarkOrchid|IC|OOC
    The Balance Shifts|Sorin Markov, his Psicrystal and Cohort|DarkOrange|IC|OOC
    A Matter of Faith|Muc Kranith|SeaGreen|IC|OOC
    GURPS Evil Fantasy|TOP SECRET||
    Currently DMing:
    Sandbox Gestalt|Conditions| |IC|OOC
    Sandbox Tristalt|Conditions| |IC|OOC[/table]
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    "You mean, more than those who believe stories of demons
    being summoned, and the ultimate war of good and evil,
    and barons who bathe in blood of virgins?"
    "Well, yes. Didn't quite buy that?"
    "I don't believe in virgins."

    - Steven Brust, "Jheegala"

    This sentence is false.

    Thanks to Kymme for awesome avatar

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    [Locked] Threads:

    Gender and Sexuality Representation in OOTS!
    Failed Characterisation of Redcloak!
    Shackled City - In more ways than one!
    Female Warriors and Aggression.
    STR Constraints on Female Characters.
    The Locking of Gender Threads.

    [Not-So-Locked] Threads:

    The Death of Wrecan, Forum Poster!
    Logistics Handler of the Catgirl Preservation Society. Eschew the laws of Physics!
    Extra OOTS Style Emotes!


    Lentrax's Teacher Gives Excellent Advice!
    Flower Power!
    A Heightened Understanding Of Discrimination.
    MoonCat Power!
    Pink-Haired August And Gender In Speech.
    Lentrax Leaves.


    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    If I ever express a desire to marry, someone please beat me. Repeatedly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    If I ever discover a method of restoring the dead to life, make sure I destroy my research.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Lynn View Post
    If I ever decide to move to Chicago, stop me. I don't care how, just stop me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhosia View Post
    If I ever buy Chiquita bananas, whack my forehead with a steel bar until I regain my sense of morality.
    Quote Originally Posted by enderlord99 View Post
    If I ever move to Australia, do something!


    Spoiler: Wanderer

    Spoiler: Dissection Of Background
    Five weeks ago, I ran away. I didn't know where to, nor did I care. All that mattered was that I was free.

    My master always had an insecure amount of power over me. I was his pride and joy, his star tool. Unfortunately for him, he lacked the training and raw power to fully control me, and had to supplement his necromancy with magical staves, scrolls, and other tools of his trade. While his zombies and skeletons rose at his very beckoning, he needed to activate his staff or burn through his scrolls before I, too, would rise with the same reverence as his baser thralls.

    My master called himself an "overlord-in-training," and regarded himself as one would regard royalty. He had about a dozen zombies and skeletons, and would attempt to amass more each day. His strategy went something like this: he would eye a desirable monster, and would send me out to go and crush their emotions and whatnot. Then, he would send his skeletons and zombies to go kill said person, now curled up in a sobbing ball, and ideally animate the corpse that remained. It was not always successful; sometimes, the manipulated monster would lash out in a depressed rage, and I'd have to scare them away while my master fled to a safer location.

    My master was afraid of three things: death, chickens, and freedom: specifically, my freedom. During a fight with an ogre, my master's staff was shattered, and I - for the first time - tasted true liberty. I could move my joints the way I wanted to; I could speak the words I wanted to speak; I could think the way I wanted to think. My master practically wet himself. He emitted an aura of incredible fright, and anxiously ordered his thralls to grapple me. I was captivated by my new-found independence, and did not resist. Soon enough, I felt his mind-numbing magic over me again, but it was too late: I craved release.

    For the next few months, I worked toward my freedom in whatever little way possible. When he ordered me to cook, I added minor, unnecessary ingredients in hopes that he would be poisoned and die. When he ordered me to take control of others, I added hatred of my master to their sadness. While I swept and cleaned, I eyed his necromantic tools, wondering if I could twist his magical command and "clear them away."

    An opportunity came soon enough. My master had challenged another spellcaster to a magical duel, and decided to use me as his primary tool. On the day of the challenge, my master casually gestured and told me to "take care of business" instead of stating specific instructions. He reeked of overconfidence, and I knew this was a chance. I filled the magician with a bubbling sort of anger - not toward my master (he had enchanted himself with all sorts of magical defences) but toward his staff, which he had neglected to protect. The final effect was better than I imagined: the spellcaster's lightning bolt not only destroyed the staff, but burnt his scrolls and magical tools. I was free.

    Without any of his thralls to stop me, my master attempted to stop me himself. Sadly for him, he lacked physical power and emotional stability; I left him crying in a ditch.

    The next weeks were a flurry of activity, where I managed - surprisingly! - to befriend a sympathetic elf. He purchased me clothing and tools, then suggested I lie low until I was absolutely certain my master would not attempt to find me. I suppose a dungeon ought to do...

    Spoiler: Dissection Of Abilities

    Animated Corpse: Wanderer is an undead creature, and gains all benefits and disadvantages associated with the creature type.

    Sense Emotions: Wanderer can feel the emotions of others. The further the creature, the less emotion Wanderer can feel, and vice versa.

    Emotional Control: Wanderer can hijack the emotions of others, causing them to feel whatever Wanderer desires. The more creatures Wanderer attempts to hijack, the lesser the effect will be, and vice versa.

    Expanded Consciousness: Wanderer can impose Wanderer's consciousness onto other creatures. The more wilful the creature, the less Wanderer can sense and control.

    Suggestive Nudge: Wanderer can plant subtle ideas, desires, and feelings into others.


    Clean Up: Wanderer was primarily used to manipulate others, but during down-time, Wanderer was put to use for things like sweeping, mopping, and other domestic chores.

    Unlicensed Chef: Wanderer was also used to cook food.


    Fine Suit: Wanderer was given a set of nice clothes, tailored for Wanderer's unique body.

    Cloak: Wanderer uses this large cloth to hide the less elegant parts of the human body.

    Journal Set: Wanderer purchased this so he could do something while everybody else sleeps.

    Pan: Wanderer does not eat, but understands the versatility of the cooking vessel.


    Eleven Comrade: Wanderer managed to befriend an elf.

    Spoiler: The Meaning of Life
    Spoiler: Signatures

    Spoiler: Reminders
    Quote Originally Posted by Coidzor View Post
    If I ever express a desire to marry, someone please beat me. Repeatedly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Elemental View Post
    If I ever discover a method of restoring the dead to life, make sure I destroy my research.
    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Lynn View Post
    If I ever decide to move to Chicago, stop me. I don't care how, just stop me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhosia View Post
    If I ever buy Chiquita bananas, whack my forehead with a steel bar until I regain my sense of morality.
    Quote Originally Posted by enderlord99 View Post
    If I ever move to Australia, do something!
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by FlawedParadigm View Post
    Well, there goes my idea that the entire Stickverse secretly took place in Arkansas.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rakoa View Post
    Oh I see now. Tragak truly is an evil genius. It is only a matter of time before he bends the weak-willed majority to their knees and fills their heads with his thoughts. A new age of forums will be ushered in as Tragak and his minions flood like a wave of death, exterminating all those "others" who oppose them, wiping out all resistance until none are left to stand in the way of Emperor Tragak.
    Quote Originally Posted by oppyu View Post
    Ooh, this should be good. Fight! Fight! Fight! Unleash your passive aggressive walls of text on each other! Condemn the poster who complained!
    Quote Originally Posted by rewinn View Post
    I'm beginning to understand why it takes elves decades to learn magic.

    Obviously, they discuss their lessons on forums like this one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Atreyu the Masked LLama View Post
    Oh, I sold the torture rack and bought an arcade game. I'd rather play "Space Invaders" than "Torture Reinholdt" any day.

    Also, I couldn't hear the TV over the screams.
    Quote Originally Posted by Oakianus View Post
    This is true, as long as words don't mean things.
    Quote Originally Posted by gorocz View Post
    Come to think of it, every comic becomes so much better if you imagine Jar-Jar Binks burning horribly to death.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    That's literally an 18-year-old drawing. That drawing could vote.
    Quote Originally Posted by Szilard View Post
    "ASLAN SPEAKETH WHEN THE PLOTETH DEMANDETH," says Aslan, who may or may not be God and/or Jesus. Depends on the interpreter of his works, really.
    Quote Originally Posted by Telonius View Post
    The chicken didn't cross the road. The chicken has been taking that route for long before the road was there, and will continue taking it long after the road has crumbled to dust. The road is transitory, the chicken is eternal.
    Quote Originally Posted by sparky9042 View Post
    Chessgeek is a magnificent bastard.

    The Werewolf Games:

    Spoiler: Table
    Game Role Death Result
    Phantom of the Opera Werewolf VI: Tropical Curse Mason (Police) Night 6 Loss
    The Fleas of Schmoo Devil (Schmoo) Day 9 Loss
    Monty Werewolf's Flying Circus Town Witch (Mr. Milton) Survived Win
    Careless Citadel WW 4 3 6 Wins, =1st
    Helgraf's Bomb III Villager (Victim) Hour 6 Win
    Reverse WW VI: A Human Among Us Villager (Wolf) Night 2 Loss
    Vampire VI: Shepherds of the Night Wolf (Vampire) Day 10 Win
    The Legend of Zelda WW: The Wind Waker Wolf (Bokoblin) Day 7 Win
    Classic Werewolf XVI- Gladiator Uprising Villager (Gladiator) Day 11 Loss
    Fears 4: The Whisper Killer Meddler (Renee Devereux) Night 12 Win
    Turf War Fool (Lil' Red) Survived Win
    Typical Werewolf Wolf Alpha (Puppeteer) Day 1 ?
    Werewolf Classic XVII Villager (Villager) Day 9 Loss
    Phantom of the Opera Werewolf VII Acting It Out Villager (Cast) Survived Win

    I'm a part of China: Teaching English Through Play! It's an incredible project; if you're interested in what the program is about please read about it on our website or check out the thread where I beg for help!
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    GENERATION 17: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig and add 1 to the generation. This is a social experiment.

    DEGENERATION 93: Copy this into your sig and subtract 1 from the degeneration when you first see it. This is an antisocial experiment.


    Angry Ranter of the Vaarsuvius fanclub

    Interested in MitD? Join us in MitD's thread.
    --“Gate? What gate?”

    Milk Chocolate Justiciar of the Haley fanclub

    Conclusion jumper of the Miko fanclub

    Lawyer for the Puppet Civil Liberties Union


    First, this:

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyEowyn View Post
    Aww, I wanna know what's gonna happen! The tension is getting to me! [/whine]
    Quote Originally Posted by KillItWithFire
    “EDIT: Ignore everything I've said. It's already in the first post.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant & Yendor
    "GIANT IN THE PLAYGROUND: On a saner forum, there wouldn't have been such speculation."
    Quote Originally Posted by YuPuWei
    “Is it just me, or we going through these threads faster?”
    Quote Originally Posted by ti'esar
    I just want to say that if this isn't the weirdest line of argument I've seen this thread take yet, it's not for lack of trying.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant
    The only thing worse than the usual irrelevant rules pedantry is incorrect irrelevant rules pedantry.
    Quote Originally Posted by Throknor
    “Its as if a Demon was raised by bunnies since being created/born/whatever. So while it should be trying to rip your soul out all it wants to do is share its carrots.”
    Quote Originally Posted by SaintRidley
    Stats of the Snarl:
    HP: Lots.
    Armor Class: Can't touch this.
    Saving Throws: Yes.
    Attack: Successful - undoes target.
    Challenge Rating: Too high.
    Quote Originally Posted by pretty much everyone at some point
    “EDIT: Ninja’d”
    Quote Originally Posted by DaggerPen
    Quote Originally Posted by lio45
    But you know how it is in this thread... ;)
    That I do. : P
    Quote Originally Posted by rweird
    Friends don’t let friends use third party sourcebooks. This is why.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Vagabond
    Note: If I say something stupid, smack me. Several times if it's really, REALLY stupid. And then explain to me what I did wrong.
    Quote Originally Posted by ReaderAt2046
    *SMACK* (You did ask me to do this)
    Quote Originally Posted by The Vagabond
    *Rubs face* Sworry.
    Quote Originally Posted by FlawedParadigm
    All I'm going to say is that the thread should not be maintained by someone who explodes at the mere concept that there might be an angle they haven't considered - while simultaneously admitting they've been surprised by all the stuff they've learned.
    Quote Originally Posted by nogall View Post
    The Snarl could be a hacker code that became self-conscious, and would start posting gibberish and chaotic lines. But if you click its spoiler tags enough times, it would reveal a meta-fanfiction.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flame of Anor
    Public service announcement: something which does not have a climax is anti-climactic. Someone who hates the weather, on the other hand, might be anti-climatic.

    So now you know.
    Quote Originally Posted by gooddragon1
    Accursed undead and their sense of entitlement to their laundry list of immunities. Pah.
    Last edited by pwning doodes; 2018-04-12 at 07:50 AM.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eliezer Yudkowsky
    Why do you believe what you believe? What do you think you know and how do you think you know it?
    Alanna the Lioness avatar by Iron Penguin

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    I've decided that my avatar is Bagnold the Artist, a dwarf who belongs to a tribe that in the past was forced out of the mountains and took up herding cattle and horses and spent the dedication and attention they would have had for making mechanisms and wonderful jewelrey to the care of their animals and creating things from them. Their animal-bone art brings quite a bit of money when they go to town to sell things and buy supplies.

    When he was little, his job was to look after the dogs. His favorite was one named "Hobsson". He liked to joke that he never knew Hobs was a girl. But that was just because it made him smile. He left his tribe for civilisation because he was tired of yurts and jellous of homes that can't be packed on a beast of burden.

    Bagnold is one sixty-fourth halfling and as such, has hairier-than normal feet, but still wears boots. Back in civilization, he spends his time between adventures carving little statuetts, mah jongg pieces and and the odd comition piece. His fellows have given up fighting with axes as they are less practical on the plains and rather use spears, polearms and wicked compound bows.

    However, even though they no longer use axes, they craft small axes for each other as jewelry. It's considered tacky to wear one you've made yourself. Bagnold wears a very delicate ivory one around his neck that his father made then gave him when he was the dwarf-equivalent of eight years old.

    If I were to thake up D&D, I'd concider as a character a paladen who lost his class features because he stopped influencing other's behavior and decided that LG was not really for him any more and that NG would do more good for more people. So, yeah, he's a fighter without bonus feats.
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    I know I'm stealing this from someone else. But it's SO FUNNY

    Zweisteine quoting Razanir:

    "I am a human sixtyfourthling! Fear my minimal halfling ancestry!"

    From: Razanir

    Bagnold could be one sixty-fourth halfling.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Some quotes:
    Their every move makes my victory more complete.
    I am as guilty as if I had cast a Fireball into a crowded square to catch a pickpocket!
    Quote Originally Posted by Shred-Bot View Post
    With the robe's persistent coverage I doubt we'll get anything firm unless Durkon gives us a "Good gods, Malack, where're yer legs?!?"
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Class is what you are born and raised in; getting a windfall of money during adulthood doesn't make a person who grew up working class into an aristocrat, it makes them working class with a pile of money. Trust me, this one is a subject I actually know something about.
    Considering V's debt, things just went from "grim" to "Victor Hugo."
    … I just realized I'm defending the comic to its author. The mind boggles.

    Older avatars:
    by KillItWithFire
    by me (can't find the avi-sized one)
    by me

    fillrtxtAce pride!
    Are you an artist? Join the Playground's CHALLENGE and amaze yourself!
    I do avatars. Feel free to PM me!
    Do you like silly games of chance? Come be a Greedy Pig!
    Quote Originally Posted by Kish View Post
    ...I should be less surprised that someone just posted that none of the descendents of a black dragon can ever be good than I am.


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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Placeholder text.

    Spoiler: Character Ideas


    -Druid, Ranger, or Totemist

    Malcolm Guy Callahan
    -Human or Half-Elf
    -Cavalier and Gunslinger

    Ike, The Reborn One
    -Undead, Good
    -Abjurant Champion (Retribution Domain Wizard 1, Cardemine Monk 1, Warblade 4, Abjurant Champion 5, Jade Phoenix Mage 9)

    For one of Nothingforyou's Campaigns:

    Unbodied Psion

    Spoiler: Speech

    Hark, lambs of mortal mothers. I am the past and the present. I am all that is and all that can never be. I was born of the very same dust that manifested into Gods. I am older than the universe, as ageless as the emptiness of the void, and only a single grain of sand in the infinite hourglass of eternity has fallen since my birth. You and your people is as fleeting as the stars. You burn brightly now, and you flourish with life, but you will fade. But just like the stars, you have your uses; you illuminate the universe's mysteries as best as you can.

    But just as what has always happened in the endless continuum of time, I have been reborn, my essence has coalesced into being once more. Though I may wield powers far greater than any you have ever known, I am no God, but I exist on this plane to aid the forces of good, in some grand struggle each cycle of birth and death. Tell me, child, what grand goal awaits me this life, that I would be born into your house? What is thy purpose? What is the bidding of the universe at this singularity of the infinite expanse of aeon?

    Spoiler: Harlock

    Solo Group

    Spoiler: Angry Alchemist

    Barbarian 20 // Alchemist 7 / Master Chymist 10 / Alchemist 3
    STR - INT Focus
    Back story
    Chemist with a bad, bad temper.

    Spoiler: Trap Tripping Tripper

    Some Race
    Rogue 20 / Monk 20 (Maneuver Master)
    DEX - WIS focus. Tripper.

    Spoiler: Team of Two

    Human (Eye for Talent)
    Inquisitor (Heretic) 20 // Hunter 20
    WIS - STR Focus
    Get Guided Hand and use Favored Weapon of [God]
    *Wisdom in Flesh (Stealth)

    Spoiler: Make it Myself

    Some Race
    Soul Knife (Shielded Blade) 20 // Aegis 20
    STR - CON Focus

    Spoiler: Covering Fire

    Some Race
    Cleric 20 // Sorcerer (Empyreal) 20
    WIS Focus
    Support Caster, and Team Medic.

    Games I am in.

    Rock of Legends
    The Demon Bard

    Eldric in Menace of Burnlake
    Captain Harlock in Jurassic Park: In the Shadow of Giants
    Sully Hammereste in An Early Spring
    Vidarr in Fireteam Eclipse
    Shifter in New Horizon
    Herr Frederick in A Very Fine Knife (Hiatus)
    Eigen in The Slumbering Tsolo Saga
    A Whole Party in The Last Theorem
    Aegunnir in Belaugard
    Franz Schawarzbach in The Final Cut
    Quiet Jack in Monty's Haul
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Current Campaigns:

    The Winding Road (as Charlize Iceleaf)

    Past Campaigns:
    New Eberron Awaits (as Very Shortlived DM)
    Death's End (as Soryn Erodiya)
    The Iron Coast (as Serrha)
    A Statue, a Party and a Very Angry God (as Janet Harlotspawn)
    Horizons (as Jaelyn Trielle)
    Stranded Far From Home (as Khodzla)

    Proud creator of:

    According to certain questionable sources:

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    Caution: Deviance Ahead.
    Sarcasm. Sincerity. Nitpick.

    Avatar by yours truly!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread


    Only you would have taken the epic lich sorcerer alone. You weren't dead for long, but while you were, there was an empty place on the team and in our hearts.

    Even at the end, your concern was for your comrades. A true dwarf to the end. May you be lain to rest in the tomb of your ancestors.

    A great fighter, and an inspiration to all that would follow in our footsteps.

    You were far too young, and never really knew what was going on. May you build the best block castle ever.

    Even in death you were always there for your son.

    You might be a twisted, selfish old man, but you put your son on the path to greatness.

    You were a cunning leader for a city in turmoil, in the end killed by your own machinations. You were a crazy old man. We'll miss you.

    You always did your duty, even to the end. May you and Windstriker ride through the green fields of the afterlife.

    Even in defeat, you fought back. You resisted until the end. If only you could have seen Azure City restored.

    May you bake bread for the tables of the Twelve Gods themselves.

    The finest of Cliffport's finest. If only you hadn't admitted you were getting too old...

    In the end, you just couldn't have it both ways, and you paid for being caught in the middle. At least you've got an epic headstone.

    Family was all that mattered to you. Unfortunately, you picked a fight with the wrong elf.

    May you be laid to rest with honor in the waste receptacles conveniently located by the theater exits.
    I'm playing Ironsworn, an RPG that you can run solo - and I'm putting the campaign up on GitP!

    Most recent update: Chapter 6: Devastation


    A worldbuilding project, still work in progress: Reign of the Corven

    Most recent update: another look at magic traditions!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Great quotes:

    : One saving throw at a time.

    Hurting people is the only thing I'm good at...

    : But I'm a rogue...Hiding is my best skill.

    : People forget how crucial it is to keep trying, even if they screw it up now and then.

    : If I win, I get to be a king. If I lose, I get to be a legend.

    : Not if my index finger has anything to say about it. And, as it turned out, it had quite the stirring dissertation prepared on that very subject.

    : I hope wherever you are, the rain is helping you sleep.

    : It'll all be worth it. You'll see.

    : I'm certainly not about to destroy the world unless I get really, REALLY bored.

    : Don't bite me.

    Spoiler: Character Backgrounds
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    Avatar by Gurgleflep

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Half-Adamantine Golem

    Ability: Constitution 10+
    Special: Must lack a body part to be replaced (Those who wish to remove the limb surgically must have another perform a DC 20 Heal check on them. One may attempt this heal check on their own, but the DC is increased by 10. Failure of this Heal check by 5 or more results in 1d6 points of constitution damage to the subject, and the limb being removed. Failure of this heal check by up to 4 or less does no damage, and does not remove the limb.)
    Special:Must Spend 100 GP for the raw materials used in construction of this limb at first level of this class, and then must respectively pay 200 GP and 300 GP to for taking the other two levels, in order to pay for the improvements. Alternatively should a player destroy a Golem of the appropriate type, and leave enough of its body in tact (DM’s Discretion), it may forgo these prices.

    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special
    |The Danger, Prototype Body, Construction Material, +1 Strength
    |Golemaic Weapon, Golem Plate, +1 Strength
    |Magic Resistance, Improve, +1 Strength[/table]
    Skills: The Successful Half-Golem Gains (4+Intelligence Modifier) skills per level. The Successful Half-golem class skills (and key ability for each skill) are Bluff (Cha), Climb (Str), Craft(any) (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle animal (Wis), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Knowledge (any) (Int), Listen (Wis), Move silently (Dex), Profession (any), Spot (Wis), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str), Use Magic Device (Cha).
    Skills: The Failed Half-Golem Gains (2+Intelligence Modifier) skills per level. The Failed Half-golem has no in class skills.
    See The Danger

    Proficiencies: The Half-Golem is proficient with any natural weapons it may gain from this class, however it does not gain any new armor proficiencies.

    Class Features: The following are the Class Features of the Half-Golem

    The Danger: Creating a Half-Golem still isn't an exact science, if magic ever was, and carries a large risk as that the shock resulting from the connection between the Character’s inner essence and the Elemental Spirit animating the Golem’s limb. Sometimes this clash of energies can end in disaster. Upon taking the 1st level of this class the character must make a Will save (DC 15) after the 24 hour ritual required to implant the Golem’s limb. Other people can help the operation process by attempting a DC 15 Heal check, (This assistance is non-stressful and fairly simple, and these assistants may take 10). Each successful Heal check grants the Character a +2 bonus to its Will save at the end of the Ritual. These assistants must partake in the 24 hour ritual. People wanting to play safe will hire several experts to assist the ritual.

    Succeeding on this save means the implantation went as smoothly as it could and the Character gains an extra +1 Constitution for each level of Half-Golem, The character also gains Light Fortification, offering it a 25% resistance to Critical Attacks and Precision Based Damage, such as Sneak attack. The character also can choose one of the save progressions of the Half-Golem class to become a ‘Good Save Progression’ (+2, +3, +3) and further gains (4+ Intelligence Modifier) skills per level.

    Failing this save, Or not having 10 constitution* and attempting this ritual anyhow, means the Elemental Spirit animating the Golem limb tries to take over the Character's body. The character's type changes to Construct, Gaining all of the following Construct Traits. The Golem’s limb expands inside the Character’s body producing a horrible internal amalgam of minerals and flesh. The Failed Half-Golem class only gains (2+Intelligence Modifier) skill points per level and has no class skills. It also permanently loses 6 Charisma as that it partially loses its own identity. If this would reduce the Failed Half-golem to 0 Charisma it becomes a mindless rampaging construct that attacks everything on its path until destroyed. Any abilities from the Half-Golem Class that are based on Constitution instead use Wisdom for the Failed Half Golem.

    Prototype Body(Ex): At first level the Half Golem gains a bonus to natural armor class equal to half its Constitution modifier, and a natural slam attack that deals 1d8 damage (for a medium creature). Further, certain magical elemental damage heals 1 point of health per 3 damage it would normally have done to the Half-Golem, depending on the Half-Golem’s type. The Half-Golem is otherwise immune to that specific element.
    (Adamantine- This material is incredibly indestructible, The Half Adamantine Golem’s Strength increases by an additional +2 and its natural armor increases to equal its constitution modifier. Further when a Half Adamantine Golem gains Damage Reduction at third level, it gains additional DR equal to its strength modifier. A Half Adamantine Golem is immune to spells that normally effect metals, as that their body is timeless and concepts such as Rust, and Heat Metal, do nothing to it. )

    {table=head] Material|Elemental Affinity
    Half Adamantine Golems|Do not Heal from Magic.[/table]

    Construction Material (Su): The Half-Golem gains different bonus at level 1 based on the material used to build its limbs. (See Below)

    Ability increase: The Half Golem gains a +1 bonus to Strength at levels 1,2, and 3.

    Golemaic Weapon (Su): The Half-Golem limb is improved at second level to include a powerful weapon.
    (Juggernaut- The Half Juggernaut Golem gains a trample attack, as a full-round action it can literally run over an opponent of up to its own size category, but no larger. It may move up to twice its speed and must completely cover the target’s space while making this trample attack. This attack deals damage equal to twice its slam plus twice its Str Mod damage to any creature it runs over. Creatures trampled gain an attack of opportunity at a -4 attack penalty, if the creature chooses to not take the attack of opportunity it may attempt a reflex save DC (10+1/2 HD+Str Mod) to only suffer half damage. The Half Juggernaut Golem may only deal trampling damage to each target once per round, no matter how many times its movement takes it over a target creature. Creatures damaged by the Half Juggernaut Golem’s Trample attack must make a DC (10+1/2 HD+Str Mod) Reflex save or be knocked prone.)

    Golem plate:At second level the Half-golem gains DR/Adamantine equal to 1/2 its HD.

    Magic Resistance: At third level the Successful Half-golem gains Spell Resistance equal to 10+1/2HD+Constitution modifier, the Failed Half-golem gains Spell Resistance equal to 10+1/2HD+Wisdom modifier. Spells that deal the elemental damage it has an affinity with bypass its Spell Resistance without the need to lower it.

    Improvement: At third level The Half-golem’s limb can be further reinforced by spending extra resources. The Half-golem can increase any single physical ability score by an additional +1 by paying 400GP, then 500 GP for another extra +1, and so on. It takes 1 day of work for every 100 GP cost to improve the limb. The Half-golem may not gain a number of improvements beyond half its number of non Half-golem HD (rounded down).



    Casting Off Restraint
    Prerequisite: -

    In the heat of an irrational moment, it is easy for even a sound mind to wish harm on another, and enact that harm with their fists. They want the other person to feel pain, possibly as punishment for some sleight, or compensation for psychological baggage they have born from elsewhere. It takes another attitude entirely to switch from passivity directly to beating another sapient being to death with one's bare hands; not stopping until you've reduced all that they are, all that they could've been, to a pile of slowly cooling meat.

    You gain Power Attack as a bonus feat. Your unarmed attacks, and attacks made with light or one-handed improvised weapons that you are proficient with, are considered two-handed weapons for the purposes of this feat.

    Hands Like Bloodied Meat-Hooks
    Prerequisite: -

    Hands are a precious gift granted to mortal-kind. With them, they can build and wield tools with which to exercise their intellect and imagination, grasp and feel the world around them, manipulate tiny objects with finesse unheard of in the animal kingdom, and shape their surroundings to promote their ends; such as luxury, protection, or beauty.

    Hands aren't for monsters.

    Your unarmed attacks add 1.5x your Strength modifier to their melee damage, as if they were two-handed weapons, and they are considered two-handed weapons for the purposes of Disarm and Sunder actions.

    Due to an increase in mass and gripping power in your hands, you are always considered to have a Masterwork Tool for the Climb skill.

    Heroes' Misfortune
    Prerequisite: -

    Why does it always seem like the hero is the one tripping on a clearly visible tree root in their mad dash to escape, or fumbling with a lock they've opened a thousand times before as death rushes imminently towards them? Meanwhile, the Monster bounds gleefully through life without a care in the world.

    Whenever you roll a skill check with a Teramach class skill, you roll two dice and take the higher result.

    Indiscriminate Filth-Quaffing Appetite
    Prerequisite: -

    You cannot be poisoned or afflicted by a disease from something that you ingest, and whenever you would be Nauseated, you are instead Sickened for the same duration. Indeed, any natural inclinations you would have about what is and isn't properly edible leaves your mind completely. Rotting, spore-spewing fungal roadkill is just as appetizing to you as a fresh salad or hunk of roasted beef (you still have old favorites of course; although, to the vexation of any traveling companions, you may discover new ones thanks to your enhanced diet).

    After you have subsisted on a diet of things that are normally inedible for your kind for a week or so, your body starts building up a resilience towards other foreign agents. You gain a +1 bonus on saving throws against all poison and disease. For every week you continue to dine on assorted foulness, this bonus increases by 1, until it reaches a maximum of +4. (This bonus does not decrease over time, just to be clear.)

    At 7th level, your diet expands to things that are not, nor were ever, alive. Stones, dirt, precious metals, furniture, glass - any solid matter that you can shove down your gullet and won't fight back can be used as sustenance, and each one has its own unique flavor that others of your kind just can't seem to understand.

    At 13th level, your body can metabolize just about anything. Fire? Light? Sound? The distilled sorrow of flayed mortal souls that pools inside the Maggot Pits of the Nine Hells of Perdition? The wandering memories floating amidst the River Styx? All legitimate sources of nutrition.

    Inhuman [Ability] Proliferation
    Prerequisite: One Fantastic Mythos

    Choose one of Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution. This Excellency may be purchased once for each Ability Score, granting a +2 enhancement bonus to the chosen ability.

    Once you have at least one Legendary Mythos known, this Excellency may be purchased a second time for each Ability Score. This second purchase increases the enhancement bonus by 4, to a total of +6.

    Mind-is-Meat Understanding
    Prerequisite: Intelligence <11

    What is the brain, but one more organ in the Monster's perfected machine of death? What are its thoughts, but spasms and twitches, lost in the endless sea of churning muscles, forever aching for flesh to rend and life to end? Attempting to harm what passes for its mind is just as hopeless as attempting to harm its body.

    You gain 'Steadfast Determination' as a bonus feat (PHBII).

    Nothing This Big Should Move This Fast
    Prerequisite: Strength 15

    Men have a habit of thinking in terms of balance. If one person dedicates their time to becoming stronger, and another person dedicates their time to becoming faster, and another person dedicates their time to becoming tougher, then each will have their own niche; they'll be good at one thing, and bad, relatively speaking, at the others.

    The world isn't fair, though, and it isn't balanced. No mouse will ever be as strong or as fast as a man, and no man will ever be as strong or as fast as the Monster.

    You add your Strength score, rounded to the nearest increment of 5, as an enhancement bonus to any land, swim, or climb speeds you possess.

    This Excellency may be purchased multiple times. However, each purchase after the first requires an additional 2 points of Strength as a prerequisite, above the prerequisite of the last purchase, and increases the prior enhancement bonus by 10, instead of the normal effect.

    Obstreperous Shell-Cracking Mien
    Prerequisite: One Fantastic Mythos

    The Monster is convenient to no one. It is always stronger and faster than one might expect. No plan is perfect enough to contain it, no wall too great for it to shatter, no safety so absolute as to bring hope.

    Whenever one of your rolls would be opposed by a perfect effect (Such as rolling fire damage against a creature immune to fire, or attempting to grapple a character under the effects of Freedom of Movement - an effect with no direct way of circumvention. So, fire resistance would not apply in the former case, since it can be circumvented by dealing more damage.), you may make an opposed roll against it. Roll a d20 and add your class level and Strength modifier. The opposition rolls a d20, and adds a relevant level modifier (such as caster level for a spell or the properties of a magic item, meldshaping level for the effects of a Soulmeld, class level if it is the direct effect of a class feature, etc) and a relevant ability modifier (such as Intelligence for a Wizard's spell, Constitution for a Soulmeld, or Charisma for a Paladin's immunity to fear; use your best judgment). If you succeed, your roll transpires as if the offending perfect effect did not exist, and any ongoing effects of your roll are similarly unhindered (so, a grappled character with Freedom of Movement would not suddenly become ungrappled later, nor would they be immune to being pinned or constricted in the same grapple, although letting go of them, and then attempting to grapple them a second time, would require another opposed roll).

    Pouncing Beast Ascension
    Prerequisite: -

    You gain "Leap of the Heavens" as a bonus feat (PHBII). In addition, you may add your Dexterity modifier to your Jump checks, in addition to the normal ability modifier you would receive.

    Primal [Skill] Perfection
    Prerequisite: 10 ranks in the chosen skill

    Long before mankind was learning even the basics of linguistics, spellcrafting, or metalworking, animals had already mastered how to climb, how to jump, how to roar; how to interact with their world. The Gods had a similar relationship in their early days, but they were born into a world without men or animals. It was the Monster who climbed through the primordial maelstrom, leapt across worlds, and times, and ideas, and sent them scattering when the thirst for their blood escaped his lips as a horrified scream of hate and indignation.

    Choose a Teramach class skill. You gain a competence bonus on all checks made with the chosen skill equal to your class level. This bonus is doubled if you are in a Rage, or tripled in the case of "Primal Jump Perfection".

    Reflexive Murder-Twitch
    Prerequisite: -

    You may apply your Dexterity modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier for the purposes of determining the ability bonus for your Spot and Listen skills, but only for sensing living things, as your muscles begin to hunger for blood even without your mind's input. When you apply your Dexterity modifier in this way, you do not take a penalty on Listen checks for being asleep. A character with this Excellency will soon find it maddening to sleep around other living things, as the slightest sound they make rouses him, every fiber in his body telling him to kill.

    Stalking Under a Dead Sun
    Prerequisite: -

    It would be ludicrous for the Monster's rampage to end, simply because night has fallen, or his prey has scurried underground. There is no safety or surcease of suffering for anyone.

    You gain enhanced eyesight that allows you to see in mundane darkness as well as you can see in the light. A moonless night and high noon are all but indistinguishable to you.

    If you require sleep, you have trouble adjusting to the complete lack of a day/night cycle, as far as your perception is concerned. For about a week after acquiring this Mythos, you take a -1 penalty on all d20 rolls unless you dedicate at least 12 hours a day to attempting to sleep.

    Your internal sense of time never quite recovers.

    Unassailable Juggernaut Rancor
    Prerequisite: -

    You gain Improved Natural Armor as a bonus feat. While you are in a Rage, all Natural Armor bonuses that you benefit from also apply to your Touch Armor Class.

    Unthinking [Skill] Comprehension
    Prerequisite: Intelligence <11

    Choose a Teramach class skill. If you already had ranks in the chosen skill, they are refunded as you break yourself of your old learning, replacing practice and knowledge with instinct and reflex. These refunded points may be spent as normal the next time you level up.

    You immediately gain four skill ranks in the chosen skill. Every day after you gain this Excellency, you add one more rank to the chosen skill, until you reach the maximum number of ranks you may have in that skill. This continues as your capacity for new skill ranks increases, always ensuring you have the maximum mastery available.

    Wordless Terror Demonstration
    Prerequisite: -

    "You're scared.", "You're going to die.", "I'm going to kill you."

    Mortals have invented so many clumsy tools to communicate that which the Monster relates in every movement and gesture.

    When you apply an Intimidate check against a target that has previously witnessed you kill a living thing or destroy an object, with a melee attack, you may substitute your Strength modifier in place of your Charisma modifier for the purposes of determining your ability bonus to that check.

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    First a "Haiku"
    Munchkins everywhere.
    Rules-lawyering is a pain.
    why can't I stop?

    List of things people have turned me into:
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    The other two wondrous items
    (just look for the alternate versions of the last two)


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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeIncluded View Post
    When even the paladin suggests stuffing you into the Demiplane of Extremely Painful Torture, you may want to rethink your life choices.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trekkin View Post
    The game was pitched as two intelligent sides fighting a shadow war; it's a bit discouraging to sit down to play chess and be told there are no pawns in checkers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rabidmuskrat View Post
    If you get lucky you can then sacrifice the paladins. Odds are they are virgins too.

    Hell, if you do things right you only need a single virgin to start with. After that, they get home delivered.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Stabber View Post
    We're talking about a non-video game, therefore even the iron of your sword and the wood of your shield is imaginary. However we've inceptioned into things that are imaginary within an imaginary construct.

    But ultimately what is the point of being a wizard if you can't force the laws of physics to sit in a corner and cry softly? That is the appeal of playing a spellcaster, you are constrained by metaphysics, not physics. The key is learning which law is physics and which is meta, if the pauli exclusion principle is physics, magic can ignore it, if it is metaphysical, magic can't. Heroics is bound by the metaphysical definition of what is a fighter feat, where as conjuration (creation) spells are free to ignore the purely physical law of conservation of mass.
    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    My brain just concocted some unholy mix of eHarmony for dragonborn, and eugenics.

    Hmm. I'm smelling an interesting adventure hook in there.
    Quote Originally Posted by CTrees View Post
    Forget farmers not being able to identify their herds - Knowledge (local) being trained only, and not a class skill for many classes, means that your average human may well not be able to identify other humans! This may explain the exceptional quantity of half-human hybrids.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rama View Post
    It's more the other way around. Everything I can think of, excluding horrendous levels of rules-bending cheese, says this is not possible. Do not pass go, do not collect your intestines when the lich is done playing with them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yora View Post
    Thorium really is just an alternative to uranium. It has some advantages, but you're still dealing with a boiling radioactive acid, which is a bit difficult to control.
    Quote Originally Posted by warty goblin View Post
    They're just going to keep blowing up erzatz Death Star substitutes forever. At some point everybody realizes that this has nothing to do with the Force, good, evil or the occasional destruction of a planet the audience never sees and doesn't care about. No, it's about the cold, hard bottom line. Because the untold story of Star Wars is that the construction and subsequent destruction of super-weapons is the only way that the galactic economy works, and the only way to end the cycle is by blowing up the corrupt arms corporations that perpetuate it. This is because although the Separatists technically lost the Clone Wars, the Boards of Directors of the Banking Clan, Trade Federation and so on picked up the pieces, and promptly bought up majority shares in the hideously over-leveraged and newly formed Empire. Vader's slaughter of the Separatist leaders was supposed to be the end of their hostile takeover attempt, but both Palpatine and Vader were played by Jar Jar Binks, economic mastermind of the whole thing.

    In other words, by the beginning of A New Hope, Jar Jar owns Palpatine's ass, and gives the Rebels X-Wings on the cheap as a loss-leader for snapping up those valuable Empire defense contracts. Realizing that their so-called empire is really just a brand name for Jar Jar Galactic Enterprises, Inc, Palpatine and Vader commission the first Death Star with the ultimate purpose of killing Chairman Binks. Unfortunately because it's built by military contractors, it's hopelessly behind schedule and has a host of design defects. Binks gets wind of the impending Death Star based assassination attempt, leaks the plans to the Rebels, and chuckles merrily at its immediate destruction.

    Desperate, Palpatine and Vader mortgage Coruscant to fund Death Star II, which naturally is an even bigger construction boondoggle than Death Star I. It's construction is, once again, carried out by a subsidiary of Jar Jar Galactic Enterprises, who delay completion long enough for the Rebels to blow the whole thing up, and conveniently eliminate Palpatine and Vader, the only two people who really understand the true situation.

    Over the next thirty years, the New Republic - really a shell company for Jar Jar Galactic - decides to cut out the middleman, and becomes a sovereign government. Meanwhile the remnants of the Empire swear to exterminate Chairman Binks, and sell off their AT-ATs to get their TIE fighters out of hock. This is a dark time for Chairman Binks, who lacks a war to drive up government spending on ludicrous weapons systems, so the galactic economy enters a prolonged slump. Without much of a manufacturing basis of their own, the New Order is forced to build Starkiller Base by buying parts through subcontractors (naturally owned by Jar Jar Galactic), which is why it takes so damn long. This massive deficit spending by the New Order is almost entirely responsible for the galaxy recovering economically at all; although they do so much work in-house that it's nowhere near as potent a stimulus package as DSII. Unfortunately Binks escapes its volley of hyperspace planet killing blasts, and it is once again blown up by plucky rebels unwittingly doing the bidding of their corporate overlords. This gets us to the end of Episode VI

    Episode VII is a classic 'middle chapter', which mostly works to set up the concluding film. Because even the leftovers of the Empire never do anything by halves, they naturally have been building an even more ludicrous planet-killing superweapon in the wings; in this case they've welded two planets together. However once again Binks feeds the coordinates to the rebels, who blow it up, yet again. This takes place about halfway through the movie. In the riveting finale, the plucky heroes are taken prisoner and Hux, who has a Ph.D. in economics but only a couple of night classes in military strategy, sits them down and gives a very long powerpoint presentation explaining that Jar Jar Galactic now owns roughly 87% of the galaxy, and soon everyone will become a slave to Chairman Bink's perverse desires.

    Episode VIII sees our heroes constructing yet another planet-killing superweapon. Unlike previous iterations however, this is a clever ruse, and they use the routing numbers on contracts to eventually work out where Chairman Binks is hiding. They then launch a two-pronged attempt to destroy Chairman Binks and dissolve Jar Jar Galactic. The first prong is the activation of the superweapon, opposed as usual by some annoying group of plucky misfits flying one-man fighters. In a clever inversion of the usual plot however, this time the audience is on tenterhooks, hoping that the weapon has time to fire.

    It is inevitably blown up before firing, at which point Prong 2 swings into operation. Rey, who is secretly the child of a boardmember of Jar Jar Galactic, uses The Force her massive bank account to smuggle Finn into Chairman Jar Jar's personal quarters in order to assassinate the despicable Gungan. There, in the action packed finale, Rey and Finn must resist Jar Jar's increasingly massive cash bribes. Eventually Rey succumbs to the Dark Side, but Finn, who as a stormtrooper has basically no concept of money, resists temptation and throws Jar Jar down a conveniently located reactor shaft.
    Quote Originally Posted by Trekkin View Post
    Well, how broken do you want it? Caving in the windshield requires much lower speeds than turning it into a quark-gluon plasma, which would presumably total it.
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    You don't need to be a bad person to be a bad friend. You don't even need to be a bad friend to be a bad one for a specific someone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keld Denar View Post
    +3 Girlfriend is totally unoptimized. You are better off with a +1 Keen Witty girlfriend and then appling Greater Magic Make-up to increase her enhancement bonus.
    "Good men don't need rules. Today is not a good day to find out why I have so many"

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    The only thing worse than the usual irrelevant rules pedantry is incorrect irrelevant rules pedantry.
    "I do not fear the world, nor should I. It can do nothing to me unless I let it, save death. And death comes for all."

    Quote Originally Posted by Telemont View Post
    Half Tangible...bravo for being a good enough writer to evoke emotion.
    "There are three things all wise men fear: The sea in a storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man"

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    "..And once I've killed you and crushed your heroine smuggling operations, I'm going to steal all of your filthy drug money, and use it to fund an Orphanage!! MUhahahahahahahaha!"
    "Nobody ever did the impossible by shooting short of it." -Unknown

    Quote Originally Posted by Forikroder View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ridureyu View Post
    Before you say that this is an unrealistic way to get promoted, I want to point out that this is exactly how I got my last three jobs.
    i feel bad for your coworkers having to deal with 3 frost giant assaults
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkDM View Post
    I'm the scary one.

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    Games I am GMing
    None Currently... Open to possible GMing...

    My characters in current Campaigns
    Character Game Name IC OOC Level Racial Class
    . . . . . .

    Games that died young (both GM'd and Played)
    , OOC: Heaven Vs. Hell
    , OOC: The Apocalyptic Core
    , OOC: The Slaying Stone
    , OOC: The Orcus Storyline
    Character Game Name IC OOC Level Racial Class
    Volten Chosen of an Empress IC OOC 5 Azer Luminous Spirit Monk
    Viet Tomb of Horrors IC OOC 9 Azer Fighter
    Welun Welcome to the Tavern Chapter 1 OOC 5 Catfolk Duelist
    Volten A Home in Mind IC OOC 4 Suli Drunken Monk
    Vutha Suaco The Edge of Humanity IC OOC G8 Titan Blooded Reth Dekala Crusading Psion
    Vutha Suaco Fallout: The Great Plains (Redux) IC OOC 3 Human Doctor

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    Time to make one for me, as well.
    In my dreams, I am currently a druid 18/wizard 10/arcane hierophant 10/warshaper 5.

    Actually, to be perfectly accurate, after splitting myself into positive and negative aspects somewhere around level 45, with the positive aspect able to constantly adapt and the negative aspect constantly searching for ways to kill the positive aspect, I gained practical immunity from most kinds of non-tautological harm. By combining my inventions of high-speed mathematical aria with specialized dimensional inflation, I learned to create spaces between realities that could be used to bridge the gaps between probable outcomes to events. This form of dream magic, dubbed the dream bridge, proved extremely useful and potent.

    Some time later, I developed an ability to see all realities that my dream bridge could span, and to swap places with all other instances of myself or my various assumed personas across the Primes and planes that I'd visited (not to mention the timezones). Taking it one step further around level 48, I didn't even have to move, but was able move my consciousness between realities. In a final realization, I achieved a unified consciousness across all perceived realities, allowing myself to exist beyond the limits imposed by any single chain of existence. Level 50 is the last meaningful demarcation of my existence as an individual entity.

    This has since led to me returning to my level 40 activity of creating planets and giving birth to new races, in between somewhat scandalous love affairs and general wandering around and getting into trouble.

    Monk Fix for the Cleanup Campaign (5/25)
    Modified Versions of Xaotiq1's Katas

    Personal Homebrew:
    Biogenetor- A base class that makes new lifeforms in non-magical fashion. Mad scientist meets summoner druid!

    Xaotiq1's Monk Fix Original

    T.G. Oskar's Monk Fix

    Drolyt's VoP Fix

    Quote Originally Posted by Keledrath View Post
    I've never been able to put my finger on how to describe you Phelix, but I think I have an idea now.

    You're Tippy's fluffy cousin...

    EDIT: Quick note since I remembered that some people dislike the immortal Emperor. This is meant as a complement.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    Summon Physicists

    This epic druidic spell is seen as a last line of defense against wizards intent on destroying the natural balance in some ill-conceived magical experiment. By drawing on the laws inherent in the world (read: RAW), the spell seeks to bewitch the wizards into thinking that advanced physics is the best direction to go with their magic.

    In game terms, any group of up to 1d4 wizards targeted by this spell will spend n+1 rounds involved in pithy, yet ultimately futile, discussion of the interaction between magic and science. "n" is defined to be a number not less than the number of rules lawyers at the table, yet not greater than the number of catgirls whom Asmodeus is currently busy damning, their only crime a combination of sheer numbers, and a reality-defying tendency to expire at the behest of online discussions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    Alright, here is my homebrew fix for sanctify the wicked.

    Sanctimonious the Wicked

    Step 1: Plane shift to a plane other than the plane the target is native to.

    Step 2: Gate the target to your location.

    Step 3: Command the target to put on a helm of opposite alignment.


    (If necessary, apply memory alteration effects to make them forget the helm is there or other stuff to make sure the effect sticks.)

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    In my dreams, I am currently a druid 20/wizard 10/arcane hierophant 10/warshaper 5. Actually, after giving birth to a galaxy by splitting a black hole, level is no longer relevant.

    Extended Sigbox

    Quote Originally Posted by Keledrath View Post
    I've never been able to put my finger on how to describe you Phelix, but I think I have an idea now.

    You're Tippy's fluffy cousin...

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    Thanks for the billion internets Tman2nd

    Past avatars (a few I'm missing as well)
    By Ceika:

    Elf Illusionist

    Drow Paladin

    By Cuthalion:
    Elf Battlemind

    By Kymme:
    Changeling Avenger

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mad Hatter View Post
    Arkhosia, I just had an evilgasm
    Banner by TinyMushroom.
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    "Are we living a life that is safe from harm? Of course not, we never are. But that's not the right question. The question is: are we living a life that is worth the harm?"
    ~Welcome to Night Vale

    Spoiler: Quotes from Friends <3
    Quote Originally Posted by SliiArhem
    Arkh I may be slightly delirious but I don't think that would make sense even if I was coherent.

    Interested in the Nexus FFRP setting? Try joining our Discord server!

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    Previous Avatars

    Rita Fire Knight Elemental Khaju

    Handbooks and other Miscellany

    The Nicest Thing Ever Said About Me

    The Swordsage Handbook {WIP, PEACH}

    Why Jade_Tarem is Awesome
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Avatars

    (Avatars made by Darklord Bright, Gnomish Wanderer, Akrim.Elf, and Bradakhan)

    Spoiler: Characters

    Spoiler: Blur


    Strength: 1 | Stamina: 1 | Agility: 5 | Dexterity: 5 | Fighting: 4 | Intellect: 0 | Awareness: 2 | Presence: 2 |


    Evasion, InstantUp, Move-By Action


    Deception 8 (+10), Perception 8 (+10), Sleight of Hand 8 (+13), Stealth 8 (+13),


    Gravity-Defying Speedster: Movement 3 (Wall-Crawling 2, Water Walking), Limited to While Moving; Quickness 10; Speed 15 (64,000 MPH)

    Speedster Stunts: Array

    Rapid Attack: Selective Multiattack Damage 6, Accurate 2

    - Phase Shift: Insubstantial 4

    Hard Target: Enhanced Advantages 6 (Defensive Roll 3, Improved Initiative 3), Enhanced Defenses 22 (Dodge 11, Parry 11)


    Dodge: 16 | Parry: 15 | Fortitude: 8 | Toughness: 4/1 | Will: 9 |

    Abilities: 40
    Advantages: 3
    Skills: 16
    Powers: 77
    Defenses: 14
    Total: 150 points


    Motivation: Thrills
    - The Blur wants to experience the excitement and thrills that he can find in the world.

    Enemy (Genesis Tech)
    - Blur may have escaped from the biotech company that created him, but that doesn't mean he has seen the last of them. They're not going to stop until they have him, dead or alive!

    Enemy (Streak)
    - Just like Blur, Streak was created in the labs of Genesis Tech. While Blur was made into a

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    Currently Playing:
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    Avatar by Grinner

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    Psyren's Extended Signature

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don't fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    No fiction is meaningful if its lessons cannot be applied to the world that we, real actual humans, live in. If you are going to dismiss any themes or subtext present in any fantasy story as simply not applying to our world because that world has dragons and ours doesn't, then you have largely missed the point of literature as a whole, and are likely rather poorer for it. Fantasy literature is ONLY worthwhile for what it can tell us about the real world; everything else is petty escapism.
    Quote Originally Posted by animorte View Post
    The mvp of many threads, and counting, does it yet again!

    Seriously, greatly appreciated Psyren. Keep up the good work.
    Quote Originally Posted by gogogome View Post
    Cheers to Psyren the MVP "naysayer".
    Handbooks/Creations by Me:

    PF Psionics (WIP)
    [PF] Soulknife (WIP)
    [PF] Vitalist
    [3.5] Psychic Rogue
    [PF] Pactmaker
    [3.5] Meditant
    [3.5] Sha'ir Summary
    [PF] Monsters as PCs Summary
    Artificer Refluff Ideas
    Prospero, the archetypical D&D Wizard

    Handbooks/Creations by Others:

    Big Six items for 3.5/PF by Andy Collins (WotC)
    3.5/PF Core Differences Handbook by Saph
    Dipping Handbook by grarrrg
    Psionic Tricks by Kalaska'Agathas
    Psionics Rules Summary by Peregrine
    Psion Handbook by Saeomon
    [PF] Archetype Combos by Cieyrin
    Truenamer Fix by Kyeudo
    GM's Guide To Creating Challenging Encounters By Alex Augunas
    WBL and Enhancement Bonuses Summary by OldTrees1
    [PF] Optimization Guides Compendium by Novawurmson
    [5e] Guides, Tables, and other useful tools for 5E D&D by Daishain
    [PF] Improving Your Class With Items!
    [PF] Martial Flexibility Guide by Secret Wizard
    Feat Taxes in Pathfinder by Mathew
    [OotS] Index of the Giant's Comments by ThePhantasm
    Average Bestiary Stats by CR by Mike Chopswil
    Comprehensive DPR Calculator (5e) by LudicSavant and AureusFulgen
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don't fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?
    Plague Doctor by Crimmy
    Ext. Sig (Handbooks/Creations)

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    First, I'm impressed that this topic went so far off topic that it ended up back at The Order of the Stick.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Second, the whole "blue text" thing is not a forum rule or even a recommended procedure. If someone wants to do it in their own posts, fine, but everyone should stop telling people that they "need to" or "should have" posted in blue just because they're being sarcastic/ironic/whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cardea View Post
    Backstory: Ten minute background, skirt length story, first person narrative. Your class tells me what you're playing, this should tell me who you're playing.

    The most (relatively) mundane bad-ass solution that I've ever seen in D&D (Balor E6):
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordguy View Post
    Last technical question: minor artifacts have no listed price...20x0=0, yes? Or are we going by the effective caster level for said artifacts?

    Secondarily, I'd argue that the point of E6 isn't to beat big bads as a virtue of your build, but via wacky plans, outside-the-box thinking, and actively going and questing for "the one item that the BBEG is weak to".

    In that vein of thought, I present the following:

    -1 party of 4, 6th level characters, of any build, as long as one of them has the capability to build a false wall. Additionally, one character must be optimized for Intelligence - having at least a +5 modifier.
    -1 stone structure, with a long ramp with low headroom leading downward for over half their distance, then making a hard 90-degree turn at a small landing. The ramp must be behind a door. The hallway containing the ramp must be no larger than 10 feet tall by 4 feet wide (large enough for the Balor to compress himself to get through).
    -1 false wall (paper-thickness) in line with the initial flight stairs at the landing.
    -Several vials of Oil/Salve of Slipperiness (well within WBL guidelines)
    -One Sphere of Annihilation that your party has engaged in a difficult quest to retrieve (partially why you've got 35 bonus feats and your WBL is so bloody high).

    Publicize that you know said Balor's true name, and publicize that you have regular meeting in the basement of the aforementioned stone structure. The Balor will find you.

    Behind the door at the top of the stairs, and every few yards afterward, you place your Oils of Slipperiness. Balor goes through the door (cause it's a damn Balor, people - what does it have to fear from an E6 environment?), knocks over the vials (which spill down the stairs, coating the area. As there's no headroom for a Large creature down the stairs, the Balor cannot fly and will fall down the ramp, breaking open yet more Oils of Slipperiness and continuing its slide. Upon reaching the landing, it continues sliding through the paper-thin false wall...right into the Sphere of Annihilation you've conveniently left there.

    Meanwhile, your party member with the highest INT bonus who controls the Sphere takes 20 to establish control over the Sphere and holds his action. If he sees the Balor appear on the landing NOT in a high-velocity prone position, he immediately cashes in his held action to move the Sphere 10' up the stairs at the Balor. Under the "Inescapable Situations" section, saves and such don't matter when there's nowhere to go. As the 12' tall Balor is still in the tight hallway (10' tall 4' wide), there's nowhere for it to move to to avoid the 3' wide Sphere - thus no Reflex save is allowed.

    Bamf. Balor gone.

    Is it a perfect plan? No. Is it fun? Yes. Is it more in keeping with the intended tone of E6 than finding a bunch of rules loopholes? You'd better believe it.


    Journey to the Center of the Earth Vancullia "Six-Fix" Duskling Dragon Shaman A selfless but uncharitable nomad
    Watchtower Robert Illumian Chameleon//Conjurer A polymath with an aversion to violence
    Wonderful Exploits Hanmaru Ryuuhei Human Warblade An idiotic young warrior with a chip on his shoulder
    Those That Were "Goodwin" Chebyshev Illumian Divine Archer / Eldritch Knight The team-player go-to guy who shoots his allies
    Epic Goose Chase Jizi Strangebrew Pandakin Wavekeeper/Monk A happy-go-lucky old geezer with a ruthless side
    Murder in Adrilanka Mulberry Voltaire Human Scout/Ranger A hardboiled detective with an abused set of lungs
    The Three Boars Inn Pardo Bleakmoor Ghostwise Halfling Druid/Swordsage A sneaky apex predator with some size issues
    What Goes Up... Zao Evershade Illumian Ebon Knight Vindicator A friendly mysterious man secretly working for Shar
    Tyrants of Evil Pater Kyr'Archia Pit Fiend Evolutionist The exalted benefactor of the unwashed masses
    Counterweight Traumgeist Fire Elf Factotum//Mindmage The ultimate bringer of unity and peace
    Untergang [M:tG] MR-14 Myr Construct B/U/A Artificer A mindless drone becomes self-aware
    War of the Magi Klotilde Ferrir Elan Egoist//SublimeVindicator When a narcissistic warrior gets a shield for a mirror
    A Very (un)Common Quest Jeege Ziegler Dragonborn Halfling Commoner The best freaking Chef in town!
    Champions of Prophecy "Glassjaw" Anoush Human Warlock A lone-wolf using fire against fire to hunt fiends
    Dark Empire Rising Kagemaru Lesser Tiefling Monk A fiend-blooded who went against his bloodline
    Fall of Illanthar Rosenrot Whisper Gnome Malconvoker A pragmatist who enslaves fiends for a cause
    Worlds Apart Fouine Eaerfalas Grey Elf Multicaster//Ascetic An ex-assassin seeking to rectify his mistakes
    Expedition to the Library Grantaire Changeling Ghost Rogue/Paladin A restless soul, for reasons that he can't remember
    Gantz [Freeform] Brian Philips Human ?? A wise-cracking pro-wrestler
    Of Being a Guild Leader Latoa Zirconigos Grey Elf Telepath A fine pranking fella behind an eerie visage
    Blackwool Mansion Traumlos Kalashtar Monk A polite jerk who doesn't care about you
    Crash and Burn "Windborne" Changeling Ghost MotUH A dead reformist seeking revenge
    Magic is Might Calil Human Conjuror A stranger who's just too friendly for comfort
    Odd Jobs Vo Casteltort Human Wizard An absentminded boy bending the laws of physics
    Diseases Minthe Sibyla Human Dread Necromancer A bad cop who's frighteningly good at interrogation


    Name Type Description
    The Psychotherapist Base Class Powered by Crazy
    Monsterbound Base Class Pokemon homage
    Scout Base Class (Fix) Scout-based buffer
    Monk Base Class (Fix) Meditating Monk
    Mindspy Prestige Class (Fix) Mind Reader
    Spellstoke Rager Prestige Class (Fix) Self-buff Barbarian
    Saccharids Race Candy People homage

    Quote Originally Posted by Kazyan View Post
    You and your companion wait for about six seconds, then return. This time, it appears Sarin has returned to her original position where you first found her, staring blankly forward as usual. Seeing this, you use your utterances.

    Gashes explosively erupt all along Sarin's body, releasing clouds of ephemeral blood. Her equipment--nightgown, ring, and amulet--falls away from what a highly trained necromancer might be able to recognize as a corpse. The ring and amulet clatter on the ground, and the corpse slowly fades out of existence. The nightgown takes a bit more time to descend, but lands in the arms of something that wasn't there before. It appears to be a Shadesteel Golem.

    The golem stares down at the nightgown for a few moments. You try to determine its motives--it's more disappointed than anything else. It drops the nightgown, then shifts into a black orb, which promptly disappears.

    Mephistopheles is going to be pleased.

    Congratulations! You win! (I told you this was probably easier than the other challenges.)

    If anyone wishes to continue this challenge in other timelines, I will oblige, but ben-zayb gets first pick of the bragging rights.
    Katyusha, the Bloodstorm Honorable Mention, Iron Chef LXXIV (Crinti Shadow Marauder)
    Kindblood 3rd place, Villainous Competition VII (Witches)
    the Adzorok Flock 3rd place, Villainous Competition X (Henchmen)
    Kobayashi 3rd place, Villainous Competition XI (Fallen Heroes)
    Rukhsamun, the God King 3rd place, Villainous Competition XXVII (Templates)
    The Silverblood Knight 1st place, Villainous Competition XVIII (Heretics)
    Consequences 1st place, Villainous Competition XIX (Ooze)
    BABY Sweetkiss 1st place, Villainous Competition XXX (One Feat)

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    Quote Originally Posted by MERC_1 View Post
    I find it very amusing that a very theoretical discussion of how to Optimize Bardic Music, turns into a discussion on how much worms you can eat in 7 minutes.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Favorite Quotes (OotS and others)
    “I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
    ― Dr. Seuss
    “I have claimed that Escape is one of the main functions of fairy-stories, and since I do not disapprove of them, it is plain that I do not accept the tone of scorn or pity with which 'Escape' is now so often used. Why should a man be scorned if, finding himself in prison, he tries to get out and go home? Or if he cannot do so, he thinks and talks about other topics than jailers and prison-walls?”
    ― J.R.R. Tolkien
    "I prepared Explosive Runes this Morning"
    "Vomit Now. And aim for the halfling."
    "Yes, the new plan will still involve rocket skates."
    "Love makes the world go round. And has been known to provide a +2 circumstance bonus to certain skill checks."
    "Sir, we've checked three times. There are no magical portals under your bed that lead to an alternate universe where long running subplots get resolved."
    "My Dignity may be at -9 and bleeding, but I have to draw the line somewhere."
    "not nale. not-nale. thog help nail not-nale, not nale. and thog knot not-nale while nale nail not-nale. nale, not not-nale, now nail not-nale by leaving not-nale, not nale, in jail."
    "Don't fire until you see the eyes of their wights."
    "Oh man! Durkon is right! The trees ARE after us!!"
    If I had to guess, I'd say I betrayed your principles all over the friggin' place."
    "It seems resonable to me. As the size of an explosion increases, the number of social situations it is incapable of solving approaches zero."
    "Oh MAN! I've always wanted to say that line!!"
    "My humblest apologies. Had I know you were my son's lover, I would not have defenstrated you earlier."
    "Not surprisingly, ethical concerns cannot overcome the sirens lure of a triceratops ride."
    "... So they went back to their quarters to give their pet orangutan a bath?" "That's what he said, sir." "Heh. I guess that's what they're calling it these days. Good job, son."
    "Also, "foil" is less of a pun than a it is a word derivation. We say someone foiled a plan because they defeated them- as with a foil." "Really?" "No. The etymologies are unrelated."
    "Are we simply ignoring the fact that "windy" and "windy atr heteronyms with divergent pronunciation, and no one could possibly have confused one for the other given that we have only ever heard them spoken aloud?"
    "So I thought what we needed to balance out an evil father figure was a good father figure!"

    Things you never expected to hear
    My pronouns are they/them, but I don't care much.

    My PbP Characters:
    Ailian Sunblazer

    My Homebrew

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Iron Chef Builds and Trophies:
    Tarantella - Honorable Mention, IC XLIII - Bladesinger
    Devon Ambrose - 4th Place, IC XLIII - Bladesinger
    The Custodian - Gold, IC XLIV - Urban Soul
    Master-of-None - 18th Place, IC XLIV - Urban Soul
    Vox Dracul - Gold, IC XLV - Talon of Tiamat
    Lady Gray - 16th Place, IC XLV - Talon of Tiamat
    Judge, IC XLVI - Cipher Adept
    Captain Fraxinus - Silver, IC XLVII - Cold Iron Warrior
    Dusk & Dawn - 8th Place, IC XLVIII - Shadow Sun Ninja
    Derek "Baelfire" Bragg - Silver, IC XLIX - Thrall of Orcus
    (Derek's Disputes are here, and here)
    Dr. Dellamorte - 4th Place, IC XLIX - Thrall of Orcus
    Magralyx - Honorable Mention, IC L - Corrupt Avenger
    The Reclamator - Gold, IC LI - Black Flame Zealot
    Miro - 4th Place, IC LII - Anointed Knight
    Ossa Ursus - Honorable Mention, IC XLIV - Osteomancer
    The Inscrutable Master Gau - Honorable Mention, IC XLV - Mountebank
    Torgar Steinnhus, "The Wall" - Bronze, IC LVI - Dwarven Defender
    Judge, IC LVII - Darkrunner
    Subjugator Sarlagiin - 11th Place, IC LVIII - Spellsword
    Judge, IC XLVI - Acolyte of the Ego
    Pebble Underfoot - 4th Place, IC LXVII - Gnome Giant Slayer
    Thalin "Iron Bow" - 7th Place, IC LXX - Order of the Bow Initiate
    Gorblurp the Insatiable - 4th Place, IC LXXIX - Black Blood Hunter

    Junkyard Wars Trophies:
    Judge, JW I - Sneak Attack + Shadowdancer, Rogue
    Mr. Margrave - Silver, JW II - Conjuration (Healing) spells + Ruby Knight Vindicator, Cleric
    Percyllanthronox - Bronze, JW III - Dragon Type + Mystic Theurge, Kobolds
    Nebmakhet - Bronze and Honorable Mention, JW IV - Undead Type + Book of Exalted Deeds, Completes
    EL CHUPACABRA - Silver, JW V - Reaping Mauler + Dread Witch, Fighter
    Brewmaster Barleybeard - Gold, JW VI - Wonderworker + Profession Skill, Factotum
    Horatio Figbottom - Bronze and Honorable Mention, JW VI - Wonderworker + Profession Skill, Factotum

    Spoiler: Villainous Competition Trophies
    Granny Strangelove - Gold, VC VII - Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
    The Krampus - Bronze, VC VIII - The Weather Outside is Frightful
    Mozz'rat the Imp Hunter - Gold, VC X - Henchmen are Villains Too
    Vat e Dzi - Silver, VC XI - The Fallen Corrupter
    Good King Wilhelm Rothheim - 5th Place, VC XI - The Fallen Corrupter
    Old Tommy Rawhead - Bronze, VC XXI - Yarr!

    Spoiler: Scrap Iron Chef Builds and Trophies
    Keldath, Warden of the Restless Dead - 5th Place, Scrap Iron Chef I - The Battle Lich
    Enrico Tortuga - 4th Place, Scrap Iron Chef II - The Master Swordsman?
    Honorary 4th Place - Scrap Iron Chef III - Divine Warrior

    Spoiler: Iron Chef E6 Appetizer Builds and Trophies
    Guardian - Gold, ICE6 IV - Knight

    Now there's a magic item made in my name!
    And a Dragonmark!
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    Awesome avatar by Iron Penguin!

    Signature of Holding

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Avatars
    By GnomishWanderer.
    By Madcrafter.
    By Ceika.
    By Fullbladder.

    Meet the pups:

    Rex: His speech looks like this. He is the leader of the pups. He is the most street-smart and he is the best at persuasion.

    Spot: His speech looks like this. He is the brains of the pups. He is the smartest one and he makes most of the more complex plans.

    Tiny: His speech looks like this. He is the scout of the group, being the smallest. He sometimes bites off more than he can chew.

    Bongo: His speech looks like this. He is the comic relief of the group. He is also the strongest of the group, but he rarely uses it.

    Favorite self-quote:
    "Okay, now that I'm done imploding the pterodactyls, how far away from the vomit am I? -Freaking LOVED that campaign!

    This describes some of my arguments with others very well.
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    Extended Sig

    Quote Originally Posted by Duck999 View Post
    Christmas starts when Halloween ends, Halloween starts after New Year. The only part of the year that isn't a holiday is between Christmas and December 31st.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Because I can't let go of some of these quotes.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theoboldi View Post
    A little tip between friends. Never kiss someone with a bite attack. It never ends well.
    [12:03:49 AM] Prehysterical: Does he have levels in the "Dragon Ascendant" prestige class?
    [12:04:02 AM] Draco Dei: Probably not.
    [12:04:17 AM] Draco Dei: Probably that modified expert class...
    [12:04:40 AM] Draco Dei: Yes, the one with d4 HD, and only one good save.
    [12:05:14 AM] Draco Dei: And poor BAB.
    [12:05:16 AM] Prehysterical: Why are you talking about kobold rogues? I was talking about dragon classes.
    [12:05:33 AM] Terrador: *rimshot*
    Quote Originally Posted by gallagher View Post
    Not to be a nag, but if this doesnt work then we will have a naked half-ogre stuck in a crevasse for a whole day, and then I will have to prepare several more Greases to get him through.
    Quote Originally Posted by NeoSeraphi View Post
    "I told you! I told you, you ignorant, chain-smoking, skirt-chasing arsonist! If you weren't so busy trying to father the entire next generation maybe you would listen to reason occasionally!"

    ....Keeper, please kill me now.
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    Pokemon Generation 6
    3DS Friend Code: 4012-3882-1934
    3DS name: Ghar
    Friend Safari: Fairy
    Dedenne | Mawile | Floette

    X Character Name: Nadia
    Y Character Name: Becca

    Pokemon Black 2
    Friend Code:

    Pokemon Black
    Friend Code:

    Pokemon Soul Silver
    Friend Code:

    Pokemon Pearl
    Friend Code:

    Breeding Projects:
    Amount Species IVs Nature Ability Notes
    7 Shroomish 4 Adamant Quick Feet (Technician) Bullet Seed
    3 Shroomish 4 Adamant Poison Heal Bullet Seed
    11 Growlithe 4 Adamant Flash Fire Morning Sun
    4 Growlithe 4 Adamant Intimidate Morning Sun
    13 Slowpoke 4 Bold Regenerator
    13 Noibat 4 Modest Infiltrator
    4 Eevee 4 Bold Adaptability (Water Absorb) Wish
    25 Rotom 4 Calm Levitate
    14 Scyther 4 Adamant Technician Defog
    10 Kangaskhan 4 Adamant Scrappy
    15 Joltik 4 Timid Compound Eyes
    12 Fletchling 4 Adamant Gale Wings Quick Guard
    22 Gligar 4 Impish Immunity (Poison Heal) Cross Poison, Razor Wind


    Latest Avatar:



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