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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Eulalios View Post
    Yeah, overall I feel happy knowing that this is a "real sandbox" type of campaign ... very tired of playing with people who expect their low-level characters to act with impunity, without regard to setting or telegraphed NPC motivations.
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    The answers, my friend, are
    Quote Originally Posted by Courtney Campbell, G+
    The Old School Renaissance is about playstyle only insofar as it's about playing the game at the table (and not beforehand by building characters). The reason it's a Renaissance is not because we're playing old games, but because we are playing games like they used to—every time we get the chance.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Gaiyamato's Metagame Prevention and Detection Device (GMPDD)
    Quote Originally Posted by Amphiox View Post
    Unfortunately for Malack, he is not O'Chul....
    Quote Originally Posted by (Un)Inspired View Post
    I think that it's no longer a delusion if you have your own plane of existence. I think it's just legitimate grandeur.
    Quote Originally Posted by BasketOfPuppies View Post
    I auto-crit with a vorpal weapon, have DR/- 18, fast healing 20, 324 hit points, AC 46, and give a deadly disease by smacking you with my beard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Samshiir View Post
    Samshiir's +5 Keen Vorpal Monkey Wrench of Fear(tm) has been hurled into the gears of this conversation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fax Celestis View Post
    BoEF has many uses.
    Quote Originally Posted by Recaiden
    Physics is a Free Action
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Sir Arkhosia the Duke of Dragons, Lord of Roleplay, Kinsman of Cats, and Jarl of jaegers, welcomes you to his long signature.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ladd Russo
    It's guns! I love guns!... Machine guns? That's even better! This could be fun! Sounds like death, and danger! Daaanger, daaaaanger... What's happening in the dining car? Is there blood? Who's killing who? Where did they get shot? I have to see! Things are really starting to get EXCIIITING! Yes! Yes yes yes! YES YES YES YES YES!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magtok
    If it'll keep you from linking that abomination ever again, then fine. You're evil enough. You win.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Active games:

    Secret of the velvet door(Persona)

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    -Generica, Shin Megami Tensei version
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jormengand View Post
    Sorry, I took ranks in Complain. It scales off your charisma penalty.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosant View Post
    Well, offering to euthanize is rarely a good way to get to know someone...
    Quote Originally Posted by GPuzzle View Post
    Revenant Rogue, past life as Warforged, Vampiric Heritage feat, Werewolf theme and Sword Coast Corsair as Pp.

    Zombie Robot Ninja Werewolf Vampire Pirate.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosant View Post
    This is evil, evil GMing. Brilliant, good sir!
    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosant View Post
    Kinda like that. Got him the 'persona' he never had, and someone felt a disturbance in the plot, like two storylines bowed at each other, then sharply diverged
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xhosant View Post
    This is evil, evil GMing. Brilliant, good sir!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Current avatar by me. Just started making them but if you have a simple request, I can make you a simple avatar too.
    Avatar based on Dawn, from Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

    My Avatar Collection; Also includes past avatars draw by other awesome people.

    The Basics:
    • System: Pathfinder
    • Player Count: 4
    • Type of Game: Adventure, so it’s more combat focused. (If people want it can spin off into more roleplay)
    • Style of Play: Play by Post, hosted here on The Giant in the Playground forum.

    Books, sources and homebrew:
    • Anything Paizo Published. (Although I retrain to right to ban anything not fitting to the setting or broken.)
    • No third party. (Sorry DSP fans)
    • No homebrew. (Keeping it simple)

    Character Creation:
    • Level: 6
    • Ability Scores: 20 Point Buy
    • Hitpoints/Health: Max first level. Average rounded down on even levels, average rounded up on odd levels.
    • Wealth: 16,000 gp (Wealth by level)
    • Races: 15 RP or less
    • Classes: Base, Core and Hybrid
    • Alignment: No evil, and you are expected to be a team player.
    • Traits: Two traits, No Drawbacks.

    • At least a paragraph, not more than 3.
    • Your personality and how you interact with others.
    • The selected people already spend some time together before this.

    Anything can be tuned to your liker, seeing as this is a requested game.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Nilehus View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxzan Proditor View Post
    I vote for everything 137ben has ever said.

    I vote for everything this guy says. I like the cut of his jib.
    Quote Originally Posted by Canisius View Post
    We can all go home now. 137ben has won this thread.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fish View Post
    She was about to say "--this new place that just opened up, Starshinia, which was founded by a red-headed aasimar, but was just taken over by an Azurite fallen paladin turned blackguard. Apropos of nothing, I hear they just invented a new spell called Halflings Don't Have To Breathe."
    You forgot that the half-orc cleric who researched it is Redcloak's niece.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This thread actually turned into a Morally Justified thread while I was composing this post. A Morally Justified ninja, as it were. DOUBLE locked.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    That might have sufficient degrees of doublethink to work. It's getting very 1984 in here. Repeat after me: "we have always been at war with East Optimisasia..."
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    I hate Tome of Battle. It's nowhere near anime enough. In a game where everyone else is flying and shooting lasers and transforming into dragons, it lets you...poke a guy, or sometimes poke a guy twice. And you aren't even required to call out your attack, unlike every spell in the game. It's ridiculous.
    Quote Originally Posted by A_Moon View Post
    How many times, when the Fighter says "I draw my sword", did you just want to smack that cheating-optimizer in the face and say "No! You don't draw your sword! You draw Orcus!". When the Cleric says "I run away from Orcus!": "No! You run into Orcus! Rogue tries to hide? He hides behind Orcus! The bard in a tavern on the other side the town tries to order a drink? How about a nice frothy mug of Orcus?
    Quote Originally Posted by oppyu View Post
    Besides, if the overlords of social justice forced the Giant to break up a main character's relationship in order to facilitate a samesex relationship, it would be Roy breaking up with Celia to get with Durkon. Everyone knows that.
    Quote Originally Posted by Greenish View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannoneer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Greenish View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Curmudgeon View Post
    Where are the rules for "Just Playing"?
    Rule 1: The DM is as inerrant as Orcus is omnipresent.
    Rule 2: Play exactly like the DM wants you to, or rocks fall.
    Rule 3: They might fall anyway.
    Rule 4: Only these 5 rules matter.
    Okay, I know you want someone to ask, so I'll do it.

    What's the fifth rule?
    You're too obsessed with numbers, Real RoleplayersTM don't go around counting things. Rocks fall, you die.
    Quote Originally Posted by oppyu View Post
    There is nothing more emblematic of this forum than three or four pages of debate between people who, as it turns out, pretty much agree with each other.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    If you're one of the folks who likes the comic just the way it is and feel the need to defend it against other people's opinions, rest assured that readers have been telling me to get on with the main plot at the start of every new book since there started being new books, and there is literally zero chance that I am in any way going to take such requests under consideration. They are just background radiation at this point and have as much chance of meaningfully impacting the story as would a request that I replace the main cast with talking purple ostriches playing badminton.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slipperychicken View Post
    There are laser guns in the DMG, brain-eating green aliens in the MM, and the PHB has a whole character archetype built around making deal with cthulhu to get magic lasers.

    I don't think lightsabers are much of a stretch here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nilehus View Post
    But then you get poofed out of the campaign to get caught in 137ben's perpetually-casting SMI trap. REROLL!
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    This is how I have always understood it (and keep in mind this is a basic D&D answer, and not a statement about OOTS per se):

    On the most basic level, the substance of D&D multiverse is able to be shaped by personal belief. This is one of the main tenets of the Planescape setting, where planar locations shift around based on the moral leanings of the population. Most mortals don't have enough belief to really accomplish anything on their own, though, but the gods do. So mortals become clerics of a god, and their devotion to the god allows the god to funnel that belief-power back to them in the form of concrete magical effects. The gods aren't really the source of the power as much as they are the catalyst to convert it into something useful. They can tinker with the power in the process, by dictating spells or withholding power or what have you.

    Non-theistic clerics get their spells from a wide distributed network of beings with similar philosophies who can act as catalysts for the cleric—but because these are not centralized, none of them can exercise "veto power" over the cleric, nor is the cleric required to acknowledge their dominance (or even their existence). In Gontor's case, it may be that a powerful Earth Elemental is granting him his spells, but it could be a different one each day, or even some spells from one and some from another. If any of those elementals decide they don't like what he's doing with his magic, he just gets his spells from someone else that day. He may even be entirely oblivious to which elemental provides his spells at any point, and therefore is under no obligation to any of them. Unfortunately, that also means that no single elemental is going to be invested enough in Gontor to care what happens to him.

    Analogy time! Regular clerics have an employer-employee relationship, where the employer (god) consumes the work (prayer) that the employee (cleric) generates and in return provides them with compensation (spells), where that compensation is actually generated by the work being done by the entire company (church). A non-theistic cleric is more like a freelance writer; they perform the work (believe in a philosophy) that they feel is right for them, and then sell that work to whatever client (quasi-deific elemental beings) is willing to pay (provide spells) for it. The freelancer has more flexibility than the employee to do as they wish, but they also do not have many benefits of steady employment.
    Quote Originally Posted by LudicSavant View Post
    I redid Wee Jas as a psychopomp in one of my own settings.
    Quote Originally Posted by Talakeal View Post
    You know, I actually asked if I could play an expert at one point, and was told that Expert and Adept were OP on player characters and only available to NPCs. I can't imagine commoner going over better.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nifft View Post
    Therefore, you just need a taller statue -- or a sufficiently high pedestal for your statue, if you're a cheese-weasel -- to permanently kill any god in 2e.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    If the goal is No Racism, then the existence of Always Evil Orcs is one of millions of obstacles on the road to that goal. It happens to be the only one I am in any position to make great strides against, so I do so. The alternative, to do nothing when I could speak out, is not acceptable to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    If Orcus was a nesting doll, that would certainly make the whole thing work smoother. When you cast a level 1 summoning spell, you summon the little Orcus from the middle, but when you cast Gate, you get the really big Orcus that holds all the small Orcuses.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    There is a huge difference between EVERY main character having such powers, and ONLY ONE main character in a group of supposed equals having such powers. There is no power—no power in the world—that is story-breaking all by itself, especially if the author has the freedom to detail the costs and drawbacks of that power (a luxury I don't have with OOTS).

    Superman by himself is not a problem. Superman as part of the Justice League is not a problem. Superman as a member of an ensemble FBI team IS a problem, because sometimes Agent Fred is supposed to be the one to catch the serial killer. You end up resorting to a LOT of kryptonite.

    That said, I'd ask that we please drop the, "Was the young black dragon morally justified in attacking the OOTS?" derail. It's off-topic in multiple ways.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Extinguisher View Post
    Actually im saying all of them are trans, even if theyve made babies or not. Its fantasy, baby!
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    For people who say "they're just words, toughen up," y'all seem to have very strong reactions to a bunch of words on a forum and webcomic.
    Quote Originally Posted by 2D8HP View Post
    You schooled me 137ben.

    I feel shame.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Fel View Post
    "Is a stack of ten pancakes too many pancakes to give to the party, even if most of them fell on the floor and one or two were stepped on? I wanted to give my party pancakes as a reward but I'm unsure if it's too much. The pancakes are also laced with blowfish poison so the party would probably have to get an antitoxin before they could eat the ones which weren't pulverized by shoes."

    At that point, I don't think anyone would want the pancakes even if you paid them to eat them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Max_Killjoy View Post
    If artists have freedom of speech to create what they wish, then others have freedom of speech to crtique, criticize, and discuss the broader implications and effects.

    It's like somewhere along the way, "freedom of speech" became "all negative response is censorship".
    Quote Originally Posted by Caedrus on The Gaming Den
    I want to stab dragons the size of a small keep with skin like supple adamantine and command over time and space to death with my longsword in head to head combat, but I want to be totally within realistic capabilities of a real human being!
    Quote Originally Posted by Luminiere Solas on Paizo
    i don't get why people see D&D or it's derivatives as medieval european.

    you have medieval knights wearing rennaiscane era armor, wielding roman era falcatas, worshipping greek gods, traveling with native american shamans wearing the hides of saharan beasts, who transform into prehistoric dinosaurs who are accompanied by modern japanese schoolgirls wielding Tokugawa Era Daisho and Wearing black pajamas, and old men wearing robes and pointed hats who chant mathematical equations to control reality, on a journey to kill brain eating space aliens, giant sentient firebreathing spellcasting reptiles and sentient jello.

    Quote Originally Posted by frogglesmash View Post
    I guess I'll amend my original statement and instead say that Pathfinder is close enough to 3.5 to spark an argument about how close it actually is.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kirth Gerson on Paizo
    I've often posted before about the guy I played with whose character's prized possession was his flaming sword. The first time the group encountered a troll, he said, "I drop my sword and draw my dagger."
    Everyone at the table stared blankly at him.
    I said, "You ALWAYS use your sword! You yell 'flame on!' every time we meet a monster! And now all of the sudden you don't want to?"
    Player (proudly): "Well, my character wouldn't know that fire hurts trolls! I'm not metagaming!"
    Me: (headdesk)

    There definitely comes a point at which the efforts of the "metagame police" are self-defeating. In this instance, the poor player was so traumatized by previous DMs that he resorted to blatant metagaming in order to avoid the appearance of metagaming.

    I'd rather let the players know stuff, and have us all know that we all know it, and then let the game proceed based on how the character would act.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pelee View Post
    Turn unthread!
    Quote Originally Posted by HorizonWalker View Post
    Honestly, I don't have much to say. I'm just impressed. That's beautifully, creatively, utterly batspit. I love it.
    Quote Originally Posted by skim172 View Post
    Well, Babylon was a notable city-state in Mesopotamia which rose to power in ancient times, and the time period after it was conquered by the Persian Empire in 6th Century BC could be considered the "fifth" Babylonian era (following the Old Babylon, Middle Babylon, Neo-Assyrian, and Neo-Babylonian periods) - or as many of its fans refer to it, "Babylon 5."

    It's not as well-known or popular as some other empires of the genre, and unfortunately it was cancelled after only a couple centuries, by Alexander the Great - but it has since developed quite a cult following. Babylon 5 fan groups are all over the internet, celebrating the great achievements of Babylon as it became the new center of the Persian Empire, and bickering over plot details and minutiae from texts in Herodotus and the Cyrus Cylinder. You'll even see their fans cosplaying at conventions as their favorite Babylon 5 characters, like Cyrus the Great, Darius II, and Nebuchadnezzar IV.

    Just don't confuse them with other, more popular ancient empires. Babylon 5 fans are very sensitive about being overshadowed by the more visible franchises of the genre. I mean, sure, "Egyptian 19th Dynasty" is the one that gets the mainstream attention, and the catchphrases, and the gaudy reboots featuring Chris Pine, but once you get past the pyramids and the mummies, it just lacks substance.

    Babylon 5 had complexity.
    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    I just want to say that being used as a unit of measurement is one of the highest honors I have ever received.
    Quote Originally Posted by CriticalFailure View Post
    this is the longest conversation i've ever read about whether a serial killer would make a good boyfriend
    Quote Originally Posted by Schroeswald View Post
    Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever, my post was dumb and semantic, but on the other hand, you, are... 137ben, and that is a... dumb name?
    Quote Originally Posted by Fyraltari View Post
    The missing nail is obviously foreshadowing for Not-Not-Nale’s inevitable glorious return as the true final vilain as he crushes Xykon while riding Trigak.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Allow me to explain it in sufficient depth:

    It's a comic strip.

    No other explanation is necessary, because unless you have some weird mental disorder that prevents you from understanding the concept of fiction, you already know the "explanation" for any aspect of any story that differs from reality: Because the author wrote it that way. Because you are a real person in the real world reading a made-up story in a made-up world, and the real person who made up the made-up story decided to make it up that way for a variety of real world reasons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    I think the main question here is what Dragon God Ash Ketchum's Superman evolves into and how good he is at poker.
    Quote Originally Posted by Luna_Mayflower View Post
    Imagine it. In the frosty wastes of the polar cap, Xykon rocks up. For whatever reason, he decides to pick a fight with Malack. I mean, they're both evil, so he might not, but whatever.

    Here are the rules of the engaugment:
    +Malack has none of his normal gear, but the exact same gear as Xykon. That means no holy symbol, but he does have all of Xykon's current magical items and scrolls.
    +Malack made a deal with the IFCC, but jokes on them because he has no soul (after killing his friend like that, doubly so). In return for a non-existant soul, he gets a 44 Revolver. For this battle only.
    +Xykon, having been buddies with the IFCC before V, which is why he knew about soul splices, has gone for an anti-soul splice. This basically means he can summon V's soul for 1 minute in this battle, and shim can cast any prepared spells for Xykon.
    +Since Xykon has burnt Durkon before the battle, Malack is angry. He acts as if under a Rage spell.
    +Since Xykon nicked Malack's special altar to his beast god, Xykon is under a heavenly curse that stops him from using his 9th Level spells, but he can still use epic and 8th level spells, and all below.
    +But, you will be reminded that Xykon sold the altar to Ian for hard cash, and used the money to buy ONE scroll of Energy Drain, which he may use despite losing his 9th level spells.
    +Malack has learn Familicide, but, after using it on Nale, he has lost both his only ally (Tarquin) and his only epic spell slot (he got a ring that let him cast it once form the IFCC)
    +Redcloak fell over Durkon's burnt corpse and cracked his head on the pavement. While he is still alive, he is in a coma for the rest of his unnatural life, and so is now a veg.
    +Xykon nicked Red's cloak, but didn't want to give up his own really stylish cloak, so he is wearing it as a turban. It has the same powers as when Red was wearing it, minus the clerical spells, as Xykon isn't a cleric.
    +Neither parties have any lackies, like summoned devils or undead.
    +Malack is wearing a positive energy ring as a toe-ring, and so can halve Xykon's HP with a toe attack.
    +If the fight goes on for 6 minutes, then Belkars of all races will fly in from all direction, punishing both parties involved with instant death.
    +Malack can use his bottle to summon Krampus once during the battle, for two rounds.

    And there we have it. Who do YOU think will win? Also, if you think you have an idea about how the battle would go, and who would do what and when, then please feel free to write below.

    Quote Originally Posted by Luna_Mayflower View Post
    My dreams have been proven to provide "end time prophetic insights". No time to hold.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vinyadan View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by 137ben View Post
    What? I feel betrayed! All these years I thought Luna was nice
    Spoiler: Image
    Quote Originally Posted by The Giant View Post
    Responding to stress with rudeness is not the same as responding to stress with genocide.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unavenger View Post
    I mean, yeah, the fact that animate dead on a corpse is Evil, animate objects on the same corpse is nothing, and animate with the spirit on the same corpse is not just Good but Exalted is part of the sticking point for alignment making sense, here.
    Quote Originally Posted by Unavenger View Post
    Also, "Good is harder than evil" isn't even an unreasonable point. It would take years to build something that I can destroy in minutes, decades to nurture a person who I could kill in seconds, millenia to build a society that an army can tear down in a few days, and aeons to build up a world that we are destroying in decades and can potentially annihilate in two hours flat. Of course it is easier to do evil than it is to do good.

    My main gripe with the "Cosmological balance tilts" or "Pollution" or whatever arguments isn't that, and it's not that they're never actually represented mechanically and therefore it's hard to argue that they're actually relevant anyway. No, my main problem with them is that they're platitudinous coverups for a system that glorifies disproportionate posthumous retribution and stipulates a variety of moral tenets that now make even WotC themselves, who wrote the damn things, recoil in disgust.
    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosOS View Post
    I think Durkon might feel dwarfed by Maxrah's demands
    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Raziere View Post

    Thats your point of view. you view it as an escape from killing people for hateful reasons.

    but for some people its just a reminder that they happen at all. its too similar and they'd prefer an escape where no one is killed for hateful reasons. your not going to persuade them with that line of reasoning. you'll never sell them on "the escape is that prejudice is good in this world" because they want to escape from prejudice entirely see?

    like, why are trying to sell me an opportunity to hate something in the first place? I don't want to feel hate for things. thats a negative emotion. I don't have some desire deep down to hate something at the first excuse. I don't need some substitute to hate so that I don't hate real people, I just don't hate. There is no reason for me to think thats beneficial or that its an escape I want. This offer of an escape is mystifying to me, because if I want to escape, escaping to an emotion I've been taught my entire life is bad is not really something I want.

    List of webcomics I follow.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Tables out of date.
    Spoiler: Werwolf stuffs by role
    Role Times played
    Narrator 2
    Wolf 1
    Neutral 1
    Devil 1
    Fool 1
    Vortexer 1
    Alpha 1
    Villager 1
    Mason 1

    Spoiler: Werewolf stuffs by game
    All games I have been in chronologically:
    Game Role Killed Outcome
    Turf War Tubber (Wolf) Day 6 Loss
    Typical WW Wolf Vortexer Day 8 Loss
    Cat Fight Neutral (Tortured Reinholdt) Night 3 Loss
    Minecraft Narrator Nope. Win?
    Dethy Tournament Insane cop Day 1 Win
    Werewolf Classic Devil Day 3 Win
    Phantom of the Opera Phantom (Alpha) Day 6 Loss
    Awesomenauts Jungle Creep (Villager) Day 4 Loss
    Careless Investigation 1, 3 5, 10 -
    My Little Townie - - -
    Toy Story Mafia - - -
    Middle Earth Gimli (Mason) Night 7 Loss
    WW Classified Narrator Nope. Win?
    Deserted Island

    Spoiler: Other Structured Games
    Game Stuff Stuff Stuff Stuff
    RPS 5 3rd Place 4th Betting
    CoA XIV Game Died
    RAF XXXIII Dead Phase 1
    Playground Squares Wins Here
    Roll to dodge Participant

    Spoiler: Quotes
    My first ever townie points!
    Quote Originally Posted by Penguinator View Post
    Duck999 gets townie points.
    Quote Originally Posted by TFT on quicktopic
    Oh no, Duck999 is a mason.

    How can I possibly suspect you of being a wolf now? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post

    Duck: Mason. A really shifty mason, but a confirmed role nonetheless.

    Slii: Slii is town. He looks better than Duck even with that mason claim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TFT on quicktopic
    Oh no, Duck999 is a mason.

    How can I possibly suspect you of being a wolf now? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post
    Duck: Mason. A really shifty mason, but a confirmed role nonetheless.

    Slii: Slii is town. He looks better than Duck even with that mason claim.

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    (n) A particular place.

    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Stupendous avatar by Grinner.

    A quote.
    Another. By the same person!
    And a third.
    A song

    Dm of the Holy D20, and founder of The church of the D20

    I'm in and running 13 games. I'm going to update on a basis of every third day.
    I will never quit on a game. I may be gone for months, but I'll be back.

    Best thing ever said about me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vedhin View Post
    Also, I want to say something extolling you for running so many amazing games, but even my expansive lexicon is not encompassing of superlatives sufficient to achieve this accomplishment.

    Best thing said in one of my games.*

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Dancealot View Post
    Pah. Manly Sword. This sword has so many x chromosomes, it'll give you a sex change.

    Here we go. All easy to access.
    Only a tad too long too, which bothers me. Grrrrrrrr....
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    Washed up Gm in the Playground

    Quote Originally Posted by BrokenChord View Post
    This seems like a level of crazy-talk only you could accomplish.
    Quote Originally Posted by T-Mick View Post
    ... I've played a few games with D20ragon as GM in the past, and I have to vouch for his skill - he's an excellent writer, his world-building is top-notch ... and his games are, while sometimes too ambitious, some of the most fun to be had on these boards.
    avatar by the marvelous asdflove

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    This is the newcomer to the Nexus Sig box. The Nexus OOC post might be an old one, but the other links should be up to date. The IRC chat is really friendly, so don't be shy!

    Spoiler: Interested in Nexus FFRP? Newcomers welcome!
    FFRP Faqs |Nexus Faqs | Nexus IRC Chat
    We're friendly! Join the fun!
    Ext. Sig.

    Stuff below this line is just my own crap

    Spoiler: Quotation Rotation

    "Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common."
    ― Dorothy Parker

    "The best things in life are free. The second best things are very, very expensive."
    ~Coco Chanel

    "You don't have to be pretty. You don't owe prettiness to anyone...Prettiness is not a rent you pay for occupying a space marked 'female'"
    ~Erin McKean


    "We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back."
    ~Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize 2014

    "A corporation is not a person unless I can punch it in the face for being a jackass."
    ~Nick Harkaway

    In three words, I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on.
    ~Robert Frost

    You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection

    In times like these, it's helpful to remember that there have always been times like these.
    ~Paul Harvey

    A world of trials,
    and if the cherry blossoms,
    it simply blossoms
    ~ Issa

    We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.
    ~ Kenji Miyazawa

    There can only be one Beatles. That doesn't mean other people shouldn't make music.

    "The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why."
    ~Mark Twain

    "Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it."

    ~ Maya Angelou

    "Money cannot buy health, but I'd settle for a diamond-studded wheelchair."
    ― Dorothy Parker

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    Is it okay to skip me? Probably.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TuggyNE View Post
    That's a RAW abuse. Fortunately, like many RAW abuses, it has its counter built in by way of more stupid RAW: tripping does not, in fact, cause you to fall.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Avatars
    Jill (Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn) By Kymme

    Samurai (Final Fantasy Tactics) By MethosH

    Unit-02 (Neon Genesis Evangelion) By smuchmuch

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Danakir
    I think my pilot should be dealt her horrible traumatic damage in Rending type. What do you guys think? :)
    Quote Originally Posted by Regalus
    Because by AdEva standards being hit by a car and left crippled is nowhere near traumatic enough.
    Quote Originally Posted by Danakir
    I wonder what's the count at for the "Crim questions the life choices that lead him to this moment" tally so far.
    Steel Mirror: When Lex's army of Sammy clones derived from her toothbrush DNA arrives,
    Gargulec: Crimson.
    Gargulec: Madly.
    Gargulec: As he claws his eyes out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Babel Matrix
    Our comedy as an entropic force? That's just pseudoscience-y enough to work on this show...
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Duck's Avatars
    Spoiler: Avatars!
    Thank you Kymme
    Thank you Iron Penguin
    Thank you Cuthalion
    Thank you Madcrafter
    Bradakhan drew this:
    Edited Iron Penguin's to match Rain Week:
    More thanks to Cuthalion
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    Avatar made by Bradakhan| Other avatars.
    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by TFT on quicktopic
    Oh no, Duck999 is a mason.

    How can I possibly suspect you of being a wolf now? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post
    Duck: Mason. A really shifty mason, but a confirmed role nonetheless.

    Slii: Slii is town. He looks better than Duck even with that mason claim.

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    I am a...
    Weapon (which can hypothetically become my other Weapon)

    Spoiler: Avatars not in use
    Nalin Fiendborn the Magus, by Ceika

    Nalin as a different kind of Magus, also by Ceika

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by LoyalPaladin View Post
    Did I ever tell you that you are my favorite playgrounder Keledrath.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xalos View Post
    You were the someone

    Quote Originally Posted by QuickLyRaiNbow View Post
    Campaign settings are fluff. That's what they are. They're big fluffy beds for the Player's Handbook and the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual, and sometimes, when people feel like gettin' kinky, the Psionics Handbook, to roll around in. The idea that there's some crunchy switch that you have to flip before your campaign can be Officially Forgotten Realms or Officially Dragonlance or Officially Dark Sun or, hell, Officially Takes Place In That World Jaqueline Carey Writes That Definitely Isn't Basically 1400s History We Promise... that idea is absurd.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven777 View Post
    Which is why you tell your Simulacrum-of-yourself assistant to get the Helm of Opposite Alignment ready before asking your Control-Undead-Vampire assistant to proceed with the biting. Experimental procedures are made to be followed, folks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Flickerdart View Post
    Jedipotter, here's a helpful link for after you've read that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keledrath View Post
    Hello Yas. Look at your character. Now back the zombie in front of the gate. Now back at your character. Now back to the zombie.
    Luckily, it isn't you, but if you try to poison me and I live through it, you could look like it.
    Look down, now back up. Where are you? You're in a city with the corpse your character could look like.
    What's in your hand? Now back to me. I have a heavy flail I know how to use. Look again. The flail is now smiting.
    Anything is possible when your character doesn't try to poison the Paladin.
    I'm on a horse in three levels.

    Quote Originally Posted by Segev View Post
    The Far Realms are Apple programs trying to run on your Android device, and being aggressive about trying to physically re-wire the hardware to suit them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Xaroth View Post
    Sweet korean jesus on a motorbike that's amazing. Thanks!
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
    Racist magical blimps.
    Quote Originally Posted by JaronK View Post
    Of course, the Wizard class still had more power than the Fighter class, so his Tier ranking was the same. But that power was being used to, well, suck. And Tier 1s are good at everything. Even sucking if they want. Frankly, a Wizard can suck even more than a Fighter could ever dream of sucking. A Fighter can stab himself to death, but only a Wizard could Plane Shift to some horrible far realm to be tortured for an eternity of insanity.

    Quote Originally Posted by willpell View Post
    Only playing Tier 1s is like only eating in five-star restaurants...even if you can afford such a diet, gorrammit sometimes I just want a cheeseburger and some frogurt. Why limit yourself?

    The Mutant, a Pathfinder Base Class for those who have always wanted to play with the Eidolon's Evolutions without the baggage of a Summoner

    Sphere Occultist, converting an interesting idea into a system where it works.

    The Condemned, a port of 3.5's Hellbred. Now with added functionality!

    Sarkans, a Dragontouched Race for PF

    Warforged Templates!

    The Purifier, A Path of War PrC based on League of Legends

    The Adrenal Savant

    And things not worthy of their own thread

    Sig if you love Jade_Tarem
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    I follow a general rule: better to ask and be told no than not to ask at all.

    Shadeblight by KennyPyro

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    King Tius's Current Characters

    Campaign World
    Finley d'Orien Human Rogue A Life Well Lived 5e Eberron Gorgon_Heap Super Secret Spy
    G'Noosh Half-Orc Druid The Equinox Wars 3.5 Homebrew Jopustopin Shillelagh or bust
    Gudrun Fellhorn Lesser Tiefling Duskblade Megadungeon D 3.5 Homebrew Malimar Go ahead, say "Lesser" Tiefling to her face
    Sojan d'Denieth Human Dragon Shaman Sunless Citadel 3.5 Eberron Jopustopin Powered by his Dragonmark...literally
    Wrex Volaar Hobgoblin Crusader The Red Hand of Doom 3.5 Eberron RaggedAngel A Klingon with a spiked chain and a bone to pick
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    My Characters

    Sanity Check: IC OOC
    Age of Worms in Eberron IC OOC

    Quote Originally Posted by mshady View Post
    Not sure of the details, I trust in King.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaggedAngel View Post
    "Hello, there. You seem to be in the middle of something overtly magical. Is this a bad time to talk?"
    Drawing OOTS Avatars Guide

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Games I'm currently in or GM'ing:

    As player: not on this thread at the moment

    As GM: Frost Lingers [Godbound]
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    Lu'ciel, First Age Sorcerer-King of the Unconquered Sun avatar by linkele. many thanks to the person

    Extended List of Games I'm in or GM'ing

    My homebrew setting: Raeus

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    My Games

    Games I Run

    The Beginning Pokemon Tabletop United In a post-apocalyptic world a band of survivors struggles to gain an edge over the strange beasts that now roam the world.
    Team Rocket: The Next Generation Pokemon Tabletop United Fifteen years after the events of the previous Team Rocket, Ethan Halsey sends a small band of elite trainers to explore a new continent rife with new dangers and Pokemon.

    Games I Play

    Campaign Setting
    Aeon City Mutants and Masterminds 3e Cupid A superhero with dazzling good looks and the ability to make people fall madly in love with him due to his bow and is really just in it for the money. TheSapientOne Freedomverse
    Miracle Men Mutants and Masterminds 3e Second Shooter An aged sniper who was been in the business since long before you were born and is currently on a superpowered squad in order to get out of prison. TheSapientOne Freedomverse
    The Beast Within Pokemon Tabletop United Fawkes Theysson A minor noble who hopes to work his way up in the court until he is eventually able to usurp the current king. MesiDoomstalker Aatos
    Emerald City Knights Mutants and Masterminds 3e Kadabra A scared boy who, following the Silver Storm, gains the powerful ability to teleport himself and others. Dudeons Freedomverse
    To Be a Master - Bright Futures Pokemon Tabletop United Pitch Stevens A "reformed" sociopath that will stop at nothing to become the Pokemon League Champion. King_of_GRiffins Dunia
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    Props to Ceika for the new and improved avatar!

    Spoiler: Quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by IrnBruAddict
    Yeah, but Arcran is the GM. Can we be sure of anything?
    Quote Originally Posted by IrnBruAddict
    I always picture Arc as LE, with CE tendancies
    Quote Originally Posted by Espirit15
    Arc is a good GM. Evil, but a good GM

    Spoiler: Current Games

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    The Archive of Random Witticisms

    Every so often, I will post another one of these in my sig. In case you missed one and you really wanted to read more of them, there's going to be an archive of them here.

    The first rule of unarmed combat: Don't be unarmed.
    The second rule of unarmed combat: Don't be in combat.
    If machineguns aren't working, you need more machineguns.
    The key to the survival of humans is that so few of them realise what a terrible thing it is to survive.
    One who is taught by riddles shall learn only in guesses.
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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by bjoern View Post
    Just like the reds apple ale commercial.

    A guys walking along and someone zings a spell book at his head.


    thinks about it

    "I know magic"

    Or kung fu, depending on which reference is more suitable.
    Quote Originally Posted by erradin View Post
    The earth is restored, as well as all of the people that used to be on it. The only thing the people seem able to remember about the event is Backwaterj.
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarlet Knight View Post
    Nice job, Backwaterj! Now how are we going to proceed after that? I can't even...I just can't...
    Spoiler: Current Characters
    Lark, strongheart halfling chainfighter/crusader of Tymora (Red Hand of Doom/Cyclopean Deeps)
    "It is clearly the Lady's divine will that we go . . ." *flips coin* "this way!"

    Stormcrow, human cyber-ranger/ex-shaman with amnesia (Shadowrun 4e)
    "Enough of this superstitious mumbo-jumbo. Let's get to some **** that makes sense!"

    Sumasqi Ek'lhamae, deep imaskari duskblade (Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Zhentil Keep)
    "Well, whether this is the work of the Netherese or some other planomancy altogether, it's certainly substandard. Frankly, I expected better of the Great Demon Prince."

    Banshee, elf technoshaman, currently operating by proxy via a military-grade spy drone named Alice (Shadowrun 4e)
    (texting god) "In the meantime, think on this: could you make a rock so big you yourself couldn't move it? And if so, could I give it a go?"

    Tarrog Fleshrend, feral gray orc totemist (Slumbering Tsar 3-man, 'cause we're crazy that way. )
    "You're not as useless as you appear, elf. I don't think I'll eat you today."

    Thorvald Maginnis, dwarven arcane trickster (unnamed 3.5 campaign)
    *pounds empty bottle on table* "Oy, wench! They don't pay ye t'look pretty! An' a good thing that be!"

    Seraph NT-063, Xellarian battle mech piloted by rabbit-sized insectoid pilot (Stellar University on Discord)
    "What's a macroid?"
    "It is the term we use on Xellaris to describe biological entities of immense size and strength such as yourselves. When we first encountered macroid cultures we were . . . amazed. Imagine meeting for the first time biological entities the size and shape of . . . spacecraft? Is this the correct term?"

    Spoiler: Characters "On Hiatus"
    Brand (Kevlin Delmar), halfling thrower (Rappan Athuk mk I)
    "That's not a human-sized greatsword, that's ammunition!"

    Nocturne (Junea Delmar), halfling ecoterrorist druid (Rappan Athuk mk I)
    "But for the races of man there is no such balance. They band together, build cities of brick and stone and the flesh of trees far older than their civilizations, and they make war upon all that keeps the world healthy. They have made themselves immune to the balance that governs the natural world. Or so they would like to think."

    Grannarg Mot'leth, half-orc hexblade and Gruumsh devotee (Rappan Athuk mk I - yes, I killed a lot of characters in this campaign)
    "I do not respond to dwarven clerics of debauchery or elves who cannot spell a simple orcish name correctly, and I make no apologies for provoking the dragon who would have killed you all. If a glass bowl is worth more than your pathetic lives I will gladly take the latter."

    Lriyhani "Moonscar" Al-Saryhim, drow sword dancer/priestess of Eilistraee (Rappan Athuk mk II)
    "We face the laughter, indeed embrace it as one of the kinder fates to befall those of us who choose the path of the Dark Maiden. Should the laughter turn to hatred that burns as the noonday sun then we face that as well, knowing our Lady dances with us even in the brightest day."

    Leannith Av'laraek, maenad dragonborn Knight of Bahamut (Sons of Gruumsh)
    "By the blessed breath of Bahamut, show yourselves, cowards!" *turns to teammates* "What do you mean you were trying to sneak up? Surely you have more honor than that!"

    Spoiler: My Games

    As GM:

    Waiting on that lazy GM to get his act together: Freeholders (3.5 monstrous gestalt)

    Untitled (Eberron 3.5, multiple character sets, home group, on hiatus due to friends running other stuff)

    As a player:

    Shadowrun 4.0 (home group, 2 campaigns)

    Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk Zhentil Keep 3.5 (home group)

    Slumbering Tsar

    Cyclopean Deeps apparently we like Frog God.

    Spoiler: Parade of Avatars!

    Left to right: Lriyhani, Lark, Sumasqi, Banshee/Alice, the Abotar, Seraph

    What's that you say? Recruiting for an interesting PBP? Drop me a line!
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    "In reality perfection isn't really what we want, so we just throw words at the page and we call it a masterpiece if any part of it fits." -Schmidt

    Monstrous law. Human slaves. Feuding dragons. And the evil elven empire. Freeholders, coming soonTM.

    Hey look, a thing!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker

    I Am A: Neutral Good Human Sorcerer (2nd Level)
    Ability Scores:

    Quote Originally Posted by Phelix-Mu View Post
    I'm picturing a scaley woman with flaming-red, spikey hair with an apron. With a wand of unseen servant and an item of continual mage hand to hold utensils and crack eggs, she makes her husband breakfast. With EB she kills the rat that's been getting into the garbage. With her dragon breath, she flame broils the steak of her significant other. With her Str-rating, she never needs help opening pickle jars.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cazero View Post
    Because Pun-pun was on the road to ultimate power first, and he hates your guts.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tohsaka Rin View Post
    Role playing is like riding on a bus.
    If you sit in the back, and act cool, nobody is going to talk to you.
    You've gotta get in the middle and interact.
    Quote Originally Posted by dascarletm View Post
    I1: Hey Joshulhu, I just had a brilliant idea, squid-bro.
    I2: Like um what is it Cthad?
    Cthad: Like we should totally make a golem.... out of brains.
    Joshulhu: Woaah. That's like so smart... this is giving me the extracties, pass me that drow.

    Favorite Homebrews

    Rudisplorkers' Guild members

    Threadnaught: The current High Rudisplorker, master of all Rudisplorking. The founder and leader of the Rudisplorkers' Guild.
    Grod_The_Giant: The first Rudisplorker, slayer of the unjust.
    Kazudo: The inventor of Rudisplorking, king of the sane.
    Keledrath: The great Rudisplorkian, knower of Rudisplork.
    FidgetySquirrel: The unknowable Rudisplorker, summoner of Orcus.
    kellbyb: The clone Rudisplorker, doppelganger of Threadnaught.
    ddude: Rudisplorkling of the Guild, the youngest of us, may his Rudisplorking be legendary.
    Orcus: Summoner of Rudisplorkers, our eternal ally in the Rudisplorking against Cheaters.
    Roland St. Jude: Let not his Rudisplork fool you, this is Orcus when he Rudisplorks.
    Oddman80: Rudisplork Captain, Rudisplorker of Cheaters our foul enemies.
    chaotic stupid: Rudisplorkrous judge, seeker of Rudisplork for all.
    Torrasque666: Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker
    Irk: Adjudicator of Rudisplorking, Judge, Jury, and Rudisplorker
    SaintRidley: Linguist and Invoker of Orcus of the Rudisplorker's Guild
    golentan rudisplorking title currently being rudisplorked
    MetaMyconid: no rudisplorker title as of yet
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    Rudisplorker of the faith, true Rudisplorker
    Quote Originally Posted by Cazero View Post
    Because Pun-pun was on the road to ultimate power first, and he hates your guts.
    Extended Sig

    I'm a template!

    And an artifact!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Welcome to my not-so-long signature!

    15370262 328. This is here for a reason.

    Spoiler: Quotes!
    Quote Originally Posted by Razanir View Post
    "I am a human sixtyfourthling! Fear my minimal halfling ancestry!"
    Quote Originally Posted by Zweisteine View Post
    A halfling must be a half-ling human... So the real question is, what is a Ling?
    Halflings are merfolk!

    Free flight for all levels!

    Spoiler: Pictures!
    It really sucks that so many Photobucket links are breaking.
    There used to be a few more at gorbashkazdar dot com/sosbanner/, but that website has died.

    Useful links

    How to play a monster.

    Amuse me

    An Allegory, now with tiers!

    My work

    I created (but never finished) Giantitp's first 5e fighter fix!

    Here I made bunch of quick homebrew for 5e, mostly regarding Eberron.

    My project to update Eberron for 5e. Canceled for the foreseeable future, because I'm not good at turning ideas (even complete ones) into formatted stuff to put on the internet. However, you may be interested in Unearthed Arcana: Eberron (direct link to pdf), which is an official draft of some Eberron material for 5e.


    D&D is an allegory for Star Trek!
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    Jon Snow and Ghost avatar (not currently in use) by Gurgleflep 15370262 328.
    How to play a monster.

    I am currently Very Busy, and having limited D&D activity, so I am currently inactive.
    I got a long signature!
    DFTBA! Smilies!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Creations I've made for Avatar Theme Weeks:

    Spoiler: Fey Week

    Spoiler: Elemental Week

    Spoiler: Steampunk Week

    Avatar Theme Week RP

    My Avatar Theme Week Character
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    I've got inkscape and I'm not afraid to use it!

    Extended Sig full of avatary goodness!

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    LGBTitP, Furry & European
    My Player's Profile
    Avatar by Sirodbcollie from Twitter[/URL]

    Version: 3.1
    GB/S d? s-:- a-- C++ UL P? L+++() !E !W+(++)>$ !N o? K-? !w--- O? !M V? PS++>$ PE-(--) !Y PGP? !t !5 !X R+ tv b+(++)>$ DI !D G e>$ h-- r-- y?
    ------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------

    Favored quote:
    In the most Biblical sense,
    I am beyond repentance
    Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
    But in the cultural sense
    I just speak in future tense
    Judas, kiss me if offenced,
    Or wear an ear condom next time

    Lady Gaga

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    LGBTitP, Furry 🐾, European 🇪🇺 & Schizophreniac ♿, possibly a Weirdo 😜
    Fursona by Sirodbcollie from Twitter
    My long singature

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    Default Re: Long Signature Thread

    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by obryn View Post
    If "dude doing ninja rolls with a pair of hand crossbows and shooting the hell out of monsters" is wrong, I never want to be right.
    Quote Originally Posted by pwykersotz View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by ImperiousLeader View Post
    How does a street kid get a 50gp diamond?
    Step 1: Find a wealthy person.
    Step 2: Pick their pocket.
    Step 3: If they didn't notice you, enjoy your new spell! If they did, enjoy testing your new spell!
    Quote Originally Posted by HorridElemental View Post
    You say unwanted attention, I hear chunks of XP.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eslin View Post
    You wouldn't believe how many plans would be improved with 'first, teleport into a star'

    And the point of being a conjurer isn't throwing physics out the window, it's throwing physics at people you don't like =D
    Quote Originally Posted by Galen View Post
    3.5E, 4E: "Here, we made a rule for his - but feel free to ignore it if you want."
    5E: "We didn't make a rule for this - because we trust you to be able to decide for yourself."

    And you know what, I kind of like this mindset.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shining Wrath View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Strill View Post
    Say I get swallowed by the Tarrasque. I then put a portable hole into a bag of holding. Sure we're both drawn into the Astral plane, but the Tarrasque was sucked through the portal insides first, so he comes out the other side inside out. Isn't this a foolproof way of defeating the Tarrasque?

    Also, this is a really neat way to conceptualize the implications of four-dimensional space.
    This may in fact be the single most dramatic way of committing suicide ever.
    Quote Originally Posted by Strill View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by infinitetech View Post
    [on rapid growth in limited space] the release would be like hitting someone with a blood variant of a water jet rock cutter
    Quote Originally Posted by Gnaeus View Post
    If it doesn't make sense to use your space Legos with your medieval Legos, then don't. I just want more cool building blocks, and I will use the ones I like.
    Quote Originally Posted by eastmabl View Post
    So what you are saying is that not everyone was kung fu fighting, regardless of the elemental speed of their fists?
    Quote Originally Posted by Slipperychicken View Post
    There are laser guns in the DMG, brain-eating green aliens in the MM, and the PHB has a whole character archetype built around making deal with cthulhu to get magic lasers.

    I don't think lightsabers are much of a stretch here.
    Quote Originally Posted by CantigThimble View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Flashy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Troacctid View Post
    Personally I'd be psyched if they brought back None of the Above. I played a Human None of the Above 10/Fighter 2 in my very first campaign, and it would be super-nostalgic if I could bring that character over to 5e.
    Why the Fighter dip?
    Because the coward guacamole smelled kinda old.
    Quote Originally Posted by JellyPooga View Post
    All it takes to work for McGoodberries is an intensive outdoor training programme and to sell your soul...

    My Campaigns:
    System: Campaign Name: Time Frame: Role: Status:
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    D&D 3.5 -- 2012-2013 ??? Retired
    D&D 3e The LERG, part 1: Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Roleplaying Gentlemen 2012-2013 DM, Levels 1-9 Retired
    D&D 3e The LERG, part 2 2013 ???, Human Wizard 5 Killed by inept bomb defusal team
    D&D 3e The LERG, part 3: Aleschwitz 2013-2014 Thamior Liadon, Elf Druid 8 Retired
    D&D 5e The Shattered Skies 2014 Basil Birch, Woodnymph Floran Lore Bard 1 Retired
    D&D 5e The LERG, part 4: The Defenders of Stormfast 2014- DM, Levels 1-5 Active
    D&D 5e Adumbral Tarris 2014- Bronn Haleheart, War Cleric 10 Retired
    D&D 5e When Armies Clash 2015 DM, Level 1 Retired
    D&D 5e The LERG, part 3.5: Army of Three 2015- DM, Levels 1-4;
    Meeso Orney (aka Baggo Deex, aka Jeeves), Human Death Cleric 4
    On Hiatus
    D&D 5e 5th Edition low-level game 2015- DM, Level 3 Active
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    Spoiler: The Playground
    Quote Originally Posted by Mauve Shirt View Post
    The questions people make threads for on this forum just keep getting weirder and weirder.

    Spoiler: Misc.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sunfall View Post
    We used to joke around with a shifter changing to Blue Whale form while engaging in combat with his enemies - in a small room. Splat.

    Spoiler: Me
    Quote Originally Posted by TFT on quicktopic
    Oh no, Duck999 is a mason.

    How can I possibly suspect you of being a wolf now? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post
    Duck: Mason. A really shifty mason, but a confirmed role nonetheless.

    Slii: Slii is town. He looks better than Duck even with that mason claim.
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    Spoiler: Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by TFT on quicktopic
    Oh no, Duck999 is a mason.

    How can I possibly suspect you of being a wolf now? :(

    Quote Originally Posted by Legato Endless View Post
    Duck: Mason. A really shifty mason, but a confirmed role nonetheless.

    Slii: Slii is town. He looks better than Duck even with that mason claim.

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    Spoiler: Characters

    Spoiler: Avatars
    Mithril by CoffeeIncluded
    Current Avatar of Badger from Runite's Rise: Tales of Aequar by Lucy

    Spoiler: Spell List

    Spell List:
    0 (4):
    Detect Magic
    Read Magic
    Mage Hand
    Vampiric Touch
    Magic Missile
    Magic Missile
    Burning Hands
    See Invisibility
    Acid Arrow
    Acid Arrow
    Dispel Magic
    Dimension Door

    Spoiler: Magic Items (Charges and Rules)

    Spoiler: Mithril

    Spoiler: Belt of Healing (3/3)
    Healing Belt Changes Admirals Ruling
    1 charge: Heals 2d6 points of damage.
    2 charges: Heals 3d6 points of damage.
    3 charges: Heals 4d6 points of damage.

    Spoiler: Wands
    Wand of Magic Missile (28/50) Level 3
    Wand of Magic Missile (50/50) Level 3
    Wand of Dawn Burst (50/50) Level 4

    Spoiler: Rods
    Rod of Empower Spell, lesser (2/3)
    Rod of Enlarge Spell, lesser (3/3)

    Circlet of Mages (1/3)

    Spoiler: Badger
    Boots of Swift Passage (5/5): Teleport 20ft as move action
    Hat of Disguise: Works as disguise self
    Efficent Quiver: Stores arrows and some weapons inside

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    Spoiler: About Me
    Spoiler: Beliefs
    I'm going to try and sum up my beliefs in writing as best as I can.

    The world, the universe, is a place that seeks balance. Everything has an antithesis, a polar opposite. We understand the world in the equal, yet opposite ideas that make it up. Up, down, left, right, forward, backward, past, future, good, evil, order, chaos, yes, no, summer, winter, spring, autumn, hot, cold, simple, complex. Everything exists on a line measured between two extreme points that oppose each other.

    Don't believe it? Republican, Democrat. Freedom, security. Tolerant, intolerant. Enemy, friend. You're with me, or against me. It's either the death penalty, or letting murderers walk the streets. We turn everything, every issue, every argument, into black and white, trying to ignore the gray areas, the points somewhere between the two extremes that make up most of the world. Some people think that listening to the argument's of others opens you to being "corrupted" by their ideas. It's not about that: it's about understanding.

    "If you don't know your opponent's argument, you don't fully understand your own."

    I've spent my life listening to the arguments of others. I've listened, watched, and waited for a chance to speak, while those who have never listened prattled on about subjects they themselves didn't fully understand. Ignorance and intolerance irk me something fierce. I try to represent multiple points of view in my writing, to present different arguments in the hopes of bringing others to some epiphany regarding their own beliefs.

    I try to listen to the arguments of others, in an attempt to gain more knowledge, more understanding, so that I can try and find the truth of things as best as I can.

    The universe seeks balance, and the only way to reach it is to argue the issues while only seeking the truth, rather than attempting to further our own agendas. We should be concerned with what is best for everyone; while screwing people over financially doesn't help anyone except big business, if we support everyone in every way, they never learn to take care of themselves, only learning to rely on others to make it through life.

    Maybe those of you that read this agree with me. Maybe you think I'm nuts. Maybe you're right.

    But what if we could all work together? What if we could embrace the differences that separate us, celebrate our diversity? What if we could use all these different view points to reach the Truth, to help everyone enjoy their lives financially, spiritually, emotionally?

    I think that would be a beautiful thing.

    Spoiler: Online Quizzes
    I am a...

    True Neutral Human Wizard 1/Bard 1
    Strength 13/Dexterity 13/Constitution 11/Intelligence 18/Wisdom 12/Charisma 13

    Spoiler: Comics I read
    All links lead to the first page of the comic. Potentially NSFW comics will be marked as such.

    Spoiler: Blaster Nation (Occasionally NSFW)
    Blaster Nation (Occasionally NSFW)

    Follow the day-to-day lives of a bunch of gamers with personalities across the spectrum; there's interesting storylines and interesting characters. Occasionally NSFW.
    Spoiler: Blue Milk Special
    Blue Milk Special

    Star Wars parody comic. About as funny as that sounds; if it's your kind of thing, I suggest checking it out.
    Spoiler: Collar6 (NSFW)
    Collar6 (NSFW)

    BDSM comic. Story occasionally shows signs of becoming interesting, or that it's going to delve into deeper issues, but mostly it just makes sex jokes. And if that's all you wanted, you won't be disappointed.
    Spoiler: d20 Monkey
    d20 Monkey

    The day-to-day story of a DM and his gaming group. More interesting and funny than I'm making it sound.
    Spoiler: Eerie Cuties
    Eerie Cuties

    It's a school for monsters. There's sort of an ongoing story, and the character's are sort of interesting, and it's sometimes pretty funny...I don't know. I like it, though, no matter how unfocused it may appear at times. Or be at times.
    Spoiler: Flipside

    Follow the adventures of a jester girl and her friends in a magical world with strict heroes and strange villains. A wonderful story with some bits of humor mixed in amongst the character development.
    Spoiler: Grrl Power
    Grrl Power

    A superhero comic with an author that's actually thought super-powers through and followed them to semi-logical conclusions. An interesting story with a fairly dependable update schedule and a lot of humor. Constantly plays with tropes and the audience's expectations.
    Spoiler: Head Trip
    Head Trip

    Self-insert comic that has a rather dark sense of humor at times. There are isolated storylines, but it's mostly a gag-a-day kind of comic.
    Spoiler: Luci Phurr's Imps
    Luci Phurr's Imps

    Three imps accidentally get contracted to serve a little girl for all eternity. Continuous story with the feel of a gag-a-day comic.
    Spoiler: Magellan

    Follow the story of a group of superhero cadets in training as they make their way through the super-powered world around them.
    Spoiler: Misfile

    An angel misfiles some things in heaven and screws up a couple of mortal lives. Now the three of them have to live with the changes until he can fix them. A rather interesting premise that takes some time up front to set it up, with a rather interesting story to accompany it.
    Spoiler: Not A Villain
    Not A Villain

    Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk universe with it's own version of the Matrix, as well a widely feared group of terrorist hackers. The gripping story follows the life of one particular girl as she tries to make her way through life without attracting too much attention.
    Spoiler: OoTS

    D&D comic following the Order of the Stick in their quest to save the world. It pokes fun at the rules; it proves and disproves various tropes; it breaks the 4th wall quite often; it's linked in the sidebar on the left. Also, it's awesome.
    Spoiler: Pieces of Eights
    Pieces of Eights

    The adventures of a fully fleshed-out Chaotic Neutral character and her adventuring crew. Listen to their tale (told entirely via giant flashback so far) as they fight for their lives, their gold, and their friends.
    Spoiler: Questionable Content
    Questionable Content

    Follow the day-to-day adventures of some Indie dude and his friends. Okay, it's a lot more interesting than that makes it sound. And yeah, the artwork's improved a lot since it started. Just give it a go, okay?
    Spoiler: Schlock Mercenary
    Schlock Mercenary

    A comedic space opera centered around a band of mercenaries. Needless to say, the artwork has improved phenomenally since it started, and the story is usually quite entertaining (although the pacing can make the 4 panels once-a-day seem rather slow at times).
    Spoiler: Selkie

    Follow the day-to-day lives of a man and his young, adopted, mermaid daughter. It's much more interesting than I'm making it sound; by all means, check it out.
    Spoiler: Sinfest

    Gag-a-day strip that has produced a fairly continuous storyline in recent years. Fair warning: at some point, the author began less-than-subtly pushing a particular political message with their comic. Whether you agree with the message or not, the author is presenting it in a way that seems more likely to make people resent and reject the issue, rather than calmly and logically discuss it and come to a conclusion.
    Spoiler: Something*Positive (Occasionally NSFW)
    Something*Positive (Occasionally NSFW)

    A semi-self-insert comic with a wonderful (sometimes/often dark) sense of humor, interesting characters, and an intriguing storyline. Occasionally NSFW, depending on how strict your workplace is; nobody goes past 2nd base on screen (from what I remember), but jokes like the first comic up there occur often enough to make this questionable, and occasionally it goes even further.

    And for those of you who've read it that disagree, I'd like to remind you of a few characters you might have forgotten about: among others, there's Mike's "friends" the redneck trees, the mobs of ferocious catgirls (and their first victim), and Rippy the Razor.
    Spoiler: Sore Thumbs
    Sore Thumbs

    the continuous story of a video game store and the people who run it. It takes a little while to get to that point, though. Once again, the author has given the characters some rather...obvious political leanings, and it seems clear which one the author favors. It occasionally pokes fun at the authors favored character, but it hardly evens things up. If you tend to lean in the direction of the unfavored character, you might not enjoy it. I've found the comic to be particularly amusing quite often; if you can ignore the political stuff, it's pretty good (especially the Jimmy Peterford storyline).
    Spoiler: Spinnerette

    An accident in the science lab gives a teenage student spider powers, which they use to fight crime in their home city while hiding their new abilities from their friends and family. Less of a Spider-Man ripoff than it sounds. It's funny, the characters are all interesting, and the storylines are rather gripping at times.
    Spoiler: The Nonadventures of Wonderella
    The Nonadventures of Wonderella

    A gag-a-day parody of superhero comics. Wonderella: a True Neutral superheroine in all her glory.
    Spoiler: Two Guys and Guy
    Two Guys and Guy

    Another comic with rather improved artwork, this is a gag-a-day comic centered around three less-than-normal people and the weirdness that holds their friendship together.
    Spoiler: Weregeek

    The day-to-day lives of a group of geeks (and one in particular). Occasionally, it spends time focusing on their in-game characters, but it's mostly just looking at their lives and interactions.
    Spoiler: XKCD

    Stick figure comic centered around romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Updates Mon-Wed-Fri, with a new gag each day. Also, check out the "What If" section in the site's header, where the author answers physics questions that take practical science to the theoretical limit (and often far past the sane limit, but that's a given).
    Spoiler: Zombie Roomie
    Zombie Roomie

    Follow the day-to-day adventures and antics of John and his zombie roommate George. What can I say? I think it's funny. And yeah, once again the artwork has dramatically improved over the years.

    Spoiler: Gaming Links
    Various pages I've found to be worth saving a link to. If you're interested, take a look.

    Joe Wood the Commoner (The adventure log of a solo commoner D&D campaign)

    I am a... (What character would you be in D&D 3.5?)

    Check For Traps: All About Alignment (Using moral philosophy to make sense of alignment)

    The Ten Commandments of Optimization

    The Ten Commandments of Practical Optimization

    Spoiler: PbP games I'm in
    The Dead World
    Game Type: 3.P, Custom Gestalt
    DM: Captain Awesome
    My Character: Prince Treorri Rushkaa-Cadallion
    IC Thread
    OOC Thread

    Spoiler: Quotes
    And here are the various quotes I've gathered; some are from around the forum, and others are just things I want records of, for their own sake.

    Spoiler: Forum Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Gnome Alone View Post
    But now you know all about the reproductive cycle of oozes!

    Spoiler: Funny Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Smith
    People love to be victims. There's a certain moral superiority to it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    My dad says if I can't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all. But my dad's not here and you're a weenie!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Be yourself: the only thing more pathetic than your flaws is your attempt to hide them.

    Spoiler: Interesting Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
    Roses are red, violets are blue.
    That's what they say, but it just isn't true.
    Roses are red, and apples are, too.
    Violets are violet. Violets aren't blue.

    An orange is orange, but Greenland's not green.
    A pinky's not pink, so what does it mean?
    To call something blue when it's not, we defile it.
    But, ah, what the heck? It's hard to rhyme violet.

    Spoiler: Rewards from the Forum
    Whether competition trophies, titles, or just the internets I've received, here are some things I've received from this forum over time.

    (0) Internets
    (4) Cookies


    Reverse-Questioning Expert of the Century
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    Click banner to access Divine Forge Links and Avatars by Oneris.

    Spoiler: Naggings I've used
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grave View Post
    Spoiler: drack
    Spoiler: open and read
    Spoiler: keep going

    Spoiler: getting close

    Spoiler: one more...

    nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag nag

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grave View Post
    Spoiler: For drack

    Spoiler: more...

    Spoiler: more...

    Spoiler: more

    Spoiler: Prepare yourself. 3:)

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grave View Post
    For Dudeons...

    Spoiler: Open
    Spoiler: Open


    Spoiler: Open
    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grave View Post
    Oh, yeah and, uh...

    Spoiler: drack 3:)


    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Grave View Post
    Ok, drack.

    You're getting a super nag.

    Spoiler: drack
    Spoiler: ...
    Spoiler: I got you naow!


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    I'm also learning how to do avatars!
    Spoiler: Avatars
    Winter Wolf Slayer, Used By me, Tarvus Boba Fett, Used by Mjollnir075
    Quote Originally Posted by Cowardly Griffo View Post
    See, I want to think
    that the Dwarf King
    actually carries the
    national constitution
    into battle strapped to
    his arm as a shield...

    Spoiler: Posts I find Funny
    Quote Originally Posted by AlignmentDebate View Post
    Beholders are product identity because they're eye-conic.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dire_Stirge View Post
    "Help us, Shade Hunter! The legions of Baron Evillicious are descending upon us, but our siege equipment has been sabotaged!"
    "Look at that! I had a fully equipped carpenter in my pocket all along!"

    Explaining my group's somewhat eclectic playstyle here and here.
    We alternate between several DMs including me, allow epic skill usage pre-epic and all 3.0, 3.5, and WoTC approved sources, including Dragon. No 3rd party or PF without group and/or DM approval.
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    Spoiler: Active games: (yes, really)
    Spoiler: Thematic option for evil clerics
    Original thread here.

    As you are likely aware, if you've come this far, evil clerics in PF have to channel negative energy, and spontaneously cast inflict spells. This complicates healing immensely, creating very difficult situations independent of the actual threat of the campaigns. This is intended to solve such a situation in (what I think is) an interesting and thematically appropriate manner, without breaking the game or making other domains worthless by being overpowered.

    I will gladly admit that I've never home-brewed much of anything, and this could be ridiculously off-base on the power level. I certainly hope not, but thus the thread.

    TL;DR: I want evil parties to be evil. Not shirking from the killing of innocent townspeople or their livestock to fuel their healing magic. The process is described in detail behind the following spoiler. Allow me to introduce the:

    Spoiler: Blood Domain
    Blood Domain(I realize this the name of a subdomain of war. It's kind of pitiful. I'm ignoring it).

    Granted Powers: You can manipulate the very essence of living beings, drawing power from both willing and unwilling targets.

    Syphon life (Sp): As a standard action, you can draw energy from a living target through a supernatural connection. You can target any living creature within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack to initiate the connection (treat this action as any ray attack). If you hit, the connection causes 1d4 points of damage +1 point for every two cleric levels you possess. If the target is willing, this damage increases to 1d8 (+1/level), instead. This damage is stored as healing energy (independent of positive or negative), which can be transferred as healing to any other living target. The recipient of healing does not require a touch attack, if in melee with the cleric and willing to accept the healing energy. The act of healing requires a move action at any point within 3 rounds following the successful attack (or a swift action, to heal himself). This damage (and healing) cannot exceed the hit points of the target which received the drain. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3+ your wisdom modifier.

    Lifesurge strike (Su): At 8th level, you can give a weapon that you touch the lifesurge special weapon quality for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your cleric level. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, and an additional time per day for every four levels beyond 8th.

    Domain Spells: 1st-Light Blood Healing, 2nd-Moderate Blood Healing, 3rd-Serious Blood Healing, 4th-Critical Blood Healing, 5th-Blood of Life, 6th-Blood Infusion, 7th-Bloodied Regeneration, 8th-Mass Critical Blood Healing, 9th-Mass Blood Infusion

    (I realize that the spell naming is pitifully unoriginal. I'm not that creative- sue me)

    The above mentioned spells all work exactly like the domain spells of the healing domain, with two significant distinctions. 1: Each of them produces either positive or negative energy healing, whichever will actually renew hit points to the target(s). 2: Furthermore, they each have a material component of 1 vial of desecrated blood per spell level. These two effects apply to any spell with the (good) or (healing) subtext, changing all bonuses to profane, and enabling all healing to manifest as positive or negative energy, depending on the target.

    Desecrate Blood is a bonus ritual spell available to clerics with access to the domain, with the following relevant details: the spell requires a living creature (size tiny or larger) to be sacrificed as a material component. The casting process takes a minimum of 10 minutes. Each casting generates units of desecrated blood (and requires vials for collection) according to the size and sentience of the sacrificed creature, as follows:

    Size Non-sentient Sentient (minimum 3 int) Duration
    Tiny 1 3 10 minutes
    Small 2 6 20 minutes
    Medium 3 9 40 minutes
    Large 6 18 90 minutes
    Huge 10 30 3 hours
    Gargantuan 15 45 6 hours
    Colossal 25 75 (good luck restraining a sentient, colossal creature) 12 hours

    Finally, desecrated blood lasts for 3 days, when drawn from a non-sentient source; or 2 weeks, when drawn from a sentient source. After this time, the stored magical energies have dissipated. Any spell attempted with inert blood fails, though the spell is not lost and can be attempted again, with a new material component.

    All clerics of an evil deity (or evil clerics independent of deity) have access to this domain, in addition to their deity's other domains (I could see this being limited to the more organized evil deities (Hextor, etc..), but that's largely subjective, and limits the point of providing a thematically appropriate answer to healing issues).

    Furthermore, clerics with the blood domain can spontaneously exchange any prepared spell for a blood healing spell, in addition to their normal option of inflict spells (Thus, an evil cleric with this domain could prepare offensive spells (as their good counterparts already do), and not forgo his ability to be a support character. And I don't think the inflict spells are so good as to be overbalancing).

    So? My eyes and ears are open for feedback, of any variety other than "wow, this is stupid." I want actual, mechanical feedback, please. Thanks all, for taking the time to read it, if you did.

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    Spoiler: previous avatars

    fey week by kaariane
    elemental week by kaariane
    steampunk week by kaariane

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