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    Default Good buff/gish spells for items

    We have a campaign where custom continuous/unlimited items are not allowed (fine with me! i.e. no continuous True Strike for 2K or Wraithstrike for 12K), but uses/day items are, and swift action spells are still swift on items (as per Rules Compendium)(i.e. Wraithstrike 5/day for 10,800 gp.

    Wraithstrike might be a bad or extreme example since the spell is ban-ably strong, but in general, what are some good spells for 'gish' type characters who can get them via custom items without having to actually be a 'gish' via classes?

    Interested in both combat-buff (esp. for a sneak attacker) and utility (Knock etc.)

    (Note: no ToB.)
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    Default Re: Good buff/gish spells for items

    Lion's Charge is a level 3 druid or level 2 ranger spell, that gives you pounce for 1 round.

    Heroics - All the feats you want, and at 10 min/level already, this one is easy to have on all day.

    Mirror Move - Heroics x4, in one spell, but for a shorter duration and requires some setup to make work. (Great for stealing feats from the party tank!)

    Cloud of Knives - rounds/level free-action ranged attack

    Blade Weave - Rounds/level again, but if you hit someone with an attack(any attack!) they must save or be dazed(1 opponent per round)

    Steel Dance - Rounds/level *again* but 2 free-action attacks against adjacent enemies.

    Sniper's Shot - SA has no range for 1 round. *HANDY*
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