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    Default [Gestalt 3.5] Fleet Runner of Ehlonna

    Source: (Dragon Compendium)

    If it was a regular, non-gestalt, game there's little reason to take this PrC. Only 5/10 spellcasting, 2+int skill points form a pretty meh list, and requires 2 duff feats (Dodge, Run) to enter.

    But in a gestalt game, where you can cover up for the 50% spellcasting, skill list and skill points, would you say it could be worth it to head into the PrC?

    For those without Dragon Compendium,
    You get:
    2 good saves,
    3/4 BAB,
    Greater Mobility,
    Shot on the Run,
    Evasion and Imp Evasion by 6 levels in,
    Can make jump checks all the time without needing a running start,
    An extra Domain,
    Dimension Door as a 1/day SLA,
    [Class Level] rounds of being under the effects of Haste per day.
    And with the capstone, you charge up to 10 times your movement speed.

    Obviously you need Cleric in there, but what else would the Playground say would be fun in a build based around this PrC?
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    Default Re: [Gestalt 3.5] Fleet Runner of Ehlonna

    Honestly, I don't see any particular reason to take that over any other mobility focused combo.

    Especially since gestalt does exiting things to the swiftblade.
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