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    Default Truly Horrid Umberhulk

    i was playing a game a the weekend when we came up against a truly horrid umberhulk. we all went before it in the round and didnt really do very well as struggled to hit it, despite it being flatfooted. then once it had acted and was no longer flatfooted it was easier to hit!

    we were all very confused, but the MM sure enough had a higher AC for its flatfooted than its normal. we checked the net for errata, but couldnt find anything.

    can anyone clarify how the hell this works?

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    Default Re: Truly Horrid Umberhulk

    That makes no sense... size penalties remain when caught flat footed. It's a mistake that must've been missed in the errata (like the whip that deals 1d44 damage).
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    Default Re: Truly Horrid Umberhulk

    I suspect they forgot to take the Umber Hulk's size penalty (-2) into account. Either that or the person describing it had just been hit with a Confusing Gaze attack.

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