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    Default How much can you take? And does it stack?

    Here's one I've been pondering on and off for a couple of years now. Both Feats are from Savage Species.

    Involuntary Rage: Take 50 points of damage, survive the massive damage Fortitude save, gain +4 Strength/Constitution, -2 AC. Req: Con 20, Toughness Feat. Fatigued after encounter.
    Pain Mastery: Almost exactly the same, but get +2 Strength. Exhausted after encounter.
    Bonuses for both expire at the end of the encounter.

    I was thinking of for example, a Troll or similar creature with some crazy levels of Regeneration(Tarrasque?!), able to take hundreds, or even thousands of HP worth of damage over the course of several rounds, and each time, getting tougher the next round. Now, obviously, having both Feats should grant +6 Strength/+4 Constitution/-2 AC the first time you made the save(the bonuses are untyped, and thus the 2 Feats should combine just fine). What I'm more curious about(if you couldn't already tell from the bit about regeneration above), is will they stack with themselves? Ie, you take 50(or more) damage in a single hit, then during the same round, or in a later round, another 50 damage, would you get +12 Strength/+8 Constitution/-4 AC? Obviously, after the first or second time this happens, the HP will be skyrocketing, and the Fortitude save is all but guaranteed, but you'll be running around with negative AC(although this probably ties quite well with Robilar's Gambit).

    So, infinite raging loop?
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    Default Re: How much can you take? And does it stack?

    I don't have the book in question, but unless is says otherwise, bonuses from the same source don't stack.
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