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    Default The stars at night...

    At night, in a cloudless sky where the stars and moon are fully visible, what are the effects of low light vision?

    Under these conditions, say an open plain with no other factors, initially I'd see this as the whole area being under shadowy illumination due to the stars and moon. And since the entire area is under shadowy illumination would this effectively be the same as daylight to low-light vision capable creatures?
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    Default Re: The stars at night...

    I've always hated low light vision.

    Characters with low-light vision can see outdoors on a moonlit night as well as they can during the day.

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    Default Re: The stars at night...

    Quote Originally Posted by Corronchilejano View Post
    I've always hated low light vision.

    Why? It seems reasonable. In the bright moonlight *I* see as well as daylight.

    (That's partly due to my being light-sensitive, but it seems like I got as compensation the ability to see well at night. A true 'low light vision' person would see much better than I can, and I can see pretty well... so I can imagine they see *everything*.)
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