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    Default cleric spells? [3.5]

    ok, im starting to play a cleric lvl 6, radiant server of pelor 2
    I want to know what you guys think are the best CORE 3.5 cleric spells, so I can maximize my spells per day!
    thanks in advance!
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    Default Re: cleric spells? [3.5]

    It depends on whether or not you've taken DMM: Persistent. If so, you can't go wrong with Divine Favor and Divine Power as 24-hour buffs. If you have or can get a lesser metamagic rod of extend, Magic Vestment on your armor and shield every day is a good use of spell slots.

    You've got the Sun domain since it's required for Radiant Servant, pretty much every spell it gives you is worth having prepared. Endure Elements isn't so great, so if you have the Strength domain use Enlarge Person. Heat Metal is a good way to make an opponent drop their weapon, everything else on the list is pretty self explanatory. If you picked the Healing domain it should have been to get the PH2 ACF to spontaneously cast those spells instead of cures, which isn't much different except you can spontaneously cast Heal and a few others instead of some lackluster Mass Cures.

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