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    Default [4e] Augmentable Weapons

    I was inspired by my recent involvement with the Original XBox game, Fable, and thought "Hey, what if weapons were augmentable and had to be constantly worked on to make it more powerful instead of magical!"

    Each weapon starts as the base weapon as listed. You can increase their effectiveness, as well as price, in the following ways: Material, Elemental Type, Sharpening, Reforging.

    {table]Material | Enhancement Bonus | Price Modifier
    Bone/Stone | -1 | -50%
    Impure Iron | n/a | n/a
    Iron | +1 | +2500%
    Steel | +2 | +12000%
    Obsidian | +3 | +60000%
    Diamond? | +4 | +300000%[/table]

    {table]Edge | Enhancement Bonus | Price Modifier
    Useless | -1 | -50%
    Dull | n/a | n/a
    Sharpened | +1 | +2500%
    Extra Sharp | +2 | +12000%[/table]

    {table]Durability | Enhancement Bonus | Price Modifier
    Brittle | -2 | -75%
    Weak | n/a | n/a
    Tough | +2 | +12000%
    Strong | +3 | +60000%[/table]

    {table]Elements | Price Modifier
    Fire | +6500%
    Cold | +6500%
    Poison | +6500%
    Acid | +6500%
    Thunder | +6500%
    Lightning | +6500%[/table]

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    Default Re: [4e] Augmentable Weapons

    Fun idea, although even for purposes of D&D a bit too simple, most obvious clunk - is "sharpness" - what about weapons that doesn't posses any meaningful edge, as warhammer, for example?
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    Default Re: [4e] Augmentable Weapons

    That percentile modifier is too... out of line with the standard pricing system for 4e. Note that it would also make diamond daggers much cheaper than a diamond longsword, and a diamond longsword much cheaper than a diamond bastard sword or greatsword.

    Also, obsidian and diamond are bad materials for making weapons out of (without magic, of course). Hard, yes, and they keep very nice edges, but they're horribly brittle. A transverse strike (like, say, blocking an attack) could very well shatter the sword, and the bending load from having a long, relatively thin blade made out of the material may be sufficient to weaken the sword on its own. Note that the Native American empires which lacked iron and bronze and used obsidian instead had "sword clubs" that were wooden sticks with short obsidian blades attached to them.

    Instead, I suggest that you work Adamantine and possibly Mythril in there, as they are classic D&D alternative metals.

    Also, for pricing, I recommend instead using a level-modifier system.

    {table=head]Level|Cost|Sample item
    1|360|Masterwork (Magic) Weapon
    2|520|Vicious Weapon
    3|680|Frost Weapon
    5|1000|Lightning Weapon[/table]

    Increasing cost:
    {table=head]Bonus|Level|Item Cost

    ...Oh, wait. That's WotC's system, pretty much verbatim.

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