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    Default Divine Magician spells: Arcane or Divine?

    Are spells granted by the Divine Magician ACF considered arcane or divine?

    Trying to find a way to get a few wizard spells in my Archivist's prayer book

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    Default Re: Divine Magician spells: Arcane or Divine?

    Cleric (a divine caster) with the ACF adds the spells to his (divine) spell list.
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    Default Re: Divine Magician spells: Arcane or Divine?

    Divine. Gods (or ideals) are the source for a Cleric's power...even the ones that emulate arcane magic. Fluff-wise, I picture a God investing a pool of their divine energy in the cleric, and letting them shape it in accordance with their own personal studies in order to produce arcane results with divine energies.

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