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    Default druid wisdom help

    Well title says it all, I need to ways to pump wisdom, and to make things use wisdom, like how insightful reflexes make int for reflex saves. Thanks.

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    Default Re: druid wisdom help

    Monk's Belt gives Wis bonus to AC, put a Wilding Clasp on it. You can just Wild Shape into a high Str/Dex/Con form and have good attacks and saves, so why bother?

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    Default Re: druid wisdom help

    X to Y Stat Thread (Gosh this gets a lot of use!). There's not a great deal for straight Druids it seems.

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    Default Re: druid wisdom help

    Two templates boost wisdom by +2:
    Feral, from Savage Species. LA cost +1
    Half-minotaur, from Dragon 313. LA cost +1

    Races with wisdom bonuses:
    Uldra, from Frostburn gets +2 wisdom. LA cost +1
    A whole slew from Savage Species get big wisdom bonuses without any LA or RHD. The best is probably the anthropomorphic bat, with +6 wisdom.

    I am playing an old half-minotaur anthrobat in a campaign at the moment, and it had a starting wisdom of 28. The cool thing about half-minotaur are the bonuses to strength and constitution that come with it. It gets racial bonuses to ability scores AND bonuses from the size increase.

    There is a 5th level spell call Owl's Insight, and it gives a creature an insight bonus to wisdom equal to half your caster level. It only lasts for 1 hour, though, which means you can't use it to get extra spells unless you extend it or have it persisted.

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    Default Re: druid wisdom help

    You don't really need to add wisdom to stuff.

    You'll be fighting in wild shape most of the time, and most combat forms would have Str higher than your Wis (so having Wis to attack would actually lower it) and good Con (so you could handle Fort save pretty well too). Monk's belt, as mentioned gives Wis to AC. Only thing that would be nice would be Wis to Ref saves, but you can't have it all.

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    Default Re: druid wisdom help

    The Saint Template (LA +2) gives +2 to Wisdom and a whole host of other bennies. But it requires serious role-playing. It is, of course, from the Book of Exalted (Cheese) Deeds.

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