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    Default Chrono-Mage prestigious class.

    Something I cooked up for a re-occurring antagonist in an upcoming campaign im starting.

    spell-craft 9 ranks, knowledge Arcane 9 ranks, Able to cast Haste AND Slow, Quicken spell[metamagic], knowledge history 1 rank

    1: Temporal repositioning, Chrono-reflex
    2: Time lapse 1/day +1cl
    3: Temporal burst 1/day
    4: Time Shift +1cl
    5: Time lapse 2/day
    6: Temporal burst 2/day +1cl
    7: Spontaneous quicken 1/day
    8: Time lapse 3/day +1cl
    9: Temporal burst 3/day
    10:Spontaneous Quicken 2/day,Walk through time +1cl

    Choro-Reflex:add you Chrono-Mage levels as an enchantment bonus to your initiative, and reflex save.

    Temporal Repositioning: you may move 5ft/ChronoMage level per day with a swift action. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity (May be spit up as you please, minimum 5ft) Also gain +5ft enhancement bonus to movement speed equal to Chronomage level, this is a supernatural ability.

    Time lapse: may cast Slow or Haste as the spell (as if you where to cast it normally from its appropriate spell slot.) This ability may be used as a full round action, and gain the benefits of both spells (this uses 2 uses per a day.)

    Temporal burst : As an immediate action, take your next turn, actions are limited as if Time Stop where in effect, in addition you may only take move ,swift, or free actions (you still have a full turn worth of actions) . If this is used during an opponents turn, they continue their turn after yours. You are bumped to right before that opponent in the initiative order. This ability is only usable if you are not flat footed and have gone at least once in the turn order. if you have multiple uses you must take a turn normally before this ability is usable again.

    Time Shift :You gain an additional swift action per turn(2 total) (may only perform any differing type of swift action once per turn. ex. If you cast a swift spell, you may not cast another spell this turn, if you activate a feat with a swift action, that feat may not be activated again, but another may.)

    Walk through time : you age at .1% the normal rate for someone of your race.

    Ideas, suggestions,objections, trolling, and random non-sequencers welcome.

    Edit: Altered abilities after seeing abuses loopholes. and general nerfbat tweaking.
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    Default Re: Chrono-Mage prestigious class.

    Wow, way, way, way overpowered.

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