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    Default Getting Outsider (Evil)

    Okay, having a bit of an issue. I'm trying to make what really amounts to a "Just for fun" build using some off PrCs and stuff from a weekly game I'm in, but one of the PrCs requires you to have the Outsider (Evil) subtype. Now, being an Outsider is easy, there are lots of various races and templates that will get you there without massively ratcheting up your ECL, but I just can't find an economical way to get the Evil subtype. So I cast myself at your feet, oh conglomeration of DnD internet wisdom, this seems to be the place where someone would have the answer, if anywhere.

    So, er, help if you got it.

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    Default Re: Getting Outsider (Evil)

    Savage Species has a ritual that gives you the Evil subtype.

    Needs a 7th level Cleric with the Evil domain, 56,000 gold pieces and 2,240 XP.
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    Default Re: Getting Outsider (Evil)

    Fiend of Possession, eh?

    A Bladeling (MM2) is an Outsider (Lawful), +1 LA and its one racial HD gets replaced by your first class level. Divine Minion switches your alignment subtype to that of your deity, so pick Sebek for another +1 LA and you have an at-will free action wild shape, which heals you as though you rested for a night.

    Kaorti in the Fiend Folio are Outsider (Evil), +2 LA with 2 HD Outsider, and you can make kaorti resin weapons. For example, a resin Falchion would have a threat range and multiplier of 18-20/x4, but it's treated as an exotic weapon. You could take Warblade 1 and replace your racial EWP: Resin Dagger feat with EWP for any exotic weapon you want, including resin weapons.

    The Ritual of Association is expensive, but it's a much easier route if you have a lot of disposable wealth.

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    Default Re: Getting Outsider (Evil)

    Winterhaunt of Iborghu, on top of being a wickedly sweet PrC from Frostburn, gives you the [Elemental] type and the [Cold] and [Evil] subtypes. [Cold] is level 8 (ECL 13) and [Elemental] and [Evil] are at 10 (ECL 15).

    Uttercold Winterhaunts are brutal. Piercing Cold + 1/2 damage as negative energy. Rawr!
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    Default Re: Getting Outsider (Evil)

    Actually I was looking at Fiend of Corruption, working on playing a rather skeezy loanshark merchant who cashes in on people who go too far into debt using the soul contract :p If only souls were worth more when making items it'd be a really cool idea. Still, I just like the idea of forcing my debtors to work off their debt by animating my golems for me.

    And thanks for all the help so far, a lot of pretty useful ideas here ^_^
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