In a Lords Of Creations game (God Game) I made a powerful Race. The MODs asked me to create an actual LA/RHD and stat them out as the game is roughly based off 3.5 but I'm having trouble statting them out.
They are Vampires but Super-Powered and given new abilities
Run-down of what they have done so far:

  • Different abilities based on Original Race (Human, Dwarf, Gnome etc)
  • Jump a mile in one leap without a running start
  • Fangs
  • Throw people 1/2 up an Everest sized mountain
  • Must drain 6 liters of Blood every 500 days
  • If a victim dies from blood loss after being bitten they turn into the Race
  • They know everything the others are doing and can communicate near-instantaneously. This has been labeled a Hive-Mind.
  • They have a thing in their brain that releases a Siren Song kind of thing that can enthrall people nearby
  • Bullet-time. Running up walls, running as fast as cars, dodging beams of light from handguns etc.
  • Incredibly Tough, able to take a hit from an artifact and go hurtling through a stone wall (actually happened >_>)

I want the Race to be able to do all this (Or as close in-game as possible). It doesn't matter about the amount of LA or RHD.
I know it's a hard ask but I'm a little stuck. I'm thinking of just using Paragon Vampire and remove/add some stuff that fits.