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    Default Tales of Overkill

    In this thread I want to hear your war stories, epic kills, and your most gruesome (not thoroughly described gore) victories.

    I'll start. In a spur of the moment Pathfinder Frostburn session, I was playing a level 13 CE human Sorcerer (boreal bloodline). In the second fight of the night, I broke our GM.

    Round 1: TN human ranged Fighter, CN half-orc melee Fighter, LN elf Magus (playtest), and me; VS!!! 8 Yetis. I won initiative. Wall of Ice to contain the battlefield. My comrades crudely hacked away with their simple pieces of metal.

    Round 2: A yeti had escaped my containment. I cast Spiked Pit under it, see Advanced Player's Guide for spell. The yeti did not roll well because it fell 50' onto spikes that do 2d6 damage in addition to the fall. More hacking from my fellows.

    Round 3: Death occured. Serious Death. I cast ENEMY HAMMER (also APG) on a nearby yeti as the one in the pit climbed up. I used one yeti to bash the other one back down the pit. The yeti initially caught in the pit now took damage from 1) falling again, 2) impact with another yeti, and 3) the spikes at the bottom of the pit. The yeti targetted by ENEMY HAMMER took the same damage from the impact. It then failed the second save allowed by the spell. Which means it falls its current square...which was 10' down the SPIKED PIT! It fell 40', impacted the other yeti again, and hit the spikes. So it took damage from 1) falling, 2) impact with the first yeti, and 3) the spikes. The GM ruled that the first Yeti was driven further onto the spikes which resulted in even more damage. At this point I cast a quickened, intensified magic missile, so both yetis took 5 magic missiles each. Both died horribly.

    By then the others had pretty much killed the other yetis.

    Ladies and Gents...overkill.
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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    As a Lv5 Wizard (and out of spells) I stabbed a higher-level Cleric (who was responsible for the death of both of my mentors) in the face with a Wand of Lesser Orb of Fire.

    DM ruled that the wand snapped, unleashing all 48 charges in a 10 foot radius blast around the Cleric.

    Do you know how much 144d6 of damage hurts?

    There wasn't much left of either of us, and the wounded party managed to escape.
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    It doesn't so much as demean the celestial monkey's existence, so much as fulfill it. Without the ability to be summoned to set off traps, retrieve objects from dangerous situations, and all and all be a party's guinea pig, the Celestial Monkey would languish in obscurity in the MM and do nothing more legendary than eat celestial bananas.

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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    A group I started playing with had another game already going that I joined in on at 10th level. They were in an airship traveling across the continent, and had just run across another airship filled with gith pirates at the end of the previous session. My character was a gnome druid, and when the session started they began battling the pirates and raining burning debris onto my forest. I hopped on my dire eagle animal companion and flew up there to tell them to cut it out or else I would destroy both of their airships.

    They all sort of laughed, a gith took a shot at me, so I cast call avalanche on the pirate airship, knocking it abruptly out of the sky and killing everyone on board. It crashed into the forest and started some fires, a pair of fire elementals which had been powering the engines escaped and started a few more fires. I used a lesser rod of extend with creeping cold to obliterate the elementals, then used summon nature's ally V to get a large water elemental which promptly doused all of the fires using its drench ability.

    Luckily I didn't have more than one call avalanche prepared, so the party's airship was spared. After watching me solo an entire encounter that would have otherwise been a difficult challenge for them, they decided to convince my character to go help them save the world.

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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    Kobold psion with mindthrust for 40+ damage and overchannel on the last standing ogre. Kobold bled out of his face, but the ogre's head caved in. Party was like "oh ****, you can kill them with your mind?"

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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    Gestalt Oriental adventures Samurai with Swordsage, Alllowed Supreme Cleave to take a 5ft step inbetween attacks as long as it did not exceed base move in a round.

    Near the end of the campaign it they up doing a ubercharger/power attack build with leap attack and some other things that added a few multipliers on power attack Damage. Got it up to over 80 points of damage from mods before rolling damage dice. Then threw in searing blade for the 3D6 + IL from swordsage. Combined with some speed boosts to get a base move of 50.

    Basically improved initiative with other things got the person going first about 70% of the time and if it did not have over 120 HP it usually never got to take an action unless it was over 100ft away.

    Supreme cleave made it so that a room of 10 Hit dice creatures (I am talking 20 of them) died without taking an action.

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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill


    Have you ever said
    "yeah, i will be DMing for the first time, so, guys...what do you want to do?"
    and the PCs responded
    "lvl 20 one shot! lvl 20 one shot!" ???

    We simply decided tht we wanted to test our progression from another campaing with him as a DM.

    He was surely happy.
    He never DMed before but he was confident in inventing things to annoy us.

    well, things go smooth until combat, where our extremely lucky bastard, the paladin, decided to spin the dice.
    FEATS: improved trip, knock down.
    WEAPON: scythe

    Paladin: well, i charge at the huge demonthing! [homebrew demon version of belial from DMC4 game]
    DM: roll it
    Paladin: 20!
    DM: lolz, haz imunnity to critz (looks at the sheet).....omg i didnt gave him that?!
    DM: well, odds are on my need a 16 to confirm that
    Paladin: 20...
    DM: ... roll damage...
    Paladin: [paladin throws 2d4 and adds fixed numers and multiplies it by 4] 532
    DM: What the F... well....DR 20/- [loled at that part] 512... . The demon roars in pain and decides to attack you with all his might!
    Paladin: ummm arent you forgeting something?
    DM: what?
    Paladin: Knockdown, trip attemp and a second attack, biach.
    DM: ok, this guy haz four legz and lotz of bonusez for that!
    Paladin: 20
    DM: Again?!
    Paladin: and here come the scythe! Neruuuuu[long story]....i mean, Heironeeeeuuuusss!
    DM: roll it already
    Paladin: 20
    DM: You gotta be kidding me...

    Some calculations later....
    1030 dmg.
    Enemy Obliterated in two hits.

    Im not joking about his stupid luck with dices. Those are not charged because we usually use anyone's. And that scythe wasnt KEEN.

    By this time he owns the damage record in our group.
    I tried one thousand cuts later, but ive reached 800 dmg only.
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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    In my campaign, the party has received a warning that a pirate fleet was about to attack a small coastal village. They join up with some other characters hired to defend the village, and actually manage to get there before the attack. When the pirate ship sails into the bay, they manage to take out some of the pirates in their rowboats, but spot the captain, her orog bodyguard, and half-water elemental sorceress directing things from the ship.

    The party Warlock UMD's two scrolls on the centaur Fighter: water breathing and fly. The centaur charges... not at the captain or either of her allies, but at the ship itself.

    The centaur, by the way, is built for charging, using a valorous lance, Spirited Charge, Ride-By Attack, and sometimes Power Attack when he feels like it. He usually doesn't need to Power Attack. I allow him to qualify as his own mount for the purpose of taking mounted feats.

    The centaur breaks straight through the deck of the ship and out the bottom, dealing more than enough damage to the wooden planks to rip a huge hole right through. The ship starts sinking at a rapid pace, and the impact causes everyone in the area to make balance checks.

    Meanwhile, the dragonborn Dragon Shaman and the Duskblade/Swashbuckler fly over on a magic carpet and grab the pirate captain to fly off with her. The sorceress casts fly to give pursuit, but having a d4 hit die and a relatively low Con score, she is dealt with pretty easily.

    Back in the water, the ship hits bottom pretty quickly (the bay is shallow this close to the coast), and there are only two people in the water: the centaur and the orog, who had failed his balance check and fell off the ship into the water. The centaur still has his lance, can breathe underwater, and his fly speed lets him move just fine in the water (I don't like this rule but looked it up to confirm that's how it works ). The orog? No water breathing, no swim speed, and he uses a maul.

    You can imagine how that fight went. Overkill? You tell me.

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    Default Re: Tales of Overkill

    I made a Hood cohort in Red Hand of Doom. I crit a minion in the last chamber. He had ~20 HP. I did over 400 damage.

    I thought my lance should've started tunnelling under the room from that.
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