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    Default Help with simple encounter ideas

    I'm going to be running an idea called vortex. The PCs will be shunted from one encounter to another without any rest. Some of these will be puzzles, others will be combat.

    Idea: A hallway without gravity or air filled with blade barrier.
    Objective: Flip a lever at the other end of the hall.

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    Default Re: Help with simple encounter ideas

    For your trap encounters, I recommend the Grimtooth's Traps series.
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    Default Re: Help with simple encounter ideas

    The "opposite band of adventurers" is always fun. Could be another set stuck in the vortex.

    Stolen Cribbed from Baldur's Gate 2: A room in which there is one exit door and a book in the middle stood on a pedestal. They can leave any time, but turning a page in the book summons a monster to fight, with the promise of treasure after X turns, the summoned monsters getting progressively more difficult with each turn. Could start off with something drastically underpowered compared to them (a single kobold) and end with an encounter that tests their abilities to their limits. If they spend more than two hours in the room (have an hourglass floating nearby or something) then rocks fall, everyone dies

    Perhaps a gambler with a DM-modified Deck of Illusions, where the illusion summoned is a monster which the party then has to fight. Three draws each, whoever has the higher cumulative total (based off of the playing card numbers) at the end wins a magic item off the other, decided upon beforehand.
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