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    Default Improved Animation Feat

    Ok, building a necromancer-cleric in a pirate centric game. 38 pt buy, starting level 7th(evil)

    Could use some build advice.
    (note that in this game, armor checks for water are increased, so I'm a bit paranoid about falling overboard in heavy armor.)

    Still working but this is what I've got:

    Also trying to determine if the Improved Animation feat affects the total number of undead that can be controlled.
    Improved Animation
    Type: General
    Source: Dragon #298

    Your undead animations are unusually powerful.
    Prerequisite: Spellcaster level 6th+, 5+ ranks in Knowledge (religion)
    Benefit: Undead you create using animate dead or the create undead spells gain an additional Hit Die and a +1 competence bonus to attack and damage rolls. Note: Undead do not gain an increase in size due to the increased Hit Dice from this feat.
    So if my 7th cleric could ordinarily have 28 1D skeletons at a time, do I now have to settle for 14 2HD skeletons? Or is that added HD calculated after figuring the total number I can control?

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    Default Re: Improved Animation Feat

    I beat you to posting this by 1 minute!
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