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    Default [C:tL Entitlement/Setting] The University of Mount Pelion

    The University of Mount Pelion

    Quote: "That’s it, kid! I knew ya haddit in ya! You’re doin’ great! We’re gonna be famous!"

    Modus Operandi: Hero-trainers who spur newbies onward to greatness, often living vicariously through their protégés. Nearly all Professors collect a small circle of highly influential current and former students, á lá Horace Slughorn, to provide themselves with material comforts.

    The University’s main campus is actually an enormous Hollow, with 8 dots in Size. It takes the form of a verdant mountain with a sunny Mediterranean climate, with gentle slopes, trees heavy with ripe fruit, and plenty of game in its numerous fields, forests, and bright, clear streams. Classes are conducted in the open air, and usually consist of an informal gathering of students around their Professor, giving a practical lesson on some subject. The University teaches all subjects, from music and dance to mechanical engineering. All classes involve physical, hands-on learning, which makes at least a single dot in Athletics a must-have for students and teachers alike.

    But the idyllic mien of the Campus itself belies the cutthroat politics of its tenured staff, who actively seek to acquire more and better protégés by any means necessary. Each Professor views their little entourage of students as something of a personal army, winning glory (and material comfort) for their beloved instructors. Due to the great amount of time they spend in the Hedge, many Professors slowly lose Clarity, blurring the boundaries between their own accomplishments and their pupils’ private lives.

    The University takes its name (as well as its mien) from the residence of the centaur Chiron in Greek mythology, a world-famous teacher of heroes such as Jason, Achilles, and Herakles.

    Titles: Professors, Coaches, Sensei, Sifu, Maestros, etc.

    Professors: Athletics ●, Manipulation/Presence ●●, Expression ●●, Intelligence ●●●, Wyrd ●●●●●
    Students: Athletics ●, Expression ●, Intelligence ●●●, Wyrd ●●●

    Joining: In order to become a Student, one must be obtain a letter of recommendation from a Professor, pass an examination by the board, and pay tuition to the school. Resources is the preferred payment method, though a tithe of Glamour is also accepted from students with financial difficulties.

    In order to become a Professor, one must be an alumnus, and pass a rigorous examination by the other Professors, who are notoriously not fond of competition.

    Mien: Members of the University often smell of sweat, or locker-rooms. Professors and Students are always fairly fit and athletic, though some of the older Professors look like they’ve gone a bit to seed. They dress in simple, functional clothing without pattern or embellishment. Tracksuits are common for athletically-oriented members, as are blue jeans, sports-bras, simple tunics, loincloths, and even Classical togas. The dress code is very relaxed.

    Background: All members of the University, both Professors and Students, are marked by an insatiable Wille zur Macht. They are eager, perhaps even desperate, to prove themselves. No sacrifice is too great, no task too difficult, if it will grant them the glory they so dearly seek. Many see themselves as Übermenschen, not bound by social customs like politeness and traditional morality.

    Organization: The Dean is at the top, the Professors are below the Dean, and each Professor is given status and respect in accordance with the accomplishments of their students. Students are expected to obey their Professors without question, and submit to punishment without complaint.

    Concepts: washed-up boxer, nosy professor, melodramatic coach, queen-bee jockette

    (Typically, members of an Entitlement recieve only one Privilege, and I'm not certain which one of these it should be.)

    Coach’s Whistle (Token ●)
    -Mien: A battered coach’s whistle, covered in scratches and dents. There are faint impressions where it’s been gripped by nervous teeth for many years. When blown, it emits a heart-stopping shriek which raises goosebumps and sends shivers up the spine of those who hear it.
    -Effect: All of the Professor’s students, past and present, can hear the whistle, no matter where they are or what they're doing, and know that their beloved teacher is in danger. However, if they want to help the Professor, they have to get to where he is under their own power (i.e., it doesn’t tell them where he is, nor does it transport them to him, it just lets them know he’s in trouble.) By default, if they’re not already at the University, they will probably head there first.
    -Drawback: After using the Whistle, the Professor is winded and short of breath for one scene. He takes a -2 to all actions which involve Physical Attributes.
    -Catch: (I haven’t figured this one out yet. Maybe you bite your lip or tongue while blowing it?)

    Locker-Room Speech (Contract ●●)
    -Action: Extended
    -Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression
    -Effect: The student is failing at some task repeatedly, or failing at some extended action, and is taking a break. The Professor spends a point of Glamour and spends a few minutes making an extended Intelligence + Expression roll, trying to accumulate five successes. After this, when the student returns to the activity they were attempting, they receive a +2 bonus on each roll to accomplish the task, and takes no fatigue penalties. Can only be used once per 24 hours.
    -Catch: The student is a resident at the University’s main campus.

    Expert Guidance (Contract ●●●)

    -Action: Instant
    -Dice Pool: none
    -Effect: The Professor spends two points of Glamour and makes physical contact with their student. For the remainder of the scene, the student gains the Professor’s dots in one Skill or Attribute.
    -Drawback: For the rest of the scene, the Professor automatically fails any roll related to the Skill or Attribute which they imparted to their student. They’ve literally given all their dots away.
    -Catch: The Professor gives the Student a pat on the butt.
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    Default Re: [C:tL Entitlement/Setting] The University of Mount Pelion

    Looks cool! You should probably have some kind of contract on the student's end. I mean, most of the suggested contracts benefit the students, but I think most players wouldn't, and probably shouldn't, depend on their coach to decide to do nice things for them. Something the students would get from their training.

    Other than that, I really like the idea of the locker-room-coach with magic. Keep the faith and keep making things!
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